tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Soak Ch. 02

The Soak Ch. 02


Standing in the kitchen, wet, wrapped in only a towel you notice that you are still breathing hard; a rapid breathe from nervousness and excitement. You remove the towel from your body and begin drying your luxurious chestnut brown hair. As you stroll out of the kitchen you notice a note on the counter that wasn't there when you first arrived home. Draping the towel over your sculpted shoulders you cautiously reach for the note. Opening the note you gasp. You now know the identity of your voyeur. It was Hector, your mom's boyfriend. What a perv, you think. An evil grin crosses your beautiful face because you know he left with one hell of a stiffy in his pants.

You seriously doubt that he would tell your mom and you have no worries about him having taken any pictures or video, he isn't that technologically advanced. You giggle to yourself and you wrap the towel around your hair, padding your way back to the bathroom. You once again let the dogs out in the yard and just as you close the door behind them, they begin to bark. You have just enough time to remove the towel from your hair and hold it in front of your naked form as the doorknob to the garage begins to jiggle.

As the door opens you see Hector standing there looking quite sheepishly.

He stammers, "Oh hi. I didn't mean to disturb you. I was just dropping something off for your mother."

Pointing to the counter you reply, "It wouldn't be that note would it?"

You can see him visible squirm grasping for a reply. You giggle inwardly as you wait out this awkward silence that is rapidly filling the room.

"Look, I know you were here earlier while I was in the bathroom. How could you spy on me like that, Hector?" you grumble.

"I'm sorry. I didn't intend too, honestly. But when I heard groaning come from the back of the house, I thought someone was sick. So I was just checking to make sure all was okay."

"So in the interest of well-being, you opened the bathroom door and spied on me during a very private moment?"

"I'm so sorry but once I saw you in the tub I couldn't help it. I couldn't take my eyes off of you."

Now it was your turn to blush. Suddenly you become very self-conscious standing there before your mother's love interest clad in only a towel; which is still hanging loosely in front of your nude body.

"So how long were you spying on me, how much did you see?"

Croaking out a response, "I watched for about 10 or so minutes. I saw everything. I couldn't help it. You are so beautiful and have such a spectacular body. And watching you enjoying yourself, pleasuring yourself, was completely mesmerizing. I'm sorry for watching but I am glad that I did."

You can clearly see the erection outlined in his designer slacks. You can also feel the moisture dampening your nether lips. This sparks a completely wicked idea in your horny little brain.

"Well I'm sure my mother will not be to happy to find out about what you have done today, sir."

"Oh God please don't tell her! I'll do anything!"

"Well then fair is fair. You saw me naked and masturbating so I think I should get to see you in the same predicament."

You both stand there for what seems like an eternity. Eyes locked you can tell Hector is seriously wrestling with your demands. His fidgeting has become more noticeable and so you decide to press the envelope even further. You turn and slowly walk to the bedrooms at the back of the house. Hector now has the perfect view of your naked ass. You glance over your shoulder and watch as he slowly begins to undo his tie while following you down the hall.

You reach your bedroom and plop yourself down into the thick leather chair nestled in the corner of the room. He enters the room with his shirt and tie already in his hands. Tossing them onto the bed he starts to undo his trousers. He casually slips his trousers off leaving him only in his silk boxers. He sits on the bed to remove his shoes and socks and you notice the head of his cock poking out from his boxer shorts.

He notices your giggling and suddenly becomes very self conscious. Your warm smile puts him at ease and he stands to slide his one remaining article of clothing off. You study his naked form, not bad for an older guy. He is still in pretty good shape and he has two very large heavy balls hanging below his semi-erect cock. He knows what you are waiting for and reluctantly he grabs his manhood and begins stroking slowly and gently.

You watch as he strokes his cock for a good ten minutes without it ever getting fully erect.

"Is there a problem?" you ask.

"Yes. Needless to say this is a little embarrassing and a lot of pressure."

"You shouldn't be embarrassed. It is a natural part of life. Maybe you just need some inspiration."

With that last statement to grab the towel and fling it to the floor; here you now sit, fully naked once again in front of your mom's boyfriend once again. You notice immediately that his cock begins to swell. His strokes also grow faster. You motion to him with a waggle of your finger to move closer for a better view of your body.

As he steps closer you spread your legs wide draping them over the arms of your leather chair. As your legs spread so do the very wet lips of your pussy, you enjoy listening to him groan as his eyes drink in your nakedness. You slip your left hand down your body and spread your wet pussy open with your index and middle finger exposing your delicate pink flesh.

You watch as he strokes his slick cock faster. You let your pussy lips slip free from your fingers and instead slide your middle finger deep into your burning sexpot. As he moves even closer the musky scent of his sex fills your nostrils. The room is filled with the wet sounds of your mutual masturbation.

"Are you enjoying looking at my young naked body? Do you like my tits with their hard pink nipples? Do you like my cleanly shaven pussy?" you coo.

"Oh God yes," he quietly answers.

"Are you getting hot watching me finger fuck my very tight, very wet, very hot pussy?"

"Yes, yes, I wish it was my dick and not your finger fucking that hot little pussy."

You slide your finger from your slick hole and raise it up. "Here, taste me."

Hector steps closer and takes your wet finger into his mouth. He moans loudly while drinking down your pussy juice. You pull your finger from his mouth and slide your hand down his naked body. You slip your hand underneath his cock and take his heavy balls in your warm palm. You gently massage his balls while he quickens the pace of his stroking.

You stare intently at his fat cock, fascinated at how wet it is with his own precum. You can't tell if it excites you more to be naked and on display for this older man or watching him get off ogling your body. Either way your pussy is flowing over with your own hot juices. You watch Hector's eyes scan your body. Then slowly you slid your free hand down to your pussy and once again use your fingers to spread your womanhood.

"Look how wet my pussy is, Hector. Look how pink the inside is," you coo.

The poor man is nearly drooling as his eyes are locked onto your wide open pussy.

"You want to touch me don't you, Hector. You want to taste me, taste my pussy."

Hector is moaning and groaning much louder now and you know he is about to cum. You give his heavy balls one final squeeze.

"Cum for me Hector. Cum all over my body!" you demand.

He can hold out no longer and with a final bellowing groan, a thick white cord of cum erupts from the purple head of his fat cock. This first stream lands squarely across your face. Each successive stream lands hotly, splattering across your tits. You are both moaning loudly as volley after volley of his man juice soars from his cock and settles on your body.

"Oh my God Hector, look at the mess you made. I am covered in cum!" you cry in faux anger. "You need to clean this up and this will be the only opportunity you have to ever touch my body."

He looks quizzically as you lie back in your chair.

"Chop chop man. Get down here and lick up all this man juice before my mother gets home!"

He quickly kneels next you and leans his head down close to your chest. His breathe is warm on your skin. You get a jolt as his hot tongue laps at his cum resting upon your skin. You furiously rub your sensitive clit as he continues to slurp up his spent juices from your chest, paying extra attention to your nipples. Just as you are about to explode in an earth shattering orgasm, he removes his lips from your nipples and slips to your belly to continue his clean up task. This gives you a very wicked idea.

You stop your masturbation and place your hands on his head and gently push him down. He gets the idea very quickly. Hector quickly slides around the chair and slips up between your outstretched legs. Placing his hands on your firm thighs, he presses them even further apart. This causes your highly aroused pussy to open like a flower. You watch as he studies ever contour of your womanhood. Then without warning he drops his head diving tongue first into your accepting sex.

You moan loudly and roughly massage your breasts as he administers a very forceful tongue fucking of your tight pussy hole. He is like a wildman the way he is attacking your pussy. His tongue is a blur as it moves around to all of the sensitive areas of your sex. His oral technique pushes you quickly to the sweet release of orgasm.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God, Hector, I'm cumming! Ah, Ah, Ah, AHHHHHHHHHHH!"

You use your hands to clamp his mouth to your pussy, grind it hard against his lips. You can feel Hector working hard to swallow as much of your sweet nectar as possible. As your orgasm recedes you allow Hector to raise his head. His face is covered in your slick pussy juice. You both remain quiet and smile at each other. Just then, out of the corner of your eye, you notice a small shadowy figure move away from the door and quickly down the hall.

You think to yourself that you were just caught, again! This time though you have a very good suspicion that, from the shape and size of the dark figure, it was Priscilla. If it were your mom, you hypothesize; both you and Hector would be dead right now. As you watch Hector redress you wipe the remainder of your sex act away with your towel thinking of how to get back at that little bitch.

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