tagIncest/TabooThe Smelly Girls Ch. 01-02

The Smelly Girls Ch. 01-02


This is the story of how I came to love the natural scent of the female body, as well as a tribute the particular women who have helped me along the way to accepting smells as the important aspect of my sexuality that it has become.

In writing this I am partly writing an autobiography of my life through smells but I am also hoping to convey just how respectful and loving I am of women and their smells. I am sure many of you reading this will know that the reaction of people when they discover you find their scent arousing is largely negative, after all, many girls (indeed many people of either sex), do not like to think of themselves as smelly. To admit to finding their scent attractive is to admit they smell and I think that they see it as disrespectful. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, right?

So here it is, my respectful, loving (and hopefully a little sexy), true story of a smell fetish, told roughly chronologically.

1.Smelling Aunt Penny

Telling the story of Aunt Penny may take me some time, such is the power of the fantasies and memories of her, even now, that I have been feeling a little..ahem 'tingle' just planning this section.

Penny is my youngest Aunt and at the time in question she was in her early fourties and relatively attractive in a homely sort of a way. I loved Penny, she used to look after me and let me play at her house with my older cousin when I was a kid. I felt an affinity with her, as both of us were the youngest of a group of siblings and both were treated as kids (my by my older siblings and cousins, her by her husband and, later on, her son).

When I was about 18 and needing to do coursework for my exams, she let me use her families computer to do work (my own was useless and old) and so I would regularly visit during the holidays and send all day typing. During this time, as a housewife, she regularly went out to do errands at the shop, leaving me alone in the house. I suspect may of you can empathise with the rest of this tale. My nascent sexuality that was just beginning, confusedly, to find certain things attractive, the empty house, open bedroom door, that wicker basket, tempting you for a reason you know not why?

As I think of the way her bedroom slowly opened that first time and I found myself, alone, and excited in her underwear drawer and dirty laundry hamper I can still feel the sense of illicit excitement. I admit, stealing your aunties dirty and clean knickers and pantyhose (I wasn't the complete smell addict at this point) is not an honourable thing to do and I feel bad for that but not for the way I felt about her afterwards. The scent of the plain brown pantyhose, her gusset and the feet was so intoxicating, a scent I can only describe as rapturous musk, and sweat. Needless to say I had a great deal of fun with both those pantyhose and a pair of her plain knickers such that she would not have wanted them back!

This actually only happened once or twice but it left a lasting sell fantasy/ sex dream with me, which I shall recount here. As I said she was treated as a rather silly, immature girl by her family and in many ways this is how she had come to act. In this way I would imagine us two cuddling and kissing in her bed before we started to kiss and lick each other's body. In a slightly childish sort of exchange, as I went don on her I would remark of her smelly fanny (p***y for my U.S readers) and feet (I had requested we didn't wash beforehand)

'pooh...Penny...smelly f***y'

To which she, after reciprocating would say,

'pooh Richy...smelly willy!'

This fantasy lasted for a long time, or at least felt like it did to the young kid I was and made my virgin self long to taste and smell a woman for real.

Thank you Aunt Penny, you are lovelier than you could ever know.

2. The scent of a real woman: the smell of an Oxford bluestocking (well knickers and socks or many colours!)

Alex was a dirty girl a clever, dirty girl. Of course I didn't know this at the time. My fetish for all things feminine and olfactory hadn't completely gone away in the four or five years since Penny awoke my lusts. However, without the regular availability of panties, socks or (heaven forbid) an actual woman, it had become largely an imaginary addition to my regular sessions of light relief (as an aside, I had become aroused by the very word 'smelly' and would invoke the word and all it's meanings regularly during masturbation...still do lol).

Ally was my first proper girlfriend, the first girl to have me over her house on her own and the girl with whom I los my virginity to). I never made much of a thing about my smell fetish, I felt it might freak her out. Even though we loved each other very much indeed, I was never secure enough in myself to admit it to her.

Nonetheless, this hardly mattered as I was now regularly able, not only to sniff and lick her undies, but, to her very great joy, regularly and enthusiastically lick her sweet pussy all over and lavish her with heavenly foot rubs. The first time I ever did proper sexual things with her, I drove home and almost lost control smelling the scent of her mucky pussy and cheesy feet on my fingers. And boy did she SMELL!

This was not to say she was noticeably dirty to other people but that sometimes her hygiene downstairs would e ignored for a day or two, to which her fanny would respond with the most intoxicating whiff, a sort of tangy musty smell, exciting yet most welcoming. Once, when I visited her following a holiday she had taken, it was clear washing had not bee a priority whilst camping. It did not take long to surreptitiously (her parents were in), nuzzle my nose into her crotch and drink in her cummy smelly fanny whilst she had the hardest time keeping herself from squealing with delight.

Sadly, all this ended badly, we both went off to different universities and inevitably we drifted apart and broke up (I was devastated) but I will cherish the memory of the last time I ever visited her in Oxford. I stayed behind in her room one day whilst she went to a lecture. After a while I sought out her dirty underwear in a bag in her closet. As a student that hygiene had, if anything, got slightly worse and what I found in that bag remains to this day, the finest sexual olfactory experience of my life. Stained with cum and other must from her bum were two pairs of panties and some crusty socks.

I quickly ran off to her bathroom for secrecy and came harder than I ever new I could into on of her socks, the panties draped over my sweaty, flushed, exited face.

So thank you Alex for that experience alone as well as being a loving and wonderful girlfriend who I will never forget. I m only sorry I felt the need to keep my fetish from you.

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by Anonymous04/27/18

Lovely, thoroughly enjoyed it.

I had a girlfriend, whose Fanny really used to smell. It could easily 'Stink The Place Out' within minutes of me Unwrapping it- so to speak. I don't know quite what it smelled of, apart from Cunt I guess,more...

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