The Soak


What a long day. You just returned home from a day that started with a 5 AM training session and ended with a final exam in Ethics. You are tired, tense, and stressed out. You dump the car into the driveway. The only thought that has been on your mind for the past few hours has been the calming song of a hot bath.

As you make your way into the house you are greeted by the bellowing barks of the dogs. You head to the bathroom first. Lighting some scented candles you turn on the faucets and let the hot water begin to fill the tub. While your relaxing pool fills, you let the dogs out to do their business. Once done, you put them back into their cages and head back to your watery sanctuary.

Slowly you strip out of your clothes. First stripping off your green "here comes trouble" T-shirt, then wiggling out of your tight jeans, next you unhook your lacey pink bra, and finally sliding down your pink and white boy shorts underwear. You peer at yourself in the huge bathroom mirror and see that the last few weeks in the gym have really paid off. You lean over and turn off the faucets. As you adjust your iPod earphones, you longingly watch the steam rising from the still pool of water. Slowly you ease your supple body into the hot liquid until finally you tired body is submerged.

You settle into the water with your head resting on a fluffy white terry clothe towel. With one last crank of your iPod you begin to feel the day's stress melt away. It isn't long before you mind drifts off to the far reaches of your memory. With the thumping of the music in your ears, something primitive is awakened within you.

The hot water, the pounding techno music has caused your mind to drift towards your most intimate of memories. Your body begins to tingle with sexual arousal as you start to flip through the pages of your personal sexual diary.

You think back to the first time you shaved your pussy bare, to the first time the other girls in the gym shower stared at your nubile naked body, to the first time you let a boy feel your breasts and pussy. Letting out a soft sigh of satisfaction you continue your trip down memory lane.

You reminisce about the first time you saw a boy naked, the first time you made out with a complete stranger on a moonlight beach, and the first time you let a boy see you naked. You slowly start to massage your breasts as you recall the first time you let a man taste your pussy, the first time you took a cock in your mouth, and the first time you swallowed your lovers hot cum.

Squeezing your breasts harder now and pinching and pulling on your erect nipples you evoke the first time you wore your mesh bikini at the beach, the first time you went to a strip club, the time when you actually interviewed for a position as a dancer, and the first time you allowed yourself to be photographed nude. The scalding water is no match for the fiery moisture building within your pussy.

Slowly you slip your left hand below the water, down your taut stomach, and over your smooth pelvic region. You softly run your index finger the length of your slit, feeling the slickness of your pussy juices as you remember more. The first time you shared your naked photographs with friends, the first time you wore crotchless panties with a skirt to a restaurant, the first time you masturbated with an adult toy, and the first time you allowed yourself to be photographed nude outside.

The fire build deep within your loins as you slowly insert the middle finger of your left hand deep into your pussy. You gasp with the penetration and revel in more of your sexual memories. Your finger strokes your tight pussy faster as you hark back to the first time you masturbated in front of a lover, the first time you flashed on a webcam, the first time you posted naked pictures of yourself online, and the first time you watched a lover masturbate to your heavenly body.

You slip lower into the water so that you can tilt your hips upwards to allow a deeper penetration of your finger. The water begins to ripple as your body starts to tremble with the beginnings of your ultimate release. Your bottom lip starts to quiver as you delve into the first time a lover came on your heaving breasts, the first time you let a lover lick your puckering rosebud, and the first time your powerful orgasm caused your juices to soak the mattress.

Lifting one leg completely out of the tub allows you to spread your legs further apart. You slide your right hand under your left and begin pressing firmly on your sensitive clitoris. The sensations spark electricity throughout your highly aroused body. An orgasm is imminent! You press firmly against your clitoris while you frantically plunger your finger into your pussy. Your breathing has become short and choppy and your breasts heave with the building excitement. The water starts to splash out of the tub as you furiously masturbate. You bite down on your bottom lip to contain the ever growing moans escaping your mouth.

The rapture is overwhelming! Your body tenses as your orgasm rips through your body. Your mouth is wide open as groans of pleasure fill the room. Your one leg is sticking straight up in the air as your cum is squirted out past your finger, mingling with the now warm bath water.

Your iPod has long finished playing and the only sound you hear is the receding pulsation of blood in your ears. You slowly come down from your womanly release, relaxing once again into the warm water. With your eyes still close you hear a faint squeak.

You slowly open your eyes and turn your head. You notice the door to the bathroom is slightly ajar. Panic fills your heart as you extricate yourself from the tub and wrap a towel around your wet naked body. You rush out the bathroom and down the hall. As you reach the door leading to the garage you can hear a vehicle pulling away.

Your mind races with a million thoughts. Someone was obviously watching you. How much did they see? They could have seen everything, watching the whole time. Who was it? It could have only been three people, Joseph, Priscilla, or Hector! What if they filmed it? What if they tell my mother?

You take a few minutes to calm yourself and realize something. You like knowing you were watched. You feel incredibly sexy knowing you just put on one hell of a show for someone. A sly grin crosses your face as you think to yourself that you need another round in the tub right now!

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