tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Smuggler and The Courtesan

The Smuggler and The Courtesan




The year is 2314 and humanity has colonized several near by solar systems. No extra terrestrial life has been encountered. Outside of the home system, commerce and interaction closely resembles the Wild West of the 1800.

Drask Kover had just completed his latest smuggling run, although the head of a large organization he still like to be hands on. Therefore he went out at least once a month on excursions. Blond haired, 6-2 he had no trouble attracting woman but preferred after a mission woman who put the needs of their clients first.

Accompanied by two body guards, he entered Venus Fanatsy, the most popular brothel on Sigma 3.

"Welcome back Drask" the raven haired owner Diana Condor greeted him with a glass or wine and a smile.

"Thanks Diana," he looked around, "What surprise have you planned for me?"

"Something that I decided on right after your last visit and talking to my girls."

"What did they say?"

"That unlike most of the customers, sex with you was enjoyable for them as well." The tall brunette grabbed him and brought his close. "I'm being selfish for a change, you are mine tonight!"

"Gentleman," Drask tossed his guards some credits, have a good meal and drinks, but keep watch." Drask allowed himself to be guided to Diana's personal suite.


Drask laid naked on his back as Diane slowly stripped before him. He knew that the owner had stopped being a one of the regulars some time ago. Life was good and he intended to enjoy this sensual experience

"Now," as she removed her last piece of clothes and climbed on top of him. "Just let me take control" as she began to kiss his chest.

"Hmm that's nice."

"I intend to be nasty with you soon," as she began engulfing his cock with her pussy.

The mood was changed by a sudden crash outside the door.

"What the hell!" Diana muttered as she rolled off the side of the bed and to her closet

Drask rose from his bed as the door burst opened. Two large woman dressed in Amazonian gear from Lesbo entered the room.

Drask Kover" one announced. "I am contracted to kill you."

"Why?" Drask asked confusion ."I have never had any conflict with Lesbos!

"True this is strictly business" the other replied drawing her weapon.

Before either could fire. A purple beam struck the blond than the red head.

Diana lowed her paralyzer pistol , "This ruined the mood."

Kover looked at her "I owe you my life."

"You certainly do but in my house you are under my protection."

"Speaking of protection, where are Luthor and Jorge? Putting on robes they entered the main room which had emptied except for her girls and staff.

"Where are they!? Drask demanded.

One of the girls with Asian ethnicity" They left when the Amazons came in."

Diana was amused. 'This is the type of bodyguards you have?"

The Asian interjected, "They paid the Amazons and than walked out."

Drask remained cool but his fury was building he than saw two bleeding girls on the floor."

"Cheri and Keish tried to stop them!"

Diana was enraged, Going to the paralyzed assassins, "You dare hurt my girls! She kicked the helpless woman each in the pussy. "You are going to pay!"

Drask tapped her shoulder, without thinking she threw a punch, which he blocked.." We need information and can I mention how sexy you look my avenger!

Condor softened a bit caressing his face with the pistol, "Would you like to help me interrogate them?

"I would and you should know something about captured Lesbo Amazons."


The Amazons whose cards, identified them as Lursa and Madga were chained naked from the ceiling totally exposed to the whims of their captors.

Drask had kept his robe, but Diana had changed into a dominatrix outfit and carried a large nasty whip.

"You were mentioning Lesbo Amazons who were captured" she reminded him.

Strolling over to the red headed Magda he gripped her chin. "Yes if an Amazon is captured she can be made a sex slave if sexually dominated. You captured them do you want them?"

Diana licked her lips, "I do, I want them to suffer what they did to Cheri and Keish."

"Than I would say begin."

"With a ferocity Diana began whipping Magda, starting with her ass than going to her breasts
"Whose your Mistress bitch?"

"Not you!"

"Lets increase your pain", putting a collar on her neck.

"Level 2"




"Level 3"

"Please I surrender!"

"Say you want to be fucked by us!

"Please Mistress fuck me!

Diana put on a strap on "Now slave suck your Masters cock as she rammed Magda from behind.

"Cum Slave:

"Ah I'm cumming Mistress!" Magda sagged down spent.

Recovering she went down to her knees head down.

"Now" Drask asked, "What are you?"

"I am the slave and property of Mistress Diana." Magda replied in a subservient tone.

Diana looked at Drask" You weren't exaggerating, how complete is this?"

"She is you're to do with as you will" She will satisfy you sexually, clean for you, her code and conditioning make your desires her only concern."

Justice from my perspective" Turning to Magda. "Slut I wanted you to whip Lursa for 10 minute intervals while Drask and I enjoy ourselves


Returning to the dungeon after a marathon sex session, Diana and Drask saw that Magda had covered Lursa's body with red stripes. Picking up a vibrator, Diana placed it against Lursa's pusssy.

"Cum for me slut" Looking at Magda. "Suck Dark's cock!"

"Yes Mistress" a totally cowed Magda said.

After several orgasms, Diana released her. "What are you?"

'Your slave and property Mistress Diana."

Diana looked at her property excellent" As my customer do you want to do something with them?

"Yes" Grabbing Magda ass he began fucking her doggy style. "Why don't you start with Lursa?"

Diana grabbed Lursa by her blond hair" Suck it cunt', forcing her to deep throat her strap on.

The two Amazons slaves were put through their paced. as Condor and Kover traded places several times. To finish off.

Magda was put in a spit roast with Drask fucking her ass while the Amazon had to deep throat Diana's toy.
Then Lursa was put in the opposite position.

"This has been one of my fantasies' Drask confessed."

"What ? Said Diana, " nearly being killed."

"No silly to dominate 2 women with the right partner."

"Something we should discuss later."

Sated ,Diana tied the two slaves pussy to pussy and ordered the recovered Cheri to continue their punishment, but leave them functional.

'Now what?" Diana asked over breakfast.

"As he fed her a strawberry" Drask said matter of factly"After they give us the answers we need they will announce my murder"

To be continued

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