tagNovels and NovellasThe Slut's Apprentice Ch. 20-22

The Slut's Apprentice Ch. 20-22


Chapter 20

17th-18th July

On the edge

The last night was pretty wild as it seemed that every lesbian in the resort wanted some. I was fucking almost continuously from nine O'clock until three. The demand was such that there was not a lot of privacy with two girls to a room or threesomes. A huge amount of alcohol and other substances were consumed and Maddie was rushed off her feet. She even entered in to the spirit and shed her knickers. She was happy to be felt up but was not going in to the back rooms. About midnight the customers got a bit more raucous and I found myself stretched over the bar being taken from behind by six women one after another. Each had kindly brought their own strap on. Maddie made sure that they paid; the spectators formed a tight throng so that if the police had arrived my antics were hidden from view, and I was soon joined by Alex whilst Dani and Pop took a room each, just emerging for a beer between clients. Pip worked the room, giving cunnilingus under the tables. After an hour I was getting sore and sweaty. I took a stand and declared that I needed a shower and a break. Alex was made of sterner stuff and told anybody without a dildo to get on the bar where she could give oral relief. The banquettes were occupied with couples who either did not want to pay or could not wait.

I thought of the clichéd Roman orgy and saw myself as a slave girl. It was frankly rather sordid which turned me on only a little. Beer and Mandy made the rampant women passably sexy. I tried to be a professional and yield my body without feeling any pleasure. This worked until Alex kissed me and I came hard and then came again.

Things quietened down at half one when the club girls came in, high sweaty and dehydrated. They were not sexually demanding and we took one each into the shower and wanked them off under the lukewarm water. We then gave each of them an outsize T shirt, sat them down and plied them with copious amounts of water. I sat with the prettier ones and kissed them gently. Most were bi at best and really wanted a cuddle. At one time I had two young girls asleep, one on each shoulder.

Maddie closed at three and the sleepy clubbers were eased in to taxis. We all joined in counting the money and there was a lot. Alex declared it a reasonable night's work and Dani nodded her assent. I certainly thought that I had earned my cut.

We walked back to the apartment through alleys that had finally fallen silent. Alex took me to bed and pulled my head in to her bountiful breasts. I thought that I was ready for more sex but I fell asleep almost instantaneously, with Alex spooned tightly behind me.

I awoke at about eleven. Alex was snoring and hugging a pillow. First up had to make tea. I shrugged into a long T shirt;

I had a thing about walking around naked first thing in the morning. I gently woke Alex and Dani who grunted and sat up wiping the sleep from her eyes.

'Hi Cat. Tea. Great. Tough night last night. How's your twat?"


I took my mug up to the roof and looked out over the town. There were no wolf whistles that morning; maybe everybody was asleep or my T shirt made me less interesting. Alex and Dani soon joined me and we sat in silence.

"They will be getting ready for their flights home," Dani observed looking in the direction of the hotel.

"Probably too hungover or embarrassed to say goodbye. Just as well. I am all dogged out. OK if we give the swim a miss this morning?"

I nodded in agreement.

Alex did not demand sex from either of us that morning and seemed decidedly deflated. She informed us of her plan to have a quiet day on the beach up at the main resort. We were ordered to wear bikinis which was a treat. All in all, it was a nice day with lots of sun, sea and booze but no sex. We got back to the apartment at two and had a naked siesta on the roof. Alex had moved the sun shades so that we were no longer visible from the hotel. The guests from then on would be much less interested in our nubile forms and might even take offence.

I was curious about the night ahead. I was quickly informed that I would in fact be working but it would be a special mission. A clue was the large dose of laxatives with breakfast and the two enemas. My arse was already sore from the previous night's over penetration. Soon I was extremely clean inside.

Dani and Alex paid me extra special attention. Dani did my make up for me and did my hair in a tight French plait. I was dressed in a pink boob tube and black Lycra mini skirt. No knickers but black shoes with a comfortable heel.

We got to the bar at nine. It was transformed. The name had changed to the Curious Siamese and the garish neon had gone, replaced by a sinuous Siamese cat. The no penises sign was still there plus a butch crop-haired bouncer but no invitation to step inside and touch the merchandise. We were let in without challenge and were met by Sigrun, Brunhilde and Geirafor; the eponymous curious felines. They greeted us loudly in the manner of their species. My legs were treated to a particular sensual wrapping. Whether this was in recognition of my name or they had chosen me to die in battle that night or they just wanted to look up my skirt, I could not tell.

The decor had been toned down and the TVs were still mainly showing women's sport but no interspersed porn. The joint was fairly busy; almost exclusively couples. There was no snogging or shagging visible. Whatever might have been occurring under the tables was being done discreetly.

Pip and Pop were there and danced over to kiss us. They had become Petra and Maya and were pretty but not that tarty in cocktail dresses. They addressed us three Alex, Dani and Cat. It was like meeting again. The look they gave me however made me shiver. Auntie Maddie soon appeared, with her husband Costa. Much kissing and hugging ensued and no blow jobs were required. Again, I was given a slightly pitying look and started to feel underdressed even though Dani was wearing a barely there diaphanous dress that emphasized her wares.

We were sat at the bar where we could chat and were plied with the house's best wine. I had not eaten much that day so I drank very slowly and preloaded myself with plenty of water. I sensed that I was going to need it.

I watched the two waitresses working the tables. They moved with feline grace that befitted the name of the bar and flirted outrageously. They got an occasional pat on the bum; a world apart from the night before.

Maddie noticed my gaze and told me that the twins were local girls and were cousins of mine, many time removed. They were both at uni and were off for the summer. They had no difficulty paying their fees. My anxiety slowly rose.

And then, at about 10 O'clock a goddess walked in. She was tall with pumped muscles rippling under her black skin. I briefly pondered that I had never had a black woman despite them ranking high in my fantasy canon. That was about to change.

The woman was dressed conservatively in ripped jeans and a wife beater T-shirt which was stuffed deliciously by a broad muscular chest and tented by long nipples. I had quite a softness for body-builders although little experience one to one. Aesthetically I thought the almost universal false tits looked daft. She was carrying a large haversack.

The woman seemed pretty at home in the bar and exchanged greetings with all of the girls. Then her eyes settled on me and said eyes undressed me.

"You must be Chloe," she announced in a deep accented voice. "I hope you are as good as Abi says you are."

Alex put her hand in the small of my back and pushed me forward. I did a little bob and tried not to look too bitchy. She smiled revealing huge dazzling white teeth. She had that little gap between her upper incisors that some black women have and looks really cute.

"Shy. I like that. My name's Chrissie but you can call me Mistress."

She ran her finger along my jaw and then slowly down my chest and tummy, making me shiver. Without asking permission she put her hand up my skirt and touched me up. I just stood there until she had finished and licked my juices off her fingers. The woman then turned her attention to Dani whose tits got quite a mauling and then Alex, whose deltoids got a good squeeze. Chrissie and Alex then kissed rather too passionately and took themselves off to a booth. I was ordered to bring drinks which I duly did.

When I got to the booth the women were arm wrestling which was an impressive sight. Alex ordered me to lie face down on the table. She pushed my tube up and my skirt down, gave my skin a vigorous rub and made me extend. My deeply furrowed back was then filled with coke. Once this was toked Alex dismissed me. I got a tip but it was not inserted inside me. Nobody paid much attention as I readjusted my clothing.

I went back to the bar and sat on a stool next to Dani getting more nervous. The nasty voice in my head started saying rude things about me again.

After an age Chrissie came and took me into one of the back rooms. I had not been told what was expected, just to perform. As soon as the door shut, Chrissie grabbed my boob tube and twisted it whilst pushing me against the wall and forcing her mouth upon mine. Her kissing technique was rather disappointing and she though her tongue was a penis. It was extremely long and was soon buffeting my tonsils. She pushed my hands above me and stripped me quickly and efficiently and shrugged out of her jeans.

We were both clean enough not to need a shower and I was picked up and thrown on the bed, where I was pinned down. This woman was incredibly strong and clearly was not going to be gentle. She slapped me hard enough to make me see stars and cut my lip. She then attacked my humble tits, crushing what little boob flesh that I had and biting hard into my nipples pulling hard on the nipple bars. It really hurt but looking up at the mirrored ceiling I could barely believed how ripped she was.

Then with a loud snap Chrissie spread me wide, overcoming my impressive adductor muscles as if they had been paralysed. It was just as well that I was so flexible. Her tongue went straight into my vagina. I suspected that if I had mentioned that oral sex was much better done gently, I would have got another slap. Then she started jabbing at my clit and pulling hard on my piercings. The pain turned me on immensely and I gasped when she rammed two fingers into my vagina. She pulled out just before I came, snapped my legs back together and flipped me effortlessly onto my front and just as easily penetrated me from behind.

Try as I might I could not get my arse into the air and the intense finger fucking made me come hard and noisily. All this being thrown about was making me a bit sick as I was flipped over again and rotated one hundred and eighty degrees so that Chrissie could lower her twat onto my face.

She probably guessed that I would want to look first and so she hovered about a foot off of my face. I stared open mouthed at the biggest clitoris that I had ever seen. It was really a little penis and had it not been for her broad hips I would have thought that Chrissie was trans. I had always fancied doing it with a trans person.

A huge amount of steroids had produced a predictable effect on Chrissie's love button. She had spiced it up by having a true clitoral piercing, like Alex. Chrissie had gone much further though and most of her clitoral hood had also been removed, both above and below the dark red organ. It looked like a circumcised penis. I think the technical term was peeled.

"Never seen one like that before eh honey? Now suck on that bad boy." she purred and lowered her considerable pelvis on to my face.

I did as instructed which was weird. I had obviously applied my tongue to lots of clits but this one was truly hard. She was still a woman so I did my work thoroughly and gently, assuming that the modified organ would be exquisitely sensitive. It turned out that I was wrong as I was ordered to bite it. She did not object however when I gave attention to the rest of her vulva, particularly the opening to her urethra which produced more than a mouthful of wee. I would have licked her labia min but they had been removed completely.

My arms were pinned down but I could just about stroke her buttocks and lower back. She had no fat at all which was just past incredibly sexy but the muscles beneath compensated. I managed to slide my left hand down her sweaty crack and tease her arse hole whilst she started to hump my face uncomfortably hard.

"Yeah, baby. Stick it inside. Oh, that feels good. Those are freakishly long fingers. Oh wow, you've found my G-spot. Don't stop."

I continued until Chrissie announced herself to be temporarily sated. I was sent to the bar for beer and when I got back Chrissie was in the shower. Bodybuilders sweat a lot and the steroids give it a nasty smell. I joined her and demonstrated my washing skills which seemed to go down well.

Back in the bedroom Chrissie, started rummaging in the haversack and produced a long soft rope.

"OK sweet cheeks, enough foreplay; get back on the bed and let's see how bendy you are. Can you get your ankles behind your head?"

I could do that quite easily and my ankles were soon tied together as were my wrists which were also tied to the bedpost. Once I was correctly in position, Chrissie went to the bathroom and returned with several towels which she pushed under my bum but did not bother to explain why. Then she turned her back to me and strapped herself into a garish pink harness. She then turned around and smiled at me, no doubt amused at the look on my face.

Chrissie was stroking the shaft of a plastic horse cock. I had to apologise.

"I am sorry, Mistress but my vagina is too small."

"I know," she replied as she applied a huge amount of lube to the awful phallus. "That's not where it's going."

The trick they say is lots of lube and go slow. Well she certainly had a lot of the former and I was to provide plenty more; albeit involuntarily. She chose not to go slow which was a problem for me but clearly not for her. Alex had fisted me before and she had big hands, so the insertion should have gone smoothly and initially it did.

The third thing was relax. I singularly failed there; my mind being temporarily fogged by violent sex fever. I felt intense pressure on my tight little pink starfish which slowly surrendered and the massive head of the dong passed through into my anus. I felt myself hyperventilating as I tried to adjust myself to meet the monster penetration but my trussed state made this impossible. The cruel penis slowly advanced deeper inside me and my bowel started to protest with intense cramps.

And then she quickly pulled it out and my sphincter snapped shut. I barely had time to say "Ooh," when she rammed the cock back in. I was unprepared and I felt my ring piece tear. The reactive spasm made me scream and I lost control as she continued to spear me in one long single thrust until her pelvis pressed against mine. The tip of the cock had gone so deep that it made me hiccup.

Thankfully she stopped and I opened my eyes to see her leering down at me, sweat dripping off her brow.

"Spunky little butch, aren't you?"

I took this more as a statement than a question although maybe it was of the rhetorical variety. Another quick withdrawal and I thought I had shat myself. Then she moved her pelvis southwards and pushed slowly. This angle was too acute for proper penetration but ground the huge unyielding cock head against the front wall of my vagina and my uterus. I gasped and tried to resist. I lasted about four thrusts before I was pushing back as hard as was possible in my hog-tied state. She rode me roughly and then grabbed my little clit between finger and thumb. She crushed the tiny appendage as she continued to assault my G-spot. I came hard and then came again. My back arched so hard that my whole body seemed to lift off of the bed.

"I know how to treat a white cunt," she declared.

I considered that to be a statement open to more than one interpretation and wondered if maybe we were done. The Amazon grabbed each shoulder in a grip of iron, rose up and rammed the whole plastic shaft into my protesting bowel. The studs on the harness ground against my delicate labia. I yelped as she bit hard on one of the tendons behind my left knee, as much from surprise as pain.

Again she withdrew, quickly stopping just as the head reached my anal verge. Again, I felt the humiliating passage of a huge turd. She paused to torment me and the turd was brutally rammed back whence it had come. She continued to pause when fully buried and bite another of my hamstring tendons.

The pain was unbelievable. I forgot the safe word. She sped up, no longer pausing and sunk her teeth into my finely toned right calf. Her cruel hands moved down to my waist. It was only my well-developed obliques that saved my kidneys from being pulped.

Chrissie briefly withdrew and went down on me. My relief was short lived and I let out what must have been the loudest scream of my mouth and I fainted. When I came around the giant dong was sodomising me again. Chrissie smiled and that cute little gap between her teeth was filled by my Isabella and Nefertiti piercings, the balls still attached by the nylon. She spat them onto my belly and continued her assault and bit hard into my right thigh.

The end came when she detached herself from my leg, threw her head back and launched into a tirade of frankly misogynist and racist abuse which somehow allowed me to regain my tongue.

"I would like to stop now," I said.

"Oh, OK" she replied.

Chrissie stood up and turned her back to me as she shrugged off the harness. Her rippling back and buttocks had been dipped in oil but were little compensation for my ordeal. I had expected the withdrawal of the dido to be excruciating but it just felt like it was still inside me.

She returned to the bed and looked down at my arse hole, smiling in appreciation of her handiwork. She quickly and efficiently undid the restraints and leaving me to my own devices went in to the shower. The pain from my tortured joints joined that from my abdomen. However with the help of adrenaline and bravado I was more or less vertical when she emerged fresh as a black daisy from the shower. She had washed the dido and dropped it back in to the haversack. She dressed quickly as if I was not there. Finally she produced a roll of notes and peeled off twenty.

"You earned a decent tip. Abi was right, you have a great career ahead of you as a pain slut. I'll leave this with her."

With that she left taking with her my fantasies about black women.

A moment later Dani and Maddie rushed in. I was on my side clutching my belly which was cramping terribly. They both stripped and easing me to my feet helped me into the shower. The cold water woke me up a bit and it was nice to wash off the sweat and blood. Then I was gently dried off and taken back to the bed for a careful inspection. There was much tutting.

"I don't like the look of your poop chute, or your fanny." Dani declared.

Maddie popped back to the bar and returned with a Mini Milk. I put out my hand but instead the cold ice-cream on a stick was put into my bottom. Worryingly I could not feel it. Next my pussy was packed with ice and ice packs placed against my numerous bruises. Everywhere was starting to hurt and I was parched. Petra and Maya had joined us and were helping to hold things in place and give me beer and tablets. The bed was changed under me and soon I was asleep.


18th-20th July

The fall

I woke in the night, disorientated. I was in bed, back at the apartment. I hurt everywhere and I was desperate for a wee. I was cold but drenched in sweat. The room was in half darkness and not far off I could hear angry voices. A familiar hand placed a cold flannel on my forehead. I looked over into the concerned face of my mother.

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