tagFetishThe Smoking Temptress

The Smoking Temptress


I had been sitting at the bar for about twenty minutes, drowning my stress from work in a glass of scotch. I do not know how long she had been there or when she had come into the dark bar. I have to say, I noticed the smell first. Now don't get me wrong, it was not a foul body odor or a lingering of a pleasant perfume. It was the rich smell of a fine cigar. The woman smoking wasn't of the jaw dropping type, but she did have a certain aura about her. Maybe it was the confidence in which she lit and smoked her cigar. She did it just as easily as breathing, like it belonged in her mouth. It made perfect sense.

Growing up, I had always been curious about cigars and pipes. My grandfather smoked from beautiful meerschaum pipes. I later learned he preferred a cavendish blend, but when I came over after church on sundays, dressed in my best dresses, he would fill his pipes with the most wonderful aromatic tobacco, sometimes strawberry or vanilla or even an almost tropical blend. My favorites were the non flavored types.We would sit there and chit chat about the things that consumed a young girls world, while he would puff away. I loved the copious amounts of smoke that would surround me. At a young age, I would inhale as much as I could, taking in the flavor and texture of the rich smoke. When I was about fifteen, my grandfather sold all his wonderful pipes, bought a humidor and filled it with the kind of cigars you would have seen between the lips of Winston Churchill. At first, this saddened me, but after watching and smelling, I fell in love. I was too afraid to ask my grandfather to teach me about them, to let me try one. I was afraid he would coin it as unladylike and refuse me the pleasure. I never got the courage to ask.

Now twenty six and working my butt off as a property manager for a local apartment community, I often retreated to a bar called Crocodile Tears after work to unwind. This night was the first time I have ever seen this mysterious woman. I wanted desperately to go over and talk to her about her obvious love of cigars, but didn't want to give off the wrong impression.

"What the hell." I thought. I got out of my seat and walked around the bar. Luckily there was an empty stool on either side of her. Once there, I had no idea what to say or how to begin a conversation. Truth be told, I was a little intimidated, a feeling I had not felt since I was very young.

Finally I found words. "Hello" I said meekly. " Can I buy you your next drink?"

The Brunette gave me a somewhat quizzical look. I then realized that she was quite beautiful, with light green eyes, pale even skin and a red pouty mouth. The fact she was smoking a cigar enhanced it even more.

"I'm sorry" I said, blushing. " I don't mean to be forward, but I am very curious about your cigar and thought I might bribe you with a drink so I might pick your brain for a minute or two."

Without pause she laughed, a quite melodious tone and replied, "Absolutely, I didn't mean to be rude, but I thought you were giving me a line. You didn't strike me as the type when I noticed you across the bar!"

She noticed me? Hmm....

I extended my hand, "My name is Addison."

She warmly took my hand and introduced herself as Isadora, but insisted I call her Izzy. "So how about those drinks?" She said with a wink.

Drinks were ordered and served as I shared with her my experiences with my grandfather and my curiosity of cigars and pipes. She in turn divulged that she was introduced to cigars by her ex husband and since then, she felt like she had been smoking forever, once she lit up a cigar, it was in her blood, a part of her she had not discovered before.

She made me feel quite at ease and answered my questions with great knowledge and enthusiasm. I was quite taken aback when she offered to help me get started in the world of cigars. I happily and graciously agreed. We exchanged numbers and she gave me her address. We then arranged to meet two days later.

I was elated! The next forty eight hours could not go by quickly enough. When that evening came, I boarded the metro and headed to the Foggy Bottom stop in Georgetown, the walked the few blocks to her apartment. As I was walking, nervousness took over. I had to stop and breathe for a moment, realizing I was about to walk into the world of a total stranger. A gorgeous stranger.

Pulling myself together, I buzzed the door at her apartment building and was immediately let in. I took the elevator to the third floor and knocked on her door. She opened the door and greeted me with enthusiasm. She didn't invite me in though, but stepped out apparently ready to go. We walked more blocks than I expected to the local Georgetown tobacco shop where she selected several sticks for me, while giving me an abbreviated education of cigars. After I paid, we stepped outside once more, into the gorgeous crisp air of a September night.

She turned to me. "Addison, we could go to a cigar friendly bar down the street, but that might be a little intimidating since it is your first time. Would you prefer to go back to my apartment? It would be more quiet and private."

I felt the nervousness of the unfamiliar creep back up my spine. But I could not let her see that.

"Sure, I do think that would be a good idea. You are right, I would be intimidated in a bar full of seasoned cigar smokers!"

She gave me a warm smile, her eyes sparkling, which made my body heat up and wetness seep in my panties under my skirt. We began to walk. The talking came easily and quieted my nervousness. For the time being anyway.

Back at her apartment, she invited me to her beautiful balcony, with comfortable chairs. It was a smokers paradise. She had various lighters and cutters, which she explained the lighters were often called torches and used butane. They came with a single, double or triple flame. She preferred a triple flame. Also, there was a straight guillotine cutter, one with a double blade and one that looked like a bullet, which turned out to be a punch cutter. She explained the sizes, lengths and ring gauges of the cigars and picked one out for me that was six and a half inches long with a ring gauge of 54. It was to be a robust smoke, with a good amount of spice.

Izzy then skillfully demonstrated how to first wet the tip of the cigar and then cut it. I followed her lead with mine. Then she lightly toasted hers, brought the cigar to her mouth and slowly rotated it as she lit it, perfectly and evenly. My jaw dropped at the sight of this erotic gesture. I did the same, not moving my eyes from her gaze. She returned with one of her body melting smiles.

After several puffs on the tasty cigar she proclaimed, " Addison! You are a natural! That cigar looks so incredibly sexy in your mouth!"

With that boost of confidence, I scooted my chair closer slyly, as i reached for the bottle of scotch to refill my glass. I could not get close enough to this enchanting creature! Several minutes later of quietly enjoying the Georgetown skyline at sunset, Izzy ever so confidently reached her hand over and began to gently stroke my knee.

The mood was so relaxed and I felt so content that I, unintentionally let out a low "Mmmmm". Her soft circles on my leg were so pleasurable. The Smoking Temptress caught my gaze, she had a wicked gleam in hers as she slowly moved my suit skirt up to stroke the soft skin of my thigh. The gesture brought a new heat to my groin, as moisture flooded my lace panties. As I continued to roll the cigar between my lips, I fantasized about her heaving breasts and erect nipples. I longed to have them in my mouth between breaths of my cigar.

It was Izzy's turn to moan as I scooted forward in my chair, forcing her hand to brush the soaking lace between my legs. She began to gently rub my throbbing pussy as I puffed and moaned. It didn't take long before she pushed them aside to feel my hot, engorged flesh against her fingers. It made me even more wet, watching her playing with my cunt lips and smoking a fat cigar. I could tell she was turned on as well as she began rolling her hips in her seat, as if she had an invisible partner playing between her legs. I wanted to toss my cigar and fuck that pussy with my tongue. Izzy got up first, set down her cigar and knelt between my legs, swiftly, yet gently, removing my panties and tossing them over the balcony. I was too wet with need to care.

As I watched my panties float down into the streets of Georgetown, she picked up her cigar, caught my gaze and gave me another wicked grin.

"I want to taste you," she breathed.

"Ohhhh....the feeling is mutual, help yourself, and then give me that cunt of yours, I know you must be wet." This world of cigars has brought me a whole new brazenness it seems. I surprised myself with those words.

Instead of lowering her mouth to my pussy, she took her cigar and rolled the tip in my juices, then brought it back to her lips and closed her eyes as she puffed. Moaning as she exhaled, Izzy made sure the smoke cloud blew right into my face.

I inhaled as much of the cloud as I could. Cigars were totally and incredibly erotic! Still smoking mine, she finally lowered her head between my legs and began my teasing my thighs with flicks of her tongue and gentle bites. I was raising my pussy toward her, desperate for her hot, wet mouth and when I finally got it, I moaned quite loudly. The quick flicks of her tongue on my clit and pussy lips brought me to my first orgasm in no time, but Izzy was not done with me. She stuck two fingers into my sopping pussy and began to finger fuck me rapidly, finding my g-spot immediately. My juices gushed from my hot holes and Izzy was hungry to swallow every drop as wave after wave of orgasm went over my body. I started shaking as my body was spent. She stopped and gently stroked my pussy. It was then I noticed, Izzy had her free hand down the front of her jeans! I could hardly see in the low light, but what I saw made me want her, NOW!

I stood up and moved the chair into a reclining position. Izzy looked at me with surprise and delight in her eyes. She moved to the chair, but I stopped her and faced her directly. I planted a passionate, wet kiss on her lips, tasting myself in her mouth. She returned the kiss with the same passion and arms around me, exploring my body. I explored hers, finding the buttons of her blouse, undoing them one by one. I removed her shirt and let it fall to the balcony floor. I reached around to undo her bra, as I did so, her chest heaved in arousal. Letting her bra fall from her breasts, my tongue found her right nipple, my hand her left. I flicked and sucked as she moaned. Again, she was rotating her hips, trying to find something to grind her pussy into.

I kissed my way between her breasts, finding the left one with my mouth and tongue.

"Oh, I'm coming!" she exclaimed. But with her moans and groans I would have known. Izzy's body gently shuddered, then once again began to moan as I kissed my way down her soft stomach and found the buttons of her jeans with my hands. Instead I took her belt loops and moved her to the chair, where she slowly, yet eagerly sat down and laid back, awaiting the inevitable.

I took my time undoing the buttons as if to tease her. It was working, she was whimpering for some more relief. Izzy was clearly a woman who is not easily sated. I stopped removing her jeans and rubbed the outside of them to tease her some more, only to find her jeans completely soaked through! Oh I had to taste it! Roughly removing her jeans, I lightly spanked the fiery, wet mound. I took her loud moan as enjoyment and spanked her pussy a few more times. Spreading, her pussy lips, I swiftly licked her swollen clit with the tip of my tongue, to more moans of pleasure.

"Mmmmm, don't stop! It feels so good," she exclaimed.

And I didn't stop. I kept going, licking and sucking, thoroughly enjoying myself in her hot wet cunt. After a minute I wanted to feel more and slowly inserted a finger inside and began moving it in and out, swirling, taking her moans and groans as encouragement. It didn't take Izzy very long before she was screaming that she was coming. I worked her pussy through her orgasm and stopped when her screaming was replaced by a loud sigh.

Izzy giggled lightly, "Wow, its been so long since I have felt the touch of a woman. I have been left to my own battery operated devices for too long!" Leaning forward, she gave me a deep, sweet kiss and reached for another cigar. I did the same.

"You know Addison, you have really taken to smoking cigars, you do look natural."

I appreciated her comment very much and could not hide my smile. "Thank you. I do thoroughly enjoy it!"

"Well, if you like, we could go out next week, to a cigar friendly bar, something low key. But the men will simply be entranced by the way you smoke!"

We agreed on a time and a place, then enjoyed the next hour and a half talking and laughing while puffing on our fantastic cigars. I glanced at my watch and realizing it was far past midnight, indicated that I needed to get back to my place. Izzy walked me to the door to say good-bye. But the Good-bye I received was not the expected friendly hug, but a passionate kiss and a promise to repeat the great time we had tonight.

I boarded the metro and drove home in a haze, reflecting on the activities of the night. As I thought about our so called date next week, I couldn't stop the warmth seeping my panties once more.

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