tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Smoking Club

The Smoking Club


Gary Franks was simply amazed. Fully aware of the smoking policies for the building he worked in he, couldn't help but be amazed at the timeless endurance of what he called The Smoking Club. They weren't a real club that Gary knew of, more a collection of individuals that, rain or shine, hot or cold, calm or windy, would congregate along a single portion of the building to smoke.

That part wasn't what really amazed him, he'd been witnessing that for years in buildings all around town. What amazed Gary was the way this same group of people seemed to gather at this one precise time of day at this exact place, everyday. During the months Gary worked at the building he made it his own personal cause to observe this social phenomenon and determine what was it that made each of these people crave a cigarette at the exact time every day.

So at precisely ten minutes before ten o'clock am, Gary would wander down the hall, step into one of the six elevators and ride down to the first floor. He'd listen to his rubber soled shoes squeak across the well waxed tile floor and then step into the revolving door that rolled him out onto a covered porch attached to a concrete covered walkway. From his vantage point at the covered porch he watched the group of fifteen to twenty people suddenly appear from all corners of the campus.

Oddly, on some days the group would seem a bit glum. Glum, but talkative, they would look out across the company's campus talking amongst themselves. But on other times they would seem much happier, but on those days they seemed satisfied to all look off in the same direction and silently smoke their cigarettes. Gary could never really figure out a pattern to when they would talk and simply gaze about and when they all seemed to concentrate intently on simply smoking.

Gary quietly observed The Smoking Club over the summer and into the fall before he finally saw some type of pattern in their smoking activity. It finally dawned on him that when a certain black Mercedes was parked in one of the Vice President's spaces the smoking group would all face in one direction and silently smoke. When the car wasn't there, their attention was focused elsewhere.

He continued watching the group through the fall without figuring anything else out until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. During the week, pretty much everyone at the company was taking some time off, more and more people took off as it got closer to Thanksgiving Day, so by Wednesday not many people were working. Gary, wanting to get to the bottom of it all, stuck around all through the week and when on that Wednesday at ten minutes before ten o'clock am he rode the elevator down and found no one standing in The Smoking Club's area.

Looking into the parking lot he did notice that the black Mercedes was parked in the Vice President's space, so he slowly strolled over toward the smoking area. No one else showed up there, so Gary walked to the area and looked around. There didn't seem to be anything of interest in the general area so, remember the direction the smokers often stared when they smoked in silence Gary noticed some movement.

As he looked closer he saw some movement in a reflection. The reflection was off a blackened window pane and seemed to be a view inside some office. Concentrating on what he saw, Gary realized he was watching a naked woman walk over to a desk and sit down on the desk top. She then spread her legs wide and with her finger signaled for someone to, "Come here."

Suddenly, a naked man sitting in a rolling chair scooted up and moved in between her legs. Gary watched as the man's tongue slowly slipped between the woman's pussy lips, slowly separating them, exposing the pink inner lips. The tongue then pushed into the woman, flicking in and out of her before rolling slowly up her slit, opening her lips to find her clit. As the tongue teased the woman's clit, Gary watched the man push two, three and then four fingers into the woman's wet opening.

She began moving her hips and running her fingers through the man's hair. Glancing up at her face, Gary could see it contort with pleasure and then she suddenly threw her head back and ground her pussy into the man's face. After a few moments the two changed positions and the woman took the man's cock into her mouth. She put on a pretty exciting show, licking and sucking his cock while manipulating his balls with her fingers. When the man finally arched his back to come, she clamped her mouth on him and held it there as she swallowed hard several times.

When she pulled away from the man, Gary watched her grab a tissue and wiped away a rivulet of cum that had oozed out of her mouth and ran down her neck. Focusing on her face he realized who the woman was, none other than the Senior Vice President of the company, whose office was on the twelfth floor of the building. The man she had just given a blow job to was young, very young, most likely one of the college interns that worked part time for the company.

As Gary watched, the woman gave the guy a quick kiss on the mouth and then slapped him on the ass as he headed through a nearby door. The woman then followed him in and emerged several minutes fully dressed. She sat down at the desk and picked up the phone, dialing a number. Gary looked over the reflection and looked up along the building and then at an adjacent building trying to figure how the reflection showed up there on the first floor glass.

The best he could determine was that through some strange optical circumstance whatever what happening in that office at that time of day reflected off of several glass surfaces in the area and somewhere actually magnified so ultimately, the image was reproduced on the wall with an excellent clarity. Gary confidently headed back to the building, satisfied he finally solved the secret of The Smoking Club. He was about to go into the building when he changed his mind.

He quickly crossed the street and went into a local store. Spotting what he needed behind the counter he stepped up and asked for a package of cigarettes and a lighter. After paying for the purchase he stepped out of the store, opened the cigarettes and lit on up. Taking a drag he immediately began coughing violently, actually doubling over. Once he recovered he looked at the cigarette and then took another drag, coughing once again.

"Damn," he muttered to himself, "this is going to be harder than I thought. It's a good thing I have the long Thanksgiving weekend to learn how to smoke." He looked at the cigarette again, glanced up at the top floor of his office building and then took another drag, this time coughing a bit less than before.

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