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The address on the gold embossed invite was unfamiliar. Simon read the card aloud, ‘This is your Personal Invite, dinner dress please. Arrive at 7:30 for prompt start at 8:00. Chauffer will pick you up accordingly. DO NOT BE LATE!’

No telephone number, no address, and no name. What was this all about? Trying to work out where the invite may have come from jolted a vague memory from last week’s party. One of the guests, what was his name? George, yes, that was his name, George. ‘Expect the unexpected,’ George had told Simon after having conversations about parties, wine and women. ‘I have enjoyed our little conversation and we will meet again soon, on my terms,’ George had told Simon as he left the club. ‘Must be a stag dinner party,’ Simon thought to himself as he checked his dinner suit was clean and pressed. ‘All a bit mysterious, but hey, the guy was a bit weird, perhaps this could be a blast.’

Simon explained to Jayne, Simon’s wife of seven years, that he was invited to a stag party. She told him that she was supposed to meet Tina, Jayne’s best friend, for a drink anyway, so his stag party invite was not going to be a problem.


Saturday evening arrived.

“Bye lover, see you later,” Jayne kissed Simon’s cheek as she left for her date with Tina.

Minutes later there was a knocking on the door. A chauffer stood in uniform and invited Simon to take his seat in the back of the black limousine. The chauffer introduced himself as Clive, but answered none of Simon’s questions about his host for the evening or the venue. The windows were blacked out and Simon could only just make out the headlights of other cars on the road. After several miles, he wasn’t quite sure where he was or which direction he was travelling in. The champagne in the ice bucket was welcome though. Simon sipped several glasses before the limo came to a stop and Clive opened the door with a ‘Here we are sir.’

The gravel crunched under Simon’s shoes as the driveway was met by a flight of ten granite steps that led to a pair of large antique oak doors. The country mansion must have had at least twenty bedrooms. Simon knew this was going to be a special night. Wearily, he entered the hallway, greeted by a butler.

“This way sir,” the butler motioned to Simon and handed him a cloak and facemask, “Please put these on sir.”

Simon fitted the mask, a papier-mâché of a smiling face that concealed all but his mouth and chin, and placed the black cloak over his shoulders, clipping the chrome clasp at the collar. The inner doors that led to a ballroom opened, revealing tables heavily laden with wine and food. About a dozen or so other masked and caped men were in the room and applauded as Simon entered. ‘What is this all about’ Simon thought. A gong announced a special arrival. What appeared to be the Host, George perhaps, entered the ballroom dressed in a white cloak with a plain white mask. It was then Simon realised that all of the other guests, all male, were wearing the same masks and cloaks. Pure anonymity.

Simon helped himself to a glass of champagne as a guest greeted him. “Hello, is this your first time?” Simon nodded yes. “Please, we must not reveal our identities, no-one must know who you or I am. Soon, others will arrive and the party will begin in earnest.” The mystery guest turned and left Simon to wonder who these people were.

Moments later, the Host, the man in the white cloak, beat a staff on the floor to attract everyone’s attention. “If I may,” he announced boldly, “the rules are clear, gentlemen. We have a special guest here tonight, his first time with us. Please make him welcome as we enter him into our midst. Sir, please come forward.”

Simon realised the host was talking to him. Simon moved through the crowd and stood in front of the host. “Please, take a seat here,” gestured the host. Simon sat as was immediately surrounded by several of the other guests. They took hold of his arms and proceeded to bind them behind his back, his feet tied to the legs of the chair at his ankles. Simon began to panic, “Please do not be alarmed, we are not going to cause you any harm. Stay relaxed and soon you will become one of us,” the host reassured Simon.

Firmly bound to the chair, hand and foot, the guests parted, forming a human corridor in front of Simon. At the end of the line stood the butler with a naked female on his arm. She too was masked and had ostrich feathers in her hair. Slowly, the butler escorted the female up the human corridor and stopped within feet of Simon and the host. Again, the host wrapped the wooden ballroom floor with his staff and drew the attention of his guest, “Let the ceremony begin,” he announced.

The female knelt in front of Simon and pealed back Simon’s cloak. Then, she undid his cummerbund and opened his trouser clip and zipper. She then proceeded to extract Simon penis from its warm hideaway. Gently, she licked his cock, causing it to swell slowly. Simon, now embarrassed, began to blush under his mask. “Please, relax sir,” said the butler. The scene was surreal. Twelve clones stood in two rows, the butler, the Host and the female, all paying attention to the ‘Initiation Ceremony’.

The female eased back Simon’s foreskin, revealing a purple head. Her tongue teased the small opening where a small amount of clear liquid had accumulated. He closed his eyes to try to blot out the dozen or so masks and to concentrate on the attention the female was giving his cock. She was a master artist at oral sex. He was now fully erect and the sensation he was feeling was beginning to betray his situation. He was close to orgasm and the female knew it. She took his cock deep into her mouth, her tongue massaging the underside of the shaft. Simon felt the pressure build and the intense climax rush through his body as he ejaculated in the female’s mouth. She swallowed as the onlookers applauded. Cheers filled the room and replace the silence.

Again, the staff rattled the floorboards. “It is done!” Hoorays erupted and Simon’s hands and feet were untied as the female stood and took the butler’s arm, escorting the woman out of the ballroom.

Pats on the back and congratulations were received from everyone in the room. A platter of food and glass of champagne were thrust into Simon’s hands.


The room was filled with the mumbles of conversation and Simon found himself discussing the initiation with two others. “Is it always like this?” Simon asked.

“No, no. It depends on the time of the year. There are four types of initiation; receiving of head, full intercourse, giving of head and masturbation.”

“What do you mean, ‘giving of head’?”

“Oh don’t worry,” laughed the mask, “you don’t suck dick; you have to satisfy a female using your tongue within fifteen minutes. If you fail, you are asked to leave. It is by far the most difficult as the girls are experienced and can take some time to get fully worked up.”

Simon lifted his glass in salute and strolled to a corner of the room where two other masks were having a discussion.

“…and he never flinched,” concluded a mask, as they both let out full belly laughs.

“Hi guys, mind if I join you?”

“Not at all.”

Simon informed the masks of his newness to the ‘Society’ and began to ask questions.

“All will be revealed, all will be revealed,” was all the answers he could get. Frustrated, Simon decided to wander. As he reached the centre of the room, he looked up for the first time. It was then he noticed a gallery at the right of the entrance, about twenty feet above another set of doors that were partially hidden by plush, burgundy velvet curtains. In the gallery stood two females, both naked but for their identical masks. They were surveying the room, as if they were members of a security team. They were joined by the butler who took the girls, one on each arm, and disappeared through the gallery door.

Simon sipped his champagne and placed the uneaten food on a nearby table. Looking around, it was very difficult to tell apart the other guests. The easiest way was to look at their shoes and the colour of their skin. There were four dark skinned guests spread about the room, most in conversation with the others. Simon felt left out, alone, unsure why he was still here. Intrigue held him back from leaving. Curiosity began to grow stronger, and the urge to find out who were the female guests.

Bang bang bang. The staff ordered silence. “Gentlemen, it is time.” The Host had re-entered the room and called his flock to follow through the doors beneath the gallery.

The adjacent room contained leather sofas and chairs; wooden tables about five feet square; strange contraptions that resembled gynaecological chairs with leather straps; leather strapping that hung from the high ceiling; other items of curiosity that Simon had no idea of its intended use. There was a strong odour of incense and the lighting was low. The curtains, closed, were of the same heavy velvet that had partially hidden the door to the ballroom, and the wooden clad walls contained many books in cases, paintings, and other trinkets.

The library door at the opposite end of the room opened and the butler led a procession of naked, masked females into the room. More than twenty females immediately mingled with the male guests. Simon stood still and scanned the room, taking in it’s splendour; the curious trinkets, the female guests and the other mask’s movements. He was unsure what to do, but he felt he knew what was about to happen.


A female approached Simon and greeted her company. “Hello, would you like a fresh drink?” she asked. Simon, not sure what the protocol was meant to be just nodded his head. As she lifted fresh champagne from a silver salver, Simon quickly scanned the other masks. Some were accompanied with two females, other one. The masks were fondling and or kissing their female companions and some were making their way to the sofas, leather straps, and tables.

“There you are,” she said softly, “can I make you more comfortable?” Simon nodded once more as she gently forced Simon onto a leather chair. Unzipping his zipper, she began to lick his cock as she made herself comfortable between his knees and removed Simon’s trousers and shorts. Simon, embarrassed and self-aware of his nakedness at first, began to enjoy another blowjob as he scanned the room once more. Already, several masks were fucking females, over a table, on a sofa and one female was firmly strapped into the leather swing, her pussy in receipt of a pounding from her masked gentleman.

‘So it begins,’ Simon thought to himself as he felt his cock stiffen to full hardness in the female’s hot, wet mouth. Her technique was not as good as his initiation female, but, it was a while since Simon had received head, and twice in thirty minutes was nothing to complain about.

The female stood and turned her back on Simon, then slowly sat on his cock. Her damp pussy swallowed his cock in one smooth stroke. She then began a steady rhythm as she lifted herself almost full off his cock, and then dropped back down onto his lap until her ass was firmly against his stomach. ‘Outrageous’ Simon thought as he felt the warm wet pussy massage his stiff cock. He was sure that his first fuck of the even was going to be a short one.

Simon informed his companion that he was about to cum. She stood, turned and once again, inserted his glistening cock into her mouth. He ejaculated, making the female gag a little as she tried to swallow his fluid. Some managed to escape past her glossy red lips and run down her chin. Simon thought he was in heaven, his eyes fixed firmly on this masked beauty.

He couldn’t see much of her face, but the little he could see showed she was a beautiful white woman, with dark brown eyes. Her hair, long and brunette, was tied back and decorated with ostrich feathers. Her breasts were firm and large, probably 34C, Simon judged, and her firm stomach indicated that she spent some time working out in a gym. She lifted her head and licked the remaining moisture from his cock, then with a finger, chased the escaped semen on her chin into her mouth, her tongue all the while, licking her lips. She stood and sat on Simon’s lap. Her tongue searched out his as they exchanged saliva and they passionately French-kissed. Simon caressed the female’s breasts, tweaking her nipples. She moaned quietly as she succumbed to his attention.

“Would you like to try out a chair?” she asked, point to the gynaecological chair at the far side of the room. The sound and smell, along with the sights in the room had already given Simon the recovery needed for intercourse. They slowly walked through the room, Simon’s eyes scanning the activities of the others. The female in the leather swing now had a second cock in her mouth as she began to scream to orgasm. On the sofa, two females knelt at the feet of a mask; a third female straddled his cock. Alternatively, the females on their knees would pull out the cock and give it a good sucking before re-inserting it into the wet darkness.

Simon’s companion tugged at his arm to join him and assist as she sat in the chair. Her feet in stirrups, Simon fastened the leather ankle-cuffs and sat in front of the chair on a stool. Her pussy, now fully exposed, was mere inches from his face. Her clitoris hood was pierced with a ring, and her inner labia, now swollen with blood, pouted out from the outer lips. Simon ran a finger over the length of her opening, then resting on her clitoris, he began to gently massage the little button, feeling it swell a little as the female relaxed and began to enjoy herself. Juices began to ooze from her vagina and Simon used it for lubrication. He tasted the wetness as his tongue probed her pussy. She was shaven clean apart from a thin strip of pubic hair above her clitoris. Simon pushed deep into her with his tongue, swallowing the sweet juice from this woman. He began to wonder how many men she had satisfied, how many cocks she sucked, how much semen she had swallowed. All of these thought made his cock throb with anticipation.

The female shuddered in orgasm as Simon’s tongue search the depths of her hole and his fingers massaged her clitoris. He stood, pulled back his shirttails, exposing his harness, and nuzzled the head of his cock on the wet inner labia. His cock traced the dampness up to her clitoris, then down over the opening and across her ass. He briefly considered fucking her ass, but then drove the thought out of his mind, ‘perhaps later’. He thrust forward and deep into her vagina his cock sank. The female let out a gasp as she felt his hardness hit her cervix. Simon slowly fucked her, in out, in out, his pace began to quicken and within minutes he was fucking the female like a dog. The female’s breasts bounced uncontrollably with every thrust, his cock pounding her cervix on each stroke. “I’m cumming,” he whispered, “shall I cum inside?”

“Do… me… any… which… way… you… like… ,” the female gasped. He flooded her. His cock pulsated, extruding his semen deep inside her vagina with every beat of his heart. The female, whimpered as another orgasm rushed through her body.

Simon stood over her for a short while as his cock softened and slowly fell out of her wet hole. He undid the leather ankle-cuffs and she stood. Taking his arm she escorted Simon through a small corridor and into a bathroom. “We must now freshen up,” she told him. Simon began to remove his cloak, “No, you must not remove either the cloak or mask!” she explained. “You must be the new guest?” she questions as she took a soapy sponge and began to wipe the remnants of sex from Simon’s genitals.

“Yes,” he told her, “this is my first time here.”

“Do you like it?”

“So far, it’s amazing.”

“Yes, well you will find that after a while, you will become stronger and last longer. You will find that you will be able to control yourself and will be able to make the girls beg for mercy.”

“Was I not good?” Simon asked almost apologetically.

“No, no, you were very good, it’s just that the others would have had me begging for mercy, begging for them to fill me, begging for them to cum. Most of the other girls are clean living housewives who are looking for excitement. One or two of the girls are ‘specials’ and are willing to do almost anything.”

“And you?”

“Well, let’s say I enjoy sex, I enjoy the feel of a cock inside me; I enjoy the excitement of not knowing who the stranger is that is fucking me. It gets me off.”

“Are you married, a housewife?”

“We shouldn’t be talking like this,” she refreshed the sponge and washed her self of Simon’s semen. “Let’s say, hmm, let’s say my partner is happy with the arrangement.”

She took his arm and they re-entered the library. She was right, the other masks were still going strong, Simon had cum twice this evening already, and the sight before him was making him want to attempt a third orgasm.

“I must circulate,” she whispered in his ear and kissed his lips. He watched her stroll across the room, joining a couple to make up a threesome.


Simon took fresh champagne and as he took his second sip, his arm was touched gently. “Mind if I join you?” she asked. Simon was beginning to wonder if this surreal orgy would develop into something else. He nodded and she took his arm and escorted him to a free sofa.

She fondled Simon’s balls as he felt the wetness between her legs. “What’s your name?” Simon asked.

“Please, you know the rules, but, for now, let’s say my name is Joy.”

“Well, hello Joy, my name is, um, Dick.” They laughed and kissed. He thought his previous female was good, but Joy was better. Her firm lips, covered with ruby red lip-gloss tasted sweet. Her firm breasts, probably 36C’s were as firm as her lips and her pussy was tight.

“Do you come here often, Joy?”

“I cum her a lot, at least a dozen times a night,” she giggled, “but seriously, we shouldn’t be talking like this.”

Simon wanted to stick by the rules, but his fresh curiosity was too much. He persisted with his questions in between kisses and nipple sucks.

“Okay, I come here about three or four times a year. Most girls come every month and if the Society was active every night, some girls would live here.”

“Do you get paid?”

“Please,” she pulled back, “do you?” Simon shook his head. “We are here for the same reason you are. Women enjoy a good fucking as much as men you know.”

“I’m sorry,” Simon apologised, “please, accept my apology. No more questions.”

Simon reached over to a drinks table next to the sofa. “Here you go,” he offered Joy a glass. They toasted the cock and the pussy and Joy swallowed the glass in one go. She then lowered her head onto his lap and took his cock in her mouth. As his cock entered her mouth, he felt the coldness of the champagne. She had held back from swallowing and washed his cock in the drink inside her mouth. He felt the tiny bubbles tingle his sensitive glands as she slowly swallowed the liquid and began to move her head.

His left arm reached behind Joy and fingers traced the line of her buttocks down past her rear opening and into the dampness of her pussy. Inserting a finger into her tightness, he finger-fucked Joy as she sucked on his cock. She was as good as his previous partner and then he realised that he had to stop comparing his female acquaintances. He closed his eyes and took in the full input from his senses as Joy pulled back his foreskin and teased the head with her tongue.

She knelt and straddled his cock. Simon felt the tightness around his shaft. This was a new sensation. How could a woman, having regular sex have such a tight pussy? He didn’t complain; he just let Joy fuck him on the sofa. His head back and eyes closed, Joy kissed Simon’s neck, whispering words as she rode his cock. He felt a presence and opened his eyes. Another female had joined them and was knelt between Simon’s legs. She began to fondle Simon’s balls and intermittently inserted a finger into Joy’s pussy along with his cock. This made the tightness of Joy’s pussy more sensuous. Then the female began to pull out Simon’s cock between strokes and suck Joy’s juices from his shaft before re-inserting his cock into Joy’s pussy. This continued for ten minutes or so before Joy stood, turned around and sat on Simon’s cock again. This allowed the other female access to Joy’s clitoris. She tongued Joy to orgasm and Simon felt Joy’s grip on his cock intensify. This was too much for Simon and he emptied his load into Joy causing her to shudder. The other female allowed Simon’s cock to fall free of Joy’s grasp before she began to clean up the fluids. She licked and sucked his cock clean and then proceeded to carry out a similar service for Joy.

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