tagNovels and NovellasThe Slut's Apprentice Ch. 05

The Slut's Apprentice Ch. 05


24th December


Now that I was eighteen I was asked if I would like to fully join the family business. No pressure was exerted and none was needed. I could not wait to start.

Alex appointed herself as my pimp and generally referred to me as 'Bitch'. I was happy to play along and being submissive was delightful. She even made herself a pimp stick from a couple of coat hangers and duct tape. This was applied mainly to the back of my thighs and really stung. Alex was careful though not to bruise me as this would diminish my value.

It was decided that I would make my debut on Christmas Eve. My youth and relative inexperience could be manipulated and who more skilful to do this than Alex. A number of lies were told which if true would make the act even more illegal than it actually was. A willing client was found for whom I fulfilled a dirty fantasy. If I had been questioned directly I would not have lied but I doubted that it would come up. Alex told me quite carefully what was expected of me and as a keen student, I was keen to please.

I was dressed carefully. Crisp white long sleeved blouse over a padded cotton bra and virginal white knickers. Light grey cardigan and mid-thigh grey pleated skirt. Short white socks and patent leather shoes completed the ensemble. My hair was pulled into plaited pigtails with little pink bows at the bottom. My cousin Josie is a whiz with makeup and applied just enough to make it look like I was wearing none. I wore the palest pink lipstick on my naturally thin lips with lots of lip gloss. No eye makeup at all; my blonde lashes just reinforcing my temporary purity.

Mr Smith had already dined with Alex and was installed in the best suite. Alex came and got me; first checking me carefully. She put a hand inside my knickers and grunted approval that I was dry as ordered.

As I knocked on the heavy walnut door my heart was racing. I was fully in role. The door was opened by a tall middle aged black man in a silk dressing gown. I hesitated at the door, unsure what to do next. He smiled and placed a hand gently on my shoulder.

"Come in, my dear," he instructed in a deep voice with an African accent. I stopped half way across the room and put both hands across my insubstantial chest.

"My name is Chloe," I said in my lispiest voice.

"Of course you are. I would like you to address me as sir and do exactly as I tell you. Is that OK? Do not look so frightened child, I will not hurt you."

"Yes sir," I squeaked, doing a little curtsy and dropping my right hand to cover my crotch.

"I would like you to undress. Let your clothes fall on the ground."

I blushed. "Everything sir?"

"Leave the ribbons in your hair."

So, I began a measured slow strip, deliberate but slightly awkward. Cardigan first, then shoes and socks followed by the skirt. I took my time with my blouse; cuffs first and then the buttons, hesitating with the last one and my undies were revealed. He was clearly taken by my long legs; most people are. I shrugged off my bra and let out a little sniffle as I exposed my humble breasts. Finally, I whipped my knickers off and turned to face him, hands by my side but my legs tightly together, hiding my smooth pussy.

Mr Smith indicated that I should sit on his lap. He ran a finger up my winter pale thigh over my taut belly and on to my tiny tits. I allowed my nipples to adopt their usual sexual state; long and hard. I groaned as he twisted first one and then the other. He tilted my chin and kissed me. I hesitated just long enough before letting his tongue in. I had read that the hardest thing about whoring was being kissed but it was not too bad really.

I was starting to enjoy myself. I knew that my performance had been right thus far and the degradation of being handled by a man old enough to be my father was exquisite especially as I was doing it for Alex.

"Stand up."

I did and he had me put my left foot on the arm of the chair so allowing him access to my neat pink quim. I gasped as he pulled on my pale labia and ran his finger over my rather small pink clitoris. I allowed a little juice to leak so that he could push a fat finger into my vagina. I have an excellent pelvic floor and I skilfully resisted the insertion of a second finger.

"I am sorry sir, that really hurts."

"You are just tense. Relax. Now bend over and touch your toes."

I did so and spread my feet knowing that my taut hamstrings would be framing the cutest little pussy that he had ever seen.

His tongue started to explore my little pale folds and soon he was rimming my pink ring piece. He tied to insert a finger up my arse but I was under strict orders to avoid any back-door action and my sphincter was resolute.

I did however allow a second digit into my front hole and I started to pant as he finger fucked me.


I did and anxiously awaited the inevitable introduction to his one-eyed friend. It occurred to me that I had never seen a black cock in the flesh and it was massive although less so than some of the plastic penises I had wrestled with.

My cry of surprise was not totally fake and I think was appreciated. I closed my pale lips around the glistening head and slowly lowered my head. I had rightly guessed that pretending no knowledge of fellatio was only going to turn on a serious pervert. I made some token gagging noises as the glans touched my tonsils and came up dramatically for air, again expressing my horror at the immenseness of his manhood. I then returned to giving him a competent blow job. I felt his penis start to twitch and I disengaged. I think he was torn between coming in my English rose mouth or my tight English rosebud. At his age he probably could not manage both.

Giving him my most coquettish smile I slowly walked in to the bedroom and splayed myself on the four-poster bed. I was unfortunately spared any decent foreplay as he thrust his giant member inside me. I let him in at the third thrust and the sudden stretch hurt. I, of course like sex that hurts.

"Shit," I shouted. "You are so big sir. I was not expecting such a huge organ as my first."

He put a hand to my throat and I felt a frisson of fear. However, he did not squeeze which saved me the inconvenience of gouging one of his eyes out. By and by he got his full length inside me and I wrapped my shapely legs around his back and drove back enthusiastically.

"Oh my God," I gasped. "Something is happening inside my fanny. I think I'm coming."

I was under orders from Alex to come so I was not faking it. It was not a volcanic orgasm but quite satisfactory and I squeezed down so hard on his cock that he had to stop pounding.

The final act was planned and choreographed. I was pulled off the bed and frog marched through the study and out on to the landing. I grabbed hold of the bannister rail and he grabbed hold of my pigtails pulling hard so that my muscular back arched and he took me roughly from behind.

The old grandfather clock in the hall downstairs chimed midnight and to loud cries of Happy Christmas, Mr Smith filled my vagina with semen. He lay on me panting before withdrawing.

With a loud squeal I ran downstairs, buck naked to the appreciative applause of my family.

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