tagRomanceThe Snowstorm

The Snowstorm


Outside the blizzard was blowing. Snow flurrying around. Visibility was getting less and less. Inside the house was warm and cosy, Faith had the log fire burning. The children were in bed fast asleep, dinner was simmering on the stove and she was sitting in front of the fire hoping that her man would be able to get home before the roads were closed off.

"Next thing to go will be the power for sure," she thought to herself as she got up to get candles just in case.

No sooner done and the power shut done. After lighting the candles, she went to find her transistor radio, hoping to hear news of the roads and their condition. They had moved to the country for the children but at times like this Faith wondered if the peace and solitude was worth the isolation that came with it during these snow storms.

"....all roads to Cedar Vale have been closed." announced the dj from the local radio station.

"Well there go my hopes for a quiet romantic night in front of the fire," thought Faith.

She sat back in the chair, listening to some soft music, looking into the fire and was day dreaming about their time together. They were so happy... so in love. Their life together was perfect.

"Well almost," she thought "if it weren’t for the snowstorms it would be."

Before she knew it, she had dozed off. That was how Paul found her as he pushed the front door closed against the wind and snow. He smiled to himself as he looked at her. Her mouth was slightly ajar as she snored softly. The candles lent a relaxed atmosphere to the room and the music, while not his choice, did the same. He could smell their dinner simmering on the stove but he wasn’t hungry for food. How could he look at food when this beautiful woman was here waiting for him? He was hungry all right but a casserole was not what he had on his mind.

He walked across the room as quietly as he could. Then when he reached the armchair she rested in, he knelt between her legs and leaned forward to kiss her softly on her full sensuous lips. Gently brushing some stray strawberry blonde hair away from her cheek, he smiled down at her, his eyes filled with love and lust. She moaned in her sleep and moved a little but continued to sleep.

He then carefully unbuttoned her blouse. Delighted to see that she was not wearing a bra, he bowed his head and with the tips of his tongue, traced her areola and flickered it across her nipple. They immediately hardened and she moaned more deeply in her sleep. taking the tip of her nipple in his mouth he gently started to suck on it. Then Faith's eyes opened and she smiled as she looked down onto his head. Her heart swelled with the love she had for him. And her pussy had started to moisten with the desire he always raised in her.

She took his face in her hands and pulled it up to hers, kissing him passionately.

"Oh love, I am so glad you made it through. I thought I would be spending a lonely night here without you."

He smiled back at her and replied, "wild horses couldn't keep me from my sexy Aussie woman."

Then bowing his head once more started to give the other bud the same treatment. When she thought she could not wait any longer without him fucking her, he left her nipples spreading sweet soft kisses down her stomach. Hooking his fingers in her ski pants, he pulled them down over her wide child bearing hips, past her thighs and removed them from her long shapely legs. Then throwing them aside started to kiss her inner thighs working his way to her treasure chest. He pulled his head back a little to admire her sweet pussy. Shaven clean except for a snail trail of red, he loved that thin red line and where it led.

Looking at her moist folds he swooped down to lick and suck at them. He could feel himself getting harder and harder as he pulled her lips apart to taste her fragrant juices. Pushing back the hood he found her hard little nubbin and fishtailed his tongue across it. It felt like jolts of electricity coursing through her body and Faith moaned loudly calling out his name.

She wanted more.... she yearned for him to be inside her. She wanted his hard dick to fill her. But, although he was more than ready, he continued to assault her vulva, swooping his tongue in to lick out her honey. Just then Faith’s body convulsed in a hard climax filling his mouth with her juice. He continued to lick and suck all her fragrant elixir up. Face covered with her cream, he looked up at her and smiled.

"Oh God love you make me cum so hard. You never cease to amaze me how good that tongue of yours is," she told him.

"I haven’t finished yet." he informed her and she grinned at him.

He was by now so hard. His testicles ached with longing for her. But he didn’t rush. He wanted her to want him again... to need him again. So he set to with his tongue once more. Licking her widely from her arse right up to her clit, he felt her body tense with need as he sucked and gently nipped her pearl. His hands had gone to her breasts and he rolled the nipples between fingers and thumbs, squeezing them gently while his tongue continued to assail her clit and pussy. Delving his tongue in deep, her body was soon writhing....wanting more...lusting for his engorged manhood to fill her... to fuck her.

Then lifting her legs on his shoulders he rose enough so that his mushroom tip was at her entrance. He rubbed it along the crease teasing her a little and then put just the tip into her opening. Her vagina muscles tightened around it trying to pull him in deeper. But he was not being rushed. Slowly, oh so slowly, he entered her wet throbbing cunt. It was so wet that his cock slid in with no resistance like a hand in a glove. He languidly started to fuck her. His balls slapped noisily at her buttocks as he increased speed and she started to move with him matching his rhythm. Faith groaned with want, calling out to him to fuck her.....fuck her hard!!!

Feeling her body start to go rigid ready to climax, he picked up speed ramming his rigid organ into her... pushing her back into the chair with its force. Soon he could hold back no longer.

He called her name "FAITHHH" as he squirt his hot cum deep inside her. Her body reached its peak and her juice spurt from her to mingle with his as it dribbled from her pussy to run down her arse.

Paul lowered her legs and fell against her, his chest heaving...heart racing. She wrapt her arms around him equally exhausted.

She ran her fingers down his back and said, "I love you so much Paul. With every cell in my being."

He looked at her and answered, "I love you too sweetheart more than anything else."

And they laid there in each other’s arms, his spent dick still buried deep inside her, as they just revelled in their closeness.


(I hope you have enjoyed reading my story as much as I had writing it. Like most creative people I thrive on compliments as well as appreciating constructive criticisms. So please don’t forget to vote and drop me a line, let me know how my story affected you. Cleos Double)

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