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The Smurfette Costume


Until yesterday I had a secret. A secret I've kept from everyone outside my family for 22 years. You see, I was born with a tail. It's not a really big deal, people are born with extra toes and fingers all the time. Doctors just snip them off, everything's cool. But if you're a hillbilly girl, born in a shack in the Appalachians, there's no doctor to cut it off. And by the time anyone could think about fixing anything, I had already been named the 'devil child,' and a lot worse.

I had a lonely childhood; my mom wasn't sure herself that I didn't somehow represent punishment for her sins. At least my dad was too scared of me to rape me. I learned to read. Everybody avoided me, except sometimes to torment me. Once, in the 7th grade, a group of kids (boys & girls) held me down and pulled off my pants to "see it." If I could have killed myself that day I would have.

But God gives other gifts -- I wasn't stupid, and I certainly wasn't getting pregnant at 14 like so many gals did. So I graduated from my high school with the highest grades anyone had ever made. And not one of my family came to see me walk across the stage. I got $500 cash from the Rotary Club that day, and I walked to the bus station, left town, and have never been back.

If you have half a brain, no vices, no friends, and never saw indoor plumbing until you were 12, you can get by on very little money. My only expenditure was for a TV -- a 14" color analog from the Goodwill. I also had a DVD player, and Netflix provided all my entertainment.

Normally, my tail stays hidden, curled up like a cowed dog under my clothes. When I'm alone, I sit around naked on a stool, and wag when the movie's funny, and droop when it's sad. I perk up if it's scary.

As long as I'm confessing, I'll also tell you that my tail has lots of nerve endings. I learned long ago to reach her (there is no easy way -- I can grab from below or twist and get her from above) but I like to rub her; no, I love to rub her. I get really wet between my legs, and then I masturbate like crazy, one hand between my legs, one stroking my boney female shaft.

That's pretty much my sex life, too. I'm cute enough, I guess. Guys try to hit on me all the time, even tho' I wear second hand clothes and know jack shit about make-up. Can you imagine the scene when I let a guy slip a hand in my panties? I'm not totally naïve. I've gone on dates. I've let guys play with my tits, and even given a few blow jobs, but guys don't come back if you never want to go any further.

Then I saw the poster announcing the Halloween Party, with a $5000 first prize. And it highlighted that special effects would get extra points.

Me. Blue dye. A white dress. And a blue tail that could wag. Smurfette!

So I made a Smurfette costume for the contest. I got some really good skin dye, and sprayed it everywhere except on my already blond hair. With my blue eyes, I looked the part. My tail isn't as big as the cartoon's tho', so I made a kind of glove out of foam rubber and painted it. I was very impressed in the cracked fragment of a mirror that I used. I even splurged and got the make-up girl at the store to show me some tricks and sell me some eye shadow, liner, lip gloss, and such. Hey it was a $5000 prize.

Vampires, werewolves, tin men, green giants, and a few sultans, Boba Fets, and Indiana Joneses filled the party floor. I just wandered around, tho' I danced a little with a few caped crusaders of one sort or another. I spied another Smurfette, only she was the evil one, with black hair, and she hung on Papa Smurf's arm. Apparently, he liked me in the day time, but when it was time to party, Papa wanted the bad girl.

They saw me and wandered over.

"What the smurf are you smurfing?" She asked. Stayed in character, that one.

"Just smurfing around." I replied.

"Well, you might as well go home now, we're getting the smurfing prize. These costumes were smurfing custom made."

"They're very smurfing nice," I replied, never eager for a fight.

The judges started calling us up to the front to receive our votes. Now, since my tail was, well, my tail, I could move it. They exclaimed delight with my actions; so simple, yet so complex. No one else came close, and so I found myself a rich woman as the evening ended.

I went into the ladies to tinkle, and as I checked myself in the mirror, evil Smurfette bounced in and grabbed my wagger.

"How did you do that?" she demanded.

Unfortunately, the foam collar came off in her hand, and I realized there was one part of my body that I had not dyed blue; my little naked stub. I curled it desperately downwards, but I was wearing a skirt with a tail hole, and she could not hide.

"What the smurf is THAT?" she screamed.

"It's my smurfing tail, smurf it!" I had nowhere to conceal her.

"It's alive!" She said, a little calmer. She didn't let go; in fact, she skimmed her hand along its length in amazement. "It's all hard and hot."

That I already knew. What I didn't know, until then, was that my caudal appendage apparently acts as an aphrodisiac to women. She continued to stroke it, which I certainly liked, and then she threw me on the floor!

In no time at all she had straddled me and put my boney in her pussy! She waxed and waned in her lifting as she steadily fucked herself with my own protuberance. I reflexively twitched my tail, which encouraged her. Since she was behind me, I could feel but not see, as she heightened her speed and then flooded the base of my spine with gallons of fluid... well that's what it felt like!

Her mewling noises attracted other women, who all fell prey to the magic of my stick. Soon I could count a dozen women with whom I had fornicated on the bathroom floor, and yet I got no relief. Becoming frenzied myself, I tried to stick my hand down my undies and finger myself to orgasm while they caught their breath, but could not reach.

"Come with me," evil Smurfette demanded, and drug me out the door. No one was left at the party except her date.

"Where the smurf have you been?" he yelled. "And why is she with you? Did you get the smurfing money?"

"Forget the smurfing money, look at this!" and shades of my childhood, she spun me over so he could see 'it'.

"That looks like a smurfing cock!" he said, and drew back from it.

"It's not a smurfing penis, you smurfing idiot" It's smurfing magic!"

With that she impaled her cunt on me once again. He watched in horror, then fascination, then amusement, and finally lust. Pulling her off me after her third or fourth cum, he dropped his pants and showed me his shaft. He was longer than me, but not as thick. He had a bulge on his end, while mine is all straight rod with bumpy protrusions.

By this point I needed to cum so bad I would have fucked an orangutan, and the man in front of me exceeded those requirements.

I pulled his cock into my virgin vagina, learning how nice it felt to be wrapped around a pole, and screamed out "Fuck me Papa, fuck your virgin daughter, fuck me Papa, fuck me hard."

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