tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Society Ch. 04

The Society Ch. 04


Hey everyone! I want to say thank you so much for everybody that has been reading this series and commenting, even while I was away for a while. Things just got busy with work and school and life in general, and I had a bit of writer's block too. I'm sorry about that, but seeing that people were still reading my stories motivated me to push through and continue the story. I wasn't going to just leave y'all hanging! Thanks for the support again, and I hope you enjoy this chapter!


"So, how's the boy been doing?"

"Still a smartass." The General replied.

"Oh good, so absolutely nothing has changed then." Marshall replied while laughing the best he could.

"And even better, he's President, Marshall."

"Well, everything must be going to shit then." All three of them laughed.

The project was a success, up to this point. A few years ago, when Marshall, the Society's inaugural President, became sick, Fran and Jack, his lieutenants and closest confidants at the time, thought of a plan to save him, realizing that there would be inevitable change in the Society's structure if he died and was lost forever.

Their plan was Operation Cryo, a mission that would require patience, time, intellect, and a little bit of luck. It was conceived by the three of them, as Marshall rested on his last days, too sick to make public appearances anymore. There was cryogenic technology on the Society, as maintenance teams brought on pods from Earth that were prototypes at the time. However, no one had ever seen a cryogenic pod succeed before, and the test results had proven less than stellar at best. Their chances seemed slim, but all three agreed that it was worth a try, because the reward would be well worth the risk.

Their plan was simple, but complex: preserve Marshall's body in the cryogenic pod right as he approached his end, and keep it a secret from everyone except Fran and the General. The first part was difficult enough, because they had to make sure that they took the body and were careful with it. Damage to the body during its journey to the pod could impact Marshall's revival.

Also, one of the challenges was convincing everyone that Marshall was dead, when in reality they were waiting until everyone left the funeral ceremonies and transporting his body to the pod, under the guise of disposing of his dead body. Fran and the General also had to learn about the pod's capabilities and its functions, and store his body properly. They didn't know nearly as much as the scientists and mechanics on the space station, but they couldn't risk anyone else knowing their plan. They spent endless nights reading and experimenting with the pod, making sure they understood its schematics and intricacies.

According to the trials, these cryogenic pods were not only supposed to preserve the person's exterior, but also heal them internally of any illnesses or diseases that previously ailed them. It was a slow process, and not a perfect process, but if there was a chance that Marshall's mysterious illness would be healed when they woke him, they had to go for it. And now he was awoken, and the next part of the plan could begin...

"How do you feel Marshall?" Fran asked. She and the General had been there for hours, checking his vitals and the pod's performance. Even though it was great to hear their mentor's voice again, they were worried that it would be short-lived.

"Ah, like shit, but alive."

"We're worried about you, are you sure you're going to be okay?" Fran said.

"His vitals seem okay, but they're still stabilizing. His body's gone through an incredible change." The General added.

"I'm fine Jack, Fran. I'm not going anywhere. It's just going to take some time for me to get back on my feet." Marshall coughed and coughed.

"Back on your feet? You can barely speak, old man." The General said.

"Well I said it would take some damn time, but I'll be back."

"Of course, Marshall. I still can't believe it worked, we just did this on a whim." Fran said.

"Well I know you didn't think I would go out that easily, did you?"

"Of course not." Fran smiled, though still worried about her mentor and leader.

"So, what do you want to know? A lot has changed in the time since you been taking a nap."

"Well, everything. I need to know everything that's been happening since I left. The Society's guiding principles are stability and order, and from what you two are telling me, there's been a few changes. I only hope my son hasn't fucked everything up too quickly."

"Marshall, Ethan closed the termination chambers..." The General said, holding his head down and shaking it in disgust.

"What? What do you mean, shut them down?"

"He's closed them, Marshall. He started the process last week, and there's no one being brought down there for punishment, interrogation, or anything anymore. And what's worse, he told everyone about them too. He gave a press conference where he explained everything, the violence that occurred down there, the methods, the reasoning. Everything, to all the citizens of the Society. It's caused a fervor." Fran said.

Marshall stood silent, unable to process what he just heard. The termination chambers were his creation, a way to maintain order and crush opposition who refused to comply with the new regime. They were especially important during the Society's transition period, where the rich and spoiled were overthrown by the strict and ruthless. In his eyes, it was a key pillar of the Society's longevity, and Ethan, his son, just closed them, dismantling that pillar.

"And what does he plan on doing instead? What's going to replace the Society's guiding pillar, one of its foundations?"

"He's planning on implementing an entirely new enforcement system, total clean out, top to bottom. None of the rules will be the same, and the punishments will be far less severe, as he says during our meetings." The General replied.

"Does he know nothing about the Society's history? Letting these people off easy is exactly how those immature fucks almost ran it into the ground in the first place! It's preposterous, how could he just up and-

Marshall began coughing and heaving once again.

"Marshall, I know it's a lot to take in at once, but you have to try to calm down. You're still recovering." Fran pleaded.

"Okay, I know, but what is he thinking?"

"In his eyes, the termination chambers and the Society's strict and harsh punishments are exactly what's wrong with us right now. He feels that its antiquated thinking, and needs to be replaced with new ways of thinking."

"That's exactly why I didn't trust that boy. I thought that you and I would change the boy, Jack. I know he was resistant, but I thought we could change him, make him think how we think."

"At the end of the day, Marshall, he's younger than us, and he's always been a rebellious smart ass. I've tried countless times to talk to him, but all he does is respond the same way, with jokes and threats." The General replied.

Marshall sighed. "So, what the fuck else is going wrong?"

"Well, we've just learned that Ethan has been meeting with the mechanics and medical teams, looking to jumpstart a new technological innovation program. He wants to spend their time creating new things."

"Of course, as smooth as he thinks he is, he always was a nerdy son of a bitch. I could barely get him out of his workshop sometimes. The citizens are comfortable, they have everything they need. The waterfalls, you can see them, the flowers, you can see them. Why waste time working on more, when the primary concern is making sure these assholes don't act out of place?"

"We agree, Marshall, but he is the President. Whatever he says, goes." Fran replied.

While everyone on the Society was in agreement about the need for technology on the space station, Ethan and Marshall's regime were split, and had a fundamental disagreement. Marshall believed that the most important reason for the technology was security and comfort. He felt like the people should see the surface and believe that everything is okay, no matter what the reality was. He believed that people shouldn't have to worry about the difficult decisions of running an entire Society, hence the secrecy of the termination chambers.

Ethan, on the other hand, was starting to believe that it was important to maintain an honest relationship with them, and help them more than with nice holographic projections to look at. He was always trying to create something new, and looked to innovate whenever he could. That's why Kodi's progressive mind was refreshing to him, he was usually surrounded by archaic notions.

"That's exactly why I need to get better as fast as possible. Anything else?"

"Well, there is one more thing..." Jack said, as he and Fran both looked at each other with nervous eyes. They didn't want to tell Marshall the other thing that had occurred during his slumber, but they knew they would have to get to it eventually, and now was that time.

"What the hell is it? You all look like you saw an alien or a ghost or something."


"Alright Kodi, time to get up and eat."

Kodi woke up the next day from a comfortable, tranquil slumber, at least physically. Ethan put her white t-shirt back on to help her sleep better and avoid being exposed, and no matter what was on her mind, the technology and ability of the sedation pod were strong. She fell right to sleep, even after her last encounter with him. Perhaps the intense orgasms he gave her helped with that. Still, that didn't ease her mind about being exposed last night and her trepidations about touch and her body. No sedation pod or any other technology could quell that, she thought.

"Yes sir, I'm coming."

"Good, you know I have to go soon. Don't take all day."

It wasn't so much that Ethan hurt her, or even that he gave her a harsh and unique punishment she wasn't ready for. It was really just a confusion, a completely new experience that Kodi never even thought about before. Despite her fear and anxiety during the entire thing, it felt good to her. That much she knew. The sensations she felt almost matched the fear and discomfort she felt. It was a paradoxical and unnerving feeling.

"Can I ask a question?" Kodi asked after eating and going through the rest of her morning routine.

"Fine, but before you do, I have something else for you to work on."

"Really?" Kodi suddenly peaked with a little excitement. Despite the conditions, she actually enjoyed working with the drone last time.

"Yes." Ethan stopped getting dressed and walked over to grab the item she was to work on, shuffling through what sounded like a bunch of other devices. His stoic and brief answers worried her, not because it surprised her, but because he was still acting the same, despite what had happened the night before. She obviously had a million questions rolling through her head, but it didn't seem like she was going to get any answers. At least not anything beyond a few words...

"Alright, found it." Ethan came back, not with a device or sophisticated piece of machinery, but with pieces of paper in his hands, to Kodi's dismay.

As he walked back, she also began to note other differences, like no shocking, spanking, or request to kneel. She had finished her food and was sitting in a chair outside of his room. The latter was becoming customary during these morning conversations, so Kodi felt its absence. Things were...different. He was different. Did he actually regret what happened last night?

"Oh, I thought you were gonna bring back a drone or something like that. I was actually kind of looking forward to it." Kodi said in response to seeing the papers.

"Well, this isn't always play hour, and you don't need any of those today."

"Oh, okay..." Kodi's head tilted downward slightly and she sighed.

"But you've been doing well. The new 3D user interface and capabilities you added to the sensory drone has been a big improvement. It's a much better asset thanks to you."

"Oh, thanks." It still amazed her how, in possibly the worst and uncertain of situations, she still found moments of bliss in things that were comfortable to her, however brief they were. She figured that Ethan's punishments and the pain he brought her made any semblance of kindness seem better than it probably was.

"Sure, now let's get to what these are. I-

"They're blueprints, right?"

"Yes. But don't interrupt me again."


"I figured you'd made plenty of these before when working on your own projects."

Ethan unrolled each of the pieces of paper onto a table as he continued talking.

"These are the blueprints for two devices: the sedation pod, which you've been sleeping in for the past few days, and the sensory drone, which now include the recent enhancements you made to it. I had a chance to study it more closely and learn about its inner workings and functionality."

Ethan noticed that while Kodi was listening, her eyes were already skimming through the sketches and numbers in the blueprints, studying and analyzing them closely and quickly. She didn't look amazed, but curious and intent on figuring out how it worked. He cleared his throat to regain her attention.

"Are you listening Kodi?"

"Oh, oh, yes I am, I'm sorry."

"Have you noticed anything interesting?"

"Well, the sedation pod..."

"What about it?"

"Well, I understood what its functionality was, what it was designed to do. What I couldn't figure out is how it worked, specifically. But looking at these blueprints, it makes more sense.

"What makes more sense?"

"Well, I noticed that every time I entered the sedation pod, the sleep would become a little more comfortable and deeper. On top of that, no matter how stressed I was or how much was on my mind, the pod would immediately put me to sleep. Now I figured before that there was some substance that did that, but reading this I realized that its more complex than that. It's building a connection with my body and learning how it works. It learns how to put the occupant to sleep based on their unique DNA and chemical makeup."

"Exactly." Ethan was impressed, especially that she figured this out after only looking at the blue prints for a couple of minutes. Still, his expression remained stoic, and he wasn't even looking at her as much as before. As she glanced up at him, his ice-cold blues escaped her as he turned away.

"There is a sedative, or something, but it's only a small part of how it works."

"Right. As I paid attention to your enhancements, I noticed that it was doing more than showing me three-dimensional diagrams. It was learning about the body it scanned better, giving me more information about you and whoever it scanned. As you've figured out, this is similar to how the sedation pod works, actively learning about the body in order to allow for deeper and more relaxing slumber. Learning which substance to apply to match the occupant's unique body. The problem is...

"It doesn't heal the body."

"Right." As he spoke he placed a stack of blank papers and a few pens on the table.

"What I want you to do is to study these blueprints closely, in conjunction with each other, and see if you can find more similarities. With the CPUs, the hardware, anything that can connect these two. Take your notes on those sheets of paper, and if you can begin working on a blueprint for something new that combines the talents of both, sketch it out, and I'll review it later tonight."

"Whoa, that's gonna be a lot of work."

"Well, you've never been opposed to that before. Even when you weren't told."

"Riiiight, I can handle it." Kodi knew exactly what he was referring to.

"I hope so. This is important, Kodi. No time for playing around."

"I understand." Kodi suddenly noticed something else as she perused the blueprints some more.

"Wait, these have your signatures on them. Did you sketch out the blueprints for the sedation pod yourself?"

"...Yes." Ethan said in a regretful tone, while he continued getting dressed. He forgot those signatures were there, and hadn't intended on letting Kodi see them.

"So it's your creation? Like you came up with the idea?"

"Yes, I did."

"Are you serious? There must be more of these on the station, other people must use them. How much did you invent on the Society's station? You must have done a lot."

"That's none of your business. And it's not anything to getting all giddy about."

"Well I actually think it's pretty amazing." She couldn't believe she was giving her captor such a compliment, but she was amazed by how this man was able to produce all this, and where he learned it from. He was no ordinary creep or weirdo.


"So, if I do think of a prototype for a new invention or something, can I have a few tools to start working on it?"

"No. You won't need to do that, just sketch out the blueprints and let me see them. That's it. And I'm serious this time, Kodi." Ethan's cold but calm stare returned to meet her eyes, but they scanned and noticed her plump thighs and what lie in between them as she stretched. He quickly looked at something else.

"But what's the problem with me having a few tools? I mean you already have this weird collar on me just in case."

"Because you don't need them, and because I said so."

"Is it because you don't trust me?"

"It's because you don't need them, I already told you."

"Fine. I'll get started on this then." Kodi was annoyed by his answers, but she was kind of excited at the thought of embarking on a new project, something that could potentially be groundbreaking. And with the new knowledge that he invented the sedation pod in addition to the sensory drone and other devices, it sparked something different in her. She was working with someone who really knew their stuff, and not just as a job either. He was even able to intricately map out the details of her enhancements to the sensory drone, in some hours.

But something else worried her. As she watched him get dressed and then walk in the elevator, she felt uneasy that he had no interest in discussing what happened the night before. After feeling things so intense and sudden, she was surprised that he didn't say anything about it. That he acted like it didn't happen at all, even though she felt the passion, the hunger he had for her in that moment.

Sure, it was the usual for him to be devoid of emotion or calm at all times, but that directly contradicted the way he touched her and took control of her body so forcefully. His paradoxical nature was starting to confuse her. Was it a punishment? Was it just a one-time thing he needed to do after seeing her naked so often? Or was he planning on doing it again? She needed answers, but knew it wasn't a good time at all this morning, and figured she may be able to ask later.


"Are you fucking kidding me?!"

Fran, Jack, and Marshall were still in the cryogenic room, discussing Kodi's infiltration onto the space station, the last major event that they didn't want to tell him. They could barely get the words out as they explained what happened, anticipating Marshall's fury, and knowing how important security was to him.

"Marshall please, try to calm down, you know-

"What I know? Fran, don't tell me what I know, when you just told me that some girl with a half-bit drone and a stun gun, was able to outsmart all of our enforcement agents, sneak past the dozens of maintenance crews, bypass the layered security of the shuttle's CPU, and come into the space station? A girl, from Earth!"

"We know, Marshall, we're just as upset as you are." The General responded.

"Clearly, you're not, because you're still sitting here! You should be out there, fixing this fucking mess. I can't believe it, one of those survivors from that dump down there, actually came up here."

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