tagNovels and NovellasThe Slut's Apprentice Ch. 09

The Slut's Apprentice Ch. 09


1st January

Brief interlude

I woke up with a headache as expected which quickly localised to my wound. There was a definite background of Akvavit which always gives me a headache regardless of whether I drink enough to get drunk. I was briefly disorientated.

I was lying in a large double bed in a room flooded with sunlight streaming through the high windows. The curtains were opened. Somebody was snoring into my neck and a muscular arm was draped over me. I remembered how I came to be in that bed.

Everybody was happily drunk and Alex announced that she would keep an eye on me and had scooped me up like a blushing bride, unconcerned that my shoes had fallen off. All I had to do was hold an ice-pack to my face. I waved goodnight to everyone and melted into my lover's powerful arms.

We passed several revellers on the short journey to Alex's flat. Nobody seemed in the bit concerned. I was carried upstairs, quickly undressed, showered and dropped on to Alex's huge bed. I was ready for sex but Alex climbed in beside me and rolled me on my left side. She spooned in behind me and started stroking my damp hair. This had a predictable effect on me and I was asleep within minutes.

I checked the bedside clock. It was ten O'clock. We had been asleep for six hours which was enough for me. I loved sleeping with Alex but it was rarely possible. Morning is my favourite time for sex. I slipped from under Alex's arm and nipped to the bathroom for a wee and to brush my teeth. Obsessed as I am about smelling, I had a sixty second shower. I returned to bed. Alex had not moved so I set about waking her up slowly.

I removed the duvet slowly and got in behind Alex. One of the problems with our relationship was that it was mainly about sex and my attraction was intensely physical. Oh, and the incest but my feeble justification was that it could not be incest if there was no risk of pregnancy.

Even asleep Alex looked amazing with her huge shoulders and deeply furrowed back, taut arse and iron thighs. And her body art which always seemed to be alive. I started to lick her lizard tattoo, my tongue barely making contact with her slightly salty skin. As I worked from the lizard's head to its serpentine body, Alex started to stir and moan. I put my hand around and cupped her full right breast, squeezing gently and working inward to her pierced nipple which stiffened rapidly.

I continue downwards into the deep valley of her back and then followed the lizard's back leg as it gripped Alex's hip. By now Alex was awake but still groggy. I move up to her neck and bit ever so gently, now able to get my hand around her left boob.

Alex reached behind and pulled me in for the first kiss of the day. Her mouth was furry and a bit bitter but my lust could not be contained. I broke the kiss and transferred my mouth to her rubbery left nipple, whilst my hand teased its sister. I loved the contrast between the hot nipple flesh and the tang of the titanium nipple ring. Alex's moans got louder and I ran my hand lightly over her rock-hard abdomen which quivered at my touch.

Alex's pelvis rose to meet my hand and I found her slit drenched with her juices. I like to get the first orgasm out of the way quickly and I thrust three long fingers hard into Alex's vagina which initially resisted my intrusion and then caressed my digits. I started to pump and brought my mouth down to her giant clit which was as hard as a little penis. I ran my tongue over its tip and down its shaft, rolling back the hood and pushing into the little space underneath made by her two frenulums. With my lips I pushed the hood back until the whole of the clitoral tip was exposed. I sucked it and licked whilst teasing the gold ring that speared the little organ

Alex's pelvis humped my face faster and faster and I felt her pelvic muscles start to twitch which meant that she was on the brink. Her moans had changed to shrieks and she pulled hard on my hair. Alex's lower body lifted off the bed and stayed there as her vagina tried unsuccessfully to crush my fingers. A little squirt of girl spunk came from her urethra and coated my chin. Then Alex fell back on the bed. I covered her clit as I knew it got too sensitive post climax but I left my fingers inside her and continued to lick her slit.

Alex pulled me roughly back up the bed and set about ravishing my mouth whilst slipping two of her fat fingers into my sopping quim. It was my turn to do a bit of moaning although I am generally a quiet lover. Then I was on my back and Alex's head was between my legs, servicing my clit vigorously and finger fucking me hard. I also arched my back as I came. Alex was soon face to face with me and stared into my eyes as she licked me cum off of her fingers. Then she began to stroke my hair and smiled at me.

"Well, Cat. That is what I call a rude awakening. Thank you. Smells like you have already showered. Fancy another?"

Of course I did. There was nothing better than washing Alex's Amazonian body even if she had the water a bit hot. I knelt in front of her and felt the stream of water run off her mound. Then Alex did a wee and I caught most of the urine in my mouth, something that I would only do in the shower. This turned her on enormously and my tongue was soon attached to her clit again and she was coming noisily.

Alex was not particularly concerned about my sexual satisfaction which was a massive turn on and we exited the shower; her satiated and me desperate but unwilling to finish myself off without permission. I dried her diligently with lots of kisses everywhere but especially the lizard. I parted her amazing buttocks and licked the lizard's tail as it ran along the inside of the right one. She took this attention as only what she was entitled to.

I was then ordered to make breakfast which was followed by a forensic examination of my experience with the dodgy Russian.

"So, slut. Did you learn your lesson? The state of your face is not particularly enticing."

"Sorry, mistress. The whole thing was degrading, painful and frightening. I felt like a piece of shit, which..."

"I love. Your purpose is to amuse me. You succeeded, so the experience was justified. You just need to remember who you work for. Me"

That was a little tricky and had some obvious contradictions. Working for the family was supposed to be safe and yet I felt like a boxer who had lost badly. Or had Alex had something to do with my pairing with the fat wanker? It was just difficult to acknowledge it in such stark terms when I wanted to be spending a romantic breakfast with my lover.

"I love you, Al."

"I know you do, Cat. How many times have we had this conversation? I don't do love. I love your body and you are fantastic in bed. Your legs are amazing and your pussy is so tiny. You are sweet and vulnerable but will do anything for me. Do you have any idea how scary it is to have that sort of power? I am your sister for fuck sake. You could stop this any time but you don't. Because you love it so much. You can do all the dirty things that you fantasise about and not experience any consequences."

She laughed, throatily.

"It's OK, darling. I am just playing with your pretty little head again. Let's go back to bed. I will bring the fruit. No vodka though."

I did as I was told, my curiosity piqued and hoping that it was going to be fun. Alex brought two large towels for me to lie on. Good; we were going to make a mess. My nipples were of course fully erect and a raspberry fitted neatly on each one. Alex squirted on some canned foamy cream and then bit down making me squeal and then moan as she licked all the cream off.

Next a small strawberry went in my belly button again with cream. I giggled as Alex ate her fruit. Then she got to the important part. First the nozzle went in my tight fuckhole and I was filled up, adding to my own cream. Alex lapped up some of the cream and inserted soft fruit inside my vagina. I relaxed my muscles until I was holding a veritable fruit salad.

"Time to make a smoothie, "Alex announced. "Ready, slut?"

I nodded enthusiastically and looked lustily at the large glass dildo that Alex was pointing at me. It was already well lubricated. I assumed doggy and squealed again as the large cold unyielding weapon was forced hard up my arse. In three thrusts I had the whole thing inside me. The pain was delicious and Alex began thrusting vigorously with the dildo angled to exert maximum pressure on my vagina.

I kept my pelvic muscles tense to stop the fruit leaking out but this produced a lot of pain in my anal sphincter. This pain was pure pleasure and I tried to resist but I knew that Alex would not let me and as soon as she licked my clit, I came and kept coming, releasing the fruit and cream into her mouth as she used the dildo to milk my cunt dry.

Finally, my knees and hips gave up and I slumped face first on to the bed. Alex withdrew the dildo and slapped it hard against my thighs. I touched my now delicate quim and offered Alex two creamy fingers which she sucked on hard.

She has often told me how freakishly long my fingers are, which came in handy for the next part of the game. Alex handed me a banana and spread her massive thighs. In an instant I had her engorged quimberry in my mouth and I was fucking her hard with the banana. Alex humped back and grabbed my hair, pulling hard. I removed the yellow bendy cock and peeled it before reinserting it. I put my hand down to my own slippery twat and naturally lubed, slid two fingers into Alex's anus, despite the resistance from her toned ringpiece.

Half of the banana protruded from Alex's pelvis like a pale penis, held in place by her pelvic floor.

"Bite off my cock, bitch, "she snarled.

I bit as low as I could and the remaining banana vanished into Alex's vagina. I could feel the fruit and started to massage it, breaking it into pieces. I put my right hand on Alex's lower belly and felt her six-pack contract. Pressing as hard as I could I easily found her left ovary. Pushing upwards I crushed her little gonad against her abdominal muscles. Alex gasped and swore. Pain also turned her on. I moved over to the right ovary and bit the end of her clitoris pulling hard on its ring. She came hard and I filled my mouth with warm sticky banana puree.

I moved up the bed and kissed Alex passionately, professing my eternal love. She concentrated on muscular snogging and biting my ears. Then she pushed my head down between her magnificent tits and we fell asleep.

We woke after an hour, still horny and Alex's tongue was soon bullying mine and her hand rubbing my pussy rather harder than was comfortable. Next, I was flipped on my back and Alex was sitting on my face, grinding her lips against mine whilst continuing her cruel masturbation. Before I could come however I was thrown out of bed and made to do a headstand. I could hardly believe my luck. I spread my legs and Alex straddled my pelvis. She gripped my right thigh in both hands and set about tribbing me to two orgasms.

Tribbing was by far my favourite sexual activity and Alex was amazing at it. I was not allowed to initiate myself and she rationed me strictly.

Then we were done. I got to shower Alex but her clit was too delicate for more ling by then. I got another drink of piss though.

I applied a lot of expensive perfume to both of us with the full intent of getting back into bed and having another round of juicy sex. I was so randy that I was desperate for Alex to take me like a man with one of her cruel dildoes.

Alex had other ideas. She was going to deploy her strap-ons but in another woman's orifices.

"I have an appointment with your coach. She is an exceedingly bad girl and needs to be punished frequently. Having you here would be awkward. At least at the moment."

"What, Ronnie?"

"The same. No, she knows nothing about the hotel or what you do there. Ronnie has some very dirty habits."

"But, she's married."

"Cat, I do worry about your naiveite. Marriage is a brilliant cover for all sorts of misbehaviour. Her husband is a very naughty boy as well. Neither is that good at keeping secrets or else I would not have found out what they get up to. You really don't want to know."

Not only am I a slut, I am extremely nosy.

"We talk about you a lot. You would probably not be surprised by what she would like to do to you. Especially as he thinks you re a virgin, an act which you pull of with considerable aplomb. I have confirmed that you are, to the best of my knowledge. You are the best player on the team and yet you are not one of her favourites. You have often complained that she treats some girls differently."

The blush spread from my face all the way to my tits

"I think I have told you enough, dear sister. I do not really want you talking to our little friends because then you would get all moral and go to the police. Ronnie will get found out in due course, don't you worry. Just as well you are moving up to the adult team. Her main problem is that she is not wealthy enough; otherwise I would sell you to her and blackmail her.

With that I was pushed out the door and had to walk home barefoot. By the time I had showered again, dressed and made myself up, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed and convinced that Alex still loved me as much as I loved her.

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