The Society


"I'm not gay and I want to get out of here!" I uttered as the pleasure from Catherine's touch seeped into my voice.

"Denny at the party when I saw you staring at my legs I knew you loved women and the when you sank this beautiful uncircumcised cock inside me you backed that up. Yet I also watched your body move as Corinna fucked you and the way you reacted when she was kissing you just a minute ago." Catherine said.

I couldn't respond without betraying the fact that I had started to react to Corinna's cock up my ass and then just a minute ago kissed her passionately when I thought no one was looking. Man or woman the well hung blonde was devastatingly sexy. Instead I watched as Catherine reached up with first one and then another silver colored clamp. She attached each one to my nipples. They didn't hurt until the tall dominatrix gently turned tiny dials on each clamp then the sensation became extremely uncomfortable. I let out a grimace as the two turned their attention to my erection. Without saying a word they opened a case on the cart inside were long thin bright silver lances. They each pulled a couple out of the case and without hesitation they began inserting them into my cock. My reaction was immediate and not unexpected. I screamed bloody murder. I tried to wriggle out of the chains but that was laughable at this point.

"Denny. Denny. Denny. Would you please calm down." Catherine was standing back with Corinna watching me react to my predicament. "If you would just settle down long enough to feel that these quills don't cause that much pain. We've simply put them where they affect certain pressure points on your genitals. They keep your cock up and taking nourishment if you will, hard as a rock. Sort of an acupuncture for the penis. If you acquiesce the pain will be at a minimum, if not, well then . . ."

I stopped struggling when Corinna took a step towards the chain attached to my balls but I looked up at the two dominants with tears in my eyes. Catherine walked back up to me and inserted some more quills at the base of my cock and at different spots at the underside of the head and where it met the shaft. When it was all done there were at least a dozen shiny quills sticky out of my erection and just as the dominatrix had told me there was no pain just a strange sensation that made me stay hard.

Corinna approached me next with a tray of makeup. She started applying different items from the tray to my face and chest. Then she got very close to me when she began to put on the eye shadow and eye liner with a hand holding my face still while working the pencil against the outline of my eye with the other.

"You know you have such big beautiful blue eyes. This make up is bringing out that bright color so well, absolutely gorgeous." The well built shemale spoke softly, her lips only an inch or so from my face.

"You know she's right. Those eyes are dazzling." Catherine stated as she applied make up to first my cheekbones and then on my chest.

I didn't struggle as the women worked on me, their smooth bodies rubbing up against mine. I was going insane. All I could think of as these women held me against my will and made me up as a woman was how I would give anything to stroke my cock. It was as hard as I had ever felt it. For whatever reason I was extremely turned on even though my balls had been trussed up like chestnuts over an open fire. Catherine was touching me with her hands, breasts and legs keeping me excited yet Corinna scared me. She had the same toned smooth body as Catherine and her thigh felt just as good sliding up and down mine but her slick greased covered penis was hanging down between her legs and swinging back and forth as she worked and I was horrified of the the thick member had just been sliding in and out of my ass.

After she was done with my face Corinna reached up and undid my wrists. The two moved in with instruments to manicure my hands and feet and scissors to put the final touches on my hair. They worked silently while I just stood there and took it. With the chain wrapped around my scrotum hanging taut from the ceiling there was nothing I could do. So over the next twenty minutes or so the nails on my fingers and toes were painted a bright red and my hair was further shaped by a rather fussy Catherine. As she finished her maid dipped her hand into a jar and pulled out a gob of gel. Corinna rubbed the goop all over her fingers and hands and then ran them through my hair. I had to admit that the scalp massage felt real good and then the ensuing comb that Catherine dragged through my hair sent a tingle up and down my spine.

"You realize that I have never started out one of my maids without a wig. You know why we're doing so with you?" Catherine smiled at me.

"I don't know." I responded with a lust filled groan.

"You're face looks so good in makeup there's no reason to hide it with big hair. You are going to turn out to be absolutely gorgeous." The statuesque blonde gave my nose a playful tweak.

Corinna stepped up with the finishing touches, applying fake eyelashes with some glue to my lids. They felt heavy on my eyelids at first and the drying glue felt unusual. I fluttered my lids and actually did my best to shake the fake lids right off my face which brought a few chuckles from my captors. Catherine walked to the dungeon door and picked up some clothing off of a chair. She came back with some lingerie and a pair of high heel pumps.

"Let's get that sweet body of yours into some proper lingerie. Corinna please show our girlfriend how to put on the garter belt and stockings." Catherine handed the sheer silk to her assistant.

Corinna went behind me. I felt her hands on my hips first. She instructed me on how the garter belt could be clipped in front and then pulled around my waist so the clips were in the back and the belt properly adjusted. Next we worked on the stockings. Corinna had me pick up one of my feet and she showed me how to roll up the stocking and then slide it up legs. Then I tried it myself with the other leg. The shoes came next. They were black high heel pumps that fit my legs perfectly. Obviously Catherine had been planning for my arrival by eyeballing the various sizes that would best fit me and transform me.

"There now don't we look sexy." Corinna commented as she fit the bra around my chest. It pushed in my chest and actually accentuated a cleavage on me. I learned later that it was a bra tailor made for crossdressers who wanted to make it look as if they had breasts under a dress.

"Let me get the dress. I think you'll like it sweetie if you saw your girlfriend Jill wearing it you'd lose your eyeballs staring at her." Catherine smiled at me as she walked over to the chair by the door again.

"I can't believe that you're doing this to me." I replied as I stood there waiting for what was going to happen next.

"This is a slinky little cocktail dress. It may seem a bit tartish but we're just trying to accentuate some form here. I want to show you how your hips, legs, ass and all the rest looks as a sissy." Catherine ignored my comment and brought out a sequined dress that looked like something you wore as a woman if you were dead set on getting laid.

Corinna got things started by plucking the quills out of my erection. She gave my hard penis a few loving strokes and put the silver spears on the cart. Catherine pulled the dress over my head and down my body. I put my arms through the sleeves and allowed the gorgeous blonde to pull the dress down my legs. It went down to about mid thigh and it clung to my body like a glove. At first the feeling was strange and somewhat uncomfortable. I wore my clothing loose and this was so different.

"Well how does it feel? I have to say that this is the finest first day I've ever had sissifying a white boy and I've done more than a few. You look gorgeous for your first time dressed." Catherine commented as she circled me with her discerning eye. Meanwhile Corinna had walked out of view in the darkened room and returned with a large full sized mirror. She placed it in back of me.

"Okay then let's see how you look hot legs. Turn around." The well built shemale ordered.

I turned and looked in the mirror. I was amazed. I could see my face, barely. The make up had brought out my cheekbones, lips and my eyes. I tried to take a more masculine stance with my hands on my hips but it didn't work. There was no hiding the silk encased legs and the way the tight dress formed around my body. They were right. I looked good made up as a woman. They had greased my hair with gel and then styled it so that, although short, the hair looked very feminine. My body also looked good in the tight fitting dress.

"There are so many great things with this transformation but just look at your legs. These heels are 4" and will push your buttocks out perfectly and high heels make legs like yours bulge in all the right places. I have to admit that if we took you to a bar a man might know that he was being seduced by another man but you look so good he may just let you wrap those gorgeous legs around him just the same. In a month he won't have an idea that you are packing 8 inches in your panties." Catherine came up to me from behind and put her arms around my shoulders as we both looked into the mirror. She kissed me on the neck and reached around under the dress and gave my trussed up cock a couple of incredibly pleasurable strokes.

"I still want to be let go." I replied.

"Well I wish you hadn't turned out to be so damn sexy in this dress then because I'm going to keep your sweet ass as a maid. By the way this job isn't without its benefits. You'll earn $60,000 a year and full benefits and I'll pay for the rest of your college education. How does that sound?" Catherine kept nipping at my ear with her lips.

"I'm still not interested and at some point I'll get away." I kept up my protest but I hesitated. I couldn't believe the money that she was offering me.

"Well then let's move onto the next step." Catherine's body moved away from me and was replaced by Corinna's.

"Just relax bubble butt. You're already stretched so this won't be so bad." Her movement was as quick as a cat's flexing her thighs and then pushing her hips forward into me Corinna sank almost her whole erection into my ass. She was right. It didn't hurt half as much as the first time she had sodomized me but I let out a bellow just the same.

The muscular blonde had a good hold of me and Catherine had gently pulled the chain to my balls taut so I just stood there and took the length of the meaty tube. I could feel her hot breath on my neck. Her hips had nestled up against my buttocks and I knew that she was all the way inside me. I was groaning as she held me and Catherine squatted down in front of me. She took a hold of my cock just as Corinna began to move. The rocking motion of our bodies moved my erection back and forth and Catherine let it slide in and out of her mouth.

"Oh you fresh ones are always so nice and tight!" Corinna growled her pace picking up as I felt her body bouncing against my ass cheeks and the familiar sound of our bodies slapping together.

I felt violated but at the same time Catherine's mouth was a heavenly sensation. I groaned as Corinna worked me from behind with her huge penis. I could feel the deliberate motion sliding against my now completely relaxed sphincter muscle. The shemale had a nice rhythm going now and the assault on my ass no longer hurt. The feeling of her body rubbing up against me and her fingers reaching around gently tweaking my nipples was exciting me as much as Catherine's mouth. I began to move my hips in time with Corinna's.

The two of them were playing my body like a musical instrument and I was responding with melodic moans and sighs. I felt like I was going to explode but when I looked down at the gorgeous woman sucking my cock I saw the strap pulled tight around my shaft and the top of my scrotum. I was trussed up and wasn't going to be allowed to cum. Catherine gave my erect penis a long lick letting her tongue travel the full length of the hard member and then she stood. She smiled at me and gave me a long kiss allowing her tongue to rub up against mine.

"Be a good team mate sweetie, bend over and grab your ankles so Corinna can really put the wood to you. It's a wonderful feeling I promise." Catherine cooed as she pulled down on my shoulders.

I didn't fight it. I bent down and grabbed my silk encased ankles. This movement spurred Corinna to put more power in her thrusts. She was grunting while she fucked me now going at me with as much force as she could muster. I panicked a little feeling the strength of the muscular blonde shemale as her huge erection pumped in and out of me at a horrific pace. The well endowed blonde's hands had a hold of my hips as she fucked me and I could hear her grunts competing with my sighs. Suddenly her utterances became guttural and her sweat drenched body draped over my back. Corinna wrapped her arms around me as her cock jerked about inside my rectum spewing hot cum everywhere. I kept my legs spread and took it from the well built shemale until she was done with me. Her lunges turned into gentle pushes into my buttocks as she was planting kisses on my back and neck.

"You did so well for your first time. You're going to make a wonderful sissy." She whispered into my ear as she released her grip on me and allowed her softening penis to slip out of me.

"You must be one sweet fuck my dear. You got Corinna to pop as quickly as I have ever seen." Catherine commented running a hand along my back and buttocks. She gave her shemale assistant a sideways glance to confirm this fact and the well endowed blonde nodded her head.

"She's as good as it gets, just as you predicted." Corinna let out through deep breaths.

"Now I have a video for you to watch and then we have a busy day tomorrow. If you would lie back in this recliner, I assure you that it's very comfortable. This flat screen TV up above will show a little program that our group has put together that will tell you everything you need to know about The Society." Catherine stated as Corinna led me to the chair.

I sat in the chair and the blonde put my wrists in padded handcuffs secured to each arm of the chair. Then she slid the leather sheath off of my erect cock and my scrotum. I wanted to jerk off until I noticed Catherine approach me with an odd looking device. It was a long tube that was attached to an electrical cord and a small control panel. She slid the tube down the length of my penis and then flipped a switch on the panel box. Almost immediately I felt the sheer nylon material clamp down on my erection and I groaned.

"Interesting how this device works, the material wrapped so exquisitely around that gorgeous cock of yours is the same material that the most expensive stockings are made out of. It would be wonderful to just let go into it as I'm sure that it feels so good. Yet the problem is that the silk is part of a device that squeezes down on your penis making it impossible to cum. During the night it will release its grip over and over so that fresh blood will be able to envigorate your vessels and from what I've heard the feeling is incredible. Unfortunately the vice grip like clamp returns before your testicles can spew any of that precious seed of yours. By morning you should be in quite a state." With that the gorgeous blonde made her way out of the room followed by Corinna.

The lights went out for a moment and I was in complete darkness until the tv above my head flashed on. I lay back in the chair and I was comfortably able to watch. The title "The Society: An introduction for sissies" came on the screen and then none other than Jodi Mapleton appeared on the screen. She was wearing a short, tight fitting but elegant dress that clung to her body.

"Good evening. My name is Jodi Mapleton and I'm a Madam and member of an organization that has been a part of this area for many years. It's called The Society. This Society was created when a few women decided to take control of their lives and more importantly, their husbands. If you're watching this you've either been asked or shall we say influenced to be a member. Whichever it is you will find that membership is never guaranteed". Jodi smiled and then continued as I thought about how the word influenced related to my current situation. "Today the society consists of several layers of members and I'm here to describe these layers to you and better familiarize you with this great and secret organization."

Jodi moved to a desk and leaning up against it pulled her well proportioned ass up and sat on it further exposing her gorgeous legs. "At the top of the pecking order are the Madams. Some of you may think of a Madam in terms of a Mistress or Dominatrix and while this is an important part of a Madam's responsibilities there is so much more involved in running what we call a family. Included in The Society family is what I will call the three S's. There are Studs, Sluts and Sissies and before you laugh these are very appropriate terms." The auburn haired woman chuckled moving her gloss coated lips sensuously, her eyes sparkling. If my hands weren't handcuffed and my cock trussed I would have started masturbating right then and there.

"Studs are men of either African or Latin lineage whose purpose is to serve their Madams sexually. Sluts or Concubines as they are affectionately called are usually young women in waiting to become Madams. These women serve both Madams and Studs. Finally there are the Sissies. These pretty pussies of The Society's world are young submissive white boys in their early twenties who are usually plucked from the world and transformed into the slaves that serve all the other layers of The Society. They act as maids and sexual slaves and they do it dressed as women, and let me emphasize, they are almost exclusively white boys." Jodi shifted her body again. This time sliding off of the desk and moving like a sleek cat along the piece of furniture.

"Now all you sweet looking white boys out there I don't want you to be depressed about being at the bottom of the food chain in The Society. After all we don't eat our young. We take care of those that contribute to The Society. So as long as you behave and fuck like the hot looking whores that we have transformed you into then you will be well paid, well protected and certainly live extremely well. In my years as a Concubine and now a Madam in The Society I have never seen a Sissy desire to leave our family once they have been introduced to our lifestyle so my suggestion to you is to, well, acquiesce." Jodi smiled seductively into the camera, her full red lips stretching wide.

"Now you will be shown your first tutorial video titled "Becoming the Elegant Cocksucker". So just lay back and relax before bedtime and learn some moves because you know deep down inside you want to do it." Jodi kept up her seductive gaze as the screen briefly went blue and then suddenly another video started.

The blonde woman was leaning against the same desk that Jodi had been in the prior video. She looked a couple of inches shorter than the brunette but every bit as beautiful and sexy and maybe a couple of years younger. Her hair was short and she had deep brown eyes and some freckles spread about her high cheek boned face. Her chest wasn't as healthy as Jodi's or Catherine's but her ass looked spectacular in the tight leather skirt she was wearing. She spoke with a lilting English accent.

"Hello my name is Valerie. I'm a Madam in The Society. Like all Madam's I've made my way from a Concubine to where I am today in many ways by learning how to pleasure both men, women, and in many instances different partners at the same time. Now if you're a young lady or a pretty boy watching this presentation you should know that there are certain skills you must master the first of which is sucking a man's penis." The blonde lifted herself off of the desk and moved to one side of the room where there was a long table with a naked black man laying on it. The Madam ran her hand along the black man's muscular leg as she walked up behind the table. As the camera closed in it was obvious that the African had extremely healthy genitals.

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