tagLesbian SexThe Sorority Sisters: Creme No. 02

The Sorority Sisters: Creme No. 02

bySassy Susan©

The Sorority Sisters, Crème No.2: Eating Bethany on New Year's Eve


In her first account here, Crème told us about her fantasy of being dominated (by me), made to pleasure me with her mouth and fingers, and then submit to the attentions of a deviant. This fantasy erupted from her unconscious mind when she started to write her Fantasy Story. The thoughts and images that came to her shocked and dismayed her. After a time-out, a change of scene, and some peaceful meditation, she came to accept this part of her. After much discussion she sent me this note:

"Oh Susan, you are forcing me to face my inner self.....my heart is beating like crazy right now. I can barely type ......... my hands are trembling so. God Susan, I feel so embarrassed....I....I....oh God, YES it turns me on to think of giving myself to your control to make me do things.....to make me take a whipping......to take a dog in my cunt. There I have said it! I can't believe I would have been able to say it but I did!"

This event seemed to be an epiphany for Crème, and she settled down to exploring more ot herself, her needs, her fantasies, and her hidden self. While still on her retreat, visiting with friends along the California coast, she learned that her hosts had a surprise planned for her for their New Year's Eve party. She thought she knew what it was: a visit by a woman Crème had met at their place a year earlier. Crème remembered her as a lesbian, a stunningly beautiful woman. The morning of the party, her hosts confirmed her suspicions. Their friend, Bethany, was coming for a visit. She would be bunking with Crème, sharing the bedroom and the only bed. They knew Crème was Bi and thought the two women would make a good pair for the holiday.

I encouraged Creme to go into this event head first and with enthusiasm. I gave her hints and advice, mostly about how to make love to this experienced woman and pleasure her. And to dive into her own sexuality and let go erotically.

What follows is her report of what happened on the Eve of 2007, and the next morning. I hope you enjoy this wonderful young woman and her emerging sexuality.

Susan James



Here is my tale of my New Year's delight. I guess I can tell you the name of this woman who I was sort of set up with. Her name is Bethany and almost from the moment she arrived she started flirting with me. I guess she really was horny, as was I. But the two of us were kept busy helping my friends who were hosting the party, to get things set up, food prepared, that sort of thing.

People started arriving about 8:00 p.m. and soon the party was really starting to take off. You were right, people did drink too much, me and Bethany included. She continued flirting with me off and on all night as we each tried to mix with the other people as well. I was getting very turned on and really started wanting her badly. She is a very attractive woman and I was right, she is exactly 40. She was wearing the perfect little black party dress and looked fantastic. I was dressed more casually, in a sweater and jeans.

Things started to get a crazier as we got closer to midnight. About 11:30 Bethany somehow coaxed me back into the kitchen and moved us into this back area that leads to the kitchen pantry. That is where my friends have this little desk area where their computer is. Bethany started to kiss me. I thought it was so ironic that we were standing right near the computer that I had used to email you back and forth. I almost felt like you were right there watching us somehow. It was a cool feeling! I was getting really turned on from Bethany's attention. She started caressing my breasts through my sweater and then her hand dropped down and she began unzipping my jeans. She didn't waste any time and her hand went down inside my panties as she began searching for my slit. In a moment I felt her fingers slide into it and along my very wet lips.

She started fingering me and I just melted against her. After a minute or so, I was on the verge of cumming and then she suddenly pulled her hand away and straightened. Oh damn, I was right on the brink! I stood there, rigid and panting. There had been a noise that sounded like someone was coming. She said that is why she stopped, but I also think she enjoyed keeping me on the edge like that. She said we better get back to the party and then she turned and left.

I spent a minute or so getting myself back together before rejoining the others. My desire for Bethany exploded when a minute later we made eye contact across the room and I watched her slowly lick the fingers that had just been deep inside me. God Susan, I was ready to fuck!

But that would have to wait until about 2:00 a.m. when the last of the party guests went home. Bethany and I raced to the bedroom that we were going to share. We closed the door and immediately began kissing again and started removing our clothes. I was anxious to see the sexy body underneath that black dress. Bethany was eager from the start and I could tell that she was anxious to eat me. I laid back on the bed as she knelt down and went to work on me. God, it was heavenly and she brought me to a quick orgasm. But I was now focused on the inspiration that you had given me in your email, and I knew exactly how I wanted Bethany. I had her lie in the middle of the bed and spread her legs wide for me. I lay down between her thighs and drank in the heavenly aroma of her heated core. Then I leaned in and started feasting on her cunt. She had a very sexy and delicious tasting pussy. She had this cute little patch of hair, about two inches long and an inch wide, above her sexy cunt lips. God, did I love eating her. This went on for a long time and she had several strong orgasms. My mouth was full of the taste of her and wet with her secretions.

Then I remembered exactly what you had told me to do. I eased off from her and for a moment I just watched her breasts heaving and listened to her trying to catch her breath. Then I made my move. I turned her over and pulled her beautiful ass up in the air. Bethany was now face down and ass up, with her knees apart. I felt so full of raw sexual energy. You would probably call it lust. Bethany was taken aback and the sounds she was making told me how surprised she was. There in front of me was that sexy ass, just waiting for me. I talked dirty to her for a few moments as I gazed at her beautiful, starfish-like aperture. And then I began tonguing that sweet hole. She tasted musky and wonderful at the same time.

Susan, I was crazy with desire and made love to her ass forever! She was so wet all over and my face was covered with her juices. The moaning and whimpering sounds she made got me even more aroused. I started fingering her pussy while I fucked her ass with my tongue. Soon I had my finger buried in her ass and my thumb and tongue in her cunt. Then I would switch back, eating her anus and finger-fucking her vagina. I was on fire with lust for this gorgeous woman, almost twice my age. I am not sure I have seen a woman cum as strongly as Bethany did that night.

I don't remember clearly when or how we stopped and drifted off to sleep. I guess it was all the alcohol we had. We both slept-in pretty late, but Bethany got up before me and went to take a shower. I didn't even hear her get up. But I slowly came to when she returned to the room. She was wearing a robe and had her hair up in a towel. She saw that I was awake and we both said good morning with big smiles. That is when she told me I was spectacular last night. Coming from an experienced, confirmed lesbian, that made me feel wonderful!

I started to get aroused again as I lay in bed watching her standing there toweling her hair. I slowly got out of bed and walked up behind her. I caught her a bit by surprise as I started kissing her neck. She smelled so good. Then I remembered something else you told me and I moved her over to the wall.

I eased her robe off her shoulders and let it puddle at her feet. Then I positioned her so that she was leaning back against the wall. I dropped to my knees and began eating her freshly washed pussy again. After five minutes or so I turned her around so that she was facing the wall. She gasped as my hands grasped her beautiful ass cheeks and I began to kiss them all over. Soon my tongue found its way again into her crevice and to her perfect rosebud. She tasted so fresh and clean. God I loved it Susan. Bethany came again on my invading fingers as I made love to her ass. At the peak of her arousal I had her literally screaming as my tongue swirled deep inside her anus. I could tell that she had part of the towel clamped in her teeth to muffle the noise. Without it she would have woken the whole house..

I had a lot of fun Susan! Thank you for your help.




Post Note:

What can I say about this young woman? In the period of just a couple of weeks she changed from a shy, timid, skittish girl, to a self assured lover with a whole new outlook on her sexual life and future. It did take a cathartic event for her, but she seems to have weathered that well.

I hope we see much more of Crème.

As always, if you want to send a personal note to her, send it to me and I will pass it on. It will be up to Crème to decide how to respond.

Please vote and leave a note on the story site. It means a lot to the girls.

Thank you,


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