tagBDSMThe Snuck Orgasm

The Snuck Orgasm


There you are! I was expecting you waiting at the door. I know, I know. I'm late, but I had to run another unexpected errand. My, your cheeks are flushed and your breathing is as fast as if you were running a mile. Is there anything you'd like to tell me, anything you'd like to confess? No? Well then let me tell you something, instead.

You do know that you are not allowed to go into my office? Good. Do you know why you are not allowed to go in there? Thats right. All our toys are stashed there and you don't get to decide when it is playtime or when you get to cum, do you? No, you asked me to break that filthy habit of yours to just cum whenever you feel like it. You asked me to make your orgasms something special again and so I kept you denied to wait for the right moment.

So, let me ask you again. Is there anything you'd like to tell me? Still nothing, huh? So I suppose you did not know about the camera I installed in my office to catch intruders. It was intended to catch burglars or robbers so imagine my surprise when I got a message telling me there was motion in my office and I checked and saw you sneaking around getting your vibrator... Oh, but you didn't use it, did you? So you didn't cum right there in my office because you couldn't even wait to go to your room while I was out? Come on, you are still showing all the signs of guilt and a snuck orgasm. That was three times you didn't tell me the truth and I think that just won't stand. A punishment is in order.

Fetch the ruler, yes the wooden one, your blindfold, and that vibrator and be ready in your room. I will be right there, I just have to unpack a little surprise I got on that unexpected errand.

Well, that is good, so you still can follow directions. You look nice, bent over your bed like that, your ass naked and your blindfold on. It's a shame really.

Did you enjoy feeling your world shrink into just this moment when you put on your blindfold? The way every one of my steps created a whole new world behind your eyes that went away the second the silence fell over you again? Now to your punishment. I think 10 strikes for every lie you told me should be sufficient for now. Not the gentle playful ones either. It is a punishment after all.

Now lets begin. I will count.

1, 2, 3... I know it hurts and it is right on the spot you sit, but if you try to shield it with your hands it doesnt count! Let's start over.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.. You know, I was so very proud of you for staying orgasm-free for as long as you did...

11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20... Seeing you on the screen cumming like a slut was so disappointing. I thought you were a good slave and now here we are...

21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30! Good girl, you hardly winced. I admit I like the red stripes the ruler painted on your ass. It will leave marks and sitting will be very uncomfortable for a while but that is what you get for being a horny liar. You are forgiven for that now you endured. Yes, yes, I know you will do better.

Now to punish you for the stolen orgasm. Yes, you stole it from me. You gave your orgasms over to me when you asked me to deny you. It was mine and mine alone to give you. You seem concerned... Don't you recognize the violent buzz of your magic wand? From what I saw, you used it right until I was at the door.

My, what a twitch... Your clit still seems sensitive. No, no. No, struggling. Can you feel my hand pushing your chest to the bed so roughly? That means you don't move and take your punishment. The vibrator stays right here, on your clit.

Oh, don't you worry, you are allowed to cum and you are sooo close already, aren't you? Go on, spasm through that intense pleasure for me. Good girl...

Oops, you thought I'd just let you cum and take away the intense, strong vibrations to let you rest? That wouldn't be a punishment, though, would it?

Now focus on your clit. Can you feel how sensitive it is? How the vibrations are just too much? They are flooding your entire mind. It's too much to handle, I know. After you came it isn't as much pleasure as it is torment, isn't it? Stop whimpering and endure your punishment. You can stop it at anytime...

Just say: "Please control my orgasms. Take them away from me. I will only cum, if you let me."

What was that? That sounded a little slurry and you are drooling. Come on... Say it.

Good girl. Yes, I will take control of your orgasms again and this time we will do it right. Wow, you really are breathing so heavy now that the magic wand isn't torturing you anymore. Stay where you are. I will get the surprise I mentioned earlier.

Yes, I know, I know... It is cold against your skin, that's because it's metal. Let me just fit it around your thighs and belly to make sure everything is alright. The clicking? Oh it is just a lock. Now that you have proven that you can't be trusted to keep your hands off my property, we will try something a little safer.

You can remove your blindfold now. You look beautiful. The chastity belt suits you well and ensures only I decide when you get to cum. It will stay in place until you can behave again.

Won't you say: "Thank you"?

Good girl...

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by Anonymous09/11/18


It's so sexy the way this is written. Wish it was a longer one. I would've like more of that talk and "punishing".

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