tagNovels and NovellasThe Slut's Apprentice Ch. 15

The Slut's Apprentice Ch. 15


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


10th July


I was woken by a little squeal followed by much wolf whistling. Looking up, I saw Dani trying to get herself under the outside shower. The water was not heated but she obviously was. Plus, she has always been a bit of a princess as well as a goddess. Finally, she got her whole heavenly body under the cascade and proceeded to do a great impersonation of a shampoo advert or the beginning of a pretentious porn or slasher movie.

I got up and joined her, as usual enjoying the sting of the cold water. I pushed in hard against Dani's back and grabbing some shower gel, worked up a fine lather on her tits and tummy, all the while grinding my pelvis into her pert buttocks. Dani quickly spun me around and got me all soapy, whilst I twerked back enthusiastically. She surprised me by slipping her hand down my arse crack and getting me very clean indeed. I did not notice, however that she was positioning our bodies so as to titillated our audience as much as possible. With my ears full of water, I failed to hear the growing applause.

Finally, Dani took me by the hand, out from under the water. She switched the stream off and shouted something in my ear. Standing hip to hip we each took a deep bow and on Dani's command stood up as quickly as possible so that our soaking hair flew up in an artistic arc of sparkling water droplets. Dani threw me a couple of towels. Under instruction, I vigorously rubbed my hair first and wrapped it in a towel and then dabbed at my body but remained naked.

I had become almost used to the watching crowd. I jumped slightly at the clapping closer to hand. Alex was standing facing us. She was holding a jute bag in one hand and a cane in the other. She was stark naked and looked amazing. From her pelvis, the Blue Bastard pointed menacingly at me. I gulped as my natural reaction to seeing a phallus was to put it in my mouth. I was reluctant to do this with Dani watching however. Oh, and a hundred lesbians. Alex turned and waved to the dykes, who waved back.

Alex turned back around and scowled at me. Dani moved to one of the sunbeds and I stood there awkwardly shuffling from one foot to the other, still captivated by Alex's cock.

"You tweaked your sister's nipples, didn't you?"

I nodded, torn between guilt, embarrassment and lust. It seemed pedantic to state that I had only tweaked one nipple.

"You must be punished. Assume the position."

I turned around and touched my toes. Alex waited a few seconds before caning me hard on my favourite spot where my buttocks give way to my thighs. I shrieked histrionically as I received twelve of the best. When Alex was done I stood up and snivelled as I rubbed my abused bottom. Vaginal fluid was running slowly down the inside of my thighs. Alex tapped the cane on her palm and raised an eyebrow.


"Thank you, mistress for correcting me. I am sorry, Dani for not respecting your nipples."

Dani grinned and Alex handed me a beer which went down a treat.

Unfortunately, I was still left standing naked, staring at Alex's cock. I felt incredibly uncomfortable. My knees were threatening to buckle and I was aware that I was licking my lips. But I had never performed in front of an audience. I blushed furiously. To buy time I took off the towel so my hair could dry in the sun

"It's no good, I can't," I exclaimed plaintively. "It's..."

"Dogging," Dani added helpfully.

"Danielle, don't be coarse," Alex barked doing an excellent impersonation of our mother. "This is performance art. I am an artiste and Catherine is my muse. Her body is the lifeless clay from which I am creating a moving sculpture. She is also my bitch to do with as I please."

Dani stuck out her tongue, gave Alex the finger and collapsed back on to a sunbed, wracked by laughter.

I was still unhappy and continued my protest.

"No. It's got to be illegal. Public obscenity or something like that."

Alex was enjoying making me squirm. I looked imploringly into her eyes but they were icy. My gaze went back to the cock.

"We are on private property after all." She reassured me.

"But we don't have permission," I observed.

"Oh but we do, dear sister. You own the building."


"I will explain later, " Dani interjected again. "Now stop teasing. I am dripping here. I can't wait to see Cat getting dogged."

"Dogged isn't even a proper word," I protested again.

Alex stepped forward and back handed me. I sank to my knees and took the whole length of the plastic organ into my mouth and throat until my nose pressed against Alex's smooth sweaty mound. The odour of her arousal was overwhelming and I quickly abandoned my inhibitions. I kept the shaft in my mouth for a full thirty seconds before coming up for air. I gasped as the infernal blue wand popped out of my mouth, saliva dripping from its tip.

I went down again and this time Alex grabbed my ears cruelly and started fucking my throat which hurt a lot more than it would have done if I had been assailed by a flesh and blood penis. After a bit she tired of that and yanked me to my feet by my damp hair. She crushed me with her powerful arms and started fucking my mouth with her tongue. Then she bit me hard on the neck. This clearly was not going to be an exhibition of gentle love making.

This was confirmed again when Alex grabbed another fistful of hair and dragged me over to the edge of the roof top terrace. She pointed to the ground and I got on my hands and knees. Doggy was my favourite position for lots of reasons. Even the name turned me on. I was certainly a dog and being mounted like an animal was deliciously humiliating. I was not that keen on kneeling on hard concrete but I suspected that my penetration would be fierce but relatively quick.

The artist formerly known as Alex had slightly different ideas and set about repositioning my body. In fairness Alex was very artistic and had real talent. Who knows what might have happened if she had pursued a more conventional career and had not been kicked out of school. Alex's flat was full of expensive artwork plus her own photography. Most of it was of me; nude unsurprisingly and a few of Dani. Most were arty rather than pornographic and those that showed our private parts did not show our faces. Alex was particularly fond of pictures of my thrashed body. She even described my punishment as painting. After my birthday whipping Alex had photographed me every day for a week, recording how the wounds swelled and then faded. She had received an offer to put these pictures into an exhibition in a posh London gallery. I was not asked for consent of course.

The terrace had a wall with a horizontal stainless-steel rail above. Alex placed my hands on the wall and moved them apart; then bent my elbows so that it looked like I was going to do press ups. My chin rested on the rail.

Next Alex slapped my arse hard and I straightened my legs. She kicked my ankles until my feet were sufficiently spread for her purpose. The final position had my pelvis higher than my shoulders and was quite uncomfortable. My abundant pussy cream was now running down my tummy and dripping from my belly button. I had more than enough muscle strength to hold like that for ages. Said muscle were now in action, especially those of my shoulders and upper back and would be very visible to the art lovers on the hotel balconies, especially as it was hot and I was sweating profusely, partly from anticipation.

It was a pity that they could not see my defined calf and thigh muscles. That was a treat for my sisters only. Nobody could see my coccygeus or puborectalis muscles but they were also contracted. A few days after Alex deflowered me she introduced me to her tungsten pebbles. As you know tungsten is the hardest metal known. It is also incredibly dense so each pebble weighed more than one might expect. It also polishes up nicely and does not rust. I was made to walk around with a pebble inside my vagina and another inside my anus. If one fell out I was initially spanked and when that had the opposite effect, punished by not being spanked. Over time the pebbles got bigger and my pelvic floor got stronger which made fucking me so expensive.

I had hoped for a little foreplay but my mistress just grabbed both my hips and sank her nails in painfully. Hands free, Alex's aim was perfect; she had certainly had a lot of practice. It was just as well that I was braced or her violent penetration would have tipped me over the railings. As it was it really hurt and I screamed. Alex withdrew completely and speared me again. I screamed again but this time thrust back, trying to adjust my vagina to the dildo's unyielding shape and failing. It was a perfect fucking.

Alex started slapping my left thigh with each thrust and pulled my hair savagely with her right so that I was staring at the hotel; a mere fifty metres away. The women watching had by and large gone silent and by the look of it much masturbation was going on, both solo and mutual. The only sound seemed to be Alex's husky grunts and my whimpers of pain and lust. Without warning the cock was up my arse, barrelling through my contracted sphincter. I screamed once more. The angle was again wrong in terms of comfort but just right for painful pleasure. I thrust back even harder and Alex went back to squeezing my hips.

Alex had put cocaine on her clit again to numb it and allow her to fuck me for longer. I love sex outdoors as much as the next woman but this was my first time in full southern European sun in mid-summer. Not only was I sweating like a pig but my muscles were on fire. Then finally.

"I'm going to come," Alex announced, rather louder than was absolutely necessary.

I had already come twice and was building nicely to my third which lasted ages.

"I'm coming too," announced a small voice over to my right.

There was a little clatter as the dildo fell to the floor and Alex lowered her weight onto me. I was quite strong enough to support her Amazonian frame and she even managed a bit of tenderness as she played with my tits and nibbled my neck.

Then Alex stood me up and raised my arm like a winning prize fighter. The balconies opposite erupted in applause, whistles and whoops. God knows what anybody down in the street must have thought. Mercifully Alex ignored the calls of 'Encore' but the standing ovation continued until she led me downstairs to a litre of cold water, a private shower and a well-deserved nap. Dani surprised me by joining us for the post coital shower and rubbing her slick tawny body sensually against me. Soon Dani was lathering me up with particular attention to my still stiff nipples. Her hand slipped down my arse crack and kept going until it found my slightly tender vulva which she cleaned most thoroughly.

I was not surprised when Alex put her hands on my shoulders and pushed down. I knelt willingly and opened my mouth wide for my golden libation. I was surprised that Dani knelt next to me. Just as Alex's urine started to flow she turned her pelvis slightly and pissed into Dani's waiting mouth. It was clearly not her first time either.

Finally, they took me to bed and turned down the air-con. Dani got in first and Alex got in behind me. I fell asleep as the flat chested filling in a big breasted spoon sandwich.

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