tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Smuggler and The Courtesan Ch. 03

The Smuggler and The Courtesan Ch. 03


New Group Structures

A group of 12 well endowed beautiful woman walked to a non descript building

"Welcome Sasha" said a thick dark haired man.

"Rekeal" she responded coolly. "Where are the rest of your band?"

"Next door" The ones that did not approve of the limitations, the late Kover was putting on smuggling items."

"And those still loyal to Kover?

Rekeal wife stepped forward she was shorter than the Amazon but still voluptuous" We thought your Amazons could take them out."

"True Kala," turning to her warriors. "Why don't you join our new allies."

As the troops left" I'm sure" Rekeal began before Sasha kicked him in the balls.

"You are sure of nothing worm! She sneered.." Did you really think I would go into partnership with the likes of you."

"You need me" he wheezed. "That was the agreement."

"As a figurehead only", Kala said scornfully.


Kala kicked Rekeal in the same place. "'I'm tired of you and the lousy sex I had to endure." Kneeling at Sasha's feet, "I serve a true leader."

"Well said my pet." The cruel snow haired beauty kissed her lover passionately. Then handcuffed the helpless smuggler to the pole.

"Let me explain the new order to you." You will be the public face of this organization but all decisions will come from Kala and me. You are our slave!"

Kala brought a chastity belt which she fastened around her husband's waist.

"If we are satisfied" Sasha continued you will be released for one night a week for sex with any sex worker you choose." she looked at Kala. Of my new workers are any worth keeping?"

"Most are actually good at smuggling or sticking a blade in someone's back. I did kill Luthor one of the so called bodyguards, not to be trusted.. Lursa was instructed to kill Smith. She looked at the Lesbo Amazon" Will you fuck me Mistress?"

"Yes pet" She put on strap on" See worm how a woman can only successfully pleasure another strong woman."

Kala presented her naked ass "Give it to me Sasha"

"Yes my slut," as she penetrated her.


"Take it love, I know you been deprived for so long"

"Yes Mistress"

Sahsa flipped her over" now suck it."

Kala eagerly deep throated it" the smaller woman's eyes adoring her Goddess.


Kak and two of his bouncers dragged the unconscious Jorge Smith and dumped him in a chair.

"Good work Kak" Diana said. "How many followed?"

"Two women, regular customers."

Dian looked at Lursa and Magda, "Bring them in, don't hurt them."

"Yes Mistress" Magda answered as they left a room.

"Mistress?" Kak asked eyebrows raised.

"Long story" Diana answered as two women were brought in.

"What is the meaning of this" A Mohawk sporting woman demanded.

"What this is" Drask said entering the room," is an investigation." He grabbed a glass of water and threw it in Smith's face.

Jorge work up and saw Diana facing him. "Diana is was just business, nothing personal."

"It was personal to me," Kover said quietly."

"Look Drask these were profitable opportunities that you refused to consider."

"Kak move away" Diana instructed. As the large man moved, Drask quickly drew his gun and shot Jorge in the head.

"I did not want blood on your clothes", Diana finished.

The Mohawk woman and the small red head were very still. Then the red head spoke" Kover we...

"Silence!" Kover said. There was an attempted assassination of Diana and myself tonight. Rekeal, Luthor and Jorge were part of it. One of two things will happened, either you will join Jorge or I will apologize for any discomfort. But I will have no traitors! Give me your portable!"

The red head handed over her device.

Drask went through it, "Its clean. Now yours Slash."

"I don't have it" she said. "Those bitches must have made me lose it. But I am loyal."

"Kak would your mind."

"Of course" the big man found a device hidden attached to her knee.

"First lie, he went through the directory. "A call to Rekeal."

"You Bitch!" The red head said jumping on top and began pummeling.

Laughing Kak and a bouncer pulled her off. ."Easy Jaqui he whispered. "We'll let you work out your frustrations on 2 of us tonight."

Spitting blood Slash said " You are a romantic fool. No dangerous drugs no weapons. We could be far richer. I'm only mad we failed."

Diana held up her had, "Let me take care of this."

"What are you going to do whore?"

Diana only smiled as she casually put her hand on Slash's shoulder. Quicker than anyone could imagine she broke Slash's neck.

The room became very quiet. Then Drask broke the silence.

"We are joining forces, Diana and I are equal partners. Anyone have a problem with that?"

Diana looked at the red head "You have a problem taking an order from this whore?

The red head grinned" Not with the way you fight."

Drask tossed her Slash's device, "See if you can back track Rekeal's communications and find out who was not contacted."

"7 names" she said.

Diana looked "They are clients of mine. Contact them individually" Diana instructed." get them here tonight"

When was the meeting going to be" Drask asked.

"Tomorrow night" Lursa answered.


Sasha had left to train her squad leaving Rekeal at Kala's mercy.

"I can't believe you would betray me!" he cried.

She laughed cruelly having him tied to a whipping post" You are a fool! Did you really think you had the brains to take over this organization?"

"The two years," she said as she let her whip fly" were hell for me"

"To let a man touch me!?" Even an attractive one like Drask Kover would be disgusting, Sasha has insisted that you are in one piece but I am going to indulge myself."

The whipping went for some time as Kala spent her fury.

"Enjoying yourself?"

Kala fell to her knees' Yes Mistress," proffering her the whip

Sasha released the unfortunate Rekeal" Get out of my sight! Just be ready for your part ."

"Yes" a quiet Rekeal answered.

"Yes what?" Kala demanded from the floor.

"Yes Mistress."

"That right" Sasha told him. "You are a worthless male slave and you will be below Lesbos Amazons like myself and Kala." Get out!"

"As for you my pet" Sahsa continued. "Rise!" She clapped her hands. A blond Amazon entered the room. "Entertain me, I have not seen you dominate a woman in some time."

Kala eyed her hungrily, grabbing her by the hair she smashed her breasts into the whipping pole. "Cunt, I will call you Diana from now on!"

"Diana?" Sahsa asked.

"I hate her Mistress" Kala replied whipping her toy even harder than she had Rekeal. "She betrayed our heritage and has sex with men willingly.

"True pet" that is why her family name is removed from the clan.

Kala threw the blond on the floor. "Now fuck slut I will rape you.." She put a large strap on.

"Take it Diana!"


Drask operatives had been checked out and were ready for the fight to come. With Diana Adonis bouncers and her two Lesbo slaves they had a fighting force.

"Any regrets?" he asked a nude Diana ash she chose her battle gear.

"None" as she selected two wicked looking knives. "And you?"

"Only that I know not to incur your anger."

"Don't lie to me" she said. "You want a equal. How did you find out that I owned Adonis? I worked hard to keep it a secret"

"I was your source for Rigellan ale."

"Which is an illegal import" she answered.

"I have ethics but never claimed to be pure."

"If you were" Diana kissed him," I wouldn't be attracted to you."


"This will be our new operating structure" Rekeal announced. We are joining forces with the Tigress Clan, Sasha will direct all external operations."

"We are expanding into weapons and narcotics" the new partner announced. Looking at those not part of the clan" Your profit and income will be higher."

A ragged cheer rose.

"As you see" Rekeal continued" certain members are not here. They were loyal to the old regime and will be eliminated"

A sardonic clapping began" I am sorry to interrupt" said a vice from above.Drask walked into view. "But your venture is being terminated." Armed personnel began filing in.

Sasha rose, "Kill them all!"

A furious fire fight began but Drask and Diana's forces had the advantages and it was soon over.

"Everyone all right" Diana called.

Clear! 4 survivors but Sasha is gone. "Kak reported.

"Where Rekeal."

"Here" the red headed Jacqui dragged him over to Diana.

"Drask you want the pleasure? She looked around. "Where is he?"

"You don't think?"

"He went after Sasha"

"Good" Rekeal coughed," At least one of them will be dead."

Diana pointed her gun at his head, "But you will never know." As she shot him.

To be continued

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