tagNovels and NovellasThe Slut's Apprentice Ch. 18

The Slut's Apprentice Ch. 18


11th July

Too much pleasure

I awoke at nine the next morning. That was quite late for me but I had been to bed late; too tired for sex even though I was still rather frustrated. I can never get back to sleep in such a situation and I preferred to get up and maybe have a nap later. Alex was a snoring goddess and taking a peek into her room, Dani was a non-snoring goddess.

I had a very abbreviated breakfast and got ready for a run. I chose a navy-blue swimsuit; a proper competitive one. I did not own any pretty ones. I preferred functionality in both my attire and my body. I pulled my hair into a tight but messy bun and slipped off into fantasy. I decided on a superpower. If I was a shape shifter, I could have short hair for my runs. And when I got back I could have a body like Dani's. Or I could be ginger or have black skin. Or I could be a boy. Then I would not have to cover my chest. I could have a penis. That would make doing a wee outside so much easier. I could have sex with so many more girls. I would not want a boy's brain of course.

Landing back on Earth, I exited the apartment and headed for the beach. It was an overcast morning and the beach was almost deserted. Undeterred, I charged into the sea and launched myself forward. I had already picked a moored yacht that was about five hundred metres from the shore. By the time I returned to the shore my upper body was hurting just enough and I was a little bit short of puff.

There was a cycle path that linked our little bay with the mega resorts along the coast. For the previous three months I had been doing half my runs barefoot. This was a bit of a challenge in Clapham as it had to be done in daylight for fear of impaling my foot on a dirty needle or a piece of glass. Add, of course dog poo. Still, that morning I was spared having to get the sand off my feet before putting on trainers. I set off, pushing hard and embracing the burn. I was not exactly alone but the run was peaceful, the only sound being my own breathing and the slap of my feet on the tarmac. I made the run about five kilometres which felt about right. Despite the overcast the air temperature was higher than I was used to. I was basically a cold weather runner and could run half naked well below freezing. As a result, I was hot and bothered by the end of the run.

I went back on to the beach and helped myself to a free cooling shower. I then padded slowly back to the apartment. All was quiet and on checking, both beds were empty. Mildly perplexed, I mounted the stairs that led to the roof. As I emerged I could hear loud panting and moaning. Alex was lying on her back on one of the sunbeds and Dani was riding the Blue Bastard with absolute abandon. She was facing me and her amazing tits were bouncing up and down vigorously. Dani's feet were on the bed and her thigh muscles bulged as he rode the plastic cock. Alex was gripping Dani's hips and as I got closer I could see her amazing abdominal muscles contract as she thrust hard into her own sister.

I was both fascinated and appalled. How could they? Dani wasn't even gay. Alex was my lover, not hers. OK, she had never claimed to be faithful and boasted to me about her various lovers. Or shared me with them. And I had fantasied about doing it with Dani. And they looked so good. At it. Outside. With an audience.

Dani's eyes opened and she gave me one of her angelic smiles. She announced that she was going to come. Again. She did this incredibly loudly and it occurred to me that Dani had outshone me yet again. I just stood there and stared, slack jawed. Dani fell forward on to Alex and they enjoyed an intense post-coital kiss. The audience clapped and my shame deepened.

I did the only thing possible in such a situation. I went back downstairs and made myself a cup of tea. My errant sisters duly joined me. Dani had the grace to look a bit sheepish but Alex looked rather pleased with herself. Alex had a number of names for me of varying rudeness.

"Catriona, I do believe you are jealous."

I lied badly.

"Am not. I thought you would still be asleep." As usual Alex had a comeback.

"We would have been if you hadn't crashed around like a baby elephant getting ready to go out. You were only wearing a swimsuit for fuck sake. You know how I like to start the day with sex; so does Sugar Tits who took a bit too much ecstasy last night and you know what affect that has on her libido. Plus, she hasn't had any cock for three days. She was about to turn back into a virgin."

I fixed Dani with what I hoped was a hard stare. She did not look sheepish and just smiled angelically.

"But, it's not fair. Al is my lover. You're straight. You seemed to be getting plenty of cock last night."

I should have known that I would not win.

"You are jealous, little sister. Al said cock. Not incompetent lesbians. Al fucks like a man as you well know. Your moral outrage is on shaky ground. You know that Al is incredibly promiscuous."

Which was true. I shut up and sulked instead. I was not to be allowed any respite however. Dani continued.

"Who do you think popped my cherry? I kept the sex with Al secret in the same way you have. The difference was that I did not fall in love and I have never met a woman who does it as well as Alex. You gave her such open access to your skinny body that she rarely pestered me. Not that I said no if she asked. Just like this morning."

I protested again. This time to Alex.

"Why couldn't you wait until I got back."

"I saw you doing your swim and then striding off into the distance. You looked so hot, particularly from the back that I needed release. I started wanking and then Golden Girl here, who was also rather turned on thoughtfully went down on me. Then one thing led to another. I am loathe to say which of you are best in the sack."

I could see where this conversation was going and folded my arms over my inadequate chest.

"No. Definitely not."

I blushed furiously, mainly because if Alex had pushed the matter I would have said definitely maybe. I changed the subject.

"I don't get it. The whole set up, I mean. Apart from the sheer weirdness of a lesbian cat house, they are getting us pretty cheap. I am not above hard work but my hourly rate is half what I was getting at home. There must be plenty of rich men about who would pay more and demand less. And, how come I own this building?"

Alex was happy to inform me.

"I like new business opportunities and variety. It is only a week. The weather is good, the booze cheap and most of the clientele are clean. The money is reasonable and next week is free. Plus, I get to see you two tanning your amazing bodies and I get to watch you turning on a load of lesbians and to a degree debasing yourselves by letting them maul you. It is also part of your slut training. I confess that I love fucking your mind as much as your body. You are lucky that Sugar Tits here holds me back. That said, I have never stiffed you and you earned your pay. Oh, the lesbians pay for their voyeurism too. Very well. Tell her about the apartment, Dan."

"You fucking bitch," Dani spat, real venom in her voice. Her reply was more of a question.

"The Friday night parties, Cat."

"What parties? Oh, those parties."

I remembered but not that much. Alex used to take me to parties all over the place, quite often with Dani and quite often with my cousins or girls that I did not know. At these parties we were always the youngest and at some we were the only females. The men were quite often Asian. I always got pissed out of my face and quite often got into a fight. I was frequently in fancy dress and usually went commando as I always lost my knickers anyway.

I would generally wake up Saturday morning with a hangover, covered in bruises or wheals and with a very sore bum and fanny. I invariably had cystitis. Dani was usually in bed with me. She said that she needed to keep an eye on me so that I did not drown in my own vomit which was strange because I invariably smelt rank but not of sick.

"You don't remember what went on, do you?" Dani said, her cerulean eyes turning moist.

I shook my head and she continued.

"In some ways you are lucky. You know how we always had a couple of drinks before? Yours was spiked with alprazolam and ketamine which made you incredibly compliant but gave you memory loss. I had to stay sober so the criminal genius next to you did not go too far. By too far I mean way too far. Waking up in an Arab harem too far. She will tell you that it was part of your training as a pain slut but don't believe her. Oh, and she charged a fortune."

"Oh," I managed, slowly filling in the gaps. "Will the memories come back? Do I want them to?"

Dani assured me that the answer to both answers was definitely no.

"But the last party was nearly a year ago," I pointed out. Alex answered that one.

"What we were doing darling, was pretty risky. The parties were supposed to be exclusive and discreet but predictably not everyone was. We got out before the cat got out of the bag and got arrested."

"I feel a bit used," I said using my phenomenal skill at pointing out the bleeding obvious. Dani rolled her eyes and Alex winked at me. I just about succeeded in ignoring the new voice in my head. It was male and was calling me a slut but not in a complimentary fashion.

Alex's phone vibrated and her eyebrows rose.

"We have a request from the horny Huns. They want you to peg me, Cat. Who am I to decline such a challenge especially when they are prepared to pay so much. Ladies, to the roof. Dan, bring some lube and the cane. Cat, take off your swimsuit and put your hair into a proper pony."

Back on the roof, the sun had come out and the temperature had risen pleasantly. There I was again, standing naked and feeling very uncomfortable, covering my nakedness like I had done at the airport. My sisters ignored me. Dani led Alex over to the wall facing the hotel and tied her hands to the railing, spread exactly as I had been when I made my porn debut (assuming that none of the 'parties' had been filmed. They had but that is another story altogether).

Then Dani proceeded to give Alex a thorough thrashing which was no less than she deserved. Yet again my angelic sister surprised me with her technique and Alex's increasingly loud yelps seemed quite genuine. Dani did not stop until Alex gave the safe word, her Amazonian body dripping with sweat. Quickly Dani went down and Alex came noisily.

To much applause, Dani turned and walked slowly towards me, tapping the cane on her palm. I gulped and obediently assumed the position. Dani ran the tip of the cane up my slit and gave me a single light tap on my sweet spot, that would have had a normal woman screaming for mercy.

I was ordered to stand up and without warning Dani kissed me. I closed my mouth and tried to push her off but she put one arm behind my head and the other in the small of my back and pulled me tight. Our skin touched in so many places and her smell was intoxicating. A thousand sexual fantasies came true as I let her tongue in. It found mine and they began to dance. I had a brief flash of jealousy that Dani was a better kisser than me, then gave in to the moment as she slid her hand down my crack and effortlessly penetrated my bum with two fingers.

Whilst the lingual dance continued, Dani danced my body over to the edge of the balcony. She disengaged mouths and leaned backwards over Alex until her head was between Alex's shoulders and her legs were spreads as wide as a gymnast. Reaching behind and below her, Dani grabbed Alex's tis and squeezed hard. Alex moaned.

I did not need to be told what to do and attached my mouth to the world's most beautiful pussy. It smelt of yogurt and had tiny thin lips which did not cover the pin hole opening to Dani's vagina. Out of this little hole was coming a steady stream of sap which I lapped up. Like me, Dani had a very short pale hood and try as I might I could not tease her clit out from under it. My gentle efforts were however rewarded with loud panting and she rammed her plump mound against my face. I decided not to use my fingers, just my tongue. The piercings helped but I stayed as slow and gentle as I could and resisted the temptation to wank myself off, even though I was kneeling in a puddle of my own juices.

The annoying voice kept telling me how depraved I was, which was of course true but my lust was unstoppable

Dani started to tell Alex loudly what she was experiencing, whilst telling Alex how shit she was as a lesbian. I thought this as a bit harsh but I was pleased that Dani appreciated my talented tongue so much. Dani came noisily, held herself at the peak and came again, squirting into my mouth. She pulled me up and kissed me expertly again. We both started to cry, then Dani grabbed my head in both hands and fixed me with an assertive stair. I stopped snivelling and she told me to put my right foot on the wall. Expertly, Dani attached the Blue Bastard to my pelvis; first the vaginal bulb and then the anal beads.

I was made to stand up and Dani went down briefly, coating the blue plastic with saliva. I was finding being commanded by Dani absolutely fantastic. I had not worn the infernal dildo before and did as I was told. I grabbed Alex's magnificent hips whilst Dani placed the tip of the phallus against her dark ringpiece. On command I thrust forward and Alex screamed. I came and could barely withdraw the cock. Danni got behind me and grabbed my hips thrusting me forward with her pelvis and repositioning the dildo when it inevitably popped out.

I started crying again. Alex seemed to be in pain but refused to use the safe word. Dani growled abuse until Alex announced that the was coming and I came shamefully again.

Then I was in Dani's bed with her spooned behind me and crooning in my ear. I fell asleep with the distinct impression that my world was coming apart at the seams.

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