tagBDSMThe Sorority Sisters: Jackie No. 01

The Sorority Sisters: Jackie No. 01

bySassy Susan©


I found jackie on Literotica, mostly by accident. She is an author and has posted a few stories there. I sent her a message at Christmas last year and heard nothing. Then more than a month later, she popped up in my in box. We exchanged a few emails and then I decided to go for broke.

I have never had much luck recruiting women to come and play with me; almost all my successes have been women who visited my Literotica site, read my profile and some of the accounts from my previous sub-girls (the Sorority Sisters), and decide to write to me. So I sent jackie a long, detailed, in-your-face message and asked her to surrender to me as her Mistress, and let me control her sex life. Then I sat back and waited to see what she would do. After a short delay she wrote back, and when I opened her message and began to read, I thought, "Oh, no. I've lost her." This is how she began:


Wow! You just jump in and scare the begeebers out of a girl!

When I first saw your reply was here, I thought 'Oh goodie, something to make me hot!' I soon forgot that. It left me dazed!

That was about three hours ago. I closed the computer and wandered around the house. I fidgeted and shook my head and did some house cleaning. Then I took a long shower and washed my hair.

Getting out of the shower, I put on a pair of heeled slippers and a towel around my hair and wandered back to this machine. (I love heels and being only 5'2' may be part of the reason, but I think they are sexy and make me feel that way.)

I reopened your message and have been reading and rereading it long enough for my hair to dry. Maybe coming back to you naked is an indication of where I am headed, I don't know.

I do know that what you wrote is too powerful for me. The incest, the whippings . . . my god the dogs! I couldn't see myself there. But let me go on please.

I do find parts of it strangely exciting and stimulating. The loss of control is one thing. Totally giving up control and trusting someone who you know will protect you, and cherish you, and not hurt or embarrass you, is one thing. But to give up that control to someone who you know WILL embarrass you, WILL probably hurt you at least a little, WILL push you beyond anything you have ever willingly done, and WILL treat you like a slut and whore is scary, but oh, god, so exciting.

She went on to tell me about the kinky things she likes, including: how her boy friend talks dirty to her, calls her lewd names, and generally roughs her up physically and verbally. But nothing at all like what I seemed to be suggesting. She did say that being treated like that turned her on.

At the end, she did not say she would comply with my request, but neither did she send me away. She kept my hopes up with this closing piece of information:

I will be online most of the day, as I am working on a project for a client. Susan, I am scared and excited.

I took this as a tentative "yes," and began to chat with her about the Sexual Categories Interest survey I had sent her (which lists many fetishes, including Bestiality, Incest, and BDSM). They are, of course, among the more common fetishes/categories that people enjoy and/or want to try). My survey is a simple, quick way to inventory a girl's history and experiences, and her hopes/wishes/fears/fantasies.

jackie had many questions, and our chat burned up most of the afternoon. She put her work-related tasks aside and masturbated on and off as I tried to answer her queries. One area we explored was Forced Orgasms. When I explained what I meant by that term, and sent her a couple of video clips to show her girls being treated to such sexual stimulation, I think a switch in her libido flipped on.

The next morning, Sunday, she came back to tell me about her plan for that day. She was going to prepare a complex scene to surprise her boy friend, Jacob. I made some suggestions, mostly about safety, and off she went. That is Part One, below:

The following morning, Monday, she sent me her report of what actually happened and how she felt about it. That is Part Two below.

* * * * * *

Part One – jackie's Preparations

Sunday Morning 2-17-08


I am sorry for the interruption last night when Mom showed up unexpectedly. I had forgotten that we had made a date to go shopping last night and then to eat together. We had a good time as I always do with her, but I was a little distracted and had to blame it on the project I am working on. She knows what a workaholic I am, so she had no problem believing me. And no, I do not talk to Mom about sex at all, she would freak on me.

When I got in last night I was too confused and tired to get back on line with you, so I just went to bed. This morning I made myself wait as long as I could before checking my mail. It's a good thing I didn't check it last night. That video you sent would have kept me up all night. I have watched it several times already this morning. Guess what I did.

I am cooking up an idea in my deviant little head, and if I can work it out I will share it with you. For now let's just say you inspired me here.

I agreed to go to my brothers today for dinner so I will be out awhile today. Probably a good thing because I can take only so much of this. Then Jacob is supposed to be over here about seven. We were planning to go to a movie together. That may change now.LOL.

Right now, of course I am naked and I am playing with my cunt as I write. Actually, I have a vibrator that I am using on myself. It's about 10 inches long and pretty big around. I have been teasing my clit and slipping it a little into myself. I am thinking of getting that butt plug and wearing it too. Be right back.

Oh geeze, that feels weird! Sitting on this hard chair forces the plug all the way up into me. So full. My cunt is leaking and my thighs are wet. Good thing I put a towel on the chair LOL Susan, when I got up this morning I wasn't planning on doing any of this. Now I am almost in a frenzy wanting my cunt satisfied.

Now about your ideas and suggestions. I didn't have to go to the store; I have lots of dangly earrings here. I took the barbells out of my nipples and hung a pair of the really long earrings in their place. They are three leaves of green and gold that hang at different levels from tiny chains. When I wear them in my ears they hang to my shoulders. They are really too long for earrings, but just right for decorating my breasts. When I walk, they swing and bounce and they are heavier than I am used to, so I really feel the tug of them on my nipples. Every time I pass a mirror, I look and jiggle them a little more. Walking back here with that hard invader in my ass and these gaudy bangles dangling from my breasts was torment (?) thrilling(?) I am typing in my office, which is a loft overlooking my bedroom suite. I went down and got the plug, inserted it in my ass, and then walked through the house to get a fresh cup of coffee.

Susan I am not sure I can commit to this submissive arrangement as you want me to. Maybe I have too many limits in my life for this. My family is off limits, my job is off limits. I have a great life that most people would envy and I don't want to destroy that. On the other hand, you excite me and as you know by now I am a horny slut at heart. God, no shit! Here I am with six inches of anus expander shoved up my ass, about four inches of dildo in my cunt, and what feels like pounds of metal hanging from my tits, and I want more. BRB

Now I am back. I remembered that my old boy friend, Joe, had bought me a clit clip years ago. Now I have that on too. Damn I am going crazy here. What have you done to me, Susan?

OK, here is my plan for today. I will be out for several hours, visiting my brother and his family. I will have to undo all of this body decoration and get into my demure family attire for that. Should be back home by about four my time. Then I am going to forward that video to Jacob. While I am out, I am also going to stop and get a plug-in vibrator, one of those with a jillion interchangeable heads, a strong one made for deep muscle massage, with variable speeds too.

I am going to bring one of my cushioned patio chairs inside and cover it with towels. I will set it right in the middle of the living room facing the entry foyer. I will set some pillows in it to limit my movement and position me forward in the chair near the edge. Then I will figure out a way to tie that vibrator to it and to me. Maybe around the head of the vibe and around my legs then the back of the chair or its arms. I will wrap a belt around my waist and the chair to hold me back in it. (I will probably have to use two of them together to reach) I have a pair of those cuffs with the fluffy padding on them. Those will hold my ankles to the chair. I think that sitting forward like that they will reach the back legs of the chair and that will hold me forward and keep my legs open.

I told you about the nipple rings with the chain? I will wear that and hang something, maybe this big vibrator now in my cunt, from it. That should really pull on my nipples! I will have a blindfold on my head ready to pull down.

My living room lights are on a wall socket remote and I will plug the monster vibrator in there and have the remote in my hand. I will tie my left arm to the chair just above the elbow so that I can reach my breast, but not whatever is hanging from the chain. Then I will have a slip loop fixed up so that I can place my other hand in it and jerk it tight with no chance of being able to loosen it. When I have done that, I will click the remote and drop it on the floor. Once I have done that I will be irrevocably committed. I will be bound to the chair and the vibrator will be running on house current (no batteries to go dead). It will be jammed into my cunt, right on my clit, and there will be no way for me to get relief.

Jacob is supposed to be here at seven. I plan to click the remote at six. I hope he isn't late or worse yet, doesn't even come. He would call, but I will not be able to answer the phone or do anything about it if he cancels. I would be stuck there until someone finally came to check on me. Maybe days later. Maybe I will call Jacob a little later today and confirm for tonight. I hope the video is inspiration enough to get him here.

What I think will happen is that the first few orgasms will be great and it will be fun. Then it will be torture for a while. Then I hope my body will take over and I will find a release in the agony and ecstasy, and cum again and again. Maybe I should gag myself to keep from screaming and attracting a neighbor or passer by. I don't have one of those ball gags but could stop and get one. Do you think that would be too dangerous? That I might suffocate?

Oh yeah, I think I will hang a note from the nipple chain that says something sweet and loving for Jacob, like, "Fuck your slut," or "Use me," or "Take me, I am your slave."

What do you think, Susan?

Damn I am going to do it! Love ya,


* * * * * * * *

Part Two -- The performance

Monday Morning 2-18-08


I called the office and told them I would be running late today and called my morning outside-client and rescheduled. Maybe by noon I will be able to walk again!

FYI, I can't even touch my cunt this morning!

So do you want to hear the story? I bet you do!

First, we have to back up and make sure that we are clear on a couple of things. I told you that I wouldn't involve my family and yet you ask me to wear gaudy nipple jewelry to their house and to masturbate in their bathroom. Susan I can't do that, likewise for my job and clients. Well, yes I did tell you that I have played some around clients, going bare bottom and once presenting at a meeting with a butt plug in, but that was concealed from them and will remain so. I hope that you can respect my limits.

Now that we are past that, lets get on with what we are here for.

I don't know what your social-political opinion of Wal-Mart is, but when a girl has to find an industrial strength vibrator with multiple warheads, some strong twine, some light rope, a yard of red ribbon, some washable finger paint and a practice golf ball (one of those hollow ones with all the holes in it) there is no place like the local Wal-Mart on a Sunday afternoon. God knows I don't buy my clothes there, and certainly not my shoes, but . . . .

I got home about 4:30 and set to work. The first business was getting naked. Then I gathered all my supplies and carried the chair in from the patio.

I picked out a tapered round head for the vibrator, much like the one in the video you sent the first time. Then I found an extension cord and ran it to the remote-controlled wall socket. I tested it and that part worked fine.

Next, I had to figure out how I was going to secure it in the proper place and firmly enough that I couldn't wiggle loose. I took a long doubled length of the twine (the soft kind not the rough stuff), tied it just below the head of the vibe, and then ran it under my butt, and up through my ass crack. I figured out where it reached the small of my back and knotted the two strands together there and then ran the free ends around my waist a couple of times. Those ends continued down the front and I wrapped them around the vibe again just behind the head and pulled it tightly into place. This pulled the head snugly into the gash of my cunt. I was pretty wet by then and thought I might cum just getting set up.

Knowing that this would work I proceeded to rig up the rest of my self-bondage. I placed a fat pillow behind me in the chair and smaller ones on each side. They served to keep me forward near the front edge of the chair and kept me from being able to move around very much in the seat. I found that if I placed my legs around the outside of the chair's front legs, I could not quite reach them back far enough to cuff them to the rear legs. I just added a short piece of the rope to the cuffs and made an extension that would let me pull my legs back as far as they would go and still be reasonably comfortable. This pulled my knees wide apart, fully exposing my wet cunt. I knew I was going to be very uncomfortable before this was over, but I didn't want it to be from leg cramps.

Here I learned that I needed to support the other end of the vibe so I rigged up some of the rope to hold that end up by tying it around my thighs. I found a couple of belts that would work as a body restraint around my lower chest to the chair. They would keep me from being able to lean very far forward in the chair. I also found that I could still lift my ass off the chair, so I went to the closet again and picked out a couple of scarves to tie around my thighs to bind me to the chair. Now I couldn't rise up more than an inch.

I cannot tell you what was going through my mind at this time. It was a whirl of excitement and lust and adventure and no concern at all for the possible disastrous consequences. It was a challenge to sort out how to set this all up where it would accomplish what I wanted: total helplessness at my own hand.

The next step was to figure out the arm restraints. I didn't think the left arm would be so hard to get right. Have you ever tried to tie a knot one handed? Not easy. I finally settled for a double loop around the back brace of the chair that had a knot started in it. Once I had my arm in it I would pull it snug and then make the second loop of the knot. It ended up holding me just above the elbow as I wanted. I had some movement in the arm and shoulder, but not enough to slip free or reach past my left breast.

The right arm was going to be more difficult to do. The only way I could figure was to tie the rope to the opposite leg then wrap it around the right side leg and seat brace so the loop dangled where I could get my hand into it. I tried a couple of different slip knots before I found one that would pull tight and keep the knot at the back of my wrist where I could reach it. I was concerned about cutting off the circulation to my hand so I wrapped the rope with cloth where my hand would be. I tried this two or three times and couldn't see how I would be able to get loose without the use of both hands.

I had had one glass of wine when I got home and now I stopped for another. I needed to calm down a little. This would later prove to be a mistake (or not).

I found the vibrator that I had been using that morning, the 10 inch one I told you about and cut a piece of the red ribbon to tie around it. Then I found the nipple rings and chain and fastened them on my nipples. I love the look of that chain dangling between my breasts! I tied the 10 in vibrator to the center of the chain and let it hang, feeling the weight of it. It weighed a ton! I let it hang there for a while and knew that I could stand it. I had never had something that heavy on my nipples and the feel of the constant pull was both uncomfortable and stimulating. I took it off until all was ready. Next I used a paper clip as a hook and hung the hand cuff key from the chain too. I heard the foyer clock chime 6 PM. I wanted to be done by then but still had a couple of things left to make ready. Originally, I had planned to use a blindfold, but then I remembered that the foyer closet had a full-length mirror on the inside of the door, and if I propped it open I could watch myself. I used the rubber doorstopper for the front door to lock the closet door in place. A couple of minor adjustment and I could sit in the chair and clearly see my image.

I ran a length of the red ribbon through the holes of the practice golf ball, put the ball in my mouth, and tied it behind my head to create a ball gag. I made sure that I could breathe through my mouth with it in place. I know you said a gag might be dangerous but I wanted to be able to scream and moan without fear of attracting unwanted rescue. I then wedged a small bottle of baby oil in the left side cushions, where I could touch it with that hand.

I was beginning to feel a little silly with all of my elaborate preparations and began to have questions about my sanity, stability and sexual perversion. These were "last chance to chicken out" thoughts and I cast all reason and sanity aside in preference to my lust. One last item, I got the finger paint and wrote across my tits and belly. "I am your slut you own me."

I took a very long and deep breath and began the final assembly of my self bondage, self torture contraption. When I had everything in place I looked at the clock, it was 6:18, 42 minutes until Jacob's scheduled arrival. I placed my right hand in the last restraint, the wrist loop, and with a jerk did away with my last hope of freedom until someone released me from my self-designed trap. I pushed the On button on the remote to start the vibrator and dropped the device on the floor, well out of reach. I was now irrevocably committed to this insane act.

The instant the vibrator started I came, my first orgasm of the evening.. The semi-soft head of it was firmly mashed on my clit and running at medium speed.

In the past when using a vibrator, I would have stopped for a moment here, caught my breath, and let my body come back down to earth. This time there was to be no break in the action. The vibrator ran on holding its relentless pressure on my too sensitive clit and sending shivers through me. It only took a minute for me to overcome that and climb the orgasm wave again. I looked at the clock. Less than a minute had passed. I looked in the closet mirror and saw a girl I didn't know staring back at me. . I came again, tossing my head and trying to fight my way clear of the undying sensations between my legs. I tried bucking and only succeeded in making the vibrator settle deeper into my now soaked cunt. I was panting and jerking against the restraints. Susan, I didn't think it would be so consuming, so overpowering to be this helpless.

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