tagNovels and NovellasThe Slut's Apprentice Ch. 12

The Slut's Apprentice Ch. 12


25th May

Slut gets the point

School sort of ended in May. The year 13s were given two weeks off before our A-levels to revise. I was a diligent student and intended to use my time productively. On the last day, it was traditional for the six-formers to abandon their business suits and dress up as school children for the last day pub crawl. As an undercover slut, I found it a little bit sordid. I did my bit though; hair pulled into bunches, freckles painted on my cheeks, white blouse knotted just below my tits, short grey skirt, white ankle socks and patent leather shoes. I wore crisp white knickers and no bra.

In fact, this was one of my professional tart's costumes (minus the bogus freckles) but context is everything. All the girls were dressed the same but most wore push up bras. A good time was had by all as well as the wider public who were treated to an eye full. Strength in numbers prevented anybody coming to serious harm although a certain amount of groping was endured and more than one girl was happy to 'get them out for the boys'. I had to be careful as I cannot really hold my drink and I was glad to be home by four. Alex had something planned for me the next day.

I undressed slowly in front of the bedroom mirror and then wanked myself to a delicious anticipatory orgasm.

Alex did not need me until the evening and so I rose early and got down to maths revision. Before lunch I went for a run on the common and in the afternoon I did a couple of hours of chemistry before Alex picked me up at four. I dressed conservatively in T shirt and jeans which was my off duty uniform. First stop was the local hair salon. I was slightly taken aback to have my hair dyed a deep chestnut and my eyebrows jet black. The owner of the salon reassured me that the dye was temporary and would be gone within a week. I actually looked pretty good. Finally she pulled my hair up into a tight bun. The pain got me wet.

I knew better than to ask Alex what she was up to and the anticipation was a massive turn on. Next stop was one of Alex's tattoo parlours. Alex owned two tattoo and piercing parlours. She was herself an expert piercer and the parlours also helped to launder the considerable amount that she earned doing outcall. Alex planned to retire at thirty or when she had five million in the bank. There were two men being tattooed but Alex afforded me no privacy and had me strip naked. Then she applied four temporary tattoos; a rose on my right hip, a red devil on my pubic mound, a butterfly on my left breast and barbed wire around my right bicep. They looked remarkably real and I remembered that Alex had promised to get me tattooed once I had finished school. I had other ideas.

Alex made me stand up and do a twirl. The four men were asked what they thought and all voiced their approval. I hope none of them got smudges or spelling mistake. Alex took some pictures. I barely recognised myself. That was the intention, I was later to discover. I thought that Alex was doing this to get me used to being tattooed as I had refused to countenance any inking of my skin. I must confess that I looked hot but if temporary tattoos looked so good, why have permanent ones? Unlike piercings, tattoos are forever. My words would come back to haunt me.

Next was a leisurely dinner at a rather nice restaurant. Alex ordered salads for us both with sparkling water, stating enigmatically that we both needed to be sober and I must not have a full stomach. Alex had such pale eyes that it was impossible to fathom what she was thinking. I had become expert at gazing into them without other people twigging that I was deeply in love with my own sister.

When we were done Alex took me to her car and drove us slowly out in to the distant southern suburbs. Soon we were driving along a road of high hedges with houses set far back along sweeping drives. Alex clearly knew that she was doing and took a right. Gravel crunched under the wheels as we approached a mock Tudor mansion. A man in a uniform was waiting out front and held open Alex's door, took her keys and drove the BMW off to who knows where. I had naturally slipped in to submissive mode and got myself out of the car and stood meekly behind Alex. Alex dipped into her handed and handed me a dog collar. I put it on and handed the lead back to my mistress.

A middle-aged woman greeted Alex as she walked in to the house. There was a subdued hum coming from deeper within and I started to realise that Alex was going to do something to me in front of an audience. I was correct. I was taken rapidly through the house, out into the garden and into a large white outbuilding. Inside it was clearly a photographic studio. Some men were busy and stopped to greet Alex. They ignored me. I was perplexed. Rule 4 of the prostitutes' code states 'never let the punter take pictures'. Still, I trusted Alex and she was not averse to bending the rules.

In the centre of the main room was one of Alex's multipurpose couches that was us for both tattoos and piercing. They were heavy and moving them cannot have been easy. I noticed that the leg attachments were in place. They were only use for one thing; genital piercing. I gulped and my pussy started to run. There were two large professional looking video cameras set up on moveable stands and a number of spot lights.

"Strip, bitch, "Alex commanded and I did as instructed. I was made to lie on the couch; initially with my legs together and then spread. The director, Alex and the camera men moved around and discussed angles and exposures. Finally, the host of the evening came in and appraised me like a piece of meat. Without as much as a by your leave she ran a finger up the inside of my right thigh and thrust it hard into my vagina. I yelped but she did not withdraw it for several seconds and then sucked on the finger.

The woman smiled at Alex. "Well done my dear. A beautiful bitch to be sure. Let us see if she is as strong as you say she is."

When Alex was happy she had me get off the couch and put on a black string bikini and a small cardboard kitty mask. I giggled but Alex told me how important it was that I was not recognised. And she was right. I know countless people who have seen the finished video and do not recognise me. The temporary tattoos work particularly well and the mask hides my somewhat distinctive light green eyes.

Alex was careful that her face did not appear in the video and she wore a medical looking long white coat and surgical mask just to be sure. She gestured to me and I walked confidently over to the couch and made myself comfortable. Alex addressed the unseen audience.

"This slut is called Georgina and is going to be pierced a number of times. She is so well trained that she does not need to be restrained."

I was beginning to realise what was going to happen.

"Just keep really still," she instructed as she squirted something cold on my right ear. She then pierced my right ear six times using a gun. I flinched slightly with each piercing but Alex kept up a steady rhythm. Next came my right nostril; again, using a gun. I sneezed twice. Alex handed me a tissue and had me open my mouth, she gripped the right side of my lower lip with forceps and pushed a trocar and cannula through the delicate flesh. The trocar was removed and the gold stud was pushed into the plastic cannula which was removed leaving the stud ready to have its ball clipped on.

Alex used the cannula technique for all the other piercings bar one. And there were several more.

"Stick out your tongue." I obeyed and it was grasped by another pair of forceps. I was quite surprised when my tongue was pierced twice. The two bars felt huge inside my mouth and I could taste blood; not a bad taste.

I was then made to sit up and removed my bra top. I laid down and a lot of alcohol was sprayed on my nipples. I tensed as first the right and then the left was gripped and the cold still needle passed through my rubbery flesh

The couch had been angled at about 45 degrees but it was now laid flat so my belly button could be pierced. It hurt more than I expected.

There was quite a bit of rattling as Alex adjusted the poles attached to the couch and put my feet in stirrups as if I was being prepared for a gynaecological procedure. Which in a way I was. She removed my bikini bottoms for me.

The camera lights were now heating my minou and I knew that Alex had kept the really painful bit until last. My knowledge of piercing names was limited at the time but that was about to change. Alex announced what she was going to do to the camera and the audience.

"I am going to perform a number of genital piercings; both simple and complex There is a high demand for these which is not surprising as they can do wonders for your sex life. Most of these piercings are technically cosmetic. At least two enhance sexual pleasure considerably. Women with piercings get a lot more oral sex than those without, which is not a bad thing.

"I do not wish to bore you but we will first do a bit of basic anatomy. We all have a name for our private parts and we all look a bit different but are also the same. The technical term is vulva. Georgina has a rather cute little vulva. She has plump outer lips or labia majora. Even with her legs spread we cannot see anything beyond. Georgina will now help me and I will point to the relevant organs with my laser pointer.

"OK. These are the inner lips or labia minora. These are particularly small ones. They join at the bottom at the fourchette and at the top they merge with the hood of the clitoris. The clitoris sits under its hood here. I will come back to the clitoris. Beneath the clitoris is this flat area called the vestibule. This hole is the opening to the urethra or water pipe and this is the opening to the vagina.

"I will start with a horizontal hood piercing. This is the commonest piercing and is what most women mean when they ask to have their clit pierced. It looks pretty and most women have some of their hood visible most of the time. You can have a ring or a bar anywhere along the length. I am going to put a very small ring at the base of Georgina's clit for reasons that will become clear soon. This piercing hurts a lot less than a nipple piercing and requires no real maintenance as it gets washed every time you pass urine. I always use forceps to keep things still and that hurts itself a bit. An alternative is a vertical piercing which is a wee bit more painful. A variation is the Christina. This starts here at the base of the clitoris and come out about an inch above. It takes a long time to heal and is not recommended for beginners."

She was right. A tiny bee sting.

Alex continued.

"Next I will do a labia minora piercing and a labia majora piercing. Size is negotiable and depends a lot on how big the labia are."

A bit more pain; just enough to turn me on.

"I am going to put the labia majora ring quite close to the skin to prevent rubbing. And finally a fourchette ring."

I had forgotten about that and taken by surprise let out a little squeal and let go of my fanny.

"And in the fair Georgina's case all but one piercing has disappeared, only to be revealed to an invited guest who will want to lick each piercing.

"Now, Georgina and I will move on to the exotic piercings. Each has an equally exotic name. Part your lips again, girl."

"First a Princess Albertina, then a Nefertiti and finally an Isabella. The first is relatively painless but technically difficult. The other two will hurt. Whilst Georgina is a strong girl she will cry out. I trust her to keep still.

Trying not to shake, I did as instructed. Alex's documentary style commentary had made the whole process clinical and had stopped me producing copious amounts of pussy cream.

Alex continued.

"I will just get the camera to zoom in a bit more. Here you can see the urethral orifice. In most women, it is larger. I use a custom made curved needle and cannula; inserting it firmly and twisting so that the tip of the trocar exits just above the vaginal orifice."

She was interrupted by a shriek from me but continued unfazed.

"Then it is simply a matter of applying a thin ring and a locking barbell. This piercing requires no real maintenance apart from drinking extra water so that you pass dilute urine regularly over it. Urine is sterile and keeps the piercing beautifully clean. If you only have one intimate piercing have this one. It will make penetrative intercourse much more satisfying. You will not however find many salons who are able to offer it."

The initial pain had gone off and I was feeling more relaxed. Just as well really as I was ordered to expose my pussy again.

"These next two piercing are more cosmetic but certainly look pretty and many women find being pierced a turn on in itself. I know I do. The first is the Nefertiti. This is a combination of a vertical hood piercing and a Christina. Again, Georgina's hood is really too small but her clitoris is certainly pretty. First, I will grasp the clitoral hood under the clitoris, pull it taut and insert a straight trocar and cannula under the upper surface of the hood and push forward until it emerges on her pubic mound. This should look quick and smooth but it requires careful measurement beforehand and care not to spear the clitoris itself."

She certainly was quick. The pain was exquisite. I managed not to swear but screamed hard and long.

"And it does hurt," Alex continued, deadpan. "I then use a flexible nylon wire to connect balls at each end. Like that. This is of course highly visible if you are nude, more so if your clitoris is naturally visible. Georgina's clearly isn't but that makes it more teasing I find. It takes quite a lot longer to heal than the Princess Albertina and a bit more aftercare."

"Finally I am going to do my version of the Isabella piercing. Normally this would start under the clitoris, pass through the shaft of the clitoris and emerge in about the same spot as the Nefertiti. Georgina's clitoris is simply too small for that and so I am going to start a bit lower down in what is technically called the vestibule. Using another custom made curved trocar and cannula I will pass under the point where the clitoris divides into two arms and emerge on Georgina's mound a centimetre above the Nefertiti. As you can see, Georgina has a plump mound so there is plenty of space. I will then pass another nylon cord and finish off with balls. Again, this is quite a painful piercing."

Jesus Christ, she was right. This time I screamed and swore and cried. Fortunately, the camera stayed focussed on my violated parts. Alex had not quite finished and prodded and poked me as she demonstrated to other potential options.

"I have a pierced clitoris which I love but you need a decent sized clitoris for that to work. You probably know that the human clitoris grows from puberty and reaches its maximum size at about age thirty-five. Most of it is hidden. The final piecing worth considering is a Triangle. This goes horizontally through the labia minora below the clitoris and produces intense stimulation during sex. It goes from here to here but sadly Georgina does not have enough skin to even attempt it. Thank you for watching. I hope you have found it stimulating."

At last the lights went out and Alex eased me out of the stirrups. She sat me up and hugged me. I was still snivelling. Alex was beaming as she helped me sit up.

"Cat, you were fucking amazing. All in one take. I didn't rehearse 'cos I thought you would back out. We are going to make a mint from this; 50:50 of course. Now let's get you showered and home."

I think she had forgotten that I was still in role and needed release.

"Please mistress," I simpered bending over the couch and sticking my arse in the air, "Haven't I been a good slut?"

Apparently, I had. As I held my flaps apart, Alex licked my newly instrumented core and I came instantly, so hard that my cum dripped on the floor.

When I emerged from the shower, Dani had joined Alex, wearing a T-shirt but nothing else. Somehow, I was not surprised. Never mind 50:50; more like three-way split.

I had to ask through.

"Why are you here?"

Dani smiled.

"Two of the other girls and I have been servicing the audience in the other room. Dirty bitches"

"Oh," I added. "I didn't think women would pay for sex."

Alex and Dani both laughed as they dried me off

And then Dani handed me one of her little cocktails washed down by a bottle of beer.

I was dressed in a tracksuit and bundled out the back door and taken round to the front of the house where a black cab was waiting. Dani got in with me whilst Alex stayed behind with my two cousins. There was apparently a lot more partying to be done. I lay my head on Dani's lap and she stroked my damp hair. I was soon fast asleep.

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