The Solitary Arrow Ch. 14


A curl of one slim digit brought Harlen to Hyandai's side. "Kiss me." She said.

Harlen leaned down, and kissed her gently. Then his eyes went wide as she fed him fresh energy. More than she had ever before. He could feel it pulsing in him, filling him up, like a wineskin filled to bursting. His organ hardened, and grew, as if to support that impression. When Hyandai's fingers encircled his girth, she smiled again, her eyes lustful and flashing bright green.

"Now, take her." Hyandai said, flicking her eyes toward Wendy.

Harlen nodded, and rose from the bed. Wendy, a bit nervously, watched him move about her, then turned her eyes back to Hyandai as he moved past her range of vision. She was worried, slightly, for she was virginal yet, but she was eager to let him begin.

Wendy felt Harlen's strong hands on her hips as he knelt behind her. She tried to encourage him by parting her legs, adopting a wanton pose on her knees. She then arched her back, presenting herself to him.

"Are you ready, Wendy?" Harlen asked, solicitously.

Wendy nodded eagerly, though her eyes held a trace of lingering fear. Hyandai stroked her hair and comforted her.

"It will only hurt a little, and I have ways of dealing even with that." Hyandai said quietly.

Harlen pressed his thick cock against the girl's opening, letting it rub against her soft, folded petals. She was still very wet from Hyandai's gentle and eager ministrations. His organ slid easily into her, spreading her open and almost burying half of itself into her.

She groaned and her eyes squeezed shut, a tear breaking loose from each eye and trickling down her cheeks.

Harlen stopped, deep concern marking his face. "I will await your comfort." He said, stroking her back and shoulders.

She pulled her mouth from Hyandai's dripping crotch and looked over her shoulder. Gripping the rail of the bed with both hands, she pushed back, driving the remaining half of his organ into herself. She cried out in pain, but also with triumph as her rump ran up against his belly.

Taken totally by surprise by this sudden move, Harlen gasped and moved as if to pull back, Hyandai warned him with a minute shake of her head to hold his position.

Wendy moved forward, taking a quick lap at Hyandai's clitoris, then pushed back again, more forcefully. She grunted out again, but more quietly, and there was an undertone of moan to the sound. She did this over and over, for almost a minute, her moaning becoming more noticeable, and the groaning of pain becoming less so. She smiled back again at Harlen.

"Now, lover, I have mastered even your size." Wendy said.

Harlen chuckled and leaned down and kissed Wendy, then sat back up and began thrusting into her slowly, in long even strokes. Wendy now only moaned, and did so into the muffling flesh of Hyandai's cunt.

Hyandai closed her eyes again, relaxing into the pleasure of Wendy's clever tongue and the little shocks that passed through the girl from Harlen's slow, even thrusts. She idly stroked the girl's hair as Wendy flicked and licked her clitoris. Her climax was slow in coming, but Hyandai eagerly anticipated how intense it would likely be when it finally arrived.

Harlen grunted as he closed in on his own, though, and Hyandai smiled as he cried out Wendy's name. Her jealousy had been bested, and she eagerly took in the passion that the two were sharing for a moment. Hyandai was secure that Harlen's heart was hers, even if other women enjoyed his manhood.

Hyandai watched the girl's eyes widen as she felt Harlen's seed coat her womb, then close again as she fell back into the pleasure found in giving others pleasure.

Harlen continued to thrust into the young woman, though, and soon realized his organ was not going soft, as he usually did after a massive release like the one he had just had. He looked at Hyandai who only winked at him between gasps.

He redoubled his efforts now and began to give Wendy more and more forceful thrusts. The girl seemed to not mind one bit, as she met each with a slight backward push of her own.

Hyandai finally felt her orgasm reaching up to her spine, and snaking along it like a trail of burning oil. Her fingers gripped tighter to Wendy's hair, exactly as the younger woman's fingers had done in her own.

Wendy felt it too, and tried a repeat of the trick used upon her. Locking her lips onto the circle around Hyandai's clitoris, she sucked and continued flicking the tiny knob with her tongue. She pushed two fingers into the elf next, and was pleased when the trick that had worked so notably on her worked on Hyandai just as well, if not better.

Hyandai bucked upward, as if she had sat upon a spike, pressing her opening to Wendy's lips. She tossed her head back and forth, her fiery red hair flying all about her like a corona. Finally, as an utter peak to her climax, she screamed, loudly. It was not a short burst of sound, but a long, reverberating thing that caused a sympathetic sound from somewhere, a faint echo in a slightly different tone.

When she stopped, it stopped, but not before Harlen twisted his head around and triangulated on the echo. It was the Ehladrel. As Hyandai's scream died down, he could have sworn that the grayish-silver metal of the blade had faintly pulsed blue.

He watched Hyandai, as she laid panting, like a winded beast. "Well." Hyandai said, and let her head fall back onto the pillow.

Wendy looked back at Harlen, grinning. "She's at a loss for words?" She asked quietly.

Harlen raised an eyebrow. "It would be a first." He said, smiling back at Wendy.

Hyandai raised one hand from her thigh where it had fallen when she had released Wendy's head, the hand had a finger extended, and it was waggling in chastisement. "I am laying right here, you know?" She said.

Wendy pulled herself forward, feeling a sudden emptiness when Harlen's cock withdrew from her. "Pleasure your betrothed with that unfailing rod of yours." She said, eyeing his swollen organ appreciatively. "I am sore. Also, by my count, Hyandai is one behind each of us for climaxes."

Hyandai shook her finger again. "No, no." She said. "I need none of THAT!" She squealed as Harlen mounted her in one hard, fast stroke. Her emerald eyes shot open and she regarded her betrothed.

"Sneaky devil." She said, smiling.

Hyandai's slender fingers gripped Harlen's waist and encouraged him to take her more forcefully. "I may have given too much." She said, her face wincing very slightly. "You're bigger than normal."

Harlen nodded as he pumped into her. "I agree, angel, it feels near bursting."

She giggled. "I can feel every vein." She said. "Not that doing so is something to complain of."

Looking down, Harlen did see that it was swollen mightily, and the veins were prominent. As he watched, he saw something moving down there not of him or Hyandai. It was Wendy's slim hand. She was doing something down there, out of sight, Harlen thought.

Hyandai gasped and her eyes grew wide. "That's a new feeling." She said, then she groaned loudly, her eyes squeezing shut again. Harlen's curiosity was quickly satisfied when he felt Wendy's fingers moving over his backside, then felt one slim digit open him, it was slick, possibly with someone's juices. It slid easily and gently into his rectum and then wiggled slightly within him.

Hyandai began to grunt more earnestly, and she dug her fingernails into Harlen's flanks. He sped up his thrusts to help her over the edge to another climax, but managed to achieve his own, as his increased rate also forced Wendy's finger more rapidly into and back out of his sphincter.

Hyandai and he climaxed together, both of them crying out and clutching at one another as they felt their nerves burst into heat like flames. At some point during their orgasms, Wendy had gently withdrawn her intruding little fingers, and was smiling at them as the both turned to her.

"And we thought you inexperienced." Hyandai said appreciatively.

Wendy grinned. "Amazing what one learns hanging about with Maegan, hmm?" She said. She crossed her arms over her chest in a self-satisfied manner. "You said you could make this initial hurt lessen?"

With a smile Hyandai said. "Yes, lay down in my place." She sat up and stood, moving somewhat less gracefully than normal.

When Wendy had gotten into position, Hyandai said. "This is going to feel a bit odd, but it will work."

She pressed her lips to Wendy's opening and blew. The girl gasped, then giggled. When Hyandai lifted her mouth from the girl's vagina, she let her tongue trail over her swollen clit on the way up.

"Better now?" Hyandai asked.

Wendy blinked a few times. "Yes." She said, smiling. "How did you..." She started to ask.

"Old elven healing trick." Hyandai interrupted. "It's useful." Harlen nodded agreement.

Her fingers felt around her opening. "It doesn't even hurt a little." Wendy said. Then pouted somewhat. "Like nothing happened. A slight pain would be a pleasant little reminder." She murmured.

"Well, then, next time we can leave you all bruised up." Hyandai said, feigning annoyance. "Like I have to do every time I take this man's oversized prod." She poked Harlen in the ribs playfully.

It was Harlen's turn to pretend annoyance. "You're the one telling me to go harder and faster." He said, raising his voice in mock indignation.

"Now, now, no fighting on my account." Wendy said, patting both of them on the shoulders. "Unless you wish to wrestle over me, or better, with me."

Harlen grabbed the girl around the ribs and bore her to the floor gently while Hyandai grappled her legs. Harlen wiggled one hand free and began tickling Wendy, causing her to giggle and wriggle deliciously. Hyandai, on the other hand, began to tickle the girl's feet. Wendy was soon short of breath.

"I YIELD!" Wendy screamed. Still giggling as they both let her go. "Yeesh, never fight against a couple of lovers, they fight dirty." She said, sitting up.

Hyandai looked questioningly at Harlen, giving her eyes a quick flick at Wendy. Harlen nodded.

Grabbing Wendy around the neck and hugging her. Hyandai said. "A trio of lovers, when you are with us, Wendy."

Harlen embraced both of the slight women in his powerful arms and squeezed, causing both to gasp. "Yeah." Croaked out Wendy. "A trio."

The sun was peering over the lower passes as they peeked out the flap of the tent. "Oh dear." Said Wendy. "I've a patrol in an hour and I'm going to be exhausted." She smiled back at the couple. "Not that it wasn't worth it." She added.

Hyandai kissed her, and gave the young woman her breath. Wendy's eyes widened and she sighed out the air.

"Wow." Wendy said. "Is that what you did to make Harlen swell so big?" She asked.

Hyandai nodded.

Wendy giggled. "No wonder." She said. "That's good stuff. I hate to kiss and run, but I need to get dressed for the march."

He gave Wendy a quick kiss and they sent her off. She seemed to be almost skipping as she headed to her part of the camp.

Hyandai leaned against him. "Still distrust my Lust?" She asked.

Harlen blinked. "I suppose it might have advantages." He murmured grudgingly.

"Might?" Hyandai asked, eyes wide with astonishment. "I heard you cry out that 'might's' name last night."

The lopsided grin had appeared on Harlen's face. "We'll have to try a few more times for me to be sure." He replied. "Just in case this was a fluke."

Hyandai narrowed her eyes now. "Fluke." She said dryly. "We'll see. She rotates back to reserve status in three weeks. We'll see then if she's a fluke."

Harlen nodded. "You really like her, don't you?" He asked.

"Very much, beloved." She replied. "She is much like me."

Harlen grinned. "I noticed." He said.

"We should probably leave today, though. I need to get the Ehladrel to the Windirii, then we can go home."

A broader grin crossed Harlen's face. "Home?" He asked. "You mean my house?"

Hyandai smiled back. "Well, I don't expect you to try to climb trees." She said.

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