tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Song of Roland Ch. 04

The Song of Roland Ch. 04


Kelsea's morning blowjob was more spirited than usual, her lips suckling against Roland's head like she was trying to taste his very essence. She shut her eyes, seeming to be enraptured, as though he were an irresistible taste to relish and enjoy. Roland put a hand against her head, pulling back her hair and rubbing against the bare skin of her forehead. "Stop." He murmured, his voice softer than usual.

"No." She said, pulling off of him and pulling at his pecker. "You like it too much."

"I do." He replied, his fingers tracing across the hard, grating surface of her demonic horns, "That's why I want you to stop."

She chuckled. "I'll stop when you actually mean what you say."

"You're a two-piece whore who's addicted to cock." He said, trying to change tactics. Kelsea merely laughed and continued to stroke him. Her very touch was sensitivity, her smile a hardening experience. She looked up at him with her red-tinged eyes and Roland found himself struggling to meet their gaze.

"I am addicted; to your cock, to be precise. Its smell, its texture, its taste..." She licked up along its length, allowing her long tongue to hang out as she went higher, ensuring he felt the whole of her prehensile appendage around his shaft, "Its owner." She finished, kissing his head as her tongue wrapped in a spiral up along the length, milking him with metronomic motions.

Nothing he did could stop her, nor contain her worshipful adoration. There were times when she seemed in full control of him, dictating his lust despite her supposed deference to him. But then there were times she seemed saturated by his own sexuality, as enraptured by his maleness as Roland was by her hellish femininity. It was a duality of thinking that left him panting as he lifted and lowered her face onto his manhood, roughly facefucking her as she hummed in her mouth. The vibration was a seismic noise within his nethers, eliciting a sudden, sharp feeling in his groin. He unloaded himself within her throat, giving Kelsea her morning breakfast before he'd had the chance to even pull his pants on. She slurped at his base as he emptied his balls, her eyes staring up at his with an infuriatingly inscrutable look.

When she had finished she pulled off of him, her tongue continuing to corkscrew his length as she cleaned him, leaving naught but saliva atop his half-mast rod. "Morning wood is great," She said, smacking her lips and licking the last of his precum off of the tip. "All cum, no need for buildup." Roland said nothing, pulling his trousers up and pulling his armor onto his chest. He'd long since resigned himself to her morning ministrations, it was already a chore to not continue the moment with a second session, this time involving her ass and a copious amount of her own juices for good measure. "Weren't you going to eat something?" She said, tilting her head quizzically.

"I'm not hungry." He said, strapping on his breastplate and packs. "Hurry up and get dressed, Kelsea." She did as he asked, casting extended glances his way as she did so. It was only later that he realized he'd never said her name out loud before.

They crept through the hedgerows of the outskirts of Rendhold, their twin footsteps moving softly through the brush and maze of tall bushes. When the young Succubus' smaller but more clumsy feet cracked a large twig on the ground, the mercenary gave her a dark look; she smiled sheepishly and they continued onwards, moving with care through the thickets as they neared their quarry.

They had found work - unglamorous, but work nonetheless - in tracking down a small band of poachers on the Lord of Rendhold's land. They had been preying on his private hunting grounds for weeks now, and the Castellan of the Castle had tasked the pair with finding and, if possible, dispatching the group. No trial was necessary, just a quick blade thrust and some promised gold. Roland had clucked his tongue in distaste but accepted the deal. Buying a room for two at every tavern they stopped at was starting to become a drain on his meagre resources, especially when the uppity little demon kept downing more mead than even he was capable of swilling.

Now they moved together, her limber body bending in pleasing ways as she loped along next to him, climbing a small hill behind which the clear smoke of a campfire grew. For all their skill at hunting, the poachers were none too subtle about their choice in camping location. A blind magpie would have noticed the smells and sights coming from a mile away; it was a wonder they hadn't been caught beforehand.

As they crested the hill, Roland's eyes espied their makeshift camp: a small copse of trees with a few haphazardly-erected tents surrounding a roaring campfire. The three men were down by the blaze: one skinning a newly-killed buck and two tending to the campfire. Judging by their similar appearances Roland guessed that they were likely siblings. Poor unlucky sods. He thought to himself, Taking a blade to the belly for a couple of slabs of meat. Sometimes he truly disliked his job.

"They're... they're just peasants." Kelsea said, her eyes spying the three men as they went about their business.

"Of course." Roland whispered back, quietly pulling his blade free and placing it carefully on the ground to his side. He didn't want them to know they were here until he was upon them; hunters with bows were a dangerous combination. "Were you expecting horn-helmed barbarians burning down villages left and right?"

"Do we have to..." She trailed off. Roland gave her a sideways glance.

"You're the oddest demon I have ever come across." He said, "Never 'afore heard of one of you caring a wick about somebody else, much less three nobs with a death wish for stealing."

"I was a human once, too." She said, returning a surprisingly fierce glare back at Roland. "I had to beg for bread like all the other smallfolk in my village at one time or another. I'd have killed to know how to hunt for meat."

"-And now you're exclusively a hunter of meat." Roland said, reaching back and planting a hand firmly against her back, pushing her jutting body down onto the ground again so they weren't spotted. "Keep your knickers untwisted, this is work."

"This is murder." She said. "They're just hungry."

Roland's shook his head, his red mane twisting in the wind. "Then they shouldn't have stolen for it. D'you see what we're doing for a couple of coins and some meat? These fools could have signed up to any local lord's banner and had a bellyfull by the evening."

"They still don't deserve to die." She said, "Let me talk to them."

Roland had to keep his voice down as he let out a low laugh. "You? And just what in the world are you gonna say to them? And how is that gonna help us get paid?"

"Not everything is about coin, Roland." She said, putting a hand to his face. He flinched from the contact, but did not pull away. Her fingers traced the curve of his cheek where he'd been cut by the banshee, scratching at the smooth, blemishless skin. "Let me talk to them."

"You purple-skinned harpy." He muttered, "Gods damn you if this goes south; they perforate you with arrows and I'm not gonna waste the time it takes to bury you."

She smiled at him, her lips parting to show the perfect, white teeth behind. "You would: you like me too much to leave me to the wolves."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" He asked, but she did not answer, instead standing up from her perch next to him and loudly descending the small hill to their encampment. Immediately a shout went up as the men dove for their weapons, hearing only the sound of an intruder and fearing the worst. Cursing his companion, Roland grabbed his sword and prepared to rise, but as if reading his mind Kelsea turned back to him and held up a hand. Wait, she mouthed before turning back and descending the hill.

In a flash the three were standing at the campfire, bows drawn, in a rough line pointing at her. The largest of them called out: "Halt! Or we'll empty our quivers into ya! Who're ya?"

Kelsea held up her hands, her deceptively human appearance causing the frightened hunters to hesitate. She put on the affectation of a surprised and scared village girl:"Don't shoot sirs! I-I'm just lost is all! D-d'you know the way to Rendhold Castle?"

The largest one gestured roughly with his nocked arrow. "Back the way you came. Piss off; we're the King's Men, on business."

Heedless, Kelsea took a few steps further. One of the lads loosed an arrow, landing hard in the ground in front of her feet. The Succubus let out a yelp; Roland cursed and moved to rise. "Wait!" The girl cried out, a strange notation in the way she spoke causing the mercenary to stop in his tracks just as surely as the three men below. "I'm just alone, is all! You say you're the King's men? C-could you help a lass get home? Or at least a meal? I've been lost in these woods for hours now. I ran out of food yesterday on the road. I can't..." she trailed off, her legs going unsteady in what should have been an unconvincing act. Yet even Roland - who knew the true intent of the ruse - was suddenly compelled to move to help her. With a grunt of displeasure he stayed where he was.

The youngest lad dropped his bow and clambered up the hillside to catch the 'fainting' Succubus. "Rett, stop him!" The oldest said, but the other one lowered his bow.

"Brenn this girl is harmless." He said, "Are we really gonna-"

"Shut up you foolish git." The oldest one said, his bow shaking. "What if this is a trap?"

"For the three of us?" The boy said, letting out a laugh. "Ain't we high and mighty now? They'd send a patrol, not a dazed girl."

The youngest one caught Kelsea in his arms, the overdramatic slut draping herself across his arms in an exaggerated lady-like swoon. "Thank you..." She whispered.

"Of course!" The young man said, a sharp blush gracing his homely and freckled face. He looked the spitting image of a big-eared stablehand. "What yer name, miss?"

"Sarah." She said, her eyes fluttering. The young man gulped. "And you?"

"Mika." He replied, helping her to stand on her feet. "What are you doin' so far away from home?"

She sighed, following him down the hillside as the two other men looked on. "I buried my Pa the other day. He and I was livin' up north, near the mountains. Mum left him years ago, so I was heading to live with her but I got lost and..." She seemed to break down, the three men moving to comfort her as one. Roland watched the Succubus work her magic on them all simultaneously.

"It's all right, Sarah." Brett said.

"You're all alone? Shouldn't someone have-"

"I'm sorry fer not trustin' ya." Brenn said sheepishly. "Come on, take a seat by the fire. Warm yerself up." Cursing under his breath, Roland creeped along the side of the hillside, working his way around the precarious place to a better vantage point near one of the tents. He wasn't about to let them get away.

Apparently, neither was Kelsea. Within moments of taking a seat at the campfire her magical prowess began to take effect. Both of the younger siblings sat with her on either side, bunching up on the makeshift log seat with her sandwiched between the two of them. The eldest reluctantly returned to skinning their ill-gotten gains, but Roland could see that he continued to cast lustful glances back at them. "Thank you so much," She murmured, her hands moving subtly to either of the brother's thighs. "If it weren't for the three of you, I'd be starving in a forest right now."

"No need to - oh!" The middle brother began, before Kelsea reached beneath his trousers and began to rapidly grope at both his and his brother's nads.

"I insist." She said, the sultry purr of her Succubus voice bleeding through the innocent affectation she'd adopted. "But... is it safe for you three to be out here?" She asked, "Men on King's business... that's really important! Gods know what might happen should you fall into the hands of the wrong people."

The two young men groaned as one, her hands creating twin bulges in their pants as she jacked the unsuspecting brothers with her magical fingers. Having been on the receiving end of those very digits, Roland knew the orgiastic hell they were going through. He continued his circuitous path around their camp, taking care to keep the poacher's backs to him. Kelsea continued with her teasing. "You guys seem like you need some relief. Do you... do you mind? I'd like to repay you, somehow." She didn't wait for them to respond, peeling their pants down their legs and gripping both cocks to the open air, giving both an extended masturbatory session.

The two men groaned, now completely enraptured by the Succubus. The third brother turned around to the loud sounds of sex occurring behind him and blanched. "Mika! Rett! The bloody hell are you two doing?"

"What do you think it looks like, handsome?" Kelsea said, her voice becoming fully engorged with her cloying, syrupy tones. "Care to join us?" Despite the way she worded it, it sounded more like a command. Brenn hesitated, then reluctantly moved to join them. Kelsea took her hand off of Brett's cock only long enough to fish Brenn's out of his pants and wrap her lips around him, sucking him off as she groped his brothers.

Bit by lusty bit, Kelsea's 'Sarah' persona dropped away, her blowjob becoming a back alley whore's practiced deepthroat and her rapid cock manipulations the active aggressions of a maestro of the skin flute. All three men were now ensnared by her attentions, and utterly heedless of Roland's creeping steps. He was now directly behind the tent around which they gathered, thrusting their hips and pumping their penises to the pleasured beat of Kelsea's actions. Roland nearly moved to end the brigade of foolishness but stopped short when he heard his Succubus companion pop out of Brenn's mouth, letting out a heavy breath of air that sounded like a sexual, pleased laugh. "Let's do something fun, hm? I always wanted to get with three brothers."

Kelsea stood up, spinning around, allowing the men to pull at her clothes all at once, their hands sweeping across her breasts, her stomach, her hips and ass. She giggled at the attention, stepping over the youngest boy's body and planting her labia firmly against his mouth. "Taste me, Mika." She said, putting her hand against his head and burying him in her unholy snatch. He licked and slurped eagerly, devouring her vagina and eliciting short gasps from her voice. "Ah, good lad."

Roland could hear the difference in her mating with them. Even as worked up as she was, there was a note of control, of domination in her voice; at all times she was in command over the three. With him, he knew she had a wilder side - a part of her that enjoyed the submission as much as the authority. With these three she would moan, with Roland she would scream. It was a strangely comforting disparity.

She lowered herself onto Mika's cock, spearing him deep as her hand reached back to touch Brenn, encouraging the eldest to plant himself deep within her rectum. Last but not least, Brett stepped up, allowing Kelsea to turn her head and engulf his length as she bent her back at a near-impossible angle to take all three within her sexual orifices. Without preemption they all went into overdrive, the three hunter's hips pistoning in rapid succession as they lost control over their bodies, seeming to be overwhelmed by the essence of the being they were balls-deep in.

Kelsea looked like a sexual goddess as she used all three of them: seeming to effortlessly absorb their intense thrusts and strong pumps with a kind of grace that Roland found both astonishing and oddly beautiful. All jests of her addiction to the male anatomy aside, she really did look at home, in a natural state in the midst of passionate coitus.

Small wonder, then that the lads burst within her as one, filling her three holes with the kind of excited squirts of sexual fluid that characterized the young and inexperienced. Both Brenn and Mika hilted themselves in the Succubus' exaggerated curves, pressing tightly against her purple body as their balls twitched, pumping their loads within her body as she gobbled Brett's ejaculate. Though Roland hadn't eaten today, now Kelsea was positively stuffed with the life-giving material; he supposed that it evened out, in the end.

"Nice job, lads." She said, panting as the three panted, surrounding her with a cocoon of masculinity. She looked up directly towards Roland's hiding spot, meeting eyes with him as her trademark smile curled onto her lips. Her skin began changing to her unnatural coloration. Her tail poked out from her back and her horns returned in full force. The men gasped as one as she changed into a nightmare creature before their very eyes. Kelsea winked at Roland, "-But I think the festivities are over."

Taking this as his cue, Roland leapt from his hiding place, brandishing his blade and yelling at the top of his lungs. The sight of their paramour turning into a literal demon, followed by the sudden appearance of a six-foot barbarian with a wide beard and murder in his eyes was enough outlandishness to make all three of them let out shouts of astonishment. The three lads practically leapt free from Kelsea's embrace, even Mika sliding down beneath her and jumping over the fire at the approach of the red-maned mercenary charging in full armor at the near-naked trio. Mika's cock flopped uselessly beneath him as he jumped, clearing the flame like a trained gymnast. They cried out curses and prayers to the Gods as they bolted, leaving pants, shirts, and their dignity behind, alongside all of their camp equipment.

"Don't you dare kill another deer in this gods-forsaken forest, do you hear me?" Roland shouted after them, waving his sword as Kelsea broke down into a fit of bona-fide giggles.

"Oh, Gods!" She hucked, her breath coming out in rapid bursts of mirth. "That was the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life! You should have been a minstrel, Roland!"

"Aye," He said, eying the men fleeing, checking with his eyes around the camp for any valuables worth taking. "And you can be my fool, dressed in motley. What were you hoping to gain with that little act?"

"Some fluids." She said, shrugging as she brazenly walked forward, wrapping her arms around Roland's body and pressing her chest tight against his back. He endured it. "And a few less dead men. Thanks for letting me do it my way; I think they'll be good and scared, now."

"Now we just need to get good and paid." He grumbled, "But like as not that's off the table: no heads to show, no proof we scared 'em off."

"They'll be back," She said, continuing to chuckle at the memory of their panic. "If for no other reason than to get their clothes back. I don't think they'll come back and poach after that, though."

"I'd hope not." Roland said, sheathing his blade. "Elsewise they're more tenacious than you are."

He felt the tingling pressure of her thick lips against the back of his neck, causing a thrill to go up his spine. "I've got a good master." She whispered in his ear, her tongue licking across the back of his ear. "Why shouldn't I be determined?"

"You're a Succubus. If anything, I'm your slave. Now let go of me, the least we can do is pilfer a few bits o' meat so we can eat on the road to the next town. I don't think we should return to Rendhold." The Mercenary picked his way across the abandoned camp, finding a few bits of cooked meat and homemade jerky. He held up some, chewing on a bit himself. "Want some?"

"None for me." She said, giggling. "I've had my fill for today. Unless..."

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