tagLoving WivesThe Snowball Effect Ch. 01

The Snowball Effect Ch. 01


I paced nervously. My doorbell rang. Allison was here. Time to jump in with both feet and hope for the best.

"Hey, come on in," I said, opening the door and welcoming her. She leaned up and gave me a peck on the cheek. I took her coat and hung it in the front closet.

"Hi, Ryan. Wow, you cleaned up the place," she teased. "Nice…"

"Thanks," I responded awkwardly. "Would you like something to drink?"

"Sure, whatever you have."

I fetched the only bottle of wine that I owned, which had been purchased a mere three hours earlier. I had already loosened the cork before her arrival, to avoid embarrassment over my inexperience with such things.

"We're just supposed to keep things simple tonight," I said, trying to be low key and conversational.

"Yeah, that's good. I'm not really sure what to expect. You're the man in charge, so I'll just follow your lead."

"Well, you need to be comfortable with this. It might get kind of wild, you know?"

"Oh yeah, because I'm giving you control over this. That's not something I do much," she said with a smile. "But it sounds fun and it really seems to turn Brian on."

"You're actually giving both me and Brian control. We care about you. If something doesn't feel right, we can stop."

"I appreciate that," she responded. "This has been a fantasy of mine, too, you know. I trust you both."

"Thank you," I answered.

"So, do you have a dungeon around here somewhere?" Allison asked sarcastically. "I'm not sure I want to be with a dominant guy who has no dungeon."

I shook my head and laughed. "I don't have a dungeon. I guess I can build a dungeon if you want…"

"Oh, no. I'm sure you'll do just fine without one," she said, rolling her eyes in mock disapproval.

I handed her the small glass of wine. She accepted the glass and immediately took a sip. She asked me what kind of wine it was, and I laughed. I didn't have a clue. I handed her the bottle so she could see for herself. I just wasn't a wine kind of guy.

"You don't seem nervous," I observed.

"I'm scared as hell. I have no idea what we're getting into, but at least we're doing something. I'm so tired of all the talking and thinking. I love Brian so much. I want to see him interested again."

"I bet," I said with a note of sadness. "Brian and I met last night for pizza and we talked all of this through."

"About me becoming your obedient little toy?" Allison laughed as she said it and almost choked, which caused me to laugh. The idea seemed erotic, but sounded ridiculous when spoken aloud so bluntly.

"Yeah. I mean, if that's what you want."

"I'm dying to see what you have in mind."

I shrugged. "I hope it's fun."

"I'm certain it will be. What did you two discuss last night?"

"Well…we talked about what you and I might do tonight…" My voice trailed off. It had been so difficult for Brian these past couple years that I began to get a little emotional. "He's my best friend. What happened to him wasn't fair. We want to make sure he's okay. I want all of us to have fun and enjoy life again."

Allison leaned in and we hugged tightly. She understood completely.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The three of us began our friendship long ago, at a neighborhood birthday party when we were just four years old. Among the balloons and graffiti and cake, the children ran amok and played games while the parents milled around and talked. Allison and Brian both lived on the same block, and our parents made arrangements that day to exchange rides to school and baby-sit for each other on occasion. The three of us were together nearly every day after that, through childhood and beyond. We spent countless hours running through the neighborhood, playing sports and other games, laughing and screaming and losing track of time until our parents finally ended the fun by calling us home for the evening.

Our middle school years were not so innocent, because social life at school had devolved into a complicated set of cliques that usually served to exclude us. The three of us hung together. We supported and protected each other when necessary, and, in middle school, it was too often necessary.

Allison had developed into a cute young girl, and often drew inappropriate attention from boys. One guy, Evan, had been stalking her for weeks. He had threatened her if she didn't go out with him. Evan was a little older, and had a reputation for being cruel. Allison was afraid, and the school took no action. Brian and I were furious. One day we cornered Evan and the two of us beat him severely, breaking his nose and leaving him a bloody mess. It was an act of violence that shocked everyone, ourselves included. We were each suspended from school for five days, but we were proud and accepted the punishment. When we told Allison what we had done, she cried and hugged us both under a tall tree for hours. We didn't know it at the time, but this was a bond that would last a lifetime.

Our romantic urges finally emerged in high school. Brian and I both separately dated Allison through those years, which might have been awkward but somehow felt natural for us. There was a lot of great kissing and hugging and hand-holding, but we had our limits and never crossed them. We were all determined to go off to college, which made the future very uncertain for us as a group. We had assumed that we would all go our separate ways after graduation. We were committed to stay friends and promised to keep in touch.

We all attended separate colleges in our area. I had a lot of trouble navigating the social network at the private university I attended and managed to isolate myself. My dependence on Allison and Brian was something I hadn't considered. I attended my classes, performed well, but otherwise kept a low profile. I discovered that both Brian and Allison were experiencing very similar things. We had become so close that we were having great difficulty functioning individually.

Brian and Allison developed an intimate relationship thereafter, and they were married a couple years later. I was the odd man out, but I certainly approved and was proud to be the best man at their wedding. Meanwhile, I worked hard to integrate myself into the college scene. My dates with several different women went well and I gained confidence quickly.

Nine years into Allison and Brian's marriage, a tragic automobile accident took place. Brian had been driving on the interstate at night when his car had been hit by a drunk driver traveling the wrong way. Brian survived, but was severely injured. The broken bones and lacerations healed. The internal damage was repaired through surgery. However, the head trauma remained. He complained about ringing in his ears and migraines and memory gaps, but he adapted fairly well. The major change to his life, and the main reason Allison spent that fateful evening with me, was that he became unemotional and his sex drive diminished to almost nothing.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Brian wants this," I said. "I never would have believed it…it's crazy…"

"He's suffered a lot. He says he doesn't feel like a man anymore." Allison responded sadly. "This thing we're doing, it's stirring him. It's strange."

"I wonder how he'll react. It's one thing to discuss a fantasy, but now that it's real…"

"We all have our reasons for doing this, Ryan," she said to me. "This might be fun, it's different and we're taking an action. We've agonized about this for too long, so let's just enjoy it, okay?"

I took her by the hand and led her down into my basement. The basement was dark and the old wooden steps creaked loudly, providing an unintentional but welcome creepy aura. Allison gripped my hand and stepped lightly down the stairs. I turned on the light, which consisted of a single bulb swinging from the ceiling in the center of the room. I let go of Allison's hand and allowed her to wander the dimly lit area. In the center, under the light, was a very large table.

"So, is this where we're going to play?" she asked, wrinkling her nose. "It needs a woman's touch, for sure."

I crossed my arms and leaned back against the wall. She walked to the edge of my large wooden worktable. She laid her hands on top and explored the smooth surface, probably imagining herself upon it. I had built the table years ago, mostly for woodworking and engine repair. The table was designed to support many hundreds of pounds. The top was sanded smooth. There were ten steel rings bolted securely to the edges of the table, two on each of the shorter sides and three on the longer.

"Are you planning to put me on this table?" Allison asked curiously. She tilted her head up toward me. The eye contact stopped me cold. She was a beautiful thirty-something woman, with a smooth ivory complexion and light, shoulder-length hair. Her deep green eyes had a long history of making me melt, and this was no exception. My dormant sexual desire for her was emerging.

"Yeah. Is that something you'd like?" I asked.

"I think…oh god…it makes me…"

She was flustered and couldn't finish the sentence. She turned back to the table and eyed the metal rings, perhaps wondering what it would be like to lie there and be helpless in front of me.

"Does it make you feel sexy?"

"Uh yeah…"

"Does this make you feel guilty?"

"It does, yeah."

"But you still want it."

She stalled, but finally answered. "Yes, I do. Brian wants me to do it, too."

"You want to be submissive tonight," I said flatly.

She stalled before answering. "Yes."

"I want to hear you say it."

Allison turned around and leaned back against the table. Her arms were at her side holding on to the edge of the table, and her legs were spread slightly in a kind of submissive pose. Her body was wrapped nicely in a blue evening dress. Her curves looked good and she knew it.

"Tonight, I want to be your submissive little sex kitten," she responded deliberately, looking me straight in the eye.

"Do you know what that means?"

"It means I'll do anything you want, right? Do I win a prize?"

"It might harder than you think."

I moved beside her, purposely invading her body space. She shifted uncomfortably and the confidence drained from her body. She peered up at me with those bright green eyes. She didn't know what to expect.

I took her hand and wrapped her fingers around one of the many steel rings that had been installed around the edge of the table. Her delicate fingers, nails painted a light red color, tested the metal ring. A quick tug informed her that the ring was firmly bolted into place. No amount of pulling was going to pry it loose.

"From now on, you'll need to call me ‘Sir'," I whispered to her in a firm tone. Allison took a deep breath and gathered herself.

"Yes…sir," she whispered back.

"You'll do anything I ask."

"We've been through this, Ryan. We've been good friends for so long that…"

I put a finger to her lips and quieted her down. She sighed while I stroked her hair.

"Yes, sir," she finally said properly.

"Good girl," I responded softly. "Hold out your hands for me."

She reached forward, palms up. I stood before her and held her slender wrists. I moved my body into hers and wrapped her arms behind her back. I located one of the steel rings that were attached to the table behind her.

"You will hold this ring with both hands until I permit you to let go. Do you understand?"

She swallowed. "Yes, sir," she said. She shuffled somewhat, trying to get comfortable with her hands behind her back. She looked around, aware that her body was vulnerable. I stood back and looked at her; round breasts, soft belly, wide hips and gorgeous legs, all readily available to me.

"Wow, you are stunning," I told her as I began massaging her shoulders and neck. She closed her eyes and turned her head toward my touch, rubbing her cheek against my hand. "I can't believe I get to touch you like this."

Allison purred softly and kept her eyes closed. She seemed to be enjoying my touch, and I loved caressing her.

"Open your eyes," I told her. I waited a few seconds for her to look up. She was calm, and looked up at me with an expression of gentleness and appreciation. I massaged her neck and rubbed her cheeks. Her skin was smooth and warm. I kissed the back of her neck. Her smell brought back pleasant memories.

"Look at your breasts," I told her. She looked downward. The fabric of her dress hugged tightly across her chest, a nice consequence of having her arms behind her back.

"Your nipples are erect, Allison," I whispered to her. "I love that."

"What are you going to do, sir?"

"I am going to enjoy your body."

Allison let out a deep breath. She tightened her grip.

"I won't let go of the ring, sir."

She gasped when I began massaging her breasts. She instinctively tried to move away and protect herself, but her hands maintained their tight grip. She stood helplessly while I cupped her left breast with one hand and petted her with the other.

"You're struggling. It's not so easy, is it?"

"Sir…please...slow down…"

"This is what being helpless feels like."

She wriggled, but was unable to prevent me from fondling her.

"Ryan…this feels like rape…please stop…"

The word rape almost stopped me. Allison was a woman I had grown up with and felt very close to, and my protective instincts churned. I considered slowing down, even stopping, but she wasn't tied down. She could let go anytime she wanted. Perhaps she was testing me. I decided to proceed cautiously.

"I love your breasts."

I stood by her side. I reached my right hand down the front of her dress and felt her breast, this time skin-to-skin. Her partially erect nipple tickled the palm of my hand. She struggled again, but kept her grip.

"Oh no, oh god no….," she whimpered. "Oh, please…"

"You're free to stop whenever you want, Allison. Just release the ring."

"No…I won't let go," Allison whispered. She bit her lip and held her composure, even as my hands pulled the shoulder straps on her dress down. "Please…sir…"

I lowered the straps to her elbow and revealed her breasts. She tugged the steel ring hard this time and the table moved.

"Your nipples are magnificent."

She looked down at her breasts, nipples jutting out perfectly for me. Allison was calmer and seemed to have adjusted to her predicament. The metal ring behind her signified a kind of voluntary bondage. She was focused and determined to see this through.

I kissed her left nipple, then her right. "I love how big and dark your areola is. I love your nipple and all those cute little bumps around it."

"Oh god…please…please…"

I sucked her left nipple into my mouth and her body tightened up. She moaned loudly, out of pleasure and not fear. Her nipples were sensitive, a fact I remembered from long ago. I took one nipple in my mouth, sucked it between my lips and rolled my tongue around.

"I could suck your nipples all day."

"Ryan…please…sir…you're driving me crazy…."

"Does this turn you on?"

"Oh yeah…"

I placed my hands on her waist to hold her still. I sucked her nipples lovingly, wrapping them in my mouth and caressing with my tongue. She watched me, breathing heavily. She was no longer fighting. There was no point. She had made her choice to stay and her breasts were mine.

I stood up, pulled her hair and turned her head toward me. Her sweet face was pink and glistening with sweat. I held her in my hands and swept her hair to the side. I kissed her softly. She returned the kiss, craning up to continue when I pulled away, but finding herself limited by her grip on the ring. I returned to her lips many times, however, and savored her for as long as I could stand.

I kneeled in front of her and lifted her dress. She was wearing a pair of purple panties that hugged her body nicely. Once again, she shifted her position. As long as she maintained her grip on that ring, she was mine to play with.

"I love how you struggle," I told her as I ran my finger up and down the front of her panties. "I love to hear you whimper. You have no idea how much pleasure that gives me."

I began to explore. She had already soaked through her panties, and I pressed the stain into her and soaked them more. She responded quietly at first, then with a series of sexy little sounds. My erection grew painfully hard listening to her.

"Oh my god, sir…I didn't know…"

"Didn't know…what?"

"How horny this would make me."

"I'm not going to stop."

"Oh…I know…"

"Your pussy is very nice. I'm love playing with it."

I had never seen her pussy before, because our sex play in our dating years had never gone that far. I lowered her panties to the floor, curious to peek at what was underneath. She squeezed her legs together defensively, but then she caught herself and spread them for me.

"You're husband told me to eat you. He said you were delicious."

"Oh my god…"

I lifted her right leg at the knee and held it in my right hand. Her pussy lips were spread slightly and I poked my tongue between them. She cried out, which encouraged me to continue. My tongue slowly bathed her, both inside and out, before finally working my way to her hard little button.


Her cries were making me unbearably horny. She seemed to be finally enjoying her own powerlessness, and her pleading intensified the pleasure for both of us.

"Would you like to cum?"

Allison looked down at me, my lips moistened with her liquid.

"Yes, please sir, finish me. I need it so bad."


"Oh god…I'm so fucking horny, sir…please…"

"No, you do not have permission to cum," I said matter-of-factly. I picked her up then and laid her across the table, with her soft legs dangling from the edge. I held her ankles and kept her legs spread as I returned, kissing and licking all over her.

"Ohh fuck…that's so good…"

My tongue pressed hard against her swollen little button, and made slow circles around it. She relaxed and was able to focus.


I opened her hood. My tongue bathed her clit gently. I worked on her very slowly, stopping to kiss her thighs or lick deep inside before returning back to her clit. My mouth savored her. I didn't want this to end soon.

"I can't believe you're doing this to me…" she said.

I continued, slowly and relentlessly.

"I'm going to…I can't…oh god…"

I loved licking her. I loved her taste. I searched for more. She sighed and was ready.

"Ooohhh…I'm cumming…I'm sorry, sir…."

Though I never gave her permission, she climaxed beautifully. Her body shook and she cried loudly, producing the sexiest sounds I had ever heard. I continued to lick throughout her orgasm. My hands stroked her legs. I kissed her thighs as she calmed down.

"Oh…that was amazing, Ryan," she managed to articulate after several minutes.

"You are breathtaking, sweetie," I told her.

"I couldn't obey, Ryan, you just pushed me over the top."

"I know," I said, smiling. "You're a naughty girl."

"I want to see your cock," she said.

"Nah. Not tonight."


"Maybe next time."


"We're taking this slow."

"Aren't you horny?"

"Oh, yes" I responded. I took her hand and placed it across my erection, straining for freedom under my slacks.

"Oh my, sir. You are really big," she said, feigning a school-girl innocence. "Are you sure you don't want to have me right now?"

"I want you so bad, but we'll wait."

Allison then pretended to be hurt, but she understood. It took all of my strength to deny my erection the pleasure of this sexy woman. She was my friend, my ex-girlfriend from long ago, and I was drawn to her now more than ever.

We agreed that we would hide nothing from Brian. Allison would head home, lay in bed with him, and tell him everything. Our hope was that he would get aroused by what she told him. Hopefully, they would enjoy it together and be able to use it to create some good sex. She would return to me for more when they were ready.

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