The Social Experiment


Fuck my life!

"Caleb," Abby mumbled softly, and I jumped back, suddenly realizing where my hands still were.

I studied the sign intently.

What would the next command be?

Abby had designed this, right.

It would never be something unrealistically-

Test subject Caleb. You must kiss the target everywhere that you have touched since the beginning of the experiment.

My heart sank.

Kiss her?

Sure, I'd kissed Abby before.

Her hands, her cheeks, her forehead.

But... I'd just touched her breasts as well, hadn't I...

Just what the fuck was going on?

I was still pondering the absurdity of it all when Abby's words before the experiment suddenly came back to me:


"...there's a reward in this for you, okay... Whatever it is you're asked to do just remember that. There's something in it for you that you'd really really like, that you've probably always wanted... whether you've actually thought about it or not.."


What did that mean?

Something that I always wanted, whether I realized it or not?

This couldn't be what she was talking about, could it.

Did my sister think that I always wanted to do this to her?

Abby was precious to me.

Perhaps more so than most sisters are to their brothers.

Even now as adults we made it a point to spend time together every year.

We talked several times per week, and not just the typical 'hey, how are you, see you!' kind of things.

We talked about everything.

Abby knew me. I knew that without a doubt.

She knew me down to my very core.

Could it be..?

Was this what she thought I secretly craved.

"Abby... do you want me to do this?" I asked, and her masked visage turned away from my direction.

Was it from shame? Doubt?

Thanks to that stupid mask I couldn't read a thing about her feelings.

No, wait.

Maybe not through her face, but I could always read her like an open book just from her body language, right?

What was her...?

Holy shit.

As I shifted my attention to her body I suddenly noticed a subtle hint of moisture, just a faint but unmistakable sheen glistening between her legs under the bright white light.

Was Abby... getting wet?

"I'm sorry Caleb, this is really fucked up. I know that. But... I'm prepared to deal with whatever you choose."

As I regarded her statement, something occurred to me.

I moved from her side, to her feet, where I'd wiggled her toe just as the experiment had begun, and making sure to carefully observe her body language, I bent down, and put my lips to her toe.

She jumped a little at first, but as I kissed along the instep, where my hand had traced, I noted that she was squirming, almost pleasurably, at the intimate contact.

She's... enjoying this? I thought incredulously.

But was she really?

I continued my intent observation as I moved over to her right hand, which I took once more into mines before leaning down to place a kiss.

Something felt off about that, I thought to myself.

I knew what my sister's hand felt like, perhaps more so than I did any other part of my body, but I was immediately distracted by the surreal feeling that Abby was smiling at me in response to the gesture, and I looked up into the mask for some hint of confirmation that she was complicit in the direction we were headed.

There was only one place left, and it was a sizeable mountain to cross, so to speak.

Her breasts stood proudly upon her chest, and I again wondered at just how blessed my sister's assets were.

How did I truly never notice?

Then again, what kind of pervert would it make me if I paid special attention to my sister in that kind of way?

I sighed inwardly.

That was a bit of a peculiar thing to think, considering what I needed to do next.

"Are you sure, Abby?" I asked once more, glancing at the timer which was now nearing the final minute, and she gave a quick nod.

I took another deep breath, then leaned down to my sister's chest and placed the lightest, most delicate kiss I could manage, upon her right breast, and after taking a moment to steady myself under the weight of the gravity of what I was doing, I placed a kiss on the other, but to my shock, as I glanced over at the clock, the seconds were continuing to tick away.

Less than twenty seconds!


"You- uh, touched them more than that, Caleb," she muttered meekly, and I gulped, knowing there was no time to hesitate.

I leaned in, and quickly ran a series of kisses along the surface of her, firm, shapely breasts, and this time a little stifled moan came from her mask, and I noted that again she writhed about quite a bit, her legs rubbing almost achingly together.


Obedience confirmed. Fetching next command.

Jesus. How many commands were there going to be...?

Just how far was Abby daring me to go for the sake of science?

Test subject Caleb. Target must achieve orgasm. You may assist her in any way you deem necessary.

"No way..."

I gulped.

Did my sister actually want me to make her cum?

My beautiful, wonderful, precious older sister?

What the hell was she thinking when she designed this?

Was it merely a test of how far I would go before there was no choice left but to watch her suffer until the experiment came to an end?


Abby would never ask me to watch her suffer.

Come on Caleb.


What was I missing?

There was the obvious possibility that the shocks weren't real and that it was all a ploy to see how far I would go.

But that was unlikely.

Abby knew that I would never sit by and watch her suffer, even if there was the possibility that it was merely an act.

She'd know that I'd be doing what I did up until now, in obeying the commands.

What was the catch?

Abby designed this, knowing me and everything that I would think and do... so did that mean that she wants to see how far I would go?

I couldn't imagine it would be that either, but her words at the start still made me wonder.

What if she really thinks that I want this?

What if she thinks that an excuse to experience this intimacy with her, even once, was something I secretly desired?

"...whether you realize it or not.."

Wasn't that what she said?

I placed my hand on hers and gave it a reassuring squeeze, and she took my hands into hers, returning the gesture.

Nothing about her body language was saying no.

There were no hints that said 'don't touch me' or 'stop!'

Now that I think about it, it was more the opposite than anything else.

I placed a hand on her thigh, and her shuddered slightly, her breath seemingly caught as she waited to see if I would continue, and as I ran my hand along the side of her thigh, upwards, along the side of her stomach and towards the outer swells of her breasts, she breathing tensed, perhaps in nervous anticipation, of where my hands were heading.

"It's okay," she muttered shyly, giving me not only consent, but egging me on.

I glanced at the timer.


Was it possible to make her achieve an orgasm in two minutes?

She was tense, and this was a pretty strange situation, so I figured not.

She'd have to suffer through at least one shock.

Take it slow, I thought to myself, as I ran my hands along the length of her side.

I need her to relax, or else she might be too tense to even achieve an orgasm under these circumstances.

Should I kiss her?

I already had, but it was required then, and surely I could help her to orgasm by using my hands alone.

Her breathing tensed again as my hand travelled down her side then upwards again, towards the swell of her breasts, and this time, I let them wander to the fleshy globe, cupping it gently before trailing its way back down.

I could hear her breathing now, raspy and tense through the mask, though it seemed to be a bit different than before.

The timer counting down to the first punishment was almost done, and as the seconds approached the zero mark, I leaned down and kissed her gently on the swell of her right breast, just above the nipple, and she squirmed, emitting a little pleasurable 'ah' just as the buzz of from the mask sounded, and she yelped as her body jerked from the shock.

I sighed inwardly.

That reaction seemed way too genuine to be faked.

The punishments were real, and as I steeled myself in preparation of what I was about to do, I made a mental note to properly chastise Abby after this was all done.


As the intervals shortened the shocks would become more powerful and frequent.

I had to make it in this window, or the chances of accomplishing the task would diminish significantly.

I kissed her on her breast again, and this time began to softly fondle the other breast with my left hand, while my other hand continued to make delicate trails along the sensitive places along her sides.

It was so surreal, touching Abby like this.

She was always so squeamish that I could hardly even imagine touching her like this, under normal circumstances, without sending her into a screaming fit of giggles.

But her body was squirming delightfully under my touch, and little moans were coming softly from the mask as I placed each kiss along her glorious breasts.

I positioned myself closer to her, and as my hands trailed down her sides, I allowed them to slip towards the base of her abdomen, and her legs spread out at the contact, almost invitingly, as my fingers began to trace their way down, to the little barely visible trail of pubic hair that stood at to the now slick, outer folds of her vagina.

I let my finger linger there for a moment, before massaging the soft skin of her outer labia, allowing my fingers to work slowly towards the hood of her clitoris.

She was moaning now, and the mask covering her face turned upwards as she squirmed visibly now under me.

Was she even enjoying this at all?

It suddenly occurred to me that maybe she was simply enduring this, after all she'd made it clear from the electric shocks that she was willing to suffer for the sake of her research.

Maybe I was being stupid, but part of me suddenly wanted her to enjoy it.

I leaned closer to her again, and began to run my kisses up from her breasts, aiming for the sensitive places along her shoulder and moving in on her neck.

I continued to massage her breasts as my fingers now worked on her clit, rubbing it in a steady circular motion as I focused more intently on the way I kissed her neck.

From the way she reacted to each kiss, I quickly figured out which places she loved to be kissed, and I began to focus on these areas as I ran a finger, deliberately along the length of her slit, lubricating it well so that it would slip easily past her lips.

A louder moan now came from her lips as I slipped inside of her, and as I fingered her, I allowed my thumb to brush ever so gently against her clit with each insertion.

Her breathing began to rapidly quicken, and I knew she was getting close.

As I continued to stimulate her, I stole a sideways glance at the clock and-


Less than twenty seconds left.

I began to work the finger in and out of her more furiously, increasing the intensity of my oral assault on her neck.

She was close, I could almost feel her orgasm beginning to build, but as the seconds ticked down to zero I knew she wasn't going to make it, so I slowed down my pace, preparing for the aftermath of her impending punishment.


She cried out this time, and her body jerked painfully under me as the electric shock jolted painfully through her.

"Abby, I'm sorry," I muttered, placing my hand in hers, but she shook her head quickly in response.

"You're doing great, Caleb. I'm almost there."

I slowly resumed working my finger inside of her, but as I leaned down to kiss her again, I began to run my kisses down her neck, pausing just for a bit at her chest, before continuing down, moving briefly across her stomach, before finally moving lower, to where my hands were now focused.

Could I survive kissing my sister there?

It was a problematic question, and one that I would rather not test under any circumstances, so I opted instead to kiss the sensitive places along her upper leg and inner thigh, while I pumped my finger more steadily and furiously into her.

I used my now free right hand to caress her as I kneeled between her legs, and as she began to approach a climax once again, I began to massage her clit as my finger sloshed in and out of her now dripping wet pussy.

Her moans were once more quite audible, and her hands, still fastened to the chair, were clenching tightly onto the armrests as she scooted down a little to allow me easier access.


I picked up the pace a bit, and Abby was certainly getting very much into it, but as the seconds ticked away I once again got a sinking feeling that she wouldn't quite get there before the punishment.

Shit, I thought.

The shocks were not only painful, but a major setback in the progress being made each time.

I had to do something.


A loud moan came from her lips, and I could see she was getting close.

Very close.

I have to do something!

I looked up into her masked face, at the squirming sexy girl in front of me, and suddenly I thought to myself.

Why are you hesitating?

A beautiful, sexy goddess is lying naked and at your mercy.


I took a deep breath, then without thinking about it a second more, I leaned down and planted my lips onto her pink, puffy slit, and her reaction was immediate.

"Oh god," her words sounded raspy, almost not like Abby's voice at all, and I wasted no time in planting my tongue into the hood of her clit, flicking firmly against her most sensitive rose bud as my fingers worked furiously in and out of her pussy, making an obscene sloshing that was drowned out by the sudden, loud moans that accompanied them.


Her moans had built steadily into a crescendo of screams, culminating in an intense orgasmic cry, and I sighed with relief as the 'beep' from the message board, and the accompanying 'obedience confirmed' message confirmed that the act had been acknowledged.

I planted one final kiss lovingly on her inner thigh before withdrawing from her, and to my surprise I noted that there was no longer a 'fetching next command' accompanying the 'obedience confirmed' message this time.

Was it over?

Was it finally... done?

I was still waiting in bated anticipation when the lights in the room dimmed, and a door on the other end of the room opened from the other side, and the younger man with the glasses from earlier stepped in with a short, stocky girl with curly red hair and freckles that I didn't immediately recognize.

Dr Wakowski walked in after them, then my jaw dropped almost to the floor as none other than my darling sister, Abigail Walker, walked in right behind her, with the biggest, most sheepish smile imaginable plastered on her beet red face.

"A-Abby?" I stuttered, unable to form the words into a coherent sentence.

I stared in shock as she bit her lips, and gave me an anxious, timid wave, and her two research partners came over to the naked girl in the chair, and began to undo her bindings.

"T-then who...?" I muttered, as the cuffs came off, and the girl got to her feet with a flourish, removing the mask to reveal a stunning brunette, who in addition to having a very similar build to my sister's, also eerily resembled her.

"Hi there," she called brightly, "my name is Audrey Camry, but I'm better known by my screen name-"

"-August Summers," I muttered, disbelievingly.

"Wow~. Someone's a fan!" she called excitedly, walking past Abby's research partners and over to me, and I shot Abby a wide-eyed look of disbelief as the naked porn star that I probably masturbated to for the better part of my adolescent years wrapped her arms around me and gave me a much more than friendly hug.

Holy shit.

Amidst all of the confusion, it only just occurred to me that I had actually just given the porn star of my dreams an orgasm, and my mind was still reeling when someone handed her a robe which she begrudgingly donned.

"Your sister said you were crazy about me, but damn, she didn't tell me what a fine young man you were. Come on! Chat with me a bit while these coats do their work."

Wait, then... the special reward Abby was talking about... it was this?

How the hell did she even know about this?

A man's preferences in pornography was amongst his most intimate secrets.

I shot Abby a sharp questioning glance but she never had a chance to respond as August quickly led me away from the room, her arm linked with mine.

"So? How did I do?" August asked with a wink, and I stared at her, completely star-struck.


"For a second I thought you were onto me when you checked out the fake mole on my butt, but these make up guys were top class. Although... there was no way for them to hide these babies, huh?" she gestured towards her breasts with a wink, and I felt slightly giddy as I realized why my sister's breasts suddenly seemed that much larger.

But then again, I thought, Abby probably didn't have plastic surgery.

"But you really didn't have a clue, huh! You see? Everyone thinks that porn stars don't know how to act, but I'll tell ya, we spend a lot more time working on our acting than some of those 'Hollywood' stars," she continued, and I nodded blankly, still in a daze as she rambled on.

"Miss Taylor? We need him for follow up questions," Dr Wakowski called, and August rolled her eyes as she turned towards the older woman.

"The poor kid's traumatized! Give him a couple minutes, will ya?"

"Fine; two minutes," Dr Wakowski responded with a heavy, reluctant sigh.

"Don't worry kid, I'll only need one anyway," August whispered, shooting me a conspiratorial wink, before pulling me with her, to my confusion, down a corridor and away from the bustle of the lab.

"Wha- where are we-?" I asked, as we entered a large room, but the words were barely out of my mouth when she pulled me into a little makeshift changing booth, shoving me roughly against the wall.

She wasted no time, kneeling in front of me and attacking my belt buckle with urgency.

"In case you're wondering, kid, this isn't part of the deal, but after a performance like that, you're lucky I didn't just take you as soon as they freed my hands."


"That orgasm was easily top five. The only other person to make me cum like that was Jonny King, and he does this thing with his tongue? Like a snake really. That man could make me cum in minutes if he tried. Doesn't matter though. Jonny doesn't touch me the way you did."

She fished my erect member out of my pants as she spoke, and my eyes almost rolled into the back of my head as she swallowed me in one go without another word.

My knees almost gave out under me as she bobbed up and down along my length, taking me all the way to the root and holding me there several times.

"Really good, huh? Bet you didn't think it'd feel this good when you watched my videos."

I nodded quickly, my breath caught in my throat, and she smiled wickedly before licking along the length of my shaft before again taking me into her mouth.

"If we had the time I'd have really given you the full show. It's so much better when I can get a good slobbery gag going, but- eh, gotta work with what you got, right?"

She winked as she placed her lips around the base of my cock, sliding down to my balls, then taking my sack into her mouth and sucking on it gently.

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