The Sororities New Man Ch. 04


"Ah ha, so you two are roommates or at the very least living in the same dorm," I said.

Her drunken smile on her face turned into a brief look of shot before she grinned and said, "Ok so you got some info out of my drunk ass, my bad, you should leave before I spill anything else."

I shook my head and said, "And that is suppose to get me to leave how."

She giggled then said with a grin, "How about I give you one of those passes you and Sasha were talking about if you leave right now."

I arched an eyebrow and almost whispered to her, "The anytime anywhere pass?"

She nodded then confirmed with an audible, "Yep."

I grinned really big at that, it was a no brainer so I said, "Deal."

She grinned to then said, "I figured you would see it my way, I can't wait for you to use it, make sure it's somewhere hot," then she stepped forward leaning up onto her toes bringing her arms up around my neck pulling me closer then gave me a deep kiss with some tongue. She broke the kiss then with her hands on my shoulders now she pushed me away while she said with a smile, "See you later lover boy."

I was sort of in a daze as she pushed me away and I just smiled back at her, after a few moments I heard a sigh then Ashlyn pulled me away by the arm so I told Paige bye and let her lead me over to where Becca, Jamie, other girls were waiting on us. The girls seemed in a hurry to leave so we made for the door, once outside we were greeted to a very chilly early morning. We were not dressed for this kind of weather as it had dropped down to around 50, apparently it would get pretty cold around here every now and then at night. Ashlyn grabbed onto my arm and snuggled close as we walked and the other girls started to do the same and to my surprise especially after what happened earlier Jamie actually came up to my other side grabbed my arm and snuggled up to me to.

So we made the brisk walk back to the house and I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear knowing what all I did this night and now to top it all off I was now walking 5 hot ass girls back to their house while two of them were on my arms and if that wasn't enough I was living in the same house as them to. And if I wanted to make my ego even bigger I could focus on the fact that technically I was taking 5 hot chicks home from a party to my house since I live there and all, but I already felt my ego growing too big for my tastes as we speak.

By time we got back everyone started to feel the weight of tonight's events and all were pretty tired. The girls all went up stairs immediately while Jamie gave me a kiss on the check with a quick, "Thanks for tonight," comment before she ran up stairs herself. Ashlyn hugged me then kissed my check as she also went up stairs to bed so I turned and went down the hallway to my room where I stripped off my clothes and jumped into bed where I was fast asleep.

I awoke to a knock at my door, I got up to find Amanda standing in the doorway with a sort of impatient look on her face, "About time you got up, we are doing the birth control shots so get dressed and get out here," she said before turning away and walking back down the hall.

I just grunted and turned back into my room, my head was killing me and it felt like this was going to be a horrible hangover, I really needed one of those shakes again. I got dressed then went to find where Amanda said they were giving the shots, it looked like everyone from the house was in the living room all lined up and an older lady was at the beginning of it giving Jess A a shot in her arm. I was about to get in the back of the line when Amanda came up and grabbed my arm taking me to the front of the line, "Sorry girls but we need to cut, I have places Drew needs to be."

I looked at her with a "What the fuck are you talking about" look and she just shrugged and said, "I will tell you in a min," as she pushed me behind Jess A as she was finishing up.

Once Jess A was done she moved out of the way and the older lady motioned for me to step forward, "So we got a new one this year, hope up in the seat, are we giving him the boost too?"

"It couldn't hurt so go ahead I am sure he won't mind," Amanda said to her.

"Boost shot, what are you guys talking about," I asked.

Amanda laughed then patted me on the back while she said, "I will tell you later, let's just say you won't be needing the hangover shake today."

I was about to protest when I felt the cold wet feeling of the disinfecting wipe on my arm and before I could turn my head I felt a needle going into it, "Hey ouch, what was that one."

The older lady just giggled and said, "That was the boost, this one is the male birth control."

Before I could even react she stuck me again injecting its contents into my arm, she pulled it out then told me to move out of the way. Amanda sat down and the older lady proceeded to give her shot to, though I noticed the older lady was much nicer and gentler with her than she was with me. When Amanda was done she hoped up and started out of the living room motioning with her finger for me to follow. Once out by the stairs she said, "Go get your tennis stuff, we are going to go play for a bit, I already told Ashlyn your run will have to wait till later."

I was about to say something but it sounded like she wanted me to keep my mouth shut and go do what she said so I went for my room to get ready. Once I was in there I glanced at the clock and noticed it was already past 12, so that's why she made the comment about me sleeping all day I laughed to myself. When I went back out by the stairs she was already waiting for me wearing a white tennis skirt and a light blue shirt with her tennis bag hanging off of her shoulder. She threw me some keys and said, "Go pull my car out of the garage and bring it around the front."

I caught the keys then went to the back door out to the garage, I found the side door and waved my band over the reader and the door popped open. Inside were a few different nice cars, a few of them were covered up but I wasn't here to check out the cars so I quickly hit the key fob to see which one was hers. To my surprise it was a purple Porsche 911 with a pink racing stripe and pink spoiler, "Damn this girl must be rich to have this car while in college" I said to myself as I went to open the driver door and got in. The sound of the engine and the rumbling of the car as it started made my cock twitch slightly in my shorts, I had always dreamed of driving one of these and I didn't care one bit that it was purple and pink.

I found the garage door opener on under the visor and opened the door as I put the car in gear to back out. I could already feel the power of the car as I back out then drove down the driveway where Amanda was waiting by the sidewalk. I stopped to let her in while I backed out onto the street and put the car into first gear and started driving down the street. I punched the gas as I shifted into second and really wanted to just get out on some open road so I could see what this car was made off but Amanda just giggled then said, "I know you want to take this car of a real spin but that will have to wait till after practice."

"Huh practice," I asked while looking over at her.

"Yep, I figure what better way to get you on the team if I take you to practice and let the coach see what your made of before tryouts in a few days," she said.

"Oh ok makes sense, and speaking of things you were going to tell me later, what was that boost shot," I asked.

She giggled then said, "It's a vitamin shot of sorts, it's to help make sure you have enough energy to keep up with all of us for a month, then you will get another one when you get another birth control one next month. But you don't have to, some guys have bad experiences with it so if you have any side effects just don't get it next time."

"Wait what side effects," I asked kind of worried.

She giggled again and said, "Well I don't know all of them off the top of my head but I do know one guy was bouncing off the walls for a month straight but he was already kind of add in the first place so it probably just enhanced that. Another guy it did the opposite and he basically just slept all day when he wasn't in class until it got out of his system, and one couldn't even get it up for a month."

"What, and you just gave it to me without even asking first."

"Well there is only one way to know how you will react to it but relax those happened at other chapters of our house at other schools, well besides for the add one but we all found other ways to burn off his extra energy that month," she said with a giggle, "Besides I bet you are feeling kind of great right now."

Now that she said that I did notice my headache was gone and I was feeling much better, "Yea I feel pretty good right now, my head isn't pounding anymore and I feel like I want to go for a run full out until I drop."

She laughed then said, "Well good, I told you that you wouldn't need the shake today, and baring any side effects you should feel almost this good all month long, it has some kind of time release stuff built into it so even if you start feeling out of energy give it a day or two and you will feel better again."

I nodded and then finally asked, "Ok I have no idea where I am going, where to?"

She gave me directions to the courts, we talked more about the boost shot and about how she got the car. Apparently her parents are loaded and spoil her with expensive things since they were never around, but it seemed like she could care less about all of her nice things and would be just as happy without them. She seemed like a strong women that knew what she wanted and was going after it which made her even hotter in my book.

We arrived at the courts where there were people already hitting balls around. They had 20 courts, 10 of them were a row of 5 with another row of 5 on the other side of the middle fence splitting the two apart. The other 10 were groups of 2 with fences around them along the side and back of the main ones. We went into one side of the main 10 ones and walked up to a group of players gathered around what I thought was the coach but I couldn't really see. I noticed some of the girls on the team were pretty hot and a few others were pretty cure, fuckable in my book even if they weren't as hot as some of the others. A few guy players stepped aside as we came up to them and I got my first look at the coach, she turned to us as we came up and I had to remember to breath as I took her in, she was pretty tall, probably around 5'9" with a body that would make any man drool. She was athletically built with long tan legs and a nice firm ass, she had a nice C size breasts that fit perfectly with her body type, but she could have had almost any body type and I would have still found her extremely attractive with a face like hers. She had her brown hair pulled back into a pony tail but had a few strands of hair that hung down the side of her face, she had bright light blue eyes that would make any man stop in their tracks if they caught her glance, and her face looked innocent like an angel yet still looked like it could make a man cream his pants if she gave a sexy look to them.

"Who's this," she asked turning to Amanda.

"Oh this is my friend Drew, he's a freshman and suppose to be a pretty good tennis player, I thought you might let him practice with us and then see what you thought of him," Amanda said.

The coach looked me up and down then said, "We only have one walk on spot this year for a freshman and tryouts are Wednesday for the spot but if you want to go play a set or two to give me a pre try out look you are welcome to it."

I nodded then said, "Sure."

She turned and said, "John go take this young man over to court 5 and play a few sets with him and see what he is made of."

This caused a few people in the crowd to let out slight giggles as this guy walked up to me and shook my hand, "I'm John."

"Drew," I said back.

He let go of my hand and said, "Well let's get this show on the road," then he turned walking across the courts.

I turned to Amanda and she had a look on her face I could read but once she noticed I was looking at her she shrugged and said, "Good luck."

So I nodded and went to follow John to the court we were going to be playing on. We hit a few balls back and forth to warm up but he didn't seem like he was anything special but it was only the warm up so who knew. After a few minutes we spun a racquet and he won so he chose to serve first and I chose a side to start at. He aced me the first server and I thought maybe he just got lucky the first serve but his second was just as hard, I returned it but he hit it back hard to the opposite side of the court and I couldn't make it to it. As he took his third server I was starting to worry I was in over my head and another ace just helped prove that to me and the game winning server did nothing but enforce that idea.

We switched sides and I served, and every time he would hit it away from my making me run all over the court, we would only volley back and forth once or twice before he would get the point and I ended up losing that game to. His turn to server went about the same way as the first game he served did so now as we switched sides I was down 3 games to none. I walked to the fence and rested my head against it while I tried to catch my breath, I was in way over my head and I was rusty from not playing all summer. But I wasn't one to give up so after a few deep breaths I decided I was going to pick up my game and give it all I got, I was bursting with energy at the moment so why not.

The next game I was able to at least keep up and return his shots back over the net even though he still made me run all over the court and after getting to duce 3 times I finally won. His next serve I was ready and he didn't get any ace's on me this time and this time I started making him run all over the court as well. I was getting zoned in and all that mattered to me at that point was winning the game and while I evened the set up he still won the first set but I won the second by two games. Our third set was more of a back and forth and neither of us could pull ahead of each other to complete the set and we weren't playing with a tie break so we just kept going back and forth. We had played about 5 extra games and he was up by one with my turn to serve next when we heard a whistle blow, turning to look I saw the coach, Amanda, and a few other players standing a few courts over that had been watching us.

I didn't know how long they were there but I was zoned in too much to notice, the coach waved us over and we trotted over and once we were in front of her she said, "Nice match guys, this was just an informal practice but if you want to continue your match you can later if you want."

I looked over to john but he just shrugged and said, "We can pick this up another time, I wasn't expecting to get such a workout today, it's been a long time since I have had this hard of a workout, but it's up to you."

I nodded and said, "It's cool we can play another day, I doubt Amanda wants to sit here and watch us go back and forth all night."

Amanda laughed then said, "Nope I got plans tonight."

"I already told the rest of the players to go home so John you are free to go," the coach said and I noticed as I looked around that other than our group we were the only ones left on the court. "Now Drew I liked what I have seen so you make sure to make it to Wednesday's try out you hear."

Nodding I said, "Yes ma'am," before she turned to walk off the court with the other players that were waiting next to her.

Amanda and I gathered our stuff and headed for the car and while we walked she said, "Drew that was pretty impressive, you didn't tell me you were that good."

"Naw I wasn't that good, he was crushing me until I got my act together and at least tried to put up a fight."

She laughed then said, "Well that was one hell of a fight then, John is the number 1 guy on the team and he is ranked like 3rd in the state."

"What no he isn't, I am not that good," I said shaking my head.

"Well apparently you are because it's true, coach Thomas even said that the try out is going to be just to make it look formal as she would end up making room on the team for you even if another freshman is better than you," she said.

"Really," I asked surprised.

"Yep," she said smiling, "Looks like I am going to have someone to keep my company on the few overnight trips we go on for matches."

"Ah so that's why you want me to be on the team is it," I said grinning.

We were at the car by this point and she stuck out her tongue and said, "If you must know then yes that is why, I just thought you would be good enough to just make the team not challenge for the number one spot," then she got into the car.

I got in and started it up while I said, "I am really not that good, it must have been all the energy from the shot running through me."

"It probably helped but he takes the same thing, it's mostly all natural stuff so it's not breaking the rules or anything," she said.

"Huh, maybe I was just that into winning, I kind of zoned out for awhile and just played, I usually don't get into a match as much as I did today."

She laughed then said, "Well keep it up and even if you don't take the top stop this year you will next year since John is graduating."

I pulled out onto the street and I was about to make a turn to head back to the house but she said, "No keep going straight then get onto the main highway, I will take you out to a road you can open her up on."

I smiled really big and did as she told me, I did get to go about 70 on the high way but once we were out of town she had me exit and take a few side roads until we got onto a big 4 lane road that was straight with no one on it or anything around it then told me to have fun. I smiled brought us to a complete stop then punched it, the traction control kept us from spinning the tires to much but it helped get us to 60 in no time flat. The road was straight for as far as the eye could see and we were soon going over 170mph, she had me slow back down to 30mph or so then punch it again. We did this a few times before I tried for the top speed, I had us up to 190mph before a turn finally came up so I had to slow down but I still took the curve well over 100.

I was as giddy as I could be getting to play around with a Porsche like I was but eventually my fun had to come to a end as Amanda directed me down some back roads back to campus. But before we got into the city she had me turn off onto some other side road and after a few more turns we came to a secluded clearing on a hill right off the road that overlooked the city below it. She had me park and then she got out going in front of the car as I got out to join her.

I came to stand next to her as she was looking out over the city and I was about to say something when she turned to me grabbed my shirt and pulled me into a deep kiss. We made out for a few seconds before she broke the kiss and stepped back towards the car, she reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties to about her knees then turned around and leaned on the hood of her car, shaking her ass at me she said, "I want you to fuck me on top of my car please."

She said that last part with a purr and sounding like a women in need so I stepped up to her and dropped my shorts before I pulled her skirt up over her ass. I was already getting hard from the making out but after seeing her bend over her car and look back at me and pleaded for me to fuck her I got fully hard in a matter of seconds so I was ready to go. I was going to ease it in but I had a thought and made a evil grin before I shoved my whole cock into her tight wet snatch in one thrust.

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