tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Son-in-law Ch. 05

The Son-in-law Ch. 05



The next morning at breakfast, her daughter confided in her that she was worried that the shift work was getting too much for John. 'He seems more tired than usual,' she complained. 'Usually he's so full of energy. Perhaps he could try and move to day-shifts, though we really need the money.' Anne listened sympathetically. If only her daughter knew how much time he spent fucking her and Jenny! She was consumed with guilt, and had to bite her lip to stop her blurting out a confession. She didn't want a huge drama like the Spanish movie last night with all its bile and violence.

'Anne, why haven't you been getting that bread I like?' her husband interrupted. Anne knew that the bakery usually sold out early and that she had not been able to make it there early enough because of John's need for her. Her guilt was compounded, and she promised to try to get it. Maybe she would slip away this morning while John was busy with Jenny. At least her husband seemed a bit cheerier today, having fucked his wife for the first time in nearly a year. He must feel like a bit of a man again, Anne thought.

Then they were gone, and Anne, clearing up, was left with her daily conundrum: should she try to slip away before John got up or after Jenny arrived (if indeed Jenny was coming today) or should she stay and put up with whatever John decided he wanted from her? Really she wanted to be alone with Jenny, but that wasn't going to happen today. She finished the cleaning up, but John did not appear. Maybe all the sex was catching up with him, and three women in a day had finished him off and he was sleeping in? Anne took the opportunity to go to her room and get dressed. She would go to the shops and buy her husband's bread and avoid seeing John and Jenny together today. The thought of them together brought her a strange feeling, between jealousy and lust, which she pushed aside as she rushed to the door, heart racing in case John caught her.

She quietly opened the door and slipped out, almost running down the path. As she reached her car, which she had left on the street, Jenny's car pulled up behind hers. Jenny got out, smiling broadly at Anne. She looked radiant. She was looking more vital these days, happier and younger. Anne took her in, glowing in her light blue sleeveless short dress which hugged her arse, showing just a hint of cleavage, cute legs with jaunty blue flat shoes, and hair shining in the sun, she looked so lovely. Anne wanted to kiss and hug her there in the street, and take her inside and enjoy her body.

Jenny gave her a kiss on the lips, and asked, 'Are you leaving? I thought we might be all together today.' Jenny's perfume was delightful and Anne wanted to kiss her shoulders and lick her breasts, but held herself back.

'Oh Jenny,' Anne replied. 'I thought I'd leave you to it today. I'd just be in the way.' And then she whispered in Jenny's ear, 'I want to see you alone. You know, without John. I want you! When can we get together?'

'Oh darling! Stay today! I'm off on Thursday if you want to get together then, or Sunday. But stay and play with us today. It'll be fun!'

'I'm sorry Jenny. I'll leave you today. You look fantastic by the way! John's a lucky man. He's still asleep I think. You'll have to wake him.' Anne avoided making it clear that his late sleep-in was the only reason she had been able to get away. She kissed Jenny lightly on the cheek, and tore herself away, getting in her car and driving off, noticing in her rear-view mirror Jenny pacing eagerly up her path.

Anne shopped and had a lone coffee, while she thought about her friend and son-in-law, and the dirty sex they would be having in her house, and the ecstatic feelings Jenny would be feeling, and feeling John's ardent dick would be giving her. Anne felt her pussy growing damp, and she almost regretted not staying with her friend. Compared with banality of this small-town shopping experience, full of cool politeness and commercial triviality, the sex she had experienced with John and Jenny was so thrilling and alive. But the guilt and the jealousy were confusing her, and she resolved to try and finish it with John somehow, though, as ever, she had not thought of exactly how to do it, apart from telling her daughter with all the hurt and drama that would bring.

She returned home after John had gone to work, and put the shopping away. The kitchen smelt of sex, and she had to clean dried cum off the kitchen table again. She could not resist sniffing it and smiled when she smelt Jenny's cunt smell as well as John's sticky cum. As she walked barefoot to her bedroom, she trod on a damp patch and had to sponge more cum from the carpet. Jenny did have a tendency to be a bit messy. She was filled with jealousy as she cleaned up the carpet so that no-one would notice.


The next morning, after breakfast, she resolved to make another early escape, piling the dirty dishes in the sink, and rushing to get dressed. She managed it without hearing any sound of John, and tip-toed to the door. Just as she reached the door, the doorbell rang loudly, giving her a start. She opened it and was greeted by Jenny's smiling face, with a naughty twinkle in her eyes.

'Where are you off to so early again?' Jenny asked her, giving her a big hug and a kiss. 'You'll miss all the fun!' Jenny seemed to glow more each day, and looked so attractive, in a loose sleeveless blouse that allowed anyone to see her bra when she moved her arms, or her breasts when she bent over.

Anne was tempted by Jenny's sweet voice and lips, and the glimpse of cleavage from her loose low blouse, but still wanted to avoid John. But then she noticed Jenny looking past her and knew John was behind her. She felt his arms around her as he pulled her inside, as Jenny came in and closed the door.

'Hello girls,' John said, with a smile in his voice. 'Don't you both look lovely today!' Anne had to admit that Jenny did look glowingly beautiful, in the loose lime-green blouse, and short tan skirt which showed off her lovely legs. She wished she was alone to run her tongue up Jenny's thighs and lick her sweet pussy, with those exotic protruding labia of hers. But John was running his hands over her breasts and kissing her neck, so that she knew she would not be able to have Jenny to herself. Jenny watched them both, then came up to Anne and kissed her on the mouth. She reached behind Anne, squeezing her arms between John's body and Anne's, and caressed first her back, and then her arse. She kissed Anne passionately and thrust her body into Anne's, as if greedy to make love to her. It felt wonderful to Anne who kissed her back. At the same time, John was running his hands over both their bodies and rubbing his now erect dick against Anne's arse.

Jenny suddenly broke the hug and moved back, and started throwing off her clothes. 'I want you Anne!' she implored, as her blouse, shoes and skirt were cast to the corners of the room. She removed her bra and then her panties, leaving her in her wonderful voluptuous nakedness. Anne felt her pussy growing wet just looking at Jenny's wonderful breasts and naked pussy.

'Come on Anne. Let me eat that pussy of yours!' Jenny demanded, and she reached behind Anne, and unzipped her dress. Anne felt John helping Jenny to pull it over her head, then Jenny took off Anne's bra while John pulled her panties to the floor. In an instant Anne was naked as well. Jenny led her to the carpeted lounge-room and lay on her back pulling Anne on top of her. They kissed and hugged, and Anne could feel herself getting more aroused. She forgot about John until she felt his fingers parting her pussy-slit and start rubbing her already slippery pussy.

Jenny then stopped kissing her and whispered, 'I want to eat your pussy! Come and sit on my face, you dirty girl!' And she pulled Anne up over her until she was kneeling over Jenny's mouth. Jenny licked her clitoris, then her slit, then her clitoris again. It felt wonderful, and Anne looked down past her hanging breasts, fascinated by her friend tenderly licking between her legs. She gasped as Jenny licked her hard and soft, occasionally thrusting her tongue deep inside her pussy to taste her juice. Both Jenny and Anne were moaning now with the beauty of it, and Anne could feel an orgasm rising within her. She felt Jenny's body move beneath her and glanced over her shoulder to see John's head between Jenny's legs, and Jenny's belly rising to meet him.

Anne turned back to Jenny and stroked her lovely hair. It was good that Jenny was getting pleasure from John, but Anne was more concerned about her own pleasure, and gently rocked her pussy against Jenny's tongue. She saw Jenny gasp and her eyes widened, and then she felt the thrusting as Jenny's body was pushed up and down. John must be fucking her. Anne glanced again over her shoulder and saw John thrusting his big cock into Jenny's open cunt. He had pushed Jenny's legs up and was holding her ankles as he slowly pushed in and out of her.

The fucking was causing Jenny to lose focus and her tonguing became less intense. Anne was so close and desperate to come. She moved her hand from Jenny's hair to her own clitoris and started to rub herself while Jenny continued to tongue-fuck her. They were both moaning with the pleasure now, and Anne felt more in control of her orgasm now. She looked down at Jenny, as she rubbed her pussy against Jenny's pretty face, coating it in her juice. It felt so hot, touching herself brazenly in front of Jenny, something she would never have dreamt of doing a few weeks ago, even in front of her husband. Anne gasped as she came and her eyes closed as she concentrated on the delightful feelings in her clitoris and the feeling of Jenny's tongue inside her wet pussy. Her head was thrown back now, eyes closed and breasts high and swinging as she writhed in pleasure. She came one last time then collapsed panting onto her elbows, her head spinning with the electric static of post-orgasmic miasma. In the distance of her ecstasy she heard Jenny's cries of orgasm as John's cock sent her over the edge too.

Anne would have been happy to go to her bed and sleep, either alone or in Jenny's warm arms, but then she felt John's big hands grasping her hips and holding her fast. She was still kneeling, legs apart over Jenny's head with her own head on her arms and her breasts hanging to the floor near her neck. A moment later she felt John's cock probing her wet pussy, and slipping in so easily, like an old friend being let in by one of your kids without asking you. Then she gasped as he thrust deeper into her stretching her open wide. She heard John groan with pleasure, as he started to fuck her slow and deep, pulling almost out of her then sliding slowly back in until his tummy touched her arse. It felt delicious, and she couldn't help letting out little moans as she felt the joy rising in her pussy. She pushed herself up on her hands to change the angle and her breasts swung freely, back and forward with each of John's slow thrusts.

Then she felt new tingles in her clitoris, as someone's tongue started to play with her hot, hard button. It must be Jenny, she realised with delight. Her friend was helping her, and desired her, and wanted to give her pleasure. She looked down past her swinging breasts and saw Jenny's eyes looking up at her as her tongue played with Anne's clit. It was heaven, Anne thought and gave herself over to the intense feelings and enjoyment of the big male cock in her cunt and the sweet female tongue on her clit. On and on it went, the cock sliding, the tongue licking, the breasts swinging until Anne started to come and call out, 'Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck me! Oh fucking yes! Oh god! You dirty fuck! Oh fuck me!' and so on, as her cunt throbbed and sent feelings of delight through her.

And then John started fucking her faster and faster and groaning and swearing, 'Yes Anne! Fuck! Yes! Yes you sexy cunt! Yes! Yeeeessss' as he shot a great load of come into her cunt. It felt tremendous. Anne's pussy was throbbing with pleasure and she loved the warm wet fullness she felt with John's cock filling her up. They stayed there panting for a few minutes, John leaning on her back and reaching around to stroke her nipples. Then John kissed her back and got up, his cock slipping out her pussy and their combined juice running out of her.

'Bye girls!' he said to them both. 'That was fabulous as usual, you little vixens! He laughed at his own joke as he gathered his things and wandered off to do whatever he did every day when he had been sexually satisfied by these two older women. When John had left, Anne lay down beside Jenny and gave her a big hug. Jenny neck and breasts were all wet, covered in the come that had poured from her pussy when John pulled out. Jenny's face also smelt strongly of Anne's pussy. The usually squeamish Anne had quickly become used to smelling and tasting the sexual juices of others and even her own juice on other's bodies. Nevertheless, she led Jenny to the bathroom to wash off the stickier bits, as well as to have an excuse to fondle Jenny's lovely-ness under the sensual hot flowing water. They ended up with their fingers in each other's cunts rubbing and probing until they both came again. It was so bohemian, Anne thought to herself. It put her in a cheery mood for the rest of the day.


The next morning while everyone was having breakfast, Anne received a text from Jenny. It read, 'I can't come today. Period's here! Ow. Sorry. You're on your own today. xxx' It took a few seconds to take it all in. Now she would be left to cope with John by herself. What would she do, she wondered? Her inability to be decisive was becoming intolerable. Now her daughter was telling her something: 'Mum. Pay attention! I said a friend of John's is coming over today. They'll be working on some project or other.' Anne smiled and nodded vaguely, not knowing whether this was a good thing or not.

Then the others were gone, and Anne was left with the mess and the confusion. She tidied up the mess but the confusion remained. A friend of John's coming here? Why here? Where was Jenny when she was needed, not that she helped with John really, but it was a problem shared. Not that Jenny even saw it as a problem, more as an opportunity, but she was the only one who knew what Anne was going through at least. Then John appeared, smiling his usual, almost shy, almost sly grin as he approached her in his boxers and crumpled t-shirt. Then his arms went around her and he gently kissed her neck, like a long-time lover. She submitted to his hug, realising her chance for escape had gone, but hoping that he would soon be leaving with his friend on whatever 'project' they had planned. She hoped that the friend arrived soon, as John's hug was turning into something else. John's hands had strayed down her back and were cradling her arse, kneading it and pulling her against his body where she could feel the hardness of his erect cock.

John brought one hand up to the back of her head and turned her face towards him, as she had been looking away from him, trying to subtly discourage him, as he nuzzled her neck. Now he looked into her eyes and kissed her passionately on the lips, his tongue quickly forcing its way into her mouth. She tried to twist away but his big hand held her head in place and he continued to enjoy her mouth, teasing her tongue with his. If only she had been free to enjoy this passion without the guilt she thought. Even so, the kissing felt sensual and started to arouse tingles in her breasts and her pussy, which she fought to suppress. It was hard though, with his hot body pushing against hers and his erection rubbing against her pussy through the thin layers of clothing that separated them. She realised that she had stopped passively accepting his kiss, and that her tongue was now actively entwining with his and she was kissing him back despite herself. She tore herself away from the kiss and pushed John away with all her might.

'Stop it John!' she cried. 'Your friend might be here any minute! Can't you keep your hands off me?'

'Oh you know about Matt then?' John replied. 'Don't worry about him. He's cool.'

Just then the doorbell rang. 'Can you get it Anne?' John asked. 'It's probably Jenny. I'm not expecting Matt for half an hour.'

Anne was puzzled. 'Jenny's not coming today. She send me a text. Didn't you know?' she said.

It was John's turn to look puzzled, and his brow wrinkled. 'Mmm. No. Well. I'd better get it.'

Anne looked at him, with his erection still showing through his boxers. 'I'll get it. You'd better calm down a bit!' she said, indicating with her eyes the bulge in his boxers. She went to the door and opened it to a stocky man in his late-30s or early-40s. He had an almost-handsome face with a light beard and kind, brown eyes which took in her face and then flicked down to the cleavage which had appeared when her gown slipped open a little. Men are so predictable, she thought, even the nice ones. He smiled and offered his hand.

'Jenny?' he said, then noticing her hesitation, 'Or Anne?'

Quite cute and shy, Anne thought as she took his hand and confirmed. 'Anne. You must be Matt. Sorry I'm still in my gown. Come in why don't you?' She led him through to the kitchen where John was sitting on one of the chairs, so that the lessening bulge in his boxers was not visible. When he stood up to shake Matt's hand it was still noticeable, if you were paying attention, that is.

'Matt, mate, you've met Anne?' John said. 'There's been a slight change in plans.'

Anne was a little confused and tried to excuse herself and leave them to their 'project', though she was a bit confused as to why Jenny's absence was significant for them. John insisted that Anne stay as there was something he needed to tell her.

'You see, Anne,' John began, 'Matt is a good mate of mine from work, but he's had a problem. About a year ago, out of the blue, Matt's wife ran off with a musician and left him with two teenage girls to look after.' Anne was touched by this and felt for the young man in front of her, though she was still not sure why he was here today, and what it had to do with her.

'So since then, he's been flat-out looking after his two girls. He takes them to school in the morning and then works the afternoon shift with me and gets back late. Luckily his mother looks after them after school and puts them to bed if he's not back, but he looks after them on the weekend and he never gets any free time. So, although he loves his kids, he's still a young man and he hasn't had sex in a year, which is tough on anyone.'

John continued, 'So I thought he might be able to meet Jenny. They're both single now and need sex and they're both nice people, so I thought it might work out.'

Anne's mind was spinning. So this was what John had planned. He had invited this unknown guy over to join Jenny and him, and maybe Anne (did he mean to include her?) in a morning sex session! Or had he meant to pass Jenny over to Matt and keep Anne for his own use. It sounded so sleazy, like the women would have no say in who had sex with them! She sympathised with Matt's situation -- it must be hard to be a single working dad, let alone trying to get over an ex-wife and meet someone new. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but surely John should have asked Jenny if she was interested! And of course he really should have asked Anne whether she minded, but Anne had given up expecting John to consider her feelings. She wondered what he had told Matt about the situation between John and Jenny and her.

'I appreciate that it must be hard for Matt,' Anne said. 'But Jenny's not here today, and I really think you should have run it past her before getting Matt's hopes up. She may not be interested, and anyway it's just rude!' Although it sounded logical enough, she wasn't sure whether Jenny wouldn't have jumped at the chance to have another young lover, especially a nice single one. She looked at Matt, who was standing there sheepishly while they talked about him and his intimate situation. He looked like a guy who many women would go for, if not for the kids and the fact that he never got the chance to meet anyone new. She could sense he was disappointed not to have met the woman John promised him, and frustrated at the lost opportunity for sexual release. Anne herself was only now coming to the realisation of the importance of sexual release to one's well-being. She guessed he masturbated, as all men do, and was struck by an image of him naked with his hand on his erect cock, pumping into his palm with thoughts of his ex-wife or other women in his head. She wondered for a moment what his cock looked like, then pulled herself together and got back to the discussion.

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