The Smell of Sex Ch. 19


Then the sweating sorority girl felt a probing at her other opening. 'No, not there!' she thought in horror. She clamped down on her sphincter and struggled against the dark-haired girl.

"Bad Bottom!" Dawn scolded. She picked up the paddle and methodically spanked the reddened bottom, until the girl hung limply on her lap. Inserting a finger in Terry's sex, she asked, "Are you going to be my good girl now?" and was pleased to feel the two squeezes.

Removing her wet digit, she put it against Terry's back door and pushed it in. She noticed that the blonde's tight ring involuntarily contracted around her finger. She decided to have a little fun with this. She began to ask questions again, moving her finger imperceptibly with each question, to cause her former mentor to squeeze the affirmative whether she wanted to or not.

"Do you like for me to play with your ass? Do you love me? Are you going to be good? Are you my little queer girl? Do you like being filmed?" Dawn teased her friend like this until the poor girl could successfully resist contracting her muscles in response.

"That's enough Top. I'm ready for my nightcap now." Monique took off her clothes, and leaned back in her bed, spreading her legs wide. It was obvious what she wanted.

Dawn put Bottom down on the floor and proceeded to kiss her Mistresses pussy. She ran her tongue along the pink lips, hoping that she was pleasing her Mistress.

Monique grabbed a handful of Dawn's dark hair and pulled her tightly. "Eat me. Suck my pussy you lezzie slut." She proceeded to hump widely against the white girl's face, fucking her, while she tried to give her pleasure. "Ugh- Ugh-Cumming-" she moaned and her hips thrust in time to her contractions. "I want you to remember me tonight," she said, as she cleaned the nectar ruining down her thighs with Dawn's hair.

"You were wonderful, sweet little Top," Monique said, as she stroked Dawn's cheek. "Tomorrow morning, I want to wake up to one of you girls kissing the other hole, okay?"

Dawn blushed and nodded her head, as the lights were turned off. The street lights coming through the window illuminated the dorm-room enough for Dawn to help her bound sorority sister into bed and snuggle in tightly behind her.

As Monique closed her eyes, she could here Dawn's whispers. "Does that gag hurt baby? Will you promise not to make a sound if I take it off? You won't make Mistress Monique hurt me again, will you?"

Terry shook her head, and the gag was removed. She felt a finger penetrate her sex, causing her to gasp.

"I love you Bottom." Dawn said, her finger working faster. "Shh . . . bite the pillow. Does that feel good? Do you love me? Are you going to leave me? I love you Bottom. Do you love me? Shh . . . Feel how much I need you. Do you love me?"

Monique heard the soft sounds of moaning and the springs of the bed squeaking. She smiled and closed her eyes. When she made that deal with the teacher, trading Laura for the car, she thought it was a great deal at first. Then after Laura's personal effects had been moved out, Monique realized just how much the little thing had meant to her. She called Dr. Adams to demand Laura back, but the woman had refused, offering another sorority girl to take her place.

Monique could feel an empty spot in her heart for Laura, but she could feel it quickly filling again as she thought about Dawn. Terry would probably be leaving tomorrow, but she was sure that Dawn was staying. She would make sure that Dawn was staying.

The next morning Monique felt the wonderful feeling that comes from having a soft pair of lips kissing your ass. Nothing else quite says, today is yours, as a hesitant girl doing her best to avoid that little back door, yet knowing it is inevitable.

"You know what I want. Lick it. Lick my ass!" Monique moaned, spreading her legs so the girl could have better access. She looked back and gasped in shock. First, because the girl didn't hesitate as she had expected. The tongue plunged right past the tight grommet, exploring her deeply. Second, it wasn't Dawn's curly hair she saw attached to the head between her ass cheeks, but Terry's long blonde locks.

'Dawn must have done some pretty heavy convincing last night,' Monique surmised. 'This is turning out better than I ever imagined. Mmmmm, that feels so damn good. Bottom - what an appropriate name for her.' Monique buried her face in her pillow, as she moaned with desire.

Dawn was next to Terry, encouraging her. Stroking the girl's hair lovingly, teasing her sex, massaging her back, all the while whispering, "I love you Bottom. Do you love me? See how nice it feels when you please Mistress? Don't you love pleasing Mistress?"

Terry didn't look so good. The black circles underneath her haunted eyes and the dried smears of sex juice on her face told the tale of her night better than any words could. She renewed her efforts to please Mistress, thereby pleaing Dawn. She had learned last night that only by pleasing and loving could she in turn be pleased and loved. She knew with all her heart that Dawn loved her, just as much as she loved Dawn. However, there still remained the pleasing. Terry had pleased Dawn time and time again, yet her own need had been put off.

"Be patient Bottom, your time will come. You know I love you don't you." Dawn would say, stroking her doubts away.

Terry could feel Monique's ass spasm around her tongue. It wouldn't be long before she came. "Please," Terry moaned in her ass.

"Oh, that's it baby. Keep on moaning in my ass," Monique ordered. "Say I love Monique's ass. Ugh, you fucking bitch, you are going to make me cum so hard!"

Terry moaned the words in the black girl's ass. Luckily, her passion kept her from thinking of how far she had fallen in only one night. She could feel Dawn leaning over her from behind. Her lover's hands wrapped around her body and found her sex.

"Oh-god-oh-god-oh-god-" Monique cried, with her hips thrusting on the bed.

"I love you Bottom. Do you love me?" Dawn repeated over and over, as she attacked her former mentor's cunt with her nubile fingers, while she ground her wet sex against her ass. She began to pound her pubic mound against the blonde's ass, wishing she had a dick to fuck her with.

"I love you! I love you Top! I love you so much. Oh God please Top, please please- ah-ah-ah-cumminnnng!" Terry moaned in climax.

After coming down from her climax, Monique looked down on the floor and was pleased to see Top sitting against the bed, with Bottom in her arms. The dark-haired girl was deeply kissing her very willing sorority sister. It was a touching sight and it gave Monique an idea.

"Top, ask Bottom if she remembers her daddy's phone number?"

"It's 917-555-6451." Terry told Dawn. Monique was pleased the girl addressed Top, instead of her. When Monique picked up the phone Terry began to panic.

"B-bu-but, I was wondering. I mean, could you ask Mistress if I could stay." Terry began to think about what would happen if she left. She wasn't worried about telling her parents what had happened last night, but she was desperately afraid of losing Dawn. Tears welled in her eyes and she began to plead, "Please, I want - *need* to stay."

"You can talk to me now Bottom," Monique said. "I need to know something. Do you love Top?"

"Yes," Terry said, blushing slightly. "I love her."

"Good, because if you stay, from now on, you are no longer going to be able to do anything for yourself; Top will do it for you. The same goes for you Top. If you need to eat, bottom will feed you. When you bathe, she will wash you. If you have an itch, she will scratch it. But, Top, you are in charge. So, if you are not satisfied with Bottom's performance, feel free to correct her. Do you love each other enough to do this?"

The two girls looked into each other eyes, before answering as one. "Yes, Mistress."

From there, the three girls went to the showers. Monique watched with delight as Top fell into her role and ordered Bottom to bathe her with her tongue. It appeared that Top wasn't shy at all when it came to her body or with her sexuality, whereas Bottom was acutely conscious of it, a fact that Monique was determined to take full advantage of.

When they got back to the dorm room, Monique had her two slaves prepare her for her class. Next, she laid out two outfits and had each girl dress the other. Then, Monique proceeded to direct the application of make-up and other accessories to achieve her desired result.

Soon the girl's stood side by side. Top was wearing black, from her fingernail polish to her leather dress and lipstick. Bottom was wearing a white stretch dress that displayed her every curve, broadcasting to the world that she wasn't wearing underwear. Her accessories and makeup were all hot pink and so were her aureoles that peeked through the fabric of her skirt.

"What a pair you girls make," Monique said, while Terry nervously fingered her pink collar and tried to pull down the hem of her skirt. Top slapped the girl's hand away, before adjusting the skirt herself.

"Now, Top, why don't you hold Bottom's hand today so she doesn't get lost."

Monique grinned evilly as she watched Dawn hold Terry's hand, leaving the girl standing there uncomfortably conscious of how much the two of them would stand out today.

"P-Please, Top, ask Mistress if we *have* to walk like this. I won't get lost . . . I promise," she whined.

Monique's gaze turned hard and she picked up the phone and began dialing Terry's father's phone number. "9-1-6-5-5-5- " she began.

Meanwhile Dawn whispered something in Terry's ear.

"Wait! Wait! It's okay. I'll do it," Terry pleaded.

Monique smiled to herself as she watched the two girl's leave the dorm room. Dawn's hand raised the back of Terry's white dress, displaying the blonde's beautiful ass, which she rubbed possessively for Monique's benefit, before pulling it back down.

'Something tells me this semester is going to be a lot of fun, even with my sweet little Laura gone,' Monique said to herself.

To be continued. . . *

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