The Snow Queen


"Why didn't I just stick to the beach?" I asked myself as I stared down the slope. They called it the bunny slope but, to me, it looked like I was gazing down from the summit of Mount Everest. I had decided to give myself an early Christmas present and take a vacation. It had been a toss up between a ski resort or the white sands of Jamaica with skiing winning out because my sisters convinced me to try new things. That's how I found myself in Arendelle, Colorado trying to balance on a pair of skis, my legs wobbling like I was two and just learning how to walk.

"First time, huh?" A feminine voice startled me from behind. I jumped a little and turned to look, finding myself peering into the big, blue eyes of a beautiful blonde. She had delicate Nordic features and a gorgeous smile, which she was now flashing at me. I blushed a little and turned away, a little disconcerted from her sudden appearance.

"Um...yeah." I stammered, trying to find my voice. "That obvious?"

"Well, you do kind of look like a fish out of water." she replied. "Tell you what. You make it down the hill and I will buy you lunch, okay?" Without even waiting for a reply, she pushed off and skied down the slope, effortlessly gliding down and ending her run with a cloud of snow. I watched her ski, marveling at the way she moved in the thin snowsuit she wore. Here I was, freezing my tail off, dressed like the next ice age was just around the corner, trying my best to just find enough courage to try make it down a simple little slope. Determination filled me at that moment. I'd be dipped if I was going to show fear to this lady. Pushing off, I slowly made my way down the hill. Truthfully, I actually did pretty good. Right up to the point when I tried to stop. That's when my skis got tangled up and I face planted right into the snow, landing at her feet.

"Okay, well, you made it down at least." the blonde said as she helped me up. She helped brush the snow off of me while giving me a few pointers on my technique.

"You often cruise the bunny slope, looking for hapless newbies to teach?" I asked her as we trudged back up the hill.

"Of course. It's the best way to pick up dates." She laughed out loud at my expression as I turned my head to stare at her incredulously at that statement. "Name's Elsa, by the way." She offered her hand and I grasped it, shaking it a little too enthusiastically. "And you are...?"

"Oh...yeah. Sorry. I'm Ariel."

"Ariel. Hmmm...I like it. Pretty." I felt heat rising to my cheeks as she peered intently at me with her icy blue eyes. "Well Ariel, why don't you and I go have lunch and then maybe we can hit the slopes again afterwards. By the time I'm done with you, you'll never want to leave." I smiled at her remark and began to walk with her to the lodge. A blast of cold air flowed from the mountains at that moment, causing me to shiver. Elsa acted like she didn't even notice.

"God, aren't you freezing?" I asked her as we started walking up the stairs to the front door.

"Nah. The cold doesn't bother me." Elsa answered as she held the door open for me. The heat from the large fireplace hit me flush in the face as I walked in. Looking around, I noticed that the place was packed. I turned back around just to watch Elsa removing her jacket. Once again, I was at a loss for words. The shirt that she wore underneath hugged her body tightly, revealing her lithe figure and showcasing her small but well formed breasts, her nipples poking out proudly. "Hurry up, slow poke!" she said, a smile on her face. I shook myself mentally, undoing my jacket and removing my toboggan from my head, letting my long hair flow down my back. " have such lovely red hair!" Elsa said softly. Her hand seemed to move on it's own as if to stroke my head but she instead took my jacket from me to hang it on the hook besides hers. Again, I looked around.

"Looks like we are going to have a bit of a wait." I said. Elsa smiled at that statement and gave me a wink. With a beckoning finger, she began to walk to a set of stairs in the back. I followed behind, noticing that I wasn't the only one that appreciated her figure. The velveteen rope that was strung across the entrance proved no obstacle for her as she undid the lock and just started walking up. I quickly ascended the stairs, wondering now just who in the world this woman was to so confidently go wherever she pleased. I was greeted to the sight of a private table set for two with a large bay window showcasing an amazing view of the surrounding mountainside. The table was decorated with one blue and one white candle and the décor gave me the impression of an intimate dining room that would be in found in a house, not in a lodge restaurant.

Elsa walked over to the table and pulled a chair out, motioning me to have a seat. I blushed a bit and demurely gave my thanks as she pushed it in. She took her seat opposite mine and pushed a button that was on the wall. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer. "Um...come here often?" I asked, trying hard not to sound too invested.

Elsa gave a laugh before answering. "You could say I've been coming here all my life." Before she could elaborate further, a distinguished looking gentleman came and provided us menus along with a bottle of white wine. He nodded when she thanked him and left us alone to go stand in the corner of the room, awaiting the time to be summoned. "I highly recommend the crab stuffed flounder. The cook Sebastian does such a wonderful job preparing it." I glanced at the menu but decided to go with Elsa's suggestion since I loved seafood. After Elsa summoned the waiter and ordered for both of us, she poured me a glass of wine and took a sip of her own glass, looking at me intently. I could feel her eyes traveling up and down my body but instead of feeling self conscious of such intimate scrutiny as I normally would, I actually felt kind of honored by it. Like I was worth her time.

"All your life?" I finally asked after a pregnant pause.

"Well, considering that I am the forth generation to own this, yeah, all of my life." She giggled at the shocked expression that I couldn't hide.

"You are the owner of this lodge?" I asked a little breathlessly.

"No, I am the owner of the whole resort and surrounding town. Welcome to my kingdom." she replied as she gestured with her arm to the view outside the window. "Well, technically, it's mine and my sister Anna's but she's exploring the world, trying desperately to find herself or some such nonsense. Probably come home with some asshole that she wants to marry." Elsa tried to hide the bitterness in her voice but I could tell that she was not happy with her Anna's activities.

"Trust me, I know about sister issues." I said before taking another sip of wine. Elsa's eyebrow arched in a silent question, prompting me to continue.

"Yeah, youngest of seven girls here. I'm just happy to have some time alone. God, you feel like you never have any privacy. I mean, I had to basically tell them all that this vacation was for me and me alone and that I didn't want anyone to come..." I caught myself before I started to go on a long rant. "Sorry about that." I said, sheepishly, averting my eyes away. "I didn't mean to start venting like that."

"It's okay Ariel. I understand." Elsa reached out and lightly touched me on the hand. A shiver went through my body and this time, it wasn't due to the cold. Her touch was electric. In the back of my mind, I knew where she wanted to ultimately take this. I was a little nervous but still intrigued by the idea. After all, my sisters told me to try new things. I was still a virgin, the only experience of love that I'd ever had was having a crush on a boy named Eric when I was sixteen. But, besides kissing him a few times, I was too scared to go any farther. After the initial infatuation faded, I just didn't find him that appealing. Elsa, however, had this aura, this presence about her, that was so commanding. If she was the Queen of her kingdom, I felt like her princess. She began to lightly stroke my hand with her fingers, as if to see what my reaction would be. I didn't move away, instead taking a rather large gulp of wine, trying to steady my nerves.

We stayed like that, sitting in silence, her hand on mine while we looked into each other's eyes for what seemed like this side of forever, not moving until the waiter arrived with our food. I pulled back at the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs, not wanting to seem improper. Elsa smirked at my reaction and sat back, not pressing any further.

She was definitely right about the food. I didn't realize how famished I was. With all that was going through my mind, hunger had taken a backseat. I tried to act the lady but easily finished before my dining companion. We talked a little more about our families and I found out that her parents had died in a car accident when she and her sister were young. I told her my mother had passed away when I was very young so I was basically raised by my sisters, my father too busy with his business empire to take care of us all. Then Elsa asked if I would like to try skiing again when we were finished with lunch.

"Well, I would really like to see more of your kingdom, Queen Elsa." I replied. She favored me with a huge smile at my use of the honorific.

"Well, Princess Ariel," at that I giggled and blushed, "perhaps later you would like to see my castle." Elsa placed her hand on mine again as she asked the question, rubbing the back of my hand with her index finger. Again, at her touch, my body shivered and my breath caught in my throat. I saw that she wasn't looking at my face this time but gazing at my chest with a hungry look in her eyes. I glanced down and saw, to my embarrassment that my nipples were rock hard and pressing against my shirt. I looked back up at Elsa to see that she was looking at my face again, a smile on her face.

We both had one more glass of wine before leaving the lodge. Arm in arm, Elsa led me around the picturesque village, showing me the sites and telling me the fascinating stories behind her families holdings. Nearing dusk, Elsa called her phone for a ride. The sight of a horse drawn sleigh nearly floored me. "If you would please, my Princess." Elsa said as she opened the door to the sleigh and gestured me to enter with a flourish. Giggling, I curtseyed and accepted her hand, stepped in and settling myself down onto the cushioned bench. Elsa followed in and, after grabbing a blanket from an underneath compartment, snuggled next to me, covering us both with the warm down comforter. She wrapped her arm around me, pulling me tightly against her body and bade the driver to taker her home. I watched the people walking around us, giggling at the looks Elsa and I received as we made our way out of the village and up a snow covered path that wound it's way through a silent forest. I wrapped my arm around Elsa's waist and rested my head on her shoulder. She placed her hand on my thigh though I could barely feel it due to the thick snow pants I was wearing. I sighed as the thick canopy of trees parted to show a star filled sky. That's when I felt Elsa shift slightly. I raised my head, thinking that she was uncomfortable but I saw her pointing ahead. Turning my head to follow her lead, I caught my first sight of her magnificent residence. Covered in snow as it was, the black windows glistened in the star light, making the house seem as if it was made entirely of ice and snow.

It was then that the magnitude of what was happening finally caught up to me. Here I was, with a woman that I'd only met this morning, riding in a horse drawn sleigh up to her chateau. The destination, both figuratively and literally, of where this ride was taking me became as crystal clear as the frozen lake that dominated the front of the house. My breath was taken away at the thought of what lie within those walls. Apprehension filled me right then. Not from what I knew Elsa wanted but at myself hoping that I wouldn't be a disappointment to her. The sleigh stopped at the front door and the driver hopped down and opened the sleigh door for us, helping Elsa and myself down. "Thank you Kristoff. I will call you tomorrow when you can come back and pick us up." Elsa said as climbed back up onto the sleigh. Kristoff tipped his hat and urged the horse to travel back down the path.

Elsa opened the door and welcomed me inside. When she turned on the lights, I was somewhat surprised on how it was furnished. I'd always been around those who equated wealthy with gaudy and ostentatious. Elsa's home was a study of elegant simplicity. The front of the house was dominated by huge two story windows, letting the beauty of nature shine through. It was also freezing, being not much warmer than it was currently outside.

Elsa noticed me shivering as she removed her jacket. "Sorry, Ariel." she said as she hung up her coat. "I keep forgetting not everyone loves the cold." She quickly walked to an electronic panel on the wall, pressed some buttons, and I could hear the sound of the heat kicking on a few seconds later. Then she walked to the large fireplace and started a fire. After a couple of minutes, the large living room finally warmed enough so that I could remove my jacket. As I did so, Elsa picked up a remote that had been resting on the coffee table and the sounds of ethereal music filled the room from hidden speakers. I walked over and joined her on the couch, glad to be both sitting next to her and also near the heat of the fireplace. She reached up, gently cupping my face in her hand and turned my head towards her. I bit my lower lip as I lost myself gazing into her eyes before closing my eyes as she leaned forward. I felt her lips brush against mine and I tensed up slightly at the contact. Elsa pulled back right then. I opened my eyes again to see her smiling at me.

"Um...sorry about that Elsa." I said, sheepishly. "I didn't mean to tense like that. It's just this is the first time I've ever been with..."

"A woman?" Elsa said as her fingers grazed my cheek.

"No. Well, yeah. Sort of. It's really the first time I've been with anyone." I blushed as I saw her eyes widen in surprise.

"Hey Ariel. It's okay. I understand if it's too much for you. We can stop and just enjoy each other's company tonight."

"No!" I said, a little too energetically. I looked down at my lap, unable to meet her gaze. "It's not that. I mean, I want to go on. Ever since I first saw you, I hoped in my heart that this is where it would lead. Today has been perfect with you Elsa. Like a fairy tale. You are the most magical person that I've ever met. I just don't want to be a disappointment to you. That's all." I heard Elsa lightly giggle and turned my head toward hers. She reached around and grasped the back of my neck, pulling me to her. Our lips met in a kiss again, this time with more force and passion. I felt her tongue lick my lips and I opened my mouth slightly, inviting her in. She wrapped her arms around my waist, hugging me as she pushed past my lips with her tongue. For a moment, my senses picked up everything. The smell of Elsa's lilac shampoo. The feeling of the heat of the fire mixed with the cold of outside. The taste of the wine we'd had for lunch faintly lingering on her tongue. I breathed in deep through my nose, not wanting this to end. Too soon though, Elsa broke the kiss and pulled back. My lips were tingling as she looked me straight in the eyes.

"Ariel, there is something that I must tell you as well." Elsa said, folding her hands on her lap. "The moment I saw you on the top of the slope, something within me clicked. It's been a long time for me. I...I have a hard time letting people in. When my parents died, I shut out the world, afraid of the pain I felt. I even pushed away Anna so she couldn't hurt me. But, I saw you and it kindled something in me. Something I haven't felt in a long time. I know "love at first sight" is something that you only see in the movies or read about in those old children's tales. It's just that, somehow, something about you touched me." I reached out, my fingertips brushing away the tears that had started streaming down her face.

"I know what you mean. I felt it too." I said softly. Standing up, I grasped the hem of my shirt and slowly removed it before undoing the clasp on my bra. Elsa had the same look of hunger that she'd had a lunch as she rose up from the couch. I was trembling and not from the cold as she took a hold of my shoulders and guided me down onto the bear skinned rug that was in front of the fireplace. I watched as she removed first my boots, then my pants, then my socks and finally my panties. With every article of clothing, she waited for me to silently give my approval before taking it off my body. The fire warmed my naked flesh as I rested my head upon the rug. I watched as Elsa began to peel the clothes off of her own body, teasing me by taking her time. My passion grew with each passing second. I wanted her so badly, to taste her, to feel her body laying on mine. The platinum colored hair of her pussy was revealed to me as she removed her thong. I could easily see the engorged lips of her vagina as she stood over me.

Elsa knelt on the rug between my legs and leaned forward, the tips of her breasts brushing against mine. She lowered her head and kissed me again as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tightly against me. I reveled in the soft fullness of her lips and the silky smoothness of her skin as my hands roamed up and down her back, grazing her ass cheeks with each pass. She mewled into my mouth as my hands finally gripped her butt and squeezed. Breaking the kiss, Elsa pulled back and moaned, biting her lower lip as my fingertip brushed against the rosebud of her ass. She pushed herself to her knees as her hands went to my tits. Caressing them lightly, the slight friction of her palms caused my already stiff nipples to get even harder. I knew from nights of self exploration that I had sensitive nipples but the feeling of her hands and fingers was indescribable. Elsa leaned down again and wrapped her luscious lips around my right titty tip, gently sucking it into her mouth, lightly nipping at it while bathing it in her saliva. My back arched as an electric current shot down from my tit directly to my clit, causing it to throb.

After feasting on my right tit, Elsa switched to my left one, again licking, sucking and lightly biting down before she started to move down, coating my stomach with little kisses. Everywhere her lips touched my flesh, goose bumps rose. I started squirming in anticipation, knowing where this was leading, wanting it so badly. I opened my eyes to watch her as she ran her fingers through the dark red hair covering my Mons. The slight tickling sensation only fueled the fire growing within me. Our eyes locked on each other as she gently pried the lips of my pussy apart. Elsa flashed me one of her predatory smiles. Then she licked me.

I felt my body stiffen right then as Elsa's tongue started at the bottom of my pussy and ended at my clit. She began to flick her tongue back and forth against the sensitive bit of flesh, causing me to cry out. Sucking it between her lips, Elsa treated my clit as she'd just done my still aching nipples, lightly scraping her teeth against it and whipping her tongue back and forth. My juices coated her face as I felt the stirrings of the orgasm that had been welling inside me ever since I first laid eyes on her begin to push against me. My breathing became labored as my need to cum grew. When Else pushed two of her fingers into my pussy hole, brushing the tips against my inner wall, I held my breath as I clenched down, bucking my hips and gripping the rug with all my strength. I faintly heard her squeal with delight as I coated my lovers face with my orgasmic fluids.

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