tagIncest/TabooThe Soak Ch. 04

The Soak Ch. 04


As you scramble out of the bed to chase Pris down you hear your brother call out from the kitchen. Foregoing the chase, you quickly finish putting the rest of your clothes on all the while feeling the impending doom of being found out. You cautiously peer out of the bedroom and hear the two speaking quietly in the kitchen. With a final deep breathe, you slip silently from your brother's bedroom and race across down the hall to your own bedroom. Once inside, you gently shut the door. Slumping against the door your mind begins to race as to what Priscilla is saying or even showing your brother at this very moment. You hide in your room for the rest of the evening scanning over every possible scenario that could have taken place between your brother and his wicked girlfriend.

Several days go by and still no noticeable difference in your brother's behavior. You can only assume that Pris is living up to her end of the deal. However, just thinking about that day sours your stomach. Eventually though you all but forget the incident until one afternoon a suspicious email appears in your inbox. It reads:

'Hey Julia,

I hope all is well with you. I need your help, which I know you will give to me. I had a momentary lapse in judgment and as a result my relationship with your brother may be in jeopardy. In case you decide not to help, I have attached a small video that should persuade you to help.

Put your mind at easy, what I need from you has nothing to do with sex. I do need you to talk to your brother and convince him that this is just a big misunderstanding, that I didn't do anything, and to move past this. If you can do that for me and convince him, then I will be happy to delete the video I have of us.

Deal? Let me know.


Clicking the attachment starts the download. In 25 seconds, your Media Player opens and the screen is filled with the image of you kneeling between Pris' outstretched legs fingering her pussy. You release a heavy sigh. Your heart drops into your stomach as you contemplate this new dilemma; if you do nothing your brother will finally be free of this bitch; however, she will for sure spread that video around to everyone in the known world. If you do help, you are spared the humiliation but condemn your brother to staying with the bitch. You spend about an hour wrestling with the decision. Finally you click the reply button on the email from Pris.


Even though I find what you ask incredibly distasteful and totally reprehensible I have no choice but to help you. However before I do I will need proof that you have deleted all copies of that video. Otherwise there is no deal.


A couple more emails nail down the particulars of when and where you will meet Pris to see the evidence destroyed and to go over the events and subsequent story. With a small sense of relief you leave your room and head to the kitchen for a snack.


As you come down the hall you can see your brother sitting at the kitchen table with his laptop. He is visibly mad as he looks at the screen.

"Hey Jos, what's wrong?" you ask.

"Oh Pris and I had a huge fight."


"I overheard her on the phone talking about sex with somebody else and how incredible it was. So I called her out on it and she denies it!"

"Did she say who or when it was?"

"No but I got it narrowed down to one of two days. The day she supposedly went to visit her mom or that day she was supposedly here tanning in the backyard. But that day you were here so I know she couldn't have done anything then."

You make your way to kitchen and stand behind your brother who is still seated at the table. Peering over his shoulder you watch as he checks through his email.

With all of his focus on the screen he remarks, "So I obviously don't believe her. That's why I hacked into her email. Now we will see the truth."

With those words your heart and stomach both explode. Your only hope is that she deleted the emails you exchanged back and forth.

"BINGO!" he exclaims. "There's an email she sent to herself with an attachment on it."

Before you realize what is happening, you watch in horror as your brother opens the email and quickly clicks on the attachment. The download box pops up reading 20 seconds left in the download. Twenty seconds later the Media Player box opens and all hope is lost.

Sheer terror grips you as an image appears on the screen. It's a short video of Priscilla doing a little striptease. As she dances around in just her tiny lingerie, you make a comment.

"Come on Jos, we shouldn't being doing this. And I certainly shouldn't be looking at this. She may have some pretty personal things in there. I don't think she would appreciate you letting me see her in that way."

"Oh come on, Julia, what's the big deal? Besides I would think you would want to get even with her because of what she did to you."

You can feel your skin flush and tiny beads of sweat begin to form on your brow. You think to yourself he must know. But how much does he know?

"What do you mean?" you stammer out.

"She told me what happened."

"What was that?" "She said she dropped by one day and you were here," he says, "and she told me that she saw you in the tub playing with yourself."

"Oh my God, Joseph! How did she know what I was doing in the tub? Which by the way I wasn't!"

"She said you left the door open and she peeked in. Look, it's no big deal. Everyone does it. She does it. I do it. Everyone does." He continues, "so I figure it is only fair if you see he naked too."

Even though this revelation was embarrassing a sense of relief washes over you. While he keeps scanning through her emails you think about telling him everything. He seems pretty cool with knowing that you masturbate, maybe he would be ok with everything else. Before you get a chance to make a decision, your attention is snapped back to the laptop.

"Mmmm, come on Julia, stop teasing me. I want to feel your fingers on my pussy!"

With tremendous trepidation you look at the screen. There on display is your naked body, back to the camera, kneeling next to a naked Priscilla, her legs spread slightly and your hand lightly massaging her inner thigh.

"STOP JOS! DON'T WATCH THAT!" you scream in horror.

It's too late; the clip ends as quickly as it started. Your brother just sits there, not moving, not saying a word. Your heart is beating so loud you are positive the entire block can hear it. You slump into the chair next to him. He starts to stand and you place your hand on his shoulder gently guiding him back down into the chair.

"Look I'm sorry, Joseph. But what you saw is only part of the story. I need to tell you the whole story, the truth because you deserve it, because you are my brother, and because I love and trust you."

He turns to look you in the eyes as you continue recanting the whole story.

"Here's what happened. Priscilla did catch me but not in the tub; however this whole mess did start in the tub. About a week or so ago I came home after a particularly long day and needed a hot bath. So one thing led to another and yes I masturbated. There I said it. After I got done I realized that someone had seen me."

With a deep heavy breathe, you continue, "It was Hector. I confronted him about it and he admitted he had watched me. So I told him that I needed to see him like he saw me or I would tell mom. He agreed but things just got out of hand. I honestly just wanted to watch him but I got so turned on I couldn't help myself."

"So anyway, I let him cum all over my naked body. And then, well, I let him eat my pussy until he made me cum. And that is where Pris comes into the story. Apparently she watched the whole event. A few days later I come home and she is out back tanning nude. We talk and she says that she will tell everyone what I did unless I do something for her."

"Again like an idiot I agree. So we go into your room and she has me strip. Then she makes me masturbate until I cum while she watches. And finally she makes me get her off. Which apparently she filmed and well you have seen part of the proof, so you have to know I'm telling the truth."

You continue, "But we didn't have sex or anything. I mean I only fingered her that's all."

Joseph asks, "So you didn't eat each other out, use sex toys, or grind your pussies together?"

"Jos! No we didn't. Honest"

"Well I'm going to have to check all these videos just to make sure."

"What? Why? I don't want you to see me like that!"

"What's the big deal, Julia? You've already admitted to it and I've already seen you naked. But I just need to be sure you are telling me everything. So I am going to look through them. You can stay and watch or leave. It's up to you."

"Just my naked backside." Defeated you say, "Fine."

You sit next to him as he starts clicking on the video attachments. The first bunch are relatively harmless and uneventful; videos of the dogs or from around the house, a couple of Pris getting dressed or showering. Eventually he gets to one of you. You watch as on screen you strip. Within seconds your bare breasts and hairless pussy are on display for your brother.

"Damn Julia, you got a tight rockin' body!" he remarks.

He clicks the next video and you watch as you lie on the bed and start exploring your body. You watch embarrassed as on screen you spread your legs leaving your pussy perfectly clear and visible. Even more embarrassing is watching you spread your pussy lips revealing how wet and pink your pussy was and then moaning loudly as you slip a finger deep inside yourself.

"Come on Jos, let's not watch anymore. Please"

"Why? What's the big deal? So you are fingering yourself. You look hot doing it!"

Hating to admit it but you are turned on by the fact that your brother is watching you play with your pussy. He is making the occasional comment as you both watch as on screen you slip a second and then third finger into your pussy. For the first time you are aware of what you look like when in the throes of passion.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum. Yes, Yes, Yeeeessssss! Fuuuucccckk I'm CCCCCUUUUMMMIIIINNNGGGGGG!!" on screen Julia screams out.

As your on screen image licks the cum from her fingers, your brother comments, "Fuck Julia that was awesome! Did you like tasting your own juice?"

You feel the heat of embarrassment fill your face as you answer, "Yes I did."

Suddenly he stands and says, "Follow me. I want to show you something."

You stand and follow him to his bedroom. You notice that he is sporting quite the impressive erection. You also notice that your pussy is extremely wet. As you enter his room he is busy putting something in the VCR. He sits on his bed and motions for you to sit next to him. You both are sitting upright against the headboard when he clicks the play button.

"I got to be honest with you sis," he starts, "Seeing you like that has made me incredibly horny. So I want to be fair and since you let me watch something private of you I thought I would return the favor."

The screen fills with an image of Pris dancing seductively. Next she begins to strip. In a few minutes she is completely naked. You both watch intently as Pris dances around allowing her small hands to roam all over her totally nude body; squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples, caressing her totally bare love mound. Finally she lies on the bed and starts to slowly massage her clit.

"Mmmmm, Jos. Can you hand me my toy please?" Pris asks.

Slowly a shiny chrome vibrator makes its way into frame. Pris grabs it and clicks it on the lowest setting. Placing the now vibrating toy against her clit causes Pris' hips to undulate. You take a quick glance at your brother and notice he is rubbing his hard on through his pants.

"This is too much for me to take. I need to get more comfortable," he says.

Without warning and in one swift motion, Joseph quickly stands, strips off his pants and underwear, and retakes his position on the bed. You are shocked at his boldness and impressed with the size of his manhood. As the action on screen continues he starts to lightly stroke his granite-like member.

"I'm sorry sis but I can't help it. After watching your video and now this, I'm horny as hell and I need relief. So the way I figure it since I saw you get off, it's no big deal if you see me."

Your attention keeps drifting towards watching your brother masturbate rather than watching Priscilla doing the same. Once again the scene changes. The camera is placed on the nightstand and your brother comes into the frame, naked and erect. In a flash Pris is on her knees and taking your brother's rigid cock into her mouth.

As she bobs her head up and down your brother's shaft the wet sounds of her sloppy cock sucking fill the room. Taking a glance at your brother next to you, you notice he has matched the pace of his stroking to the blowjob on screen. You also notice that you are incredibly turned on as well. Without thinking you gently lift your hips off the bed and slip off your sweats and thong. Lying next to your brother nude from the waist down is weird but soon that feeling is overshadowed by primitive arousal.

As the scene turns to your brother mounting Pris doggy style, you let your middle finger slip past your wet pussy lips and deep inside your burning womb. Your brother's stroking has also increased in pace. Soon the action on screen is forgotten as you both watch each other masturbate.

"Christ Julia your pussy is super wet. Spread your legs a bit more for me."

You do as requested and spread your legs further. This allows you the necessary room to insert a second and third finger into your honey pot. As you plunge your fingers rapidly in and out of your pussy you watch your brother stroke his thick cock. His shaft is complete soaked in his pre cum which is leaking generously from the large mushroom head of his dick. Then Jos readjusts himself so that he is sitting at your waist looking straight down at your dewy exposed pussy.

"Fuck Jos, I'm going to cum," you croak out.

"Me too Jules, me too!"

You both increase the pace of your masturbation. You are the first to hit the climax.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, AAAAHHHHHH!!!"

You feel three squirts of your love juice slip past your fingers soaking the covers beneath you. Just them Jos lays back and lets out a loud primordial moan.


You watch as thick cords of his man juice fly from the tip of his cock. Three, four, five, six large spurts of cum slap loudly against the bare skin of his chest and abdomen. You both lay still taking a moment to regain your composure. "That was something else," he quietly remarks.

"Yes it was. I've never seen a guy cum so much."

"Thanks, I guess. Now after we collect ourselves and get cleaned up we need to figure out a way to punish Priscilla," he says with a wicked wry smile on his face.

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