tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Smuggler and The Courtesan Ch. 02

The Smuggler and The Courtesan Ch. 02


Kover and Condor plot their next move against their opponents

"Well than," Diana flipped on her intercom "Cheri bring in my slaves." Looking at Drask "I still have trouble getting used to having slaves."

"We can use them for other areas besides sex." Drask reminded her.

Cheri lead the two Lesbo amazons by a leash with Keish whipping their behinds.

"Diana," the Nubian began "I hope you don't mind that I joined Cheri in their punishment."

"Not at all" her boss responded. "Both of us," indicating Drask; "are grateful for the time you gave us. There will be plenty of time for you to torment them."

But now", Drask said. We need to find out who paid them."

As Diana employees left" Diana grabbed the leashes" On your knees sluts!"

"Who put the contract on me?"

"Releak contracted with our Chapter mother" Lursa responded.

"According to your tradition, I am allowed a counteroffer. Yet none was given."

"Our former leader Sasha has agreed to go into partnership with him. She had decided that we can go beyond being paid mercenaries." Magda informed him.

"Is she here?" Diana asked.

"She lands tonight", Magda responded, "and we were to report to her."

"Which you will do" Drask instructed. "However you will tell her you succeeded. Is that all."

"No "Lursa answered. "I was told if possible kill Mistress Diana too."

Magda's face showed her surprise.

"Why" Drask demanded.

"She said it was a family matter."

Diana sighed, "My past has found me." She faced Drask," I am a daughter of Lesbo. Does this change anything for us?"

"No!" He kissed her with passion. "But it does complicate our objectives. We not only have Releak to deal with but your family as well."

"Former family" she corrected . "My family left that clan and I don't subscribe to their philosophy." She slapped a whip in front of her slaves. "You two understand that?"

"Yes Mistress" they chorused.

"Back to business" Drask remarked. "Lursa you will report that you killed me but Magda died in the attack. Because you were unable to kill Diana you can't meet up with her and Releak, the police and Diana's lover are after you."

"Of course, Diana 's lover is going to be under her tender care" Diana added.

"Do you have a secure communication facility" where we can mask a signal?"

"Yes" Diana looked a little sheepish. "Not the best time to tell you I have been competing with you on the art end."

"You will make it up to me, but for now it is time to make a sad announcement."


"Too bad about Lursa but that is fortune for you " Sasha said.

"Yes Clan Mother."

"I will inform that fool Releak that he can begin to consolidate control. Discom."

"Arrogant bitch" Diana hissed. "Not even caring for her followers."

"We need more information" Drask pointed out. "Jorge frequents your male brothel. What he did no his own time was none of my business. But if he is there I'd like him picked up."

Diana switched to another channel "Adonis Club," a large bald head man answer."

"Kak this is Diana. Is Jorge Smith in tonight?"

The man grimaced" Unfortunately he is."


"The slob orders a bottle Rigelian brandy and passed out. He is sleeping it off."

"That is the least of his problems." She responded. "I want him brought here restrained."

"Problem?" Kak asked.

"Yes," seeing Drask's face. "Hold on."

If any else from my crew is there, have Kak let them see him take Smith out."

Diana reconnected. "If any one else working for Kover is there. Let them see you taking Jorge out. Discomm."

"I am still very angry" Drask told her."

She touched his shoulder" So I am but as Sasha is not here, we will have to make do."


Diana watched with interest as Kover tied her two slaves on the floor. Heads were place opposite each other with their bodies opened for exploration.

He than beckoned Cheri and Keish to sit back to back over their faces.

"Will you two lovelies submit to my whims?

"Yes Drask" Keish answered

"Yes Master" Cheri added

He smiled and as he roped their middles together. "Now you Amazons starting eating the pussies of your betters"

Magda and Lursa went to work. Drask now beckoned Diana and positioned her over Cheri while he stood over Keish.

"Now you two satisfy us he began tenderly kissing Dina.

"Hmm you should be in my business with that creativity."

"Less talk" he said sticking his tongue.

The six stayed there until Drask came over Keish's face.

"Don't clean up" Drask instructed as he untied her. "Make them clean your face."

"You heard him" Keish ordered. The humiliated girl wiped the woman's face with their tongues.

"What next you devil?" Diana asked.

Drask looked at her seriously" I want you to myself."

"You may have me. Girls take your revenge but we do need them able to walk and faction later." As Diana lead her lover to her quarters.


Diana kneeled on the floor" What is your desire Master?"

He lifted her up" No Master/Slave with us. I respect you to much."

"Then let me give you some love, comfort and sex" pushing him on the bed. She slowly settled on top of my engulfing his erect member. "Just enjoy this."

Drask felt all the stress leave his body as Diana's essence joined with his. Then without warning her vaginal muscle contracted. "Now cum!" she ordered.

Drask exploded with a continuous orgasms, that were exhilarating and painful. For some time he unable to move.

"That was incredible." he breathed. "Now what can I do for you."

"Looking at him" you can fuck me hard. And then we can discuss a partnership between us."

Kover grabbed her ass and thrust in" So lets see if you can take it my ambitious bitch.

"Yes!" she arched her back in ecstasy "Let me have it!"

"Cum my vixen!"


"Now" he lifted her up holding her ass in his strong hands. He fucked her in Burton's preferred position.

"Gravity off" she instructed.

The two lovers floated aimlessly "I could stay her all day" she breathed

"I would like to but we have some business to conduct."


As they dressed, Drask asked "I see the advantages of an alliance with you, but what do you want?"

Diana looked at him," To be involved in more than just being an owner of a brothel. I did not leave the confines of a Lesbo matriarchy to limit myself."

"I do want a partner who I can trust and who is an asset.

"We need to confront our enemies. I want to destroy Sasha and the Tigress clan! How dare she think she can come into my place and do an assassination. Then treat my death as an afterthought!

"Easy love."

"East nothing, I want blood."

"We are going to spill some. He turned serious" Anyone who sided with Releak is dead!"

"A bonus you won't have to pay my girls for sex if we are partners."

They both laughed.

A buzzer sounded, Cheri voice came through. "They are here with Drask's package

To be continued

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