The Society


"Oh my! I didn't expect this much talent from a young boy. Now just do what I say and we'll both have a wonderful time. Keep running your tongue up and down. Yes just like that!" Catherine breathed heavily and I felt her hand running through my hair. "Now twirl it around the hood. Aaaaagh!"

The gorgeous blonde cooed when I followed her instructions. Her thick excitement kept flowing and as I continued to lick and kiss her I drank it down. She had begun to clamp her legs around my head and squirm underneath me. I knew from her reactions that I was bringing Catherine close to where she wanted to be, an earth shattering orgasm. Still I didn't try anything on my own. First I was only twenty and I had no idea what I was doing and second there was just something about this woman that told me to obey. I followed every order that was gasped out to me from in between heavy breathing.

"Stick that tongue into me Denny! Slide it in and out and rub it against that big clitoris." She ordered with a high pitched sigh.

Once again I did what I was told and was rewarded with a splash of lubricant against my face. The few women I had been with had never cum this hard or emitted so much liquid. I felt her hands grab the back of my head and then her genitals bucked against my face. Then her smooth silk encased legs closed around my head and I heard the loud guttural cry. I thought that I might actually suffocate. Her legs were so powerful all I could do was fuck her pussy with my tongue while the blonde's arched body hung onto my head. It lasted a long minute and then Catherine's body relaxed and she collapsed back onto the couch.

"Oh sweetie climb up here on top of me." Catherine was smiling down at me with her arms open and her large breasts sticking out like perfect round orbs.

"Did I do it right?" I wimpered as I crawled up into her arms and was met by her open mouth. I couldn't tell you why but pleasuring this woman to her ultimate satisfaction was so important to me.

"Oh darling you don't get that much honey all over your face without making a woman shake with lust. Now I get to enjoy a nice sensuous fuck with that big dick of yours." Catherine told me as she kissed me.

She grabbed me by the shaft and it made me jump but I quickly settled back on top of her and let her sink my erection inside her. It was tight and wet and Catherine slowed me down when I tried to start fucking her.

"Just relax baby. Anyone can climb on top and fuck me like a gorilla. Slow and deep my dear, we've got all night so slow and deep." The tall blonde whispered into my ear her tongue licking at my lobe.

I followed her instructions. I melted into her body. She had a good hold of me. I was buried inside her up to the hilt. She had her arms around my back and her legs wrapped around the backs of my thighs forcing them to spread out wide. I moved slowly and made sure to grind myself deep into Catherine at the end of each deliberate push into her body. She was smiling and letting out high pitched sighs.

I was in the arms of a gorgeous mature woman my hard cock coated with her excitement. I soon found that she knew exactly how to bring a young man to the heights of ecstasy. I felt wonderful. It was at that moment that I felt a hand on the back of my shoulder and something slide between my buttocks. I was startled and tried to turn around but I was anchored to Catherine and the strength emanating from the hand on my shoulder told me that a powerful person was behind me.

"Relax Denny relax. This is going to feel so good just spread your legs wider. It's just the three of us here." Catherine cooed into my ear.

"What's going on?" I uttered in a confused panic. I tried to buck against Catherine's hold but she was too strong. It was at that point that I felt a pressure against my sphincter.

I turned and saw that it was Corinna lying on top of me. She was smiling down at me and when the Amazon saw me turn she leaned down and kissed me. I felt the probe press against me with greater force further splitting my sphincter muscle. I tried to squirm away but all it brought was more pain. I groaned as I felt Corinna press down harder on me. My cock softened as my sphincter stretched to the point that I thought that the muscular blonde was going to tear me apart. I struggled as best I could but I knew that I wasn't going to get away. The women were just too strong. Both of them had worked hard to force my legs apart with their own legs and now Corinna had her arms entwined with mine in a full nelson wrestling hold.

I was quickly running out of gas and the women were sensing the end of my fight. I tried one more desperate attempt to escape and then my body gave out. I collapsed down onto Catherine's body, my sphincter gave in and completely relaxed. I let out a groan as the tube that had been pressing against my muscle slid into my rectum. Catherine's legs loosened their grip on mine and she began kissing me again. She ran her hands up and down my now relaxed body.

I figured that it was a strap on dildo that the big blonde was fucking me with and I kept hearing what Catherine had said into my ear, that it was just the three of us on this couch. As Corinna pushed into me the phallus seemed to thicken stretching my sphincter beyond what I thought was humanly possible. I panicked at not knowing what was going to happen next but there was just nothing I could do.

"I'm balls deep." Corinna announced from above.

"Doesn't this feel wonderful my luv?" Catherine gloated into my ear.

"Oh God it hurts! My cock is limp!" I grunted back to her.

"Just stay relaxed and you'll be hard again soon enough. You're doing great. You've already made me cum so hard. Now it's your turn." Catherine told me.

"It's so fucking tight!" I cried for mercy.

"Tight's good." I felt Corinna's lips brush against my ear.

With that the big blonde began to move in and out of me. It was slow and easy at first but the pace soon quickened and I was listening to the slap of her hips against my ass. I had no idea what she had up my ass. I had never had anything like this done to me before but I was certain that this was bigger than a guy's penis.

With my arms still entwined in hers with the full nelson hold Corinna pulled me back and up into a standing position. Catherine allowed my cock to slip out of her well lubed hole. As she had told me, I had gotten rock hard again and my erection was sticking straight out in front of me. The mature blonde deftly scooted off of the couch and stood up next to me and began kissing my neck and ear.

"That's it Corinna. Take him through his paces." She said softly as she ran her fingers up and down my chest which was now dripping with sweat.

"What the fuck is happening? What is she doing to me?" I let out in a gurgling shout.

Catherine moved quickly. She had leaned down behind Corinna and reached between her legs to get to my balls. I felt her fingers gently massage my scrotum and then I heard a clicking noise as something cold enclosed around my scrotum above my testicles. Then just as quickly she was back at my side massaging my nipples and chest while her servant continued to push in and out of me.

"First let me say that all we want to do is take you on a new and different journey, a journey of pleasure, incredible pleasure. So I've asked my servant Corinna to fuck you in the ass with her big fat cock." Catherine informed me with a triumphant smile on her face.

"Jesus no! Let me go! I'm not into this!" I tried to wriggle free but Corinna had a good hold of my upper body.

I kept feeling her spreading me, filling me. I relaxed for a second and the big blonde loosened her grip. She relaxed her arms then I felt her fingers gently twisting my nipples and I groaned again. Then I surprised her by once again trying to break away. I would have made it except for the yank I felt on my testicles and subsequent pain that exploded between my legs. Everything had happened from behind. I had no idea what it was but I let out a yelp and collapsed back into Corinna's arms. The pain was so intense I was certain I was headed to the hospital. I sagged from Corinna's arms down to the floor and curled up. I felt hands pulling me up and I found myself sandwiched between the ladies again. Catherine was facing me. She put a hand up to my check and lifted my tear drenched face while Corinna rubbed my lower belly to try and ease my pain.

"Denny I'm sorry I had to do that but I had to demonstrate that well, you belong to me know." The tall blonde stroked my face and leaned down and looked into my eyes.

"Oh fuck!" Was all that would come out of me.

"Exactly. Well this chain is attached to a metal ring that I've locked around your testicles. In all my years of training boys like you no one's ever gotten away so I'm asking nicely that you go along with what we have planned for you." She looked at me as if she expected an answer.

"Okay." I grunted.

"Good boy." She messed my hair with her hand. "I think that it's time Denny gets to see our special room."

I felt Corinna push me from behind keeping her arms around my neck and waist. Catherine gently grabbed my penis. She ran her hand along the shaft until it was hard again.

"When you obey you are rewarded." She smiled and kissed me on the cheek. Then she pulled on my erection, urging me to move out of the lounge room and back into the hallway. I had trouble moving. My sphincter was still relaxed and it was an extremely different feeling.

"Don't worry about your backside. Your sphincter is a very strong muscle. It's going to recover just fine. Just walk with me sweetie." Catherine put her arms around me and kissed me on the lips.

We made it out of the room with Catherine continuing to hold me and whisper encouragement into my ear. I had the feeling that as long as I behaved this treatment would continue. The alternative was now attached to my balls and it certainly wasn't pleasant.

Corinna walked ahead of us and opened the door to what Catherine had previously described as the special room. The door was heavy and the muscular blonde had to push hard against it to get it open. As I walked by I got a good look at the phallus she had used on me. It was hanging semi erect between her legs glistening with lubricant. It was enormous and indeed very real. Despite a set of very well proportioned man made breasts, a beautiful face and body Corinna was very much a man. The shemale's penis was uncircumcised and the shaft ballooned out to an inhuman girth at the middle. I couldn't believe that she had been able to slide a member that big up my ass.

The room was dark except for a soft spotlight that shown down from the ceiling to the floor. Hanging down from the ceiling in the cone of light were two big overstuffed recliner chairs with manacles on the arms of each. Other than that the room seemed very stark with a painted cement floor that had what looked like rails running into the floor and what I estimated was about a twelve foot high ceiling. I was thinking of anything I might use to help get away. Unfortunately there was nothing and sensing that this was a critical juncture Catherine had pulled the chain to my balls taut to remind me who was in charge. She had also grabbed my cock again and was pulling me along.

"Hands over your head." Corinna ordered.

"Do I have to do this? Please let me go. I won't tell anyone." I pleaded.

"Just put your hands up and everything will be fine. I promise." Catherine reassured me.

Catherine slipped a hand around one of my wrists and lifted my arm. I didn't struggle. How could I? The cold steel closed around my arm and I heard the mechanism click shut. Corinna handled my other arm and just like that I was hanging like a piece of meat from a pair of bright chrome chains that ran through pulleys that hung from the ceiling. I twirled in the chains keeping Corinna in front of me. Catherine was powerful and she was also the brains. It was Corinna's hard penis up my ass that I feared more than anything that I felt Catherine could do to me.

"Come now Denny we have work to do and it doesn't involve you hanging on Corinna's erection, at least at this moment." Catherine admonished. "Turn back for me. That's a good boy."

I ignored Corinna as she playfully circled me. When the chains holding my wrists were straight Catherine steadied me by putting her hands on my hips. She leaned in and kissed me continuing her practice of rewarding me when I obeyed. All I could do was hang on until I could get control of the chain attached to my balls.

"Corinna here is going to clean you up. I hope you will be as compliant with her as you have been with me. My assistant is as good with this chain as I am. One false move and I assure you she will tear your nuts off. Take good care of our new girlfriend Corinna. I have to call Jodi and tell her that a ertain sissy won't be visiting her parlor tomorrow." After this statement Catherine was still able to smile, handed the chain to Corinna and then walked out of the room her shoes clicking hard on the floor.

Corinna smiled at me mischievously with the chain in her hand. "Don't worry. I'm actually nowhere near as sadistic as I look."

The muscular blonde dropped the chain and walked over to a cabinet over at a dark corner of the large room. She returned pushing a cart loaded with various things. She grabbed something from a jar and a glass of clear liquid. Then she walked up close to me, face to face. With a quick motion she put the hand up to my mouth and pushed a pill into my mouth and the glass followed immediately.

"Come on swallow that for me. Don't worry it isn't poison and it won't do any damage. Catherine is right, as long as you obey no one is going to mistreat you. Here see?" Corinna then took one of the pills herself while she held up my chin with her other hand. Then she took the glass and poured more water down my throat which washed the pill down.

"What the fuck was that!" I yelled as water drooled down my face and neck.

"Don't worry it's a natural ingredient. You'll be taking one every day." With that Corinna turned back to the cart.

She turned back and faced me holding a large plastic jar. She reached into it and pulled out a huge glob of cream in her hand. She let the cream coat her hand and fingers and then began to smear it onto my body.

"I've got to rub this on certain parts of your body. Again, this isn't something that will harm you. It's going to tingle a little on your skin but don't get dramatic." She told me as the first coat of cream covered my thigh.

"What does this do?" I asked still anxious about what was happening to me.

"I told you not to get dramatic." The Amazon giggled. "It removes hair, not that you have that much to speak of."

Corinna worked quickly and efficiently covering my legs and a small part of my chest with the cream. The she left and came back with a stool and grabbed a razor and shaving cream off of the cart. The next fifteen minutes involved Corinna shaving my pubic hair, the hair around my scrotum and between my sphincter and genitals, my armpits and then my face. She sat on the stool for my genitals holding my cock in her free hand while she shaved me. Shamefully I started getting hard. When she was done Corinna cleaned my face with a warm wet towel. I felt the warmth of her hand holding my erection.

"Well I guess it's not so bad playing with a shemale after all. You're very pretty." Corinna whispered, her lips on mine.

The blonde shemale then pulled a hose out from the side of the room and twisted it until a steady stream of water jetted out of it. She then pointed the water at me and hosed me down from top to bottom. Corinna took a couple of large beach sized towels and dried me off. She mussed my hair and smiled as she walked behind me for a moment. She came back with a small black leather loop that had some sort of clamp on it.

"This is a penis clamp. It keeps the blood in and the cum out. Simply put it keeps this nice sized dick of yours engorged and keeps you from ejaculating. You're a very pretty young boy and we don't want any accidents." The blonde had squatted down and put my penis in her mouth. She sucked me off for a minute getting me hard. I moaned as she gave me head and then slipped the device down my now rock hard erection and when she got it to my base flipped the lever which tightened the leather piece to beyond a comfortable snugness. The lever seemed to work like the device that kept the hub of a bicycle wheel attached to the bike itself.

Corinna walked over to the cart and came back to me with a comb and barber's shears. She began to take small lengths of my hair. Then she took an electric razor to my sideburns and the back of my head. Next up were my eyebrows which she plucked right out of my head. It hurt like hell and I began to struggle against the shemale.

"Stop doing this! I don't know what you are doing but you have to let me go!" I protested.

"Shhhh Shhhh" Corinna cooed softly into my ear. "I just wish that you'd accept this. You're not going anywhere so just calm down."

I hung there as Corinna cleaned up my facial hair and the hair on my head. She worked with a speed and efficiency of someone who had done this before. I protested loudly enough to get a gentle tug on the chain as she finished up with my eyebrows. She kept close to me talking directly into my ear with a smile on her face. I couldn't understand how someone could so enjoy holding someone captive and taking advantage of them but the muscular blonde seemed to be totally in her element with a naked subject hanging from chains right next to her. I felt the gorgeous blonde's lips on my neck and ear and could hear her giggling when suddenly there was a wetness. I closed my eyes as her tongue began to explore my ear. I didn't understand it but she had made me incredibly horny. Then I felt her lips on mine. I didn't resist. I let her kiss me and even licked at her tongue when she slipped it into my mouth. Just in time I watched Catherine walk back into the room. My eyes practically popped out of my head as she moved with the same effortless sexiness. She had changed. She was wearing what I would later learn was a basque that was sheer and black, straps hung from the garment and attached to equally sheer black stockings holding them up and she had on the same shiny black pumps. Her shaved pussy hung out complete with pouting lips and a good sized clitoris. I was her prisoner and I should have been doing everything possible to break free but instead I couldn't hide how in awe I was of the magnificent woman.

"He's smooth now. We'll do the laser tomorrow ans make it permanent." Corinna reported dutifully with a mischievous grin on her face.

"Excellent. So we've come to a point where you find out a little about us. I'm sure that you have questions." Catherine announced in the most exciting outfit I had ever seen a woman wear.

"Yeah you could say that! What the fuck is going on here?" It was a guttural response but at least I had gotten right to the point.

"Mmmm yes indeed what the fuck. You have to say that we've done our job well when the one hanging from the chains can only say that." Catherine smiled and ran her fingernails up and down my torso.

"Dennis you remember at the party when I called you pretty? I'm a very good judge of people both physically and mentally and underneath what many would consider a normal boy is an extremely feminine body, face and attitude." Catherine told me with her fingers now underneath my chin.

"Look! I'm not queer! So what if I'm skinny you saw me carrying those racks of glasses do you think a woman could do that?" I shot back.

"You're far from skinny Denny. Your body is gorgeous. You've got hips to die for and these legs are well I'm going to show you how incredible they are in short order. As for being a homosexual, you most certainly don't have to like men to look good in a dress, although we'll be teaching you things that will make you very adept at pleasing men." Catherine was now gently stroking my cock which was sticking straight upwards.

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