tagAnalThe Slutty Commercial Ch. 01

The Slutty Commercial Ch. 01




While I was in high school I often found myself wondering. How are these teachers that are paid minimum wage, expected to mold the foundation for successful people in the future.

I knew I had the assets in terms of my looks to use modeling as a way out of the system. A lot of people seemed to agree with my idea and from there on out, I wanted to be a model.

One thing I swore to myself was to never give in to the temptation of the higher ups. What exactly do I mean by that? The modeling industry is a easily corrupted one and many models sometimes have to sleep with various people of importance.

But why did I think I have what it takes to be a model? Because I'm a complete smoke show, I have a huge ass many women would die for, so much juicy natural flesh that just jiggles and looks amazing. Always molding to dresses and trapping skimpy underwear between each cheek.

A fit flat stomach, long smooth thick legs, and big tits accompanying my huge ass on my otherwise lithe frame. I once got a annoymous message in my locker saying I have a obscene hentai body. For all I knew maybe that was a accurate statement.

I met a cute boy in class one day named Tobias I think he went on to play for a Los Angeles team after high school I think. Anyways he patched through to his agent who led me to a casting agent.

One thing I was passionate about was a "No Porn Rule" which I knew some agents like to bait and switch to.


About a week later I was sitting in class, it was one of those days where you get to work on whatever you feel like. The teacher's didn't mind if you talked among your peers so naturally that's what happened.

Soon the classroom was just loud and rowdy, but I stayed by myself and I wasn't worried. People were intimidated by me.

Then my phone rang.

It was the casting agent, I immediately picked up.

"Hello Marcus" I reply gingerly.

"Hey Sadaf, I got word from a commercial studio that Reebok has outsourced the rights to create commercials for their new shoes. The shoe is called "Easytone" and it's meant to be workout shoe that is comfortable and it makes your legs along with your butt more bigger and more toned. Something you should be familiar with." He said with a cheesy laugh and I tried to hold my tongue from mocking him.

"So where do I fit into this whole ordeal" I ask wanting to get a final answer out of him.

"The commercial studio wants you to model and headline a solo commercial".

I was overwhelmed to say the least, this will really launch my career and really get me in the back door of the industry. No Porn, No Bullshit just a innocent commercial.

"How much does the job pay" I ask.

"35 Thousand Dollars" He simply says.



I am on my last leg in my photography business and I guess I should be blaming myself, you have to have a profile to get major photography gigs and how do you build a profile is through minor photographer gigs. But nowadays technology is so integrated in everyday life that people just rather do it themselves than hire a photographer and leave the working man out of the picture. I posted various ads on various sites and sent my business card out to various shops, of course I'd ran into everyday ad fee's plus my rent and expenses I face on a daily basis.

My name was Jason Hollins, I am 27 and living in Los Angeles I am 6'4 and relatively fit I am no body builder but I hold my own. Not having enough money for fat foods and lugging around heavy photography equipment can be a blessing and a curse. But trying to keep my 9 Inch cock in my pants when photographing models is no easy chore.

I thought I had it easy at first.

Then I got hit with major debt in no time, about $15,000, I think it was official I was living the everyday struggle.

Eventually I had to downgrade into taking pictures of busty models, a guy named Marco hired me to his agency even though he was a complete asshole after taking various pictures of models including one by the name of Maggie, the agency decided that my photo's weren't up to par with what they wanted. But in my defense the moderate pay lead me to put a lack into effort into my work.

...Lack of effort, I guess that was my problem, man I always thought someone would hand me the keys to the Lamborghini but I have not yet realized I gotta work for the license.

So when I aquired the contract from Reebok to film the commercial initially I was concerned, how do our small studio really hit a home run with such a high task. All my life I've been obsessed with film and making movies, that in itself was a tough industry to get into.

So creating my own studio to film short films, commercials and other indie projects is something I aspired to do. This time would be different, this time I will create something that will sure get me attention. Hopefully I have a competent decent looking model to work with and not just some air head.


Well fuck me, a barely 18 year old air head from the looks of it, this should be some fun.

(To be continued, let me know if you like this set up)

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by Anonymous12/07/18

Interesting premise. Keen for more!

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