tagErotic CouplingsThe Soak Ch. 03

The Soak Ch. 03


Days go by and it is obvious your brother's girlfriend hasn't told him or your mom about what she saw; otherwise you would be dead by now. You continue to rack your brain with how to keep her silence up and how to get even with her for spying. Having come up with nothing you arrive home after a day at the gym and see your brother's truck parked in the driveway. You think maybe you should just be direct and talk to him about it. You enter the house to a strange silence; the dogs aren't barking. Through the large French windows you see that they are out in the backyard and so is your brother's girlfriend.

Pricilla is about 5'2, 100 lbs with long dark black hair and a tan complexion. Priss', as your brother affectionately refers to her, measurements are roughly 34C, 26, 32. By all accounts she is a hot little thing. She has natural breasts and a cute little landing strip of dark black hair. You know this because she is currently lying out in the backyard nude!

You don't see your brother around so you just stand in the shadows of the kitchen to watch and ponder your next move. You are lost in thought and don't notice that Priss has gotten up and started to make her way towards the backdoor. Panic sets in as you try to think of what to do next. Your indecision has meant that you will now be caught spying on her as she opens the door and strolls into the house completely in the buff.

"Oh my God Julia! What are you doing here?" she exclaims as she tries to cover herself with her small hands.

"I'm sorry. I just got home from the gym. I didn't even notice you were lying out."

"Well I guess this sort of makes us even now doesn't it?" While holding your gaze and lowering her hands she continues, "You know I saw what you and Hector did the other day."

"I have no idea what you are talking about, Priss," you lie.

"So you are telling me that I didn't see Hector frantically jerking off over your naked body that was spread eagle in a chair?"

"And I didn't see him blow a huge load of cum all over your tits?"

"And then I guess I didn't see him lick his cum from your body just before he ate your pussy to a huge orgasm either?"

You stand there in front of your brother's naked girlfriend angry, ashamed, and embarrassed. Your mind is a total blank. You sheepishly ask, "You didn't tell my brother did you?"

"No, not yet. But that may change depending on how well you make me cum. If you do a good job I won't say anything. If not then I'm telling him everything."

She gently grasps your hand and leads you through the living room and down the hallway to his bedroom. Without thinking you watch her ass sway softly with each step. Together you enter the bedroom of your brother. She closes the door behind you and then begins to circle you. You close your eyes as she runs a finger over the exposed skin of first your left arm and then your right.

"Yes Julia this is going to be one hell of an experience for both of us," she says.

Licking her lips she lightly tangles her delicate fingers in your chestnut brown hair. She makes her way to the bed and sits on the edge, carefully crossing her tanned legs.


"Excuse me?"

"Don't play dumb. You know what I want. You know what you have to do to earn my silence. Now stop being difficult and do as I ask. Who knows Julia, you just may enjoy yourself. Now strip."

You stand there silently, lost in your own thoughts. You wonder why she is doing this. You assume she is doing it to embarrass you, to humiliate you. You have never had any desire or even an inclination to be with a woman, let alone a bitch like her. A thousand thoughts race through your mind on how to get out of this situation. You are drawing a blank. The only thought that seems even remotely possible is to forge ahead and do it. Maybe she won't even go all the way, maybe. Just then some light jazz begins to play.

With a final deep breath you take hold of the bottom of your shirt and slowly pull it over your head and off. Standing now in your black spandex pants and tight black sports bra you hear Priss moan softly. You open your eyes and see she is again sitting on the bed casually twirling a finger through her long brown hair, her eyes glued to your body.

With another deep breathe you kick off your cross trainer sneakers while slowly rolling down the tight spandex over your muscular thighs. You remove your legs from your pants making sure to strip off your socks at the same time. You are now only clad in your sports bra and tiny black thong.

"My God Julia, you have such a great ass! The suspense is killing me. Get naked already!"

Peeling the tight material of the sports bra over your breasts causes them to spring free. They bounce lightly as you pull the garment over your head and toss it to the ground. You then turn your attention to your thong. With another deep inhale you hook your thumbs into the snug waistband and with one firm motion slide your thong off. You are now completely naked in front of this bitch and are truly humiliated and embarrassed as well.

"Damn, girl! You are one hot mommacita!"

Pricilla stands up and begins to slowly circle your nude form allowing her eyes to drink in every nubile inch of your body. As she circles she lets her finely manicured fingernails drag across your flesh, sending shivers throughout your entire frame. The sensation quickly turns your nipples into hard little erect sentries perched in the center of your delicious breasts.

"I take it that you've never been with a woman before, have you?"

"No, no I haven't."

"Well then this will be quite the learning experience for you now won't it?"

"I guess you can say that. Please Pris, I don't want to do this. Can't we work something else out?"

Standing behind you, cupping your breasts in her hands while pressing her own boobs against your back she whispers, "Hmmm, maybe. But you have to do something for me, to my satisfaction. If you do it well, we will discuss this more. Deal?"

Figuring that this may be your only chance to avoid having sex with this disgusting individual you agree. She leads you to the bed and indicates for you to sit.

"I can't get that image of you letting Hector jerk over your body out of my mind. You looked so incredibly sexy, girl. Now I want a private showing. I want to see exactly what he saw. I want you to get yourself off for me right now."

As embarrassed as you are, you cannot help but feel somewhat aroused. You are once again on display and that stokes your exhibitionist flame. Making yourself comfortable you lie back on the bed. Closing your eyes you allow your hands to freely roam your naked body; your finger tips gently caressing your exposed skin like a gentle summer's breeze.

The tingling deep within your pussy grows as your fingers lightly play with your erect nipples. A soft moan escapes your lips. You move your hands away from your breasts and down to the sensitive skin of your inner thighs. Spreading your legs apart allows better access to the skin of your inner thighs while at the same time allowing you to feel the heat being emitted by your womanhood.

You can hear Priscilla making comments but you cannot understand what she is saying; your body has quickly filled with lust and this is what your attention is focused on. Spreading your muscular thighs even wider, you use your right index and middle fingers to spread the moist lips of your pussy. With the middle finger of your left hand you gently rub your exposed pink flesh. You bite down on your bottom lip as you suddenly plunge your finger deep into your slick honey pot.

"Ugggghhhh!" you groan loudly.

You move your right hand from your loins back to your breasts, tugging on your sensitive nipples. It doesn't take long before a second and even a third finger slip deep into your steamy fuck hole. Your finger fucking becomes furious and the wet squishing sounds of your sex fill the air. Your breathing is short and rapid as you grunt and groan with each stroke of your fingers.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum. Yes, Yes, Yeeeessssss! Fuuuucccckk I'm CCCCCUUUUMMMIIIINNNGGGGGG!!"

As your orgasm subsides you slowly remove your fingers from your soaking wet pussy. Priscilla instructs you to lick your cum from your fingers and you do as you are told without hesitation. She asks if you taste good and you respond with a slight nod of your head. You open your eyes as you feel her naked body lie next to you in bed. Her skin feels as hot as yours even though you can feel the goosebumps on her arm.

Lying on her side Pris presses close to your body smashing her boobs against your left arm. With her left hand she casually plays with your belly button ring; her breathing causing her erect nipples to scratch against your skin. You begin to tremble with fear and excitement. Pris playfully walks her finger down from your belly button to just above your pussy. She flattens her hand and starts to lightly rub your pussy mound with her palm.

"Jeeze, Julia, how do you get your mound so smooth? I just love how it feels. That was pretty good but I'm still not 100% satisfied. Are you ready to try again?"

"I, I guess so," you stammer softly.

You slide your left hand under Priscilla's palm, trying to get at your pussy to start another round of masturbation.

"What do you think you are doing, Julia?"

"I thought you wanted me to masturbate again for you."

"You are only half right. I do want you to masturbate but I want you to get me off. And you better make me cum good, understand?"

As you wrestle with your predicament, Pris maneuvers into position by lying flat on her back next to you. She idly caresses her skin while waiting on the start of your womanly attention. Clearing her throat she snaps you out of your mental dilemma. You shift your position to be on your side, looking over her naked body you think to yourself, not bad. Her breasts are full with tiny hard pink nipples. Although not as athletic as you, Pris is very lean. She has shaven her dark public hair into a thin close cropped landing strip.

You start by lightly dragging your fingernails across her thigh causing goose bumps to arise. You can only hope that she gets off quickly as you allow your hand to roam freely over her skin, avoiding her most sexual areas. It doesn't take long before Priscilla's lithe body begins to tremble and her legs part just a bit. You can now clearly see that her outer lips are moist.

You slip your hand to her inner thigh and start a slow massage of her leg. She moans in delight and spreads her legs even more.

"Mmmm, come on Julia, stop teasing me. I want to feel your fingers on my pussy!"

As disgusting as this is you cannot help feeling a bit intrigued and aroused. You watch intently as you slide your hand up her thigh to her awaiting sex. You notice her lips are full and dark; they protrude like a set of wings. Gently you fold them open and gaze on the delicate pink flesh they concealed. Pris is wet, very wet; as you are as well. You let her lips go and they envelop your middle finger which is now pressed securely against her most erotic of areas.

Priscilla moans grow in intensity as you begin to lightly rock your finger back and forth along her juicy slit. Instinctively she spreads her legs to their widest. You shift your positioning now to be in the middle of her accepting thighs. You spend a few more moments of your teasing having caused her body to writhe lightly beneath your touch.

In a throaty whisper she gasps," Now Julia, do it now."

You quickly slip your finger deep into her womanhood.

"UGH!" she cries out.

You slowly start plunging your finger all the way into her and then all the way out. Occasionally you will press against her clit with your thumb sending even more shock waves through her tiny body. Her arousal quickly builds as she is now playing with her own breasts and moaning constantly.

"Fuck me faster, Julia. Fuck my pussy good!"

God her pussy is tight and is she ever wet! You can feel her sticky juices coating all of your fingers. Since you are using your left hand to pleasure her, you place her left leg on your shoulder, tilting her slightly to your left. You then slip your left knee over her right leg. This causes you to pin her right leg down between your legs. Pressing your body weight down puts your own excited pussy against her shin bone; sending waves of electricity coursing through your athletic form.

You finger her tiny pussy faster while at the same time rocking your clit back and forth against her shin. She now has both her hands tangled in her hair. She is writhing back and forth; moaning and groaning wildly. You can easily feel your own juices coating her skin and this only serves to fuel your finger fucking. As you push a second finger into her tight fuck hole, Priscilla's eyes shoot open.

"AHHHHH FUCK!" she screams.

You slam your fingers deep into this little slut. With a "come to me" motion you start to caress her velvety womb. She cannot take much more of your treatment. You quickly find her g-spot and make a full assault on the ultra sensitive area with your fingers. Her pussy squeezes tightly on your fingers as her orgasm explodes.


Priscilla is shaking uncontrollably as her body is overwhelmed by her orgasm. You watch in amazement witnessing your first female climax. She quickly comes down from her high as you gently remove your fingers from her sensitive pussy. Your hand is completely soaked in her cum. She lays there still for a few moments to collect herself as you start to get cleaned up and dressed.

"Christ Julia, that was amazing!"

"So then I did well and you aren't going to say anything about that thing with Hector, right?"

"You did better than well, girl! And don't worry, I won't say anything."

You watch in the mirror as she retrieves something from the chest of drawers at the foot of the bed. As she turns and makes her way out of the room she flashes her digital camera at you.

"Well Julia, I guess I will be seeing you!"

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