The Snow Queen


I finally collapsed back down to the floor, the soft fur of the rug cushioning my body. I was super sensitive right then but was physically unable to will my arms to move and push Elsa away from me. So, I had to endure the sweet torture of her licking my pussy clean. Every time her tongue brushed my clit, my breath caught again. Finally, she relented when I softly implored "Please no more." Elsa moved her body, laying flush next to mine. Taking my face in her hands, she kissed me hard on the lips, allowing me to taste myself. I broke the kiss and licked her face clean of my juices before she rolled over onto her side, her finger tracing abstract designs on my abdomen. Slowly, my heart stopped pounding in my chest and my breathing returned to a semblance of normality. I turned my head to face her, lifting up so that my lips were right by her ear and whispered "My turn."

Rolling her over so that she was laying down flat on her back, I rose to my knees and crawled between her legs. Taking her right leg in my hands, I started at her foot and trailed my fingers down her calf and rubbing her thigh. I marveled not only at the feeling of her smooth skin but also the define muscles developed from a lifetime of winter sports. I watched her face intently, looking to see what pleased her. Elsa's eyes were closed and her nostrils were flaring, trying to suck in as much air as she could. When my hand came to rest on the light, downy fur covering her pussy, I heard a soft moan emanate from her mouth. I gently lowered her right leg before doing the same to her left one. Again, she let out a moan as I brushed against her Mons when I finished caressing her leg. Her body shivered when I ran my finger up the slit of her vagina, collecting the dew that had leaked out. Sticking the finger in my mouth, for the first time in my life, I tasted the cum of another woman. I knew then it wouldn't be the last. Laying down flat, my breath caught as the bear fur tickled my nipples. I leaned in, the intoxicating scent of Elsa's arousal filling my nose, making my mouth water. I used my fingers to spread open her pussy lips. The delicate pink folds were glistening with her juices. I closed my eyes and just began to lick her as she'd done to me, concentrating on her prominent clit and licking her pussy clean of all her yummy cum. Then, I remembered how it felt with her fingers inside of me.

I ran my index and middle fingers on her cunt flesh, moistening them with her cum. When they were thoroughly coated, I pushed them into the soft, warm tunnel of her pussy. Elsa let out a scream as I did that and I paused for a brief second, thinking I might have hurt her. But, when she started to buck her hips, moving my fingers in and out, I got the hint and started to pump my arm in synchronization with her movements. Since I really couldn't feast on her while I was doing this, I moved up slightly and captured one of her little nipples in my mouth. I could feel it's hardness pressing against my tongue while I suckled and nibbled on her. Elsa's hands flew to the back of my head, trapping me against her body as my fingers brought her closer to orgasm. That's when I curled them up, scraping them against her inner wall. I must have hit something special because Elsa let out a screaming "YES!" at that moment. I felt the walls of her pussy contract around my fingers and a warm gush of her cum coated my hand. I didn't relent, wanting a little payback for the teasing torture she put me through so I continued to pump my fingers in and out, keeping them curled in order to hit that special spot again.

Another wave hit her as her whole body went rigid before collapsing down. Her hands fell limply to her side, releasing my head from her vice like grasp. I looked up to see that her eyes glazed over and half lidded and her breathing was shallow. Not wanting to hurt her, I removed my fingers, bringing my hand to my face and licking it clean, unwilling to waist one precious drop of her pussy juice. I laid back down next to her after drying my fingers on the rug. Gently rubbing her heaving chest, I snuggled next to her as she came down from her orgasmic high. I felt myself drifting to sleep as Elsa wrapped her arm around me, the warmth of the fire and the afterglow of the sex we'd just shared causing both of us to fall into a deep slumber right there on the rug.

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by Anonymous

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by Nurek02/20/18

Addendum to my previous comment.

In addition, one of my favorite touches in this is where Elsa nurses on Ariel; kind of kooky idea, but a fun touch in this.

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by Nurek02/20/18

Most enlightening. And I loved it!

I like the gentleness between these women, as far as physical gentleness; they're quite tender and considerate with eachother as they do this.
I do *NOT* think that the sex-acts were very hygenic thatmore...

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Hope you have a very "hot" Merry Christmas

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by blondsubles12/04/17

Thank you!

I really appreciate the kind words that everyone has posted. It means so much to me. To answer the question that was posted, I did an interview on this site describing my writing style but I will givemore...

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by Anonymous12/04/17

Great opening part for Chapter One

You've got something here that could be developed into a great lesbian fairy tale. It was enjoyable as a stand alone story as well. Good writing: dialogue was smooth and believable and scenes were easymore...

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