tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sorority Prank

The Sorority Prank


I was correct about one thing – being stripped stark naked by Kristine and Nicole during cheerleader tryout certainly led to Rebecca claiming her fifteen minutes of fame; at least as far as our university was concerned.

Guys were coming out of the woodwork to ask her out. Of course, as she herself pointed out to me, most of them just asked her out, because they thought she was an easy lay based on the nudity incident in front of the football team.

Man, did they get a surprise! At the end of an evening in which they had spent considerable money on a dinner and then a movie with refreshments, all they received from Rebecca was a firm handshake. Mwahaha! My beautiful friend said she had nothing against making love in theory, she just wanted it to be right.

Part of Rebecca’s brush with greatness was an invitation to an sorority, Zeta Phi Gamma. It was actually quite an honor, because freshmen weren’t usually invited. It was disguised as a academic society, but it was actually one of the most partying sororities on campus.

Of course there were a number of parents, who wondered why the dues were so high for their daughter to remain in it, but not one of them ever figured out it was to pay for so many of the parties.

Every student knew about it, but no one ever said a word, even if they were bitter about not being asked to join. For one thing, snitching would have made them an instant pariah. Another thing was even if they weren’t asked to join, that didn’t rule out being invited to parties there. And they had some hella parties!

Now I had always heard some fairly rough things about the hazing to join this sorority and, when I broached the subject with Rebecca, she admitted to me that she had also.

The four of us, me and Rebecca plus Kristine and Nicole started asking around in a rather low key manner, so as to not attract any attention as to our mission of finding anyone, who may have been ‘rushed’ by the sorority and later was judged unfit to join.

We were hoping that out of these people, somebody would be bitter enough to cooperate with us. It took us awhile to locate someone, who was willing to tell us the truth about this sorority, but we finally did. Her name was Sharon and, at the time we talked to her, she asked us to never use her last name and we gave our word.

She was now a senior and explained to Rebecca and I that she had been ‘rushed’ when she was a sophomore, she thinks now because her family had quite a lot of money.

Sharon stood about five feet, ten inches, had red hair, green eyes, a face full of freckles, an average build and an infectious personality. We met with her one day after classes and sat with her in her red ‘Vette in a nearby shopping center parking lot. I guess she wasn’t lying when she said her family had money.

“I was rejected, because I adamantly refused to participate in the hazing procedure.”

“Which was?” I prompted.

“They transported us way out of town, dropped us off in some nearby woods, told every one of us to strip down to bare skin and then they left with everyone’s clothing.”

“And what happened to you?” Rebecca wondered, “Since you refused to participate.”

“They dropped me off too, and made me walk five miles back into town,” Sharon explained. “But at least I had my clothes.”

“Did anybody ever complain or tell anybody?” I inquired.

Shaking her head, Sharon answered, “No, and I hear they still do the same thing for hazing and at the same woods.”

“Hmm,” I spoke thoughtfully. “Now that is interesting.”

“Who are the people in charge of taking them out there?” Rebecca asked.

The redheaded young woman explained, “It’s so sensitive an issue that they’re taken out there by three people, the president, vice-president, and the treasurer of the sorority.”

Suddenly I saw the big picture. The president, vice-president, and the treasurer were all extremely attractive girls. That certainly came as, no surprise because as most things if left to the students to decide, looks will always win out over brains.

“Sharon,” I asked, “Do you have access to a car with more room that you could use to drive all us out to the woods on the night of the hazing?”

“Sure,” she responded.

“And can you bring a camera?” I inquired.

“Sure,” Sharon answered perplexed for a moment and then I observed the light of recognition enter her eyes and she smiled at me. And I smiled back. ………. We were all in the woods early on the next Friday evening. The initial sorority hazing committee had chosen the location well. It was an area that promoted privacy and yet was still close enough to town to allow the unfortunate naked young women to return to their homes.

The woods themselves were not thick, but, on the contrary, were mostly cleared out of undergrowth. I was standing with Sharon, Kristine, and Nicole. Rebecca, of course, was with the group desiring to join the sorority. She had promised me that she would play along and cooperate fully with them until the time for our part of the plan arrived.

The late in the day sunlight was shining through the trees adding a certain yellow radiance to the situation. Sharon appeared more than slightly upset, after I peeled my outfit off displaying the beauty of my stark naked body.

“W - What are you doing?” she stammered.

With Kristine and Nicole grinning broadly at the situation, I joked with the young woman. “We’re all stripping down and then taking each others’ picture. That’s why you brought the camera.”

“No, I’m not!” Sharon declared. Kristine stepped up to her and touched her on the arm. “Relax,” my good friend advised. “Sara’s just joking with you.”

“Oh,” the other young woman replied, still flushing heavily and looking at my nude figure with askance. Sharon watched me suspiciously all evening, until the real action began. When will I ever learn that you just can’t kid with some of these people? Never! Mwahaha!

The four of us waited quietly hidden, separately scattered at different points in the woods. Rebecca had said there were fifteen charges in the new ‘rush’ class. It grew dark and still they didn’t arrive. My nerves grew tight in anticipation and apprehension, as everyone else’s probably did also. Although my nerves were the only thing tight on me, as I had remained totally nude – Mwahaha!

Suddenly we heard some vehicles pull off the highway a short distant away and then in a few minutes I observed some streams of light from flashlights cutting through the foliage.

Sure enough, fifteen young women, Rebecca included, walked tentatively into the large clearing. I’m certain some of them already knew what was going to happen and were anticipating their upcoming travails in sheer terror, while the rest of them were just worried as to what could be possibly be expected of them.

Suddenly the God almighty president of the sorority followed by her two flunkies stalked into the center. I knew her slightly. Her name was Brittany (makes you dislike her already, doesn’t it? Mwahaha!) Sheldon and she came from an extremely rich family.

That in itself doesn’t necessarily make her a bad person, even though the riches came from her father being a slime, I mean, attorney, but there certainly was no excuse for the haughty way she stalked through life, thinking everyone else beneath her.

Unfortunately for her, she had inherited some of her physical characteristics from her father, as she was almost six feet tall and had these incredibly large hands, although her overall appearance was saved by her long dark hair that hung down to her ass.

She also looked as though she weighed in at as much as a one hundred and eighty pounds, but again she was saved by the fact that she appeared to carry the weight evenly distributed in a simply bodacious figure.

Brittany appeared to have huge breasts beneath her very expensive ‘Lord and Taylor’ white blouse. Her body then tapered down unbelievably to a twenty-four inch waist before flaring out to thirty-six inch hips.

Her features were large boned, but still attractive; all in all a very bizarre appearing person. Her voice, on the other hand, was high and squeaky and very annoying, particularly when she was directing orders with it.

On the other hand, her two underlings, the vice-president and treasurer of the sorority were quite beautiful. The vice-president, Jessica Gail had short brunette hair, green eyes, a little button nose set above a particularly wide mouth with full lips casting an overall facial appearance of smoldering sexuality.

She was about five feet, eight inches tall and built like a brick shit-house. She also accentuated her appearance by pouring herself into the tightest, most abbreviated clothing possible. In other words, a person after my own heart. Man, I wanted to fuck her!

The secretary of the sorority, Stephanie Stephens, on the other hand was very tastefully dressed wearing a silk white blouse buttoned to the collar, and tucked into a slate grey knee high skirt, with a dark blue blazer and believe it or not – penny loafers. Mwahaha! Why not saddle shoes?

She had medium length very dark hair, which matched her dark eyes that resembled limpid pools of tar. Her overall figure appeared willowy, while her features were pretty in a vapid way. She stood about five feet, five inches tall and she gave off an almost painful aura of not being very strong.

‘We shall see,’ I thought to myself. In fact, she was a bit of a spoon.

Squeaky started speaking in a Brittany voice – wait, I’m sorry. Brittany started speaking in a squeaky voice, “Ok, listen up! I’m only going to say this one time. You are to immediately strip off all your clothing, shoes included. There will be no exceptions. I will repeat this one time and one time only. If you want to be considered for the Zeta Phi Gamma sorority as a member, you will immediately strip off all your clothing.”

That started a buzz going amongst the prospective members, let me tell you. Several of the young women just started stripping off immediately, while the rest of them were milling around like cattle just before they stampeded.

I noticed Rebecca was removing her stylish outfit and she didn’t even have to. Either she just didn’t want to create a scene, before the rest of my plan began to unfold or she was starting to enjoy stripping off – I don’t know which.

Most of the young women had now denuded themselves and were standing in a manner, in which they hoped to block people from seeing their private parts. Some of the young women were crying.

It was pathetic, that evil bitch Brittany was going to pay and it would be this evening, I vowed to myself. Brittany ordered her stooges to start gathering up all of the stripped off apparel and to begin carrying it to the cars.

The female pledges began to mill around even more and some began to protest, when they observed their clothes being carried away.

“Shut up!” the sorority president screamed in a high pitched nasty whiny voice.

I’d seen and heard enough. I stepped out into the clearing and waved my arm, so the rest of my hidden group could see me.

Naturally Brittany noticed me immediately, and as I sauntered up to her, she declared, “Well, what the hell do we have here? It’s not going to do you any good to strip off, Sara. We don’t need a chapter slut.”

“I didn’t think you did, Brittany,” I answered back. “Not as long as they have you, that is. Mwahaha!”

Brittany became so scarlet with rage so quickly I thought she was going to stroke out. On top of everything else, she just wasn’t used to anybody talking to her like that.

“You little smart ass cunt!” she howled, as she began to run towards me.

Around the clearing, Sharon and Rebecca would convince the girls of the ‘rush’ to not interfere and Kristine and Nicole had control of Jessica and Stephanie, the vice-president and treasurer of the sorority respectively.

As Brittany came racing towards me across uneven ground, she didn’t realize she was doing the worst possible thing. As the much taller girl lunged at me, I turned my body aside and stuck out my leg.

Naturally enough, Brittany went sailing over my leg and began to stumble and fall. I will say this for her, she made a very gallant effort to remain on her feet and actually continued to stumble for another twenty feet before crashing head long into a tree. Ouch!

The tall young woman had fallen on her side and, as she was momentarily stunned, I took the opportunity to run up to her and begin to strip her down. Before she became readily cognizant of what was occurring to her, I was able to reduce her to her black bra and panties.

When I unfastened her bra, I held it up in front of my face. God damn! I had never see anything like it. Somebody could move in there to live. It was a 44 DD! As Brittany finally grasped what was happening to her, she attempted to sit up and push me away.

“Get off me you whore!” she complained.

“Mwahaha! Not bloody likely,” I laughed in her face as I pulled her last bit of apparel off.

Jesus! She really was something else entirely. As I said, she was very tall, but you never would have known her weight to look at her. Brittany had one awesome figure. She had forty inch plus breasts and apparently she was careful to only wear sensibly constructed bras all the time, as there was no sag yet to her breasts at all. From her huge breasts her body dive-bombed down to her twenty-four inch waist!

From her waist, her hips flared out to around thirty-six inches giving her a nice comfortable looking labia surrounded by bushy black pubic hair. As I previously mentioned, Brittany had long dark beautiful hair that hung down to her ass.

I was sitting on the taller young woman at about her waist line and, as she had continued attempting to throw me off her, she was bouncing all around on the ground. I was riding her like I would a bucking bronco. I reached down and grabbed ahold of one of her substantial breasts and threw my other hand up in the air, as I’ve seen them at rodeos on television.

“Yahoo!” I cried out, and I didn’t mean that lame internet service.

“OW!” Brittany screamed. I bet that did hurt the way I was holding her tit. “Please let go of me,” she entreated, with tears in her eyes and in the sound of her voice.

“Then stop trying to throw me off,” I advised. The big raven-haired girl ceased her behavior immediately.

“That’s better,” I replied.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked in a trembling voice. There was no doubt this was a very different Brittany from the one of a few moments ago.

I deigned to answer, but instead I leaned down and began kissing her hard. It’s a good thing her people were rich, so she had good dental work done on her or I would have been loosening some teeth.

She was moaning, but I don’t know whether it was in protest or pleasure. I grabbed that breast again, but this time gently and I rubbed my hand over her nipple as it rose in appreciation. God, her breasts were so big her nipples were enormous. I could hardly wait to see the size of her clit when it became enlarged from stimulation.

As I took my mouth off hers and scooted down to her pussy, she again entreated, “What are you doing?”

“I’m raping you, you dumb twat, “ I cackled.

Man, once these pretentious ones crumble a little – then that’s it, all pretense is gone completely. Even though it was night and there were only flashlights in existence, there was moonlight shining down on us, which helped quite a bit. I could easily discover her clitoris, because it was God damn huge!

I stuck my finger against it and my finger bounced. “Oh! Oh!” Brittany cried out.

Now I had learned that at least she liked that. I fingered myself until my own clit grew large and then I situated myself with legs spread open against the dark-haired woman’s pussy. Brittany just lay there watching me. She appeared somewhere between shocked and bemused.

I began to move quickly against her clitoris. Oh shit, it did feel good. “Move,” I implored her. “Move!”

Once Brittany began to feel the pleasurable affects of my efforts, (affects she may never have felt previously), she began to double her endeavors and she soon was reduced to a puddle of spitting, mewling orgasm as the cum flowed from her onto me.

I continued to push my clit against her, until I could feel my orgasm beginning to build from deep within me. I quickly pulled myself to my knees and stuck four fingers into myself to induce the cum to flow hard and immediately.

Several strokes with my hand and that’s all I needed. As Brittany continued to writhe in her orgasm my cum rolled out of me and onto her. That was the picture that Sharon took of Brittany, as she rolled in the dirt and the leaves of the forest floor in the frenzy of her orgasm with mine leaking onto her.

Leaving the sorority president still writhing in the dirt, I walked over to where Jessica Gail and Stephanie were standing, and being guarded by Kristine and Nicole. I motioned to Kristine for her to stand watch now over the wasted Brittany and leave Jessica to me.

As I previously mentioned, Jessica was around my height and wearing one of the tightest and shortest dresses I had ever seen. When I stepped up to her, she looked at my stark naked beautiful body, that was now somewhat covered with leaves and dirt and cum leaking from my distended labia and she had nothing but raw lust appearing on her beautiful face.

This girl was ready to go! I had always liked Jessica myself and I always felt she had gotten involved with Brittany through weakness only, so I was going to allow her to keep her clothing intact, after we had finished.

I leaned forward and pulled Jessica’s beautiful face toward mine and began to passionately kiss her. She returned my kisses in full force, while rubbing her hands forcefully all over my body. God, that felt good.

I pulled her so close to me I could feel her private body parts pushing against mine through the fabric of her dress. There was always something nasty to me about being totally nude, while making out with someone completely dressed. I can’t explain it, but I always got off on it. Finally though, I whispered to Jessica to strip down.

She reached behind her and unfastened her dress and one second later it was laying in the dirt and she was standing starkers! “God, you’re so beautiful, “ I spoke lowly and believe me it wasn’t a prayer.

As I’ve already mentioned, Jessica stood about five feet, eight, had short brunette hair, green eyes, and the most sensuous mouth I have ever seen, on a man or a woman. Her breasts were large, but proportional with the rest of her body and her pussy lay completely open as she had shaved all her pubic hair.

“Good God, woman!” I cried out. “I want to fuck you!”

Jessica blushed and pulled me back into her and completely enfolded me into her nakedness. As I was just that much shorter, her beautiful twat was rubbing my left nipple and it was as hard as a rock. This beautiful young woman’s bare skin felt so wonderful rubbing on mine I was literally trembling in her arms. She leaned down, smiled at me and began kissing me again and again, almost even beyond passion and into a realm beyond ordinary sexuality.

Jessica suddenly ceased kissing me and helped me lay down on the forest floor. She spread my legs apart so my distended labia lay completely open in invitation and then rammed her right fist straight into my cunt hole.

“Oh God damn!” I screamed in pain, as my labia hadn’t been prepared to accept anything that big all at once, but as Jessica continued to thrust with it over and over, it stopped hurting and began to feel as pleasurable as anything I had ever experienced.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” I was screaming now in ecstasy. Still Jessica pounded away at my twat with her fist until suddenly my cum began to cascade from me in huge waves.

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