tagLesbian SexThe Smell of Sex Ch. 02

The Smell of Sex Ch. 02


(FF, panty, humil)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c)2001 by Couture


'Damn, I must have put on the panties Monique had jogged in by accident, these are much too tight to be mine. I sure hope she doesn't notice they are gone,' Laura thought as she felt the too tight panties once again slip into her pussy.

As she walked to class, Laura's eyes kept being drawn to the slim tight asses of her fellow classmates. Prior to today, the only time Laura really noticed girls bottoms was when she would make fun of the lard asses she attended school with.

However, on this day, Laura's thoughts were preoccupied by panties. Through the thin fabric of her classmates' short skirts and tight shorts, she could make out what sort of panties they were wearing. Some wore low riders, French cut, even a few thongs and it appeared that some girls weren't wearing underwear at all.

Laura wondered how guys at school could function with all these sexy asses and panty lines around. 'Oh God, does this mean I am a lesbian? Wait a minute, I can't be a lesbian, I like guys. What is wrong with me? Maybe I'm so preoccupied about panties because of the tight ones I'm wearing now,' Laura reasoned. The highly aroused girl stopped walking and leaned against the wall to avoid an impending orgasm that threatened to boil over.

"Oh God! I may have to take these bastards off in order to get through my classes today," Laura whispered to no one in particular.

In class after class, Laura tried to relieve the sensations from below, however they seemed to keep getting worse. The young blonde was constantly squirming in her seat in an effort to keep the panties from digging into her crotch.

"Is there some difficulty, Ms. Leigh?" Her professor asked?

"Oh! I uh . . . uh . . . I strained a muscle while jogging," Laura replied blushing, not meeting the professor's eyes.

Laura was humiliated and wondered if the whole class suspected what was really going on *down there*. She thought she could smell the musky smell of sex again and she wondered if it was hers or Monique's and whether or not anyone else could smell her. She knew after this class she would have to go to the restroom and do something, anything, to would relieve the constant throbbing coming her sex.

As the class ended Laura made sure she was the last person to leave, because she was afraid there would be a wet spot on the back of her pink miniskirt. Thinking quickly, Laura loosened the straps on her book bag, so it would cover her ass, just in case. Then she hurried to the ladies restroom. However, with every step after being loosened, Laura's book bag kept lightly slapping her pert ass.

Between the book bag spanking her ass and the panties massaging her sex, Laura worried she wouldn't make it to the restroom before collapsing in a climax. The poor girl wondered if anyone around her suspected that she was dripping wet or even worse, could they know that she was going to do something she had never done before . . . masturbate in a public place. Luckily, she made it inside the ladies room without cumming and rushed into the first stall she came to. The lock on the door was broken, but it stayed put when it was closed.

Laura reached underneath her skirt and rolled the tight panties down her thighs, before stepping out of them. She was worried about being caught, so she stood on top of the toilet lid where no one could see her legs, if they walked in. Then placing the top of her head on the front wall for support, she proceeded to massage her throbbing clit. In her left hand she held the panties, she had developed such a love hate relationship with today, tightly under her nose, smelling them , drinking in their musky aroma.

Unknown to the otherwise occupied blonde, two stalls over a young Goth girl with her feet up, sneaking a smoke. Her hair, fingernails, clothes and lips were black, while her skin was ivory white. She paused and listened to the very interesting sounds coming from girl who had just entered the restroom. "Oh God! Ugh . . . Ugh . . ."



'Can it be?' the Goth wondered, 'Can someone at this uptight private school be wanking herself? God, wouldn't it be funny if it was one of those rich prissy bitches,' she thought, grinning wickedly.



Laura was approaching an orgasm when she heard a latch open and the heavy footsteps of heels.

'Please don't let me get caught. Please don't let me be caught!' Laura thought as her heart was pounding in her chest. She placed the smelly panties over her nose and mouth to muffle the sound of her heavy breathing. The only sound she was making now was the drip drop of the juices that fell from her sex into the toilet. Laura did the only thing she felt she could to quiet the drips she was making. She dipped her finger into her pussy and scooped off as much of her fluids as she could and then stuck the finger in her mouth. 'Ewwww . . . I can't believe I just did that.' Laura grimaced at exotic taste of her secretions.

Then she heard the click clack of heels as the Goth girl walked closer and closer to her hiding place.

"Please God, if you keep me from getting caught this time, I will NEVER EVER masturbate again!" Laura prayed desperately to herself.

Then she heard the door behind her open and someone giggling.

"Please, LET ME DIE. LET ME DIE!" she wished as she pushed her face against the wall and covered it with the hand that was holding onto her panties.

The sight before the Goth girl was amazing. Here was a girl who could obviously be a model, squatting on top of a toilet, with her face hid by her hands and pressed against the wall. The most erotic thing about the whole surreal scene was the blonde's sparsely covered pussy gaping open between spread legs and dripping its slick cream into the toilet.

"Ahem. Are you all right?" the Goth girl asked.

"Aside from dying of embarrassment . . . not finishing the best cum ever . . ." muttered a thorougly humiliated Laura, as tears began to form in her eyes.

"What was that princess?" asked the Goth.

" I said I accidentally wore my dorm-mate's panties today and they have been rubbing me raw and hurting me 'down there' when I walked," gasped Laura as she kept her face against the wall in hopes that she wouldn't be recognized.

"I don't see any panties back here. Oh I see, you have them up there. What are you doing hmmm Princess? SNIFFING THEM?" asked the Goth girl.

Laura quickly jerked the panties down and draped them over her ass to try to protect her privates from being seen in this vulnerable position.

"I-I was . . ah . . . I was crying into them." Laura stuttered.

Careful to keep her face hidden, Laura looked down between her spread legs and dripping pussy at the girl behind her. All she was able to see was a pair of black leather studded boots and pale fishnet covered legs.

'Please oh please! Go away Black Boots!' Laura thought.

The Goth girl reached up and quickly snatched the panties out of Laura's hand, before she could react.

"Well, you must have been crying a lot, cause these panties are positively soaking *wet* Princess Panty," replied the Goth girl.

"Oh! Please give those back *PLEASE*," whined the distraught blonde.

The Goth girl took the confiscated panties and began using them to lightly stroke Laura's ass, thighs, and sex. Whenever Laura felt the panties touch her exposed skin, she would try to grab them with her free hand, only to have them snatched away and moved to a different area. Soon Laura was so horny from being teased by the panties and her own meager attempts to grab them that her hands would stay searching for the panties a little longer than necessary. Her every attempt to grab the panties became just a little slower than the last.

"Please?" Laura sobbed.

"Don't worry Princess Panty. I only want to help you," replied the smug stranger.

Even in this position, Laura had a smidgen of backbone left and said loudly, "My name is not Princess Panty!"

"Oh. Then what is your name?" asked Black-Boots sarcastically.

'There is no way I can tell her my name . . . *no way in hell*!' Fresh tears sprang anew and the defeated debutante muttered, "P-p-princess sniff . . . P-p- panty."

"I thought so. Well, Princess Panty, lift your leg up so I can get these panties back on you."

Laura obeyed and raised her leg in hopes of ending this embarrassment as soon as possible.


The Goth girl took a quick picture of Laura with a small digital camera she had removed from her purse. The picture captured Laura with one trembling leg on the toilet seat, the other leg in the air, backed arched and ass spread wide, blonde pussy gaping as juices ran down her thighs.

'A little something to remember this by,' thought the Goth.

"What was that sound?" asked Laura, hearing the click of the camera.

"Oh that must be the janitor cleaning the men's restroom Princess Panty. We'd better hurry and get this over with, before she comes in here. Your other leg now," the Goth said.

Laura lifted her other leg and stuck it through the hole. She saw that the girl had black fingernails too. Laura wondered if this girl was one of those Goth freaks.

'Hmmm. I wonder if she has black panties too?' The thought of panties brought another throb to Laura's pussy and the drip drop of her juices as they fell below her.

"Oh, please let's hurry and get this over with before the janitor comes!" whispered Laura, 'And before I embarrass myself even more with my dripping pussy,' she continued to herself.

Laura Lee tried to lower her leg and found much to her dismay that the panties gripped so low on her legs, she couldn't spread her feet apart over the commode. Her only choice was to step down and reveal her face or place both her feet in the small space in the front of the lid.

So Laura placed both her pink pumps pigeon toed in the crevice, legs straight but bent at the knee, sticking her ass high in the air, with her face against the wall. Her posture spread cheeks of her ass wide, her wet aroused cunt framed by tight thighs, providing the Goth girl with another excellent photo opportunity.


"Oh God! Please hurry. I think I hear the janitor getting closer!" whispered Laura.

Her legs and ass trembled from the strain of this posture. The stress proved too much for her legs and one of Laura's pink pumps hit the water. "Damn! Now my pump is drenched with toilet water, what else can possibly go wrong?"


The Goth got another hilarious picture of Laura quaking and then almost falling into the toilet.

Laura finally felt Black-Boots pull her panties up her legs, mercifully covering her ass and pussy. Laura was able to spread her legs again and relaxed a bit over the toilet seat.

"Wait . . . wait!" Laura said when to her horror she felt Black-Boots stick her finger underneath her panties and against her wet pussy. Then the Goth slid the finger through Laura's soaked folds and began running it up and down between her slick labia.

"No! No! Not that!" Laura gasped as she swung her hips from side to side to dislodge the intruding finger.

"Oh this will never do. Never do at all Blondie," said the Goth girl shaking her head.

"No wonder you had such problems, these panties are entirely too snug."

"Now be a good girl Panty Princess and hold still while I stretch them out for you."

Laura realized the girl was just trying to help and stood as still as she could while Black Boots proceeded to tug, pull and smooth Laura's panties again and again. First, she tugged the fabric viciously back and forth between her labia, embedding the panties deeply in the folds of Laura's hypersensitive cunt. Then the Goth would pinch the buried fabric between forefinger and thumb and pull outward until the fabric threatened to tear.

"Owww! Easy easy . . . please be careful!" Laura cried, as the Goth 'accidentally' pulled Laura's blonde muff instead of her panties.

'This girl must be a complete klutz,' Laura thought because sometimes Black Boots would inadvertently pull Laura's exposed labia, swollen clit, or pubic hair instead of her panties.

"Ugh . . . Oww! Oh my!" Having her pussy teased mercilessly had made Laura hornier and hornier. She felt warmth begin to flow throughout her body as a climax came closer and closer.

"Gasp -- Ahhh Ah!" Here was a reject she wouldn't talk to in a million years and she was touching her where no one had ever touched her before.

"Oh *PLEASE* don't let my pussy c-c-cum in front of this horrible bitch..." Laura mumbled as she tried to think of something different and not sexual, yet all she was able to think about was the image and aroma of a black pair of wet panties.

"What did you say Princess!" demanded the now angry Goth.

"I-I-I said my p-p-pussy has a h-horrible itch..." stuttered the distraught girl.

'Oh God! Did I just say that?' Laura wished she could take back her words, the instant they slipped out of her mouth.

"Why didn't you just say so Princess," replied the Goth as she pulled the crotch of Laura's stretched panties to the side and began to stroke the blonde's erect clit. "Is that the spot where you have your little itchy?"

"No! No! Not there!" cried Laura as she raised her ass even higher to escape the fingers that were driving her toward an orgasm. Laura closed her eyes and held onto the wall for dear life. She was on the verge of an orgasm and knew she would either reveal herself and/or fall in the toilet if she let go for one second.

Finally the Goth withdrew her hand from Laura's clit, just before Laura could embarrass herself further. Laura sighed in relief and relaxed as she got her urges back under control again. Laura smelled the musky smell of pussy again and it wasn't her own. She opened her eyes and the Goth girl's black panties now covered her head, one leg hole over each eye.

'Why did Black Boots put her panties on my head?' Laura wondered.

"Well your itch must be in here then..." the Goth said as she plunged her finger deep in Laura's sex with no warning to the poor girl.

"Oh fuck! Oh -- Ahhh!" Laura cried, as she felt herself penetrated.

Laura was openly grunting and panting now, too far gone to care. Her identity now secret, she let go of all her inhibitions, knowing that a cowl of this strange girl's panties hid her face. The Goth girl ceased her teasing of Laura's sex, leaving the nubile blonde pushing her hips back, searching for additional stimulation.

"Uggghh...let me cum...Please." Laura moaned.

"What was that Princess? I didn't hear you," the Goth said, almost laughing.

"*Please* OH FUCK I need to CUM!" the blonde pleaded to her captor.

"Call me Goddess Goth, slut and beg me to let you cum."

"I'm begging you. Please let me c-cu-cum Gah- Goddess Goth."

The Goth girl helped Laura down from her precarious perch and stripped off the remainder of her clothes. She left the poor girl clad only in the black panties covering her face and her pink pumps. She looked like a sexy, yet very stupid caricature of a costumed crusader.

The Goth girl pushed Laura face down across the toilet and proceeded to shove 1 then 2 fingers into Laura's dripping sex. The Goth Goddess reached up her own black mini and masturbated her clit while she stretched Laura's tight pussy to the max as she pushed yet another finger into the blonde's gaping sex.

Shlurp shleck spurt

"Ohhh! That's it you dumb blonde panty-sniffer.

"Ugh...suck my panties and taste my pussy you lezzie slut!" the Goth pulled her fingers out, until they were barely in the blonde girl's cunt. The Goth stopped moving her fingers as she thought, "This prissy bitch has probably gotten everything handed to her all her life, but if she wants an orgasm today, she's gonna have to work for it!'

"Oh! FUCK your cunt is so WET. Work that body for me girl!" Black Boots demanded.

Laura pushed herself back, stretching her poor abused cunt over Goddess Goth's three fingers. She rolled her hips around in a circle feeling the Goddess's fingers touch her innermost secrets.

'Why isn't she fucking me? It feels like she's just holding her hand still.' Laura wondered. Her pussy really needed to be fucked. So Laura grabbed the toilet seat with both her hands and proceeded to fuck her cunt on the Goths fingers.

"That's a good bitch. Fuck my fingers with your slimy cunt." The Goth said as she watched the poor girl passionately work her body on the fingers buried in her cunt.

Laura felt herself begin to cum, while she was immersed in the smell and salty taste of the Goth girl's panties. She hated being called names and humiliated by Black Boots, but at the same time every expletive made her pussy, no her cunt, tingle with excitement.

"Oh! Oh! I'm CUMMING Goddess!" she cried. "Fuck my pussy please!"

'Well let's give the poor slut what she craves.' The Goth girl proceeded to rotate her hand as she shoved her fingers to the depths of the wet blonde's swollen cunt. "I bet you will find those frat boys a little *disappointing* after I'm done with you Princess."

"Ugh! Your fingers are so deep in my CUNT! FUCK! FUCK! Ahh! They feel so good. Oh!"

FUCK it Hard! Oh Please, I'm almost there Goddess! Keep FUCKING my cunt with your fingers!"

Ohhhhhhhhhhh-uhhhhhhhhhh-eeeeeee" Laura cried out, as she collapsed on tile floor from her orgasm.

The Goth girl reached down and wiped the juices from her fingers in Laura's hair.

"You are a good little lezzie bitch. Awww . . . poor little thing, you are flat as a board." said the Goth as she rubbed her hands over Laura's small breasts. "Hee Hee. I almost almost thought I was playing with a little boy for awhile. Don't fret Princess, you have pretty pink nips though", Black Boots tweaked Laura's hard nipples, eliciting a moan from the passive blonde.

"Princess, has anyone told you that you have a beautiful cunt? Hmmm? I think your cunt is your best attribute, a work of art," the Goth girl said as she rubbed Laura's cunt possessively, spreading it's copious secretions all over the blonde's firm stomach and ass.

"You should be proud of your fat juicy little quim, it is truly a cunt that was made to be fucked." Black boots spread Laura's labia wide, while pulling her clit hood upwards, displaying Laura's aroused sex. "Look at it," commanded the Goth as she allowed the dazed blonde to look.

Laura stared at her pretty pussy in awe. She was always taught that she should keep such things hidden, because they were 'dirty', but now Black Boots seemed to think that her's was particularly pretty '. . . a pretty pussy . . . a juicy little quim. Whatever that means," though the spent girl.

"Here. Give me back my panties now," said the Goth girl, as she reached down to take her black panties from the naked pitiful blonde sitting on the restroom floor.

"No please!" pleaded Laura as she pulled the panties down tightly over her head, concealing her identity.

"Well, it is obvious Princess Panty loves the smell and taste of my pussy so much she doesn't want to give me my panties back."

"I would love to give them to you too, but I am such a mess now and it is all your fault. See?" said Goddess Goth as she pulled up her skirt and showed Laura her wet matted cunt.

"Perhaps if you were to dry my pussy for me, I would let you have my pretty panties," said Black Boots.

Laura could almost make out the logic of Goddess Goth's comments, but at the same time was degraded by the fact that she was going to college in order to clean the juices from this social outcast's pussy. Giving up, Laura Lee reached for some toilet paper to dry her conqueror's wetness. After all she had no choice but to clean her, if she were to continue to remain anonymous.

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