tagGay MaleThe Snow Man Ch. 03

The Snow Man Ch. 03


Now that the implications of this unplanned sojourn were fully understood, it was younger man who took control of the situation. This was natural, considering that Alex had little sexual experience with men and didn't know what to do.

"Let's take it slow," said Rob, smiling. "You have a lot of catching up to do, but we have all night."

Alex felt that he was completely at Rob's mercy now. And as pliable as putty.

With little fuss Rob removed his socks and pushed Alex toward the side of the bed. When Alex sat, Rob pushed his briefs over his hips. He didn't mind showing off his body. His penis sprang out from between his legs, long and beautiful, with a nicely shaped circumcised head. He had a small bush of dark pubic hair, almost black, which he kept trimmed, and an impressively large set of balls hanging down between his thighs like a pair of goose eggs. He was a bit of a tease and decided to put on a little show for Alex.

"Here's my dick, man. It's all yours if you want it."

Alex couldn't take his eyes from the lower half of Rob's body.

"I bet you used to watch the boys in the locker room at school, right? I bet you liked to see their dicks. Well here's a nice dick for you." Rob pushed the front of his body forward, letting his penis bob up and down, and he teased Alex by emphasizing the word dick every time he said it.

Alex couldn't remember ever seeing another man's erection before and stared at Rob's. It had a slight upward curve and the dusky head was very large, with a deeply indented slit. "God, it's beautiful," he murmured.

"Yeah, I bet you have a nice one, too. You gonna let me see it?" Without waiting for an answer, Rob knelt on the floor beside the bed and began to tug at Alex's trousers. Alex made no objection and Rob took his time, rubbing his hands over Alex's thighs and tugging playfully on the zipper. After a few minutes he got Alex's fly open and eased his cock out.

"Jeesus," said Rob, impressed. "Man, are you hung!" Alex's organ, when erect, was every bit of eight inches long and very thick. Like Rob, he was circumcised and had a lovely round German helmet that flared out impressively. Unlike Rob, Alex had never trimmed his pubic hair and his bush grew luxuriantly like a golden jungle between his legs, spilling over the tops of his thighs and inching up his belly towards his navel. Now it was Rob's turn to grow excited as he admired Alex's sexual equipment.

"Alex, you are so fucking hot, do you know that? I figured you had a big cock, but Jeez! Look at that thing!"

Alex couldn't help but feel a little proud hearing this compliment and leaned back to let Rob examine him. His penis was standing up like a flagpole in his lap now, and it was so engorged with blood that the head was shiny and purple.

Rob reached forward and grasped the shaft of Alex's organ in his hand. He squeezed it firmly and stroked it up and down a few times. "I want to be the first guy to go down on you, okay? Sit back and let me blow you a little." Before Alex could think of anything to say, Rob was down on his knees. "God, you smell good," he whispered. He put his nose to Alex's erection and sniffed at it. "You smell like a real man."

Rob liked to watch a partner's facial expression when he went down on him, and he was especially interested in seeing Alex's reaction. Keeping his eyes raised to Alex's face, he opened his mouth and ran his tongue over the head of the penis, letting his tongue glide around the ridge where the head joined the shaft.

"Jee-sus Christ," Alex gasped.

Rob licked the slit on the head, trying to taste any juice that might be there. Then he worked some saliva on it and began to move up and down, letting the big mushroom head slide in and out of his mouth. This motion caused Alex to shut his eyes and groan. With the skill of an experienced dicksucker Rob tightened his lips around the shaft and began to suck.

Alex had had a few blow jobs before, but nothing like this. Rob's mouth felt like liquid velvet on his organ and the sensation was astonishing! Judy would give Alex a blow job occasionally, but she always acted as though it were an unpleasant task. She would take a few inches of his organ into her mouth and make a face as if it were distasteful, and she never let him ejaculate that way. Rob, on the other hand, was sucking him all the way down with great relish and using his tongue to stimulate him at the same time. Normally he didn't have any trouble controlling himself, but in his present state of excitement he knew he couldn't take this kind of stimulation for very long. He was worried what would happen if he started to ejaculate.

"If you keep doing that I'm going to come," he whispered.

Rob released Alex's penis from his mouth. "We're not ready for that. I don't want you to come yet. But I just had to taste you. You are so fucking beautiful!"

"I never felt anything like that in my life!" whispered Alex.

"Yeah. Most girls don't know how to suck dick. You need a man to do it right," Rob said, smiling.

"Do you blow a lot of guys?"

"Whenever I get the chance."

"Do you blow your boyfriend?"

"Sure. Your dick is about twice as big, though."

Rob took Alex's penis in his mouth again, more gently this time, and let the long pole of meat slide all the way to the back of this throat. He held it in his mouth that way for a moment before letting it go, trailing a string of saliva. He wanted Alex to pump a load of cum into his mouth, but that would come in due time.

"Stand up," said Rob, red in the face. "We need to get all your clothes off. I want to see everything you've got."

* * *

(To be continued)

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