tagBDSMThe Sorority Sisters: Amy No. 01

The Sorority Sisters: Amy No. 01

bySassy Susan©

Amy, No.1: Of butt plugs and vibrators.


Amy came to me only about two weeks ago. She lives and works in London, England; you may detect her accent in the following accounts. She asked me to control part of her life, primarily her sex life, for fun and enrichment. I accepted when she agreed to my simple "rules of engagement:" Everything must be voluntary, she must aid me in understanding her and designing assignments to challenge and expand her limits, and she must grant me permission to use her reports in any way I wish – primarily to share with others and to post them publicly, such as here on Literotica.

I started Amy off easy to get a feel for her abilities and daring. What follows are her reports of the first two assignments, in two parts, carried out almost back to back. From her performance I learned that I could push her much faster and harder, and I think that will show in her next posted reports.

I hope you enjoy this 22 year old woman, a true slut-in-training. Your comments and votes are welcome and encouraged. And I would love it if you send me your thoughts and ideas.

Susan James (aka Sassy Susan)

PART ONE – The butt plug, purchase and burial

Report for Mistress Susan

I'm afraid I didn't have time to masturbate and piss on myself before going to work, as I was in a rush yesterday. I am sorry mistress; I will attend to that business shortly. But I was able to carry out the other tasks you set for me:

1. wear no knickers and a short skirt
2. buy a butt plug and ask the assistant what size I should use
3. put the butt plug in my ass for the rest of the day
4. tell a man on the street "I'm not wearing any knickers and have a butt plug up my arse."
5. brush my breasts against five men

So I woke up at 7am like normal, and put on a short black skirt about an inch above my knees and a floral blouse. As it was hot I decided not to wear any stockings. I wore normal black pumps, and even though I had done it yesterday, I still felt very aware that I wasn't wearing any knickers. It was a hot day so even as I walked to work I could feel my thighs getting sweaty. As I sat down on the train I had to make sure that my legs weren't crossed otherwise people sitting opposite me could see up my short skirt. As I got into work I was getting horny again on the fact that i knew that I was knickerless and open for anyone.

Once or twice during the day I felt the air conditioning blowing up my skirt and it terrorized my lips, so that they were engorged and puffy. I felt really horny and could have done with a 9 inch cock up there. As lunchtime came, I made my way over to Ann Summers, the adult toy store. It's about a 5-10 minute walk, and once I got there I strolled in, and looked around the shop. I saw loads of stuff that made me go weak at the knees, but I focused on the dildos and butt-plugs. An assistant came over to me and asked if I wanted any help. I told her that I wanted a butt plug, and she asked what kind and size I wanted.

I said, "My mistress said I need to wear one, and I've never worn one before, so I'm not too sure'

She smiled and said that if I was a butt plug virgin I should take this small one about 3 inches long and about 3 inches in circumference. It was black and looked massive!! But I decided to buy that one and a bigger one which was about 5 inches long and 4 inches in circumference). I also brought some lube as I've heard that it would be agony if I didn't lube it up enough.

I thanked the assistant, paid, and made my way back to the office. I was so horny I wasn't hungry at all. As soon as I got back to the office, I went to the Disabled toilet, and took off my skirt. So I was standing there in just my blouse. I first wiped my arse and my dripping pussy, then I took the 'monster' out of it packaging. Just looking at it, I knew that it would be painful. I looked in the mirror and imagined what I must look like, such a slag! I breathed in until I thought I was relaxed and ready. I then put a generous amount of lube on it and I began to push it in. It hurt so bad that I needed to pull it out and take a breath. I imagined YOU being the one who pulled it out, relieving my discomfort, and then spanking my butt-cheeks red with your hand for not being able to handle it the first time. Even though I don't know what you look like I imagined you standing over me telling me to get it in.

Then I tried it again and worked it in (oh GOD!) and out slowly, teasingly. In, again (but not all the way....oh CHRIST THAT'S BIG!) and slowly out, spreading the lube around evenly. Once again, sliding it in as my knees grew weak....thank GOD I was squatting down! Out again as my anus became used to the stretch.

This continued until finally I was able to insert the damn thing all the way in, and my anus contracted (as much as possible anyway) around the neck of the plug that was smaller than the widest part. I wish you'd been there to see me squirm, mewl, cry and howl at feeling this intruder keeping my anus open against it's will...I was thrashing about, wanting only the pressure to be relieved, but knowing that this would please my mistress.

After I had got it in, it still hurt, and I had to walk slowly back to my desk, where I was scared to sit down as I thought the pain would be worse. And it was! I had to sit for ages, and I couldn't get a good spot as anywhere I moved, the butt plug would press down and remind me that it was there. It was a weird feeling, one of great discomfort, and I was glad when the end of the day came and I was able to walk around instead of sitting down.

As I left my office and walked to the tube I bumped into a man. When he said sorry, I calmly said to him 'Its fine, I just wanted you to know that I'm not wearing any knickers and I've got a butt plug up my arse that my mistress told me to do. That's why I bumped into you, because it's hurting me and making me walk funny.' He looked really shocked, but I just smiled at him and walked on. I didn't really mind telling the man, because I knew I would never see him again (hopefully!)

I went to my girl friend Becky's house, as we were going out to a pub. I took the plug out while there, cleaned it, and put it in my purse. What a relief! At the pub we met up with a group of m8s. It was a good night with loads of alcohol. While I was there I managed to brush my breasts against some men, teasing them. They knew I was a slut alright! When we got back to Becky's place we starting kissing and groping each other and getting naked. In bed, we teased and played with each other for another hour. We used dildos and vibrating dildos on each other, licking each other's pussy juices off the dildos whenever we could. Much fun! In the morning I licked her pussy till she awoke. She returned the favor in the shower!

Hehe that's my report mistress, sorry about the delay

Amy xxx

PART TWO – Add the vibrator for public masturbation

Hello mistress Susan,

Your slut has had a very productive afternoon. I sit here, in my thong and bra, and (sorry I had to put a pair of panties on!) I've just got back from the park, where I had a VERY fun time following your instructions:

"I want you to dress provocatively, in skirt and top, sans panties. Get a man – a stranger -- to finger-fuck you, at least a little. And then I want you to masturbate to orgasm in public."

In preparation for this, I wore a small blue skirt which was very short, no knickers of course, and a black vest top which was small and tight fitting so that I didn't have to wear a bra. I felt so wanton I decided to go out with the butt plug up my arse again. I knew that it would be an uncomfortable reminder as there would be nothing to keep it up there apart from me, as I was bare assed! Again it was such a turn on!

I left the house and ran some errands. There were a few men who smiled at me as I walked around the town. A few times I had to push the butt plug back up my arse as it slipped out of my horny body. The few seconds of pain made me grimace but made my pussy lips even wetter.

As I neared a train station, (not the one I normally use) I saw this mid-30s guy in a suit. He was standing by one of the many exits of the station. Since he was alone I decided to be a slut with him. I strolled up to him and asked him the time. He replied that it was 12:30. I then looked into his eyes and said to him, "Hi, my name is Amy and my mistress has told me to bare my wet cunt to a stranger, and have him finger fuck me in public. I think you may be the man?"

He looked at me in disbelief, so I pulled my skirt up and showed him my dripping pussy. Not waiting for an answer I grabbed his hand and led him forcefully into the subway by the station. Then I took that hand and pulled it down to my cunt.

He started to mumble something but I said, "Sshhhhh." I was so wet I took three of his fingers into my soaking cunt. He took the hint and began to fuck me with his fingers. Susan, it felt so good. After a little while, I stopped him and following your instructions, took his fingers in my mouth and licked my juices off them, making little sucking sounds as I did.

"Thanks," I said, "Now let me reward you for helping me."

I grabbed his cock through his trousers and began to undo his belt. Unfortunately, he decided that that was enough and he pushed me aside and ran out of the subway into the station. I smiled to myself, straightened my skirt, and left the subway licking my lips!

I then met a friend for lunch. As we chatted and exchanged gossip, I had a novel idea for masturbating in public. When she went to the toilet, I quickly took my 4inch vibrator out of my purse and shoved it into my cunt. As my cunt was still wet from the finger fucking the vibe went in easily. I turned it on to medium and placed both my hands on the table, so I wouldn't be able to move them. My friend came back unaware that I was sitting there with both my pussy and arse stuffed with dildos. It made for a very daring lunch.

I think I must have been going red from the vibrations, for my friend asked me a couple of times if I was okay. I hope she didn't hear the vibrator humming away in me. I also hope no one around me saw me! I must have come about four times, as it was up there for about 35 minutes. The sensations were incredible, made all the more intense because I had to keep a straight face and try to keep up with the conversation.

When we paid the waiter for the bill, I slipped the vibrator out and replaced it in my purse (not without licking it a bit first though!)

I said goodbye to my friend and walked home knowing that I was now a true slut who exposed herself in public, let a stranger play in her pussy, and masturbated in public. I liked it a lot, but I didn't like taking the lead. I wish there was someone with me who made me do these things or just did them to me!

Hope this pleases you mistress

Amy xxxx

Please note: this is not a work of fiction. Amy exists. Submitting to me for sexual gratification is her way, as it is for countless other women, to be able to do things that she might wish to do but cannot without some outside push and witness. My job as her mistress is to figure out how hard to push her and in which direction. For this to work well she and I must partner in learning how best to help her meet her needs, even when some of those needs are not articulated clearly, or at all. We have and will continue to invest ourselves in her development, a really fun and exciting enterprise.


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