tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Sorceress

The Sorceress


Arkdun lay upon the enormous bed, his hands and legs tied to the four posts. His silk robe lay in tatters on the floor next to him. He strained against the bonds. It was no use; the ogress had been too strong for him. She had been too strong for many, he could tell from the content of the room. It was strewn with loot stolen from caravans. The walls were lined with swords, maces and shields. The floor was covered with skins, hides and rugs piled one on top the other. The sideboards and corners were stuffed with candlesticks, statuettes, and books. As Arkdun surveyed the mess the ogress entered. She had taken off the hides and scrubbed off the war paint she had been wearing when she snatched him. Now she wore the tiniest of lingerie, probably designed for a human. Her massive breasts looked like they would burst forth from the black bustier. He could plainly see the outline of her sex straining against her violet pantalets. Her body wasn't bad; she had a muscular physique, but what a homely face.

"I'm sorry to make you wait," she said in a husky voice.

"You look lovely in that," he said, with a smile that he hoped would fool her. "Why don't you untie me so I can help you out of it?"

"I untie you and you run away," said the ogress crossly. "You a tricky man, but such a man," she said running her down his body. "I'll keep you like that. You fuck me every day."

"It might be better if we were friends. It's not that I don't like you, but you see" and he nodded at his flaccid penis.

"I fix it," she said as she stepped towards the bed and then bent down to kiss his cock. Despite his best efforts Arkdun felt himself growing rigid. "See, it wants to fuck me," she said as her hand replaced her head. It did feel nice, Arkdun had to admit.

She got up and was just about to remove her pantalets when the door flew open. "Right on time," Arkdun thought.

A woman with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes burst in. She wore silver armor tailored to her slight curves and a white tabard. "Hold villainess," she said.

"Lady Ingrid," the ogress said with a cruel smirk. "I knew you'd come." The ogress reached over and yanked a large, spiked club from the wall. "I beat you down and I tie you up then you watch your man fuck me."

Ingrid drew her sword. "That shall not be, bitch," she retorted.

The ogress ran straight at Ingrid shouting a war cry. Her club was raised above her head. Ingrid stepped aside and slashed Ingrid slashed up into the ogress's mid-section as the monsters club swung down hard upon the ground. The ogress staggered a few steps forward, dropped her club and fell to her knees.

"Your impetuous nature was your downfall," said Ingrid as she looked over her shoulder. The ogress was struggling to turn around. "Now, what was it you said you were going to do; fuck my fiancé?" Said Ingrid as she absent mindedly removed her gauntlets. "He does look like he could use some relief," she said noting his erection, "But you won't be the one to give it to him." She took off her breast piece revealing her pink chemise. "Instead I'll make love to him on your bed. Watch it if you'd like. I doubt you'll see anything as nice as Arkdun in hell." She turned her head to face her man as she stripped down out of the rest of her armor and foundation garments. Arkdun had grown harder, those boobs and thighs always made him erect.

The ogress tried to speak, but felt herself to weak. She wanted to stop Ingrid, push her aside and take Arkdun for herself, but it took all her strength just to lift her hand. She saw Lady Ingrid climb up on the bed and kiss Arkdun. The blonde woman sat up and smirked. She heard her say, "Thanks for tying him up; it saves me the effort." Her voice sounded like it came from a long distance away.

Ingrid mounted Arkdun backwards so that her delectable ass was facing him. She guided him in and slowly eased herself down upon his rigid pole. He slipped in with ease, killing always made her soaking wet. She moved excruciatingly slow at first, swiveling her thighs to feel every inch of Arkdun's fabulous cock. It was a torturous delight to Arkdun, Ingrid had excited him beyond belief, but he could do little to hurry her along. Fortunately she began moving more quickly and soon was bouncing up and down with wild abandon. Arkdun reveled in that site and in her long hair soaring about. She slammed herself down him, driving deep inside. It was all too much for Arkdun and he felt himself shoot his seed deep into Ingrid's snatch. She cried out her own climax and shuddered in delight. She collapsed, her hands upon her knees and remained on top of Arkdun as she felt his penis slowly deflated, finally falling out of her. She gave one last lazy grin to the dead ogress before cuddling up to her love.

"That was marvelous," she said, and she gave him a light kiss on the cheek.

"You are marvelous," said Arkdun and he tried to snuggle against her, but found his arm in place. "Would you release me, pumpkin?"

She raised herself on her elbow and said, "This is your fifth kidnapping in a month; three times at the altar. I have half a mind to leave you here until I can find a cleric."

"It wasn't my fault, besides you seem to enjoy rescuing me."

"Some parts of it, maybe," she giggled. "Could you tell me one thing, though; how did an ogress give you an erection?"

"She was giving me head."

"Ick," Ingrid wrinkled her nose. "You should have warned me before I stuck that thing inside me," she said as she looked at his limp member.

"I must have been thinking of other things. Villainesses, in my experience, always try to suck off their male captives, believing that a good blow job will make you love them."

"Does it work?"

"No," he replied, "Of course not; you know I love only you."

"That's so sweet, but maybe you just haven't gotten the right blow job," she said. She got up, shimmied down and gave Arkdun a nice long lick. "What a woman," Arkdun thought as he felt himself growing hard again. Arkdun was only a mere sorcerer, but so handsome that all women desired him. Villainesses seemed especially susceptible to his charms, and were forever kidnapping him. Ingrid would never hurt anyone who wasn't trying to harm one of her friends, but pillow talk about what the villainesses had done to him inevitably excited her. She was always eager to try their methods. Arkdun wondered if, at some level, she didn't wish she were a villainess.

She might not have made much of a villainess, but she was an incredible lover. Arkdun reveled in the gentle butterfly kisses she planted on the head of his cock. She alternated them with gentle licks upon the shaft and the head. He squirmed against his bonds at her feathery touch. In a sudden, deft motion she swallowed the whole thing. She moved her hands up to play with his balls gently. The sensation of her mouth and the site of that gorgeous blonde head moving up and down was amazing. All too soon he exploded, straining at his restraints. Ingrid gleefully swallowed his seed and sat up. "I could taste myself on you," she said and winked as she got up. She ran naked out the door and down the steps outside. In a moment she came back wearing a long pink dress and a crown of white flowers. She carried clothes for Arkdun as well; (she had learned that villainesses were not gentle on clothing), and a knife which she used to cut Arkdun's bonds. She sat on the edge of the bed and watched Arkdun dress. She hadn't brought him anything flamboyant like his sorcerer's robes; just a shirt and breeches. He was still so cute in that, thought Ingrid.

Ingrid placed her things in a heavy sack, which Arkdun chivalrously carried as they ran back down the stairs to the courtyard hand in hand. Both smiled at one another and looked as though they would break out into giggles at any second. It was such a lovely morning especially with Ingrid there, thought Arkdun.

The walls were mostly in ruins; the castle had been abandoned when the ogress discovered it. Ingrid's steed was standing tethered to a boulder near the staircase. She rode a hippogriff, which had the forequarters of an eagle and the hindquarters of a horse. She had named it "Gertrude," after her grandmother. It was a magnificent creature, with beautiful white fathers and a white rump. Ingrid helped Arkdun mount it, and unfastened the tether. The moment she did the hippogriff sprinted and leapt, flying over the castle walls.

"I knew I should have gotten a male hippogriff," she cursed.

Gertrude soared high above the forest as Arkdun held on tight. He had no idea how to control a hippogriff. He shouted at her to go down, but she paid him no mind. After about an hour she landed in front of a cave in a hilly area dotted with trees. Arkdun dismounted and asked, "Why here?" The hippogriff turned so that her hindquarters were facing Arkdun. She looked over her shoulder at him expectantly. "Oh," said Arkdun.

Later that day Arkdun entered the cave. The floor was smooth, free of dust and level. It must be enchanted, he thought. Shadows danced upon the walls, it seemed that there was light further in the cave. He walked further into the cave. There was a steep bend which opened into a chamber. The walls were elaborately carved with nymphs and satyrs engaged in the most voluptuous scenes. In the center of the room a woman sat on a throne with candelabra either side of her. She had been reading, but quickly put her book down when he entered.

"Greetings Arkdun, I've been waiting for you," she said.

She was gorgeous with long black hair and piercing blue eyes. She had massive breasts, which her black bustier which did little to conceal. Her taught waist was bare and she wore a sheer black skirt. Arkdun could see her shapely thighs and very nearly to the apex of her womanhood.

"I see you know my name," he said.

"Five women have kidnapped you; word gets out among the wicked. I can see why they did now, you're quite a catch."

"Then you made the hippogriff kidnap me?"

"No, she was in heat for you, just as I am. I couldn't have picked a better spot for her to land."

"I see and what should I call you?"

"You will call me mistress."

"That has a pleasant ring to it, but until then?" All villainesses were alike whether an ugly ogress or a sexy witch. All were supremely confident in their sex appeal and of their ability to turn a man into putty at the slightest smile.

"Mistress Ilsa, if you like," she said.

"Ilsa is such a pretty name," he said and smiled.

"There's no point in stalling for time;" she said crossly. "Your fiancée won't save you. She's lost her sword and armor, and Bruno, my last lover, guards us. He is an unstoppable warrior."

"He has no problem guarding us?"

"He has no choice," said the woman, "And soon neither will you." She raised her hand and Arkdun felt every fiber of his body stiffen. He tried to move but could not.

"Now then, let's get rid of those silly clothes, you'll never need them again," she said. She snapped her fingers and they vanished with a flash. Arkdun felt a sudden chill. "Oh my, such a gorgeous cock," she said giving it an approving look, "And you really are blonde." She walked up and got on her knees before him and took his member into her hands. Arkdun found that part of him still had feeling. It soon grew rock hard under her ministrations. She began to kiss and lick his organ slowly. While her mouth was working on his cock she unfastened her bustier. It fell to the ground and gorgeous orbs were set free. Between licks she would nuzzle his cock against her breasts. "These tits are your world," she would whisper and then resume her oral assault. "Soon you will be mine," she said later. "You will obey me," she added. "My cunt is your life," she said again. Between these soliloquies she returned to her teasing. Arkdun felt her words were true. He knew he was being charmed, but her talent for fellatio overrode any will to resist. He couldn't fight her commands, or even think of anything but that wonderful mouth on his cock and that soft, sultry voice. He felt himself falling far into her power. "You'll forget your old life and that silly little girl you used to fuck. Now your only job is to pleasure me."

"Ingrid," he thought. He tried to remember her smile, her face, their love, but all thoughts melted away as the raven haired woman's mouth engulfed the head of his manhood. Her mouth was everything. His cock seemed to grow larger and larger. Had he always been this big? He was certain he had never been this hard. Her talented tongue had driven him to a state of rapture. He felt a slow rolling boil deep in his balls. He tried to hold back. He wanted this sensation to go on forever, but her insistent tongue and mouth proved to be too much. He felt himself explode, shooting wave upon wave of semen into her. He could move again. He placed his hand upon her shoulder for support, as he felt his knees grow weak.

"That was heavenly, mistress," he said.

"It was a delight," she said, as she stood up. "We're going to have so much fun together."

Arkdun could see she had swallowed every drop of his semen. He felt radiant. He embraced her, and they kissed passionately. He felt her hard nipples against his abdomen. She was such a wonderful lover that he felt himself immediately ready for more. He scooped up his new lover. She put her arms around his neck.

"Where is your bed, mistress?" he asked.

"Our bed," she said. She felt giddy. Her plans had come to fruition so well. "The first passage to the right, behind the throne," she said. He carried her to an opulent chamber, with an enormous four posted bed covered in pink quilts. He threw her upon the bed, and tumbled after her. She slithered out of her dress exposing her thick black bush.

Arkdun kissed her full open mouthed. The kisses were so passionate that they alone were making her wet. He moved down upon her nipples making them slick, shiny and hard. She began to squirm in anticipation. He began a trail of kisses down to her nether regions then placed a series of kisses on her inner thighs. Just as she thought she was going to go insane his tongue began to work upon her groove. She began to moan the moment his tongue touched her there. She found herself screaming in delight as he penetrated her with his fingers. She seemed to lose control everything else. Her head rolled from side to side. Her body thrashed about. She saw bright lights behind her eyes. She screamed out her a long continuous whine. No sooner had the first orgasm passed then the second one began to build. Her wails continued for what seemed like hours before she could stand no more. "Fuck me," she shouted, "Fuck me hard."

Arkdun readily complied and swiftly mounted her; filling her sopping cunt with his rampant erection.

"Yes," she moaned, reveling in the sensation as his cock plowed deep within her. It felt wonderful. She felt as though her mind was crumbling to an all-consuming pleasure. She wrapped her legs around his taught ass and pulled him in deeper still. There were no words to describe the pleasure she felt, she could only scream out her joy. She continued to scream obscenities until he shot his load into her setting off an even more powerful orgasm of her own.

She sighed as he slipped out of her. He collapsed next to her; and she cuddled up.

"You are incredible," he said. The compliment made her glow. She dozed off, content in his arms.

Ingrid walked through the dark forest. These gave way to then grazing fields; she passed little cottages and saw a castle in the distance. As the sun was beginning to set she came upon the hill country. Hippogriffs weren't the easiest of creatures to track, but Ingrid had seen the direction her mount had gone and could follow the signs well enough from there. As the sun was setting she came upon the mouth of a cave. A large man stood in front. He wore chain mail and his arms rested on a cruel looking battle axe. Ingrid thought this had to be what she was after. There were only a few hovels within miles, only someone expecting trouble would have a guard. Ingrid cursed for having packed her arms and armor on her mount. She knew there were other ways past guards; after all she was a woman. She pulled her dress down exposing a bit more cleavage and walked up to him.

"Who goes there?" He sounded gruff, though he didn't look much older than Ingrid.

"I am but a simple goat herder," she replied.

"What do you want?"

"I'm afraid that I've gotten myself lost. I had met a," she allowed herself to blush, "Friend on the hills and we parted. Now I can't find my way back to the village and it's growing dark. Could I spend the night at your cave?"

"No the mistress said no one is to disturb her while her new stud fucks her silly."

"That's rather coarse language," said Ingrid, momentarily forgetting her role.

"That is what she said," he replied. "She also said that I should be on the lookout for some bitch named Ingrid who wants to steal her stud. Are you Ingrid?"

"Oh no, by name is Gretchen. Could you tell me why your mistress wants a new stud when she has such a handsome man as you?"

"She said that she's bored when we fuck and that my pathetic little prick couldn't satisfy any woman."

Ingrid struggled to stay calm. The mistress's new man was undoubtedly Arkdun. Having him in the clutches of such a cruel witch was more than she could stand. "And you are okay guarding her while another man, uh, ravishes her?"

"That is what the mistress wants. She said that later I could watch and learn how a real man makes love."

Ingrid knew he was enchanted. She thought about what Arkdun had said about blow jobs. Maybe that would work.

"Brave man, am I as lovely as the mistress?" she smiled as brightly as she could.

"No," he replied. "You are far too flat chested."

Ingrid resolved to rip out that cow's throat when she finally met her. "I see," she said, "And are you more handsome than the mistress's new stud?"

"I really don't know about that," he muttered.

"I'll bet you are," said Ingrid with a smile. "I'll bet it just makes you furious to see such an inferior male pleasure your mistress."

"Well, yes," he admitted, "But it's what the mistress wants."

"It's a shame to let such a fine specimen of a man go to waste. Why not take me?" she asked.

"I can't the mistress said my cock belongs to her."

"Well maybe I could just suck it. I'm sure she'd be okay with that."

"I guess so," he said.

Even enchanted men were still men, thought Ingrid. She carefully removed his codpiece and lowered his hose. The anticipation had made him hard. "It's magnificent," said Ingrid. The guard swelled with pride at that. Ingrid took him into her mouth. Her tongue and lips worked her magic on him slowly engulfing his shaft. He moaned as she continued her work. He put his mailed hand on her shoulder and gently thrust his hips. His moment of crisis was coming; Ingrid could tell. His breathing had grown ragged and labored. He moaned as he ejaculated. Ingrid swallowed his come hoping that would help break the enchantment.

The man shook his head and looked about. "Who are you?" he asked as he looked down at Ingrid. "Where am I?" he paused for a moment and memories came back in a flood. "That witch," he said through his teeth. "I'll kill her."

"You'll do no such thing," said Ingrid.

"You'll stop me?"

She swiftly put her hand beneath his testicles so that the point of her nails touched the skin, "If you make me." He glared at her, but dared not move. She might not have meant her threat, but he did feel a little foolish with his cock hanging out. She said, "If you rush in there she'll only put her spell on you again. Get help instead."

"Who could I get?"

"Does this witch have other men captive as you were?"

"Yes," he said, "A whole stable full."

"Then get women from the farms and villages to come here. They'll know what to do."

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