tagBDSMThe Soprano Ch. 02

The Soprano Ch. 02


Bzzt. Bzzt. A faint vibration awoke Claire, and she blinked sleepily in the early morning light. She had a moment to wonder why on Earth she'd set her cell phone alarm so early, and then she rolled onto her back and suddenly remembered. The soft ropes Sebastien had used to tie her hands to the headboard the night before were still there. That would make her plan a lot easier to carry through. This morning, she would not be the one tied.

It was a special day, and she had a surprise for Sebastien. She hoped he would like it, but if not it would pay off anyway. It always did. Working quickly, she looped the rope around one of his wrists and then the other, gently repositioning his arms above his head. He stirred restlessly for a moment and she thought he might wake, but he stilled again. When she finished her last knot, she sat back to admire her handiwork.

There he was, her dark and dangerous man fast asleep in just his underwear, tied to the bed. She had to admit seeing him tied up like that was incredibly sexy. How much sexier would it be when he was awake and furious? She couldn't wait to find out.

Claire wormed her hands into the waistband of his shorts, sliding them off and tossing them aside. She took a moment to admire his cock, lying soft against his thigh. She ran her fingertip over the velvety soft skin and he stirred slightly. It was now or never. She leaned over, sucking his cock into her mouth. With it softer, smaller, she could get it entirely into her mouth much more easily.

She sucked on it like a piece of hard candy, running her tongue up and down its length. Then it pulsed once thickly in her mouth, and she felt him begin to harden. Sebastien sighed out softly above her head and she flicked her eyes up to see if he was really waking up. But his cock was thickening so deliciously in her mouth, she turned her attention back to it.

When it had completely hardened, she gripped it firmly in her fist. She pulled up until only the head of his cock was in her mouth, and flicked her tongue over the tip rapidly. Sebastien's hips jerked and tension filled his body.

"Claire," he said firmly. She looked up at him. He was glaring at her now, and she was struck by how sexy he was. The muscles in his stomach rippled as she stroked him. Then giving him an impish smile, she slid her tongue down to his balls. She licked them gently, sucking them into her mouth one at a time.

Then even farther down she went, until her tongue had passed over the smooth patch of skin to the rougher, ridged skin below it. He squirmed a little as if to get away from her probing tongue, but she was persistent.

"Ahhh..." he groaned softly as she stroked his cock a bit faster. She licked him a bit longer and then withdrew, nipping him gently on one buttock. Making eye contact with him, she slowly slid one finger into her mouth, slicking it up. She slid it against him where her tongue had been.

"Claire," he said, more softly now, "this is your last chance. If you do not untie me immediately, you will regret it."

"Have you ever...?" she asked, ignoring his request and pressing her fingertip against him. He was stonily silent, and at first she thought he would not reply. Then he sighed shortly in frustration.


"Mmm. Then...I will be your first," she said, not quite able to hide her smile. He said nothing, merely stared at her silently as she slid her finger inside him. She took him back into her mouth, cupping his balls with her free hand. His head fell back and he sighed again. She wiggled her finger gently, marveling at the smoothness she felt inside him. He grew firmer in her mouth, and she knew before it happened that he would not warn her. He would simply fill her mouth with his thick, warm come and let her deal with it.

He did not warn her, but he couldn't quite conceal his soft grunt of pleasure. She hummed in approval as she swallowed him down. Chancing another look at him, she saw him watching her through slitted eyelids. Pulling away from him, she slid off the bed and watched his facial expressions change as she went into the bathroom to clean up.

She took the time to brush her teeth and brush out her hair, but thought taking a shower might push it too far. She picked up a short, silky black robe, and wrapped it around herself. When she returned to the bedroom, Sebastien was still there, evidently having made no attempt to loosen his bonds. He glared murderously at her when she entered the room.

Her heart thudded quickly in her chest as she leaned over to loosen the knot on one wrist. Before it had fully unfurled, she was backing away. She didn't really have a plan; she just wanted to get away before he untied himself. He must have worked much more quickly than she'd expected, because she was still standing in the entryway when he snuck up behind her and whipped her around to face him.

She expected him to be furious, but instead he was actually smiling as he brought her in for a kiss. She was giggling as he pulled her down to the floor, devouring her mouth. He slid his fingers into her robe, squeezing her breasts firmly. He ran his fingertips over the hard points of her nipples, and pinched them until she twisted away from him, crying out.

"You know," he murmured, his lips against her cheek, "I cannot let this go without punishing you."

"I would expect nothing less, Maestro."

Sebastien untied her robe, pulling it away from her body with the same glee a child unwraps a present. He buried his face between her breasts, sliding them against his cheeks and kissing her chest. Running his tongue up over one breast, he circled her nipple before biting down on it gently. Claire felt little sparks of pleasure run through her and whimpered softly.

He flicked his tongue rapidly over the nipple he'd captured between his teeth, then switched to her other breast to do the same there. His hands slid down to her sex, dipping his fingers into her and feeling how wet she was.

"Mmm but perhaps that could wait until later," he said, pulling her up roughly and turning her over. She felt his hard cock bumping up against her hip and he dug his nails into her waist, making her cry out. "Yes, indeed, later." He thrust his cock firmly into her, and she shivered in pleasure.

Claire was still in the entryway, her palms and knees rasping against the carpet as Sebastien pounded into her from behind, when she heard a sharp knock at the door.

"Come back later; we are busy," Sebastien said.

"So I can hear," came the dry reply. "Started without me, have you?"

"Come in, the door's open," called Claire. Sebastien gave her a sudden whack on her behind and she moaned, laughing softly. The door opened, framing a tall man with sun-kissed hair in the doorway. He closed the door behind him, lips twitching in amusement as he took in the scene before him: his best friend and his best friend's lover.

Claire reached for him and he came closer, kneeling down in front of her. He cradled her face in his hands, kissing her deeply. Her fingers fumbled with the button on his jeans as their tongues tangled together. She got the button done one-handed, but couldn't manage the zipper.

"Help me out here," she said. Sebastien slowed a bit behind her, probably hoping to draw things out now that René had joined them. René undid his zipper and pushed his jeans down, kicking them off his legs and then pulling off his shirt as well. He knelt again before Claire, his hard cock bumping up against her shoulder suggestively.

She slicked up his cock with her tongue, raking her teeth very gently down his hard length. Then she brought her head up, teasing his cock with her fingertips and feeling it pulse in her hand. When her tongue snaked down between his buttocks, he moaned appreciatively.

"Mon ami, you have been teaching her some new tricks."

"I did not teach her this one," Sebastien grunted in response. René chuckled in a low tone.

"No, I suppose you did not. But she tried it out on you first, I gather."

"You have no idea."

Claire brought her head up, glaring at each of them in turn as she said, "Both of you shut up." This earned her another smack from Sebastien, but René said nothing, groaning softly instead when she resumed her tongue's work on him. He shifted his hips subtly, pushing his cock through her fingers.

"I want to be inside you," he said softly above her head. She pulled away from him, wiggling her fingers suggestively.

"How about if I...put something inside you?" She slid her finger inside him slowly, and he closed his eyes in pleasure. Then she sucked him into her mouth and he moaned softly.

"New tricks, indeed." Claire ran her tongue over him, tasting him and enjoying the feel of him in her mouth. She felt Sebastien pushing into her faster, shivering as he bumped her with each thrust. She moaned around René's cock, feeling the pleasure building inside her. Sebastien ran one of his hands up over Claire's ribs to her breast, which he kneaded firmly.

His other hand dipped down between her legs, sliding through her wet folds in little circles. Her hips jumped, but his hand held her against him firmly as he pounded into her. She felt herself tensing up, and then she was coming, gripping René's thigh firmly as she whimpered around him. Sebastien sighed softly behind her and slowed down slightly before thrusting once more emptying himself into her.

He stroked her back and sides gently as she continued to suck René's cock down her throat. She fingered him slowly, pressing into him and making him cry out as he filled her mouth with his warm come.

When they'd all finally untangled themselves, Claire pulled Sebastien to her and kissed him sweetly.

"Happy birthday, Maestro."


The sun was up and the sky a clear blue by the time the breakfast dishes were stacked in the sink. Sebastien had showered and dressed, and stopped to give Claire a kiss on the cheek before grabbing his overcoat. She and René were still lounging on the sofa, she dressed again in her robe.

"Mon abeille, I must be off. I cannot skip rehearsal today, unfortunately. But I will see you tonight?"

"Of course, Maestro. We have plans...remember?"

"How could I remember? I do not know what they are," he teased. He breezed out the door and Claire immediately turned to René.

"Okay, now we can talk about tonight. You remember what I told you I had planned?"

"Yes, but...you must be joking."

"I am not joking!" She stuck out her lower lip, offended.

"But cherie, you told me yourself you cannot cook. What would you make?"

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I don't know."

"What about a salad?" he suggested with a grin.

"You're so mean," she grumbled.

"Oh very well, I apologize. You are set on doing this?"

"Yes. Very."

"All right, then. Here is my suggestion: roast a chicken. It is very simple, and you can just roast it over some potatoes to make a meal out of it. If you want to try something a bit trickier, make soup to start. I believe squash is in season, and it makes a delicious soup."

"What about dessert?"

"Buy it, of course. Something simple. Or...be it," he added with a roguish smile.

"Okay..." she said, sounding unsure.

"Would you like me to --"

"I want to do it myself."

"Of course, and you will," he said, "but there is no shame in getting help. I can stay and make sure everything goes well."

"You'd do that for me?"

"It is no trouble, and I will be gone before Sebastien returns."

"You are the best!" she said, giving him a peck on the cheek.


He was late. The clock was ticking too loudly on the wall and Sebastien looked irritably into his cup of tea. Of course, he would be late. Sebastien was at a café at eleven o'clock in the morning to meet an acquaintance. It was someone he'd known long ago who was now on the board of directors for one of the country's largest symphonies. He had guessed why his old acquaintance wanted to meet with him, but he supposed he should listen anyway.

At last, a man entered the café carrying a briefcase and looking anxious. He was of average height with jet-black hair, dressed in a stuffy tweed suit. He spotted Sebastien straightaway and made his way over to the table.

"Maestro, I'm glad you could see me."

"Leonard, it has been a long time."

"Too long. I'd like to get straight to the point. Ken is retiring and we're on the search for a new conductor. Your name came up. A lot of us really respect the work you've done here."

"So you are asking me to throw my hat into the ring, is that it?"

"Well, yes. I thought you'd be pleased."

Pleased. Why shouldn't he be pleased? A personal visit from someone from the hiring committee's preferences, the chance to work for a larger symphony with a larger budget in what was arguably a nice location.

"I am not displeased. It would be a magnificent opportunity."

"Indeed it would. Though...perhaps this isn't a good time for you? You would no doubt wish to break in your new soprano before handing her off to someone else, hmm?"

Break her in. If only he knew, Sebastien thought with a thin smile. Then a thought occurred to him. Surely the rumors had not gone so far. Was it possible Leonard was taunting him, hoping to discover the truth?

"Claire can handle herself. She is a professional."

"I'm sure she is. Quite attractive, too, isn't she?"

"Anyone who thinks that factored into my decision to hire her must not think very much of my judgment," he replied, fixing Leonard with a firm stare. The other man, evidently seeing he would not get anywhere with this line of conversation, nodded.

"Of course," he murmured. "Well, the board is meeting with some prospective candidates next month, sort of an informal mixer. Will I see you there?"

Sebastien sighed inwardly. It was a good opportunity. Perhaps, given the state of things, the best opportunity he would have in the entire next decade. But of course, he did have Claire to consider. There could be no question of bringing her along professionally -- not at first, anyway. So it would mean a separation; he could never ask her to resign her position. It would be a delicate situation if he were to be offered the position. He looked at the smug expression on Leonard's face, watched as it fell away when he answered.

"Of course."


Steam fogged the mirror in Sebastien's bathroom, and Claire wiped it away to look at herself critically. Her hair was wet and slicked back from her face, leaving it bare. She squeezed the moisture out of it into a towel and then ran her fingers through it, teasing out the curls. She looked down at her naked body, poked herself in the tummy, and smiled. She could just stay naked, she thought. Sebastien would like that.

But then she wouldn't be able to wear her new dress. Or her new...underthings. She turned toward the door, where her clothes were hanging, and pulled a silky slip of fabric off one hanger. It was a silk and lace romper, with creamy lace cups giving way to light blue silk that skimmed over her tummy and ended in little shorts just below her ass, trimmed with more lace. She slicked on red lipstick, piled her damp hair on top of her head, and made cute faces at herself in the mirror.

Very vintage. Perfect to go under her new dress. First, she pulled on her crinoline; it wasn't one made of the typical scratchy tulle, but rather very soft chiffon, light blue to match her lingerie. Then the dress: black pinstriped silk with an empire waist and straps that pushed her breasts up and together. It came to her knees, letting her crinoline peek out from underneath, and it made her feel incredibly sexy. She added a necklace of seed pearls that rested just above her collarbone and made sure her hair was pinned up firmly.

She twirled around, pleased to see her skirt swishing around her legs. Then she looked down at her toes, painted red to match her lips. Perhaps she'd just stay barefoot. Sebastien would love it.


"Claire, are you still here?" Sebastien called out as he entered the apartment. He honestly wasn't sure if he was hoping that she was still there or not. The meeting that morning had made him uneasy, and he'd been unable to think of much else all day. Surely he should tell Claire about the invitation, his intention to apply for the position. But...well, it was only an exploratory mixer, wasn't it? There was no need to worry her -- and she would worry, there was no doubt about it.

"Mmhmm, in here," she replied from the direction of the kitchen.

"It smells good. Have you been cooking?" he asked teasingly as he tossed his overcoat onto the sofa. He headed toward the back of his apartment, stopping in his tracks when he saw his little dining room. All his other thoughts evaporated. Claire had drawn the curtains and lit candles, filling the room with a soft glow. Then he saw her, in her black dress and pearls, barefoot and looking very alluring. He felt his heart speeding up and dragged his eyes back up to her face as she answered the question he'd nearly forgotten he'd asked.

"As a matter of fact, I did." Claire was really enjoying the surprised silence. "I hope you're hungry." She motioned to the table, where two wide, shallow bowls were sitting. Sebastien swallowed and moved forward to take her into his arms.

"Have I ever told you how gorgeous you are, mon abeille?" he asked softly.

"You might have mentioned it once or twice."

"I might be hungrier for something other than food," he said, kissing down her neck to her collarbone and on down to the tops of her breasts.

"Ahh, ahh..." She pulled away from him, smiling coquettishly. "Those are for dessert," she said seriously. He slid his hands up to cup her breasts and kissed along the other side of her neck.

"Have you never eaten dessert before dinner?" he murmured in her ear.

"No, and neither will you. You can wait a half hour." She felt her heart skip a beat when he groaned softly in disappointment, biting down gently on her earlobe. Had he ever been this eager to get her into bed? She wasn't sure he had. A blush rose to her cheeks as she pushed him away again. "Please. Dinner is getting cold."

Sebastien looked as though he wanted to argue with her some more, but instead he pulled out one of the chairs for her. She sat and waited for him to sit across from her. He looked down into the bowl, studying the orange soup.

"Mon abeille, I can hardly believe it. You really did...make this yourself?"

"Yes, and you don't have to look so nervous about it. It won't kill you," she said a bit irritably.

"Well you can hardly blame me for being a bit apprehensive," he teased, dipping his spoon into the bowl and raising it to his mouth. Claire tried not to stare at him, but it was difficult. She had tried it before serving, of course, but she wanted him to like it. She ran her spoon around the edge of her own bowl, scooping up a little of the soup.

She had made it under René's direction, a silky smooth mixture of butternut squash, garlic, and sage. She had even managed to make buttery, garlicky fried bread cubes to top the soup with. Sebastien tasted it, and smiled at her.

"It is very good."


"Really. Go on, you can stop being so nervous," he said with an amused look. She frowned at him, but started to eat. When they were done, she picked up both bowls and headed into the kitchen to put them in the sink. Sebastien followed her, resting his hands on her waist and nuzzling the back of her neck.

"Well, aren't you just in a mood tonight?"

"I am impressed, mon abeille, and flattered that you went to so much trouble for me."

"Yes, well, there is just one little problem," she said, turning and taking the carving knife from the magnetic strip on the wall. "I don't actually know how to carve a chicken."


The dinner dishes were forgotten on the table, the candles blown out and smoking lightly into the air as Sebastien slammed Claire up against the bookshelf in the hallway, ravishing her mouth with his own. His hands roamed her body, but she pushed them away every time he tried to slide them up underneath her skirt. They kissed until they were out of breath, and then Claire broke away to head upstairs.

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