tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Society Ch. 03

The Society Ch. 03


Hi everybody! I just want to say thanks to everyone who has been reading this story and following it so far. As a new writer on Literotica, it helps to know people are reading my work. As always, feel free to leave feedback or suggestions for me, I'm always open to new ideas and learning more too. I hope you like this chapter! Thanks.


"What is Operation Cryo? And what do I have to do with it?"

"Don't worry about the specifics right now dear, just worry about what your task is. Because you have a very important job, one that is integral to the entire mission."

Alyssa couldn't believe what she was hearing, what she was seeing. When she agreed to take the job with General Miller and came to his office, she just expected to see him and have a normal briefing on the job specifics. But what was Fran doing here? None of it made any sense.

"Alright, so your mission is to-

"Hold on Jack, the girl is downright shocked, like a deer in headlights. You must have so many questions don't you Alyssa?"

Alyssa hesitantly nodded her head.

"Well, I can't tell you everything single thing, but I can do my best to ease you into this. Me and Jack here have been, working together for a while, in secret of course. We used to work together all the time, before I decided to retire. Who knows why this old bucket didn't follow suit, but here we both are."

"What do you mean working together? What are you planning?"

"In short, we're planning to take back control of the Society from Ethan and his followers."

"What?? What do you mean take back control? Ethan's the President, it's impossible."

"Well with that attitude it is. Look around you, dear, have you been paying attention? The Society is in shambles, the morale is all over the place. There is no consistency, no order, and there won't be peace until there is a change."

Alyssa stood silent, shocked.

"Revealing the existence of the termination chambers to the public in this press conference, and then announcing their closing has left people in a place of ambiguity. Do they forgive the Society for their faults? Do they forgive Ethan, because he made the decision to close them? What about their loved ones who were lost due to the punishments? People are sending letters, complaining, nervous about the future."

Alyssa remained still, unable to come up with a response.

"And then there's the business about this girl who somehow came into our space station. Can you believe that? An outsider, a survivor of Earth boarding our station! Who knows what she could have done? She could have planned to destroy us!"

"And then Ethan decides that he needs to handle it himself, without even consulting me." The General replied.

Alyssa forgot about the girl. She was surprised about that too, and knew it was a troubling situation, something the Society never had to deal with, to the knowledge.

Despite her growing trepidation due to the shock of it all, she had to admit to herself that she wasn't disagreeing with anything that Fran said so far. The Society was undergoing a lot of changes, and people were confused and worried about the future. They were afraid because of the girl's infiltration, and wondered if more people from Earth could try that. But she never fathomed the thought of someone else being the President besides Ethan. She didn't think it would have to come to this.

"Oh calm down, Jack. I swear you would fight him in a boxing ring if you had the chance."

"Damn right I would."

"But even that, dear, avoiding protocol and the chain of command to do something so selfish. It's erratic, and the Society can't deal with erratic behavior and change. It wasn't built for that. It was built for stability. Don't you agree?"

Alyssa nodded again.

"I know you do. And I know how much the Society means to you, Alyssa. You worked beside Ethan for three years to contribute to its well-being. And he just threw you to the side." Fran said as she got up and laid her hand on Alyssa's shoulder.

Alyssa looked down, not wanting to think about how Ethan treated her, and rejected her. She was still upset with him about that.

"We need to quell this fervor, before it's too late. Are you with us dear?

Alyssa didn't know what to think. Part of her didn't think that the closing of the termination chambers was a bad thing. She didn't think that much violence was necessary to maintain order in the Society. But she did want the Society to be in a more stable place.

Plus, her feeling towards Ethan had changed drastically, she wasn't on his side anymore. She wasn't his assistant anymore. She didn't have to do anything for him anymore.

"I won't have to kill him, will I? That's now what you're asking me to do? Ethan won't die, will he?"

"No, of course not, there's no need to go that far, to those extremes."

"Okay, well what would you need me to do?"

"All we're asking you to do is get your job back with Ethan. Get back to working with him again."

"What? Start working for the man that wronged me? You know what he did to me, Fran."

"Yes, I do, but I also know that he needs you. He doesn't work well on its own, at least without an assistant. This much we do know, and if you do this, he will be out of your life soon. You won't have to worry about him anymore."

"But why would he take me back as his assistant anyway? That's what he has you for."

"Well that's the thing dear, I've really been using that position to try and learn more about him. But now my time is needed elsewhere, and I need you to do that job. He wouldn't say anything to me anyway, so he might open up to you more. I'm going to tell him that I haven't been feeling well lately, old age and what not, and that I can't be his assistant anymore. Then he'll come back and ask you, and take you off leave."

"How do you know that?"

"We just have a hunch. You're reliable to him, he'll want that stability in the midst of all these changes, to help him." The General replied.

Alyssa noticed that the General was uncharacteristically quiet during this entire exchange. He usually took control of every room or meeting he was in. She realized that Fran must have been the mastermind behind this plan all along.

"Okay, umm what would you need me to do once I get my job back?"

"Just give us intel and stay connected to him. Anything that might be useful, we want to hear."

"You'll report to us whenever we call you, until we're ready to tell you more and begin the next phase of the plan."

This is ridiculous...

Not too long ago, Alyssa was happily working for Ethan, and everything was fine. Now, she was about to take a job that would mean that she would be working for him again, but also plotting against him. But she couldn't disagree with Fran or the General...

"Okay, I'll do it." Alyssa said reluctantly.

"Good, I'm glad you can be on our side, Alyssa. You're going to make a real difference." The General said.

"So, just as I said, you'll take your job back as Ethan's assistant when it's time. Until then, try to get some sleep and relax. You'll be very busy soon." Fran added.

"Okay I will, thank you."


"Koko, why don't you go to your room and play for a little while, okay?"

"Okay Mom."

Kodi ran out her mom's room and back to hers to work on her most recent project, the Prototype III. Even though she was 10 years old, she hadn't lost her relationship with her parents and still liked to talk to them and show them what she was doing in school. But recently, her parents were pretty busy with their own work, and didn't have as much time for her. Still, they played with her and did things outside whenever they could, so she wasn't too upset about it.

Plus, this would give her a chance to work on her most recent invention, the Sound Catcher, that would allow her to hear sounds from any location by placing a homing device in that area, and then having a receiver that picks up on everything with perfect clarity, even past the soundproof devices. She heard her dad walk in the room with her mom, and realized that this was the perfect opportunity to test it out.

She made the homing device so small that it was smaller than a penny, so while she was in her mom's room, she hid it under the covers. Now, all she had to do was turn on her receiver, and listen to everything.

Alright, Sound Catcher, time to work your magic. She activated it, and after a few loud noises, she could hear them talking, and even clicks and knocks from them walking on the floor and knocking against stuff. Yes! The Master Inventor Kodi strikes again! She was happy that another invention worked, and listened in to her parent's conversation:

"But Damien, you know that's ridiculous. It's not just ridiculous, it's fucking ridiculous."

"I know Maya, but the board has already agreed, it's going to happen. The best thing for us to do now is be prepared and make sure our family is safe. We have to get ahead of this thing."

"This thing?! Do you realize what they're asking us to do? They want to destroy everything! How can we protect our friends, Kodi, ourselves from that? It just doesn't make sense, and you're acting like it's an algebraic equation from grade school."

"You don't think I get the ramifications of this shit! Of course I do, it's going to be a mess! I'm saying we need to do what we can to protect ourselves."

"How Damien, How? I can't believe that have scientists that are actually okay with this. They're taking our plans and using it for that?? All the research we worked on trying to help people is now being used to cause mass destruction."

"I know, babe, I know, but look, we'll start working on a bunker, anti-radiation gear, force fields, something that'll protect you and me and Kodi, we have to try something."

"I just...I don't want something bad to happen to Kodi. Maybe us, but not her. And the plan they're proposing means it'll be ready for launch in 6 months. 6 months?? How are we going to tell her?"

"We should just be upfront like we always have, Kodi's too smart to not figure out what's going on eventually. I don't know what we'll say, but let's just tell her now. I'm with you, it'll be okay."

"Koko! Come here please!", her mom yelled, but Kodi was petrified, frozen in a state of fear and disbelief. She couldn't believe what she just heard, and the worst part was the vagueness of the whole thing. What was going to cause mass destruction? What did they need protection from? She dropped her receiver module from being so nervous.

"Kodi, did you hear your mother? Come here for a second!"

She couldn't go. A part of her wanted to know what was going on, but she mostly wanted to just forget about it. She ran and hid in a corner next to her bed with the Prototype III toy, and shook her head in disbelief, the beads in her braids making clicking noises from knocking together.

The door opened, and she braced herself for the bad news.

"Koko, are you in here? We need to talk sweetheart."

"I know where she is Maya." Her dad knew all her hiding spots from their games of hide and seek. He walked over to the corner behind the bed to find Kodi almost trembling with her toy nuzzled in between her arms. He held out his arms and Kodi reluctantly came to him.

"Come on, let's sit and chat." Kodi and her parents both sat down on opposite sides of her.

"Kodi, there's something we got to tell you."

"Koko, there's bad people who want to use our work to hurt people. A lot of people." Her mom said sadly.

"But why!? Why do they want to hurt people!? It's not right!" Kodi exclaimed, her frustration having built from hearing the news already.

"I know it's not right Kodi, but we don't always have control of these things. We're going to protect you, though, everything is going to be okay."

"But we're supposed to help people! I thought we were inventors and building things to help! Why would they use it to hurt people?"

"We are supposed to Koko...it's just..."

"I don't understand! It doesn't make sense!" Kodi screamed as she started to weep and ran out of the room towards the bathroom downstairs.

"Koko! Come back!"

"Kodi, we'll be okay! KODI!"


Kodi woke up differently than she had in the previous days. The sedation pod that Ethan prepped for her brought her a deeper sleep, but with that came melancholic memories of her parents. Still, the comfort of the pod was a welcomed disruption from both the cots back on Earth, and the endless hours being cuffed on the metal table. For the first time, her back pains were actually quelled, and an unusual relaxation came over her.

Her last encounter with Ethan showed her that he wasn't going to kill her. That at least decreased some of the stress she had. She couldn't figure out why, but she knew he wanted her alive.

"Come here Kodi. It's time to eat."

He was so consistent, so regular with his times and schedules. Every morning at the same time he would feed her, saying the same thing. He wouldn't deviate. It gave Kodi a little solace knowing what was going to happen at this time every morning, but it didn't make her forget that she was a prisoner of the Society, or more accurately, to this mystery man. But as she ate her food and hydrated, she became curious about something else...

"Hey, why doesn't-

Ethan spanked her hard on the ass. Kodi groaned, but regrettably spoke with more respect to get her question out.

"Sorry, do I have permission to speak sir?" He didn't like her speaking out of turn at all. But even though it was a punishment, there was something that felt good about the sting on her ass from his strong hand. As long as it wasn't too strong.

And he could have just shocked me, she thought.

"What is it?"

"Why doesn't anyone else from the Society ever come down here? I mean I've seen plenty of workers in different colored uniforms, doing patrols and everything, none of them ever wonder what you're doing?"

"Privacy is very important in the Society, Kodi, especially for me. I don't like to be bothered."

"But you have me down here, soooo..."

"I also have the silencer down here. Watch your mouth or I'll remind you how it works."

"Okay, sorry." Kodi said as she finished her food, sitting back in the sedation pod.

"Oh, I have another question: how did you know my name from my first day down here? I know we may have been on Earth at relatively the same time, but I've never met you down there at all."

"Well, that's simple really, I was able to decipher the coding signature that you had in your drone's CPU, which turned out to be your name. It wasn't difficult to figure out that 'Kodi' was your name."

Damn! He was tinkering with her drone more than she thought, though it was impressive to her that he was able to do that so quickly and easily...

"Wait you were actually able to decipher that code? Wow, that's pretty good, especially considering that I embedded it deep with the drone's CPU. It's just been something I do since-

"Okay, enough, I didn't ask you all of that."

"Sorry sir." Kodi said as she groaned again.

"It's fine. I actually have something I want you to work on today. Come here." Ethan said as Kodi cleaned her plate and sat it in the kitchen area.

As she walked over and back, her shirt was hiking up her thighs and partially revealing her juicy ass cheeks. Ethan caught himself watching them as she walked, then quickly looked away.



"I said kneel, Kodi."

"Okay, okay." Kodi abided by the request, no matter how weird it seemed to her. Ethan sat on a chair, and Kodi knelt right in front of him, awaiting his orders.

"I want you to work on one of my devices today, and see if there's more potential for it than I've previously explored."

"Really?" Kodi said with a smile, a rarity since she'd been taken prisoner.

"Don't get too excited, you'll be limited in terms of your inventory. This is just a minor evaluation for you to look closely at the device's CPU and hardware and note anything that could be potentially recalibrated. Understand?"

"I understand. So, what device am I going to be work with?" Kodi hadn't been able to tinker with anything since she'd been in the Society's space station, so she welcomed the opportunity to work with machinery or devices again, no matter the stipulations.

"Here I'll show you." Ethan walked over the storage units where his inventions were stored. As he left, Kodi got a whiff of his musky but smooth scent...


"Yes sir, I'm sorry, I... zoned out for a minute."

"Well stop zoning out and pay attention. This is important."

Ethan returned with a drone in his hands. It looked familiar to Kodi...

"Is this the drone you used to scan my body? They were infrared beams, weren't they?"

Ethan was surprised she knew that.

"Yes, they were, but they were a safer version of the beams, a blue kind. One that didn't damage the body with toxins or radiation. That's why it wasn't a problem that-

"That I wasn't wearing anything but a t-shirt, right?" Kodi couldn't contain her excitement.

"Right." He was learning how talkative she could be. But she was eons more excited about technology than most people he met, so it actually didn't bother him as much as he let on.

"So, I want you to see if there is a possibility for recalibrating the beams to do more than they do now. To do something... good. You're allowed to open the hardware a little bit, just don't take it completely apart. Understand?"

"Yes, I understand." For once it seemed like something she said got through to him.

"Good. I'm going to have you work behind the force field on the bed today, so that you won't have access to anything too dangerous and you're still restrained in one space. All my personal things have been taken out and hidden somewhere secret. Plus, the bathroom is over there so that's not a problem."

"Still don't trust me huh?" Kodi said with a smirk.


"Can I have my drone back? It would really be a big help." Kodi said, trying her best puppy dog eyes impression.

"Sure, and then when I get back, you'll be invisible or back in space again. Absolutely not."

"Well it was worth a shot."

"I'm also going to put this collar on you."

"Collar??" Kodi was many things, but a dog wasn't one of them.

"Yes, it serves two functions. One is to track your movements and vitals, so I know where you are and what you're doing at all times. This way I don't have to come and check on you as often, but I still know where you are and how your body feels, and sudden spikes or increases will alert me that you're doing potentially doing something wrong."


"And the other function is punishment. If it shows any anomalies or abnormalities in your position, I'll be able to fire an electric stun charge from a remote I have upstairs. If you don't want to feel the same punishment you've felt in the past, you'll behave and be a good girl. You'll do what I told you to do."

"Of course, it couldn't be all good."

"Consider it something good, I'm giving you something important to do and leaving you alone to do it. Don't squander the opportunity by being stupid."

"No, I don't want it. This is weird, and I'm not a dog."

"I didn't ask."

Ethan brought the collar to Kodi anyway and opened it. It was a jet black, with silver beads around it that acted as receivers for the tracking device and electrical components. It didn't look terrible to Kodi, but it was a weird feeling having someone put a collar around her neck. She wouldn't just put it on herself, but Ethan grabbed her arm hard and kept her in place, almost hurting in with his strength despite not exerting a large amount of force. He was able to put the collar around her neck relatively easily with just his other hand because it was able to calibrate itself to fit snug and perfect once it was close enough and detected the person designated to wear it.

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