tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sorority Sisters: Mika No. 01

The Sorority Sisters: Mika No. 01

bySassy Susan©


Mika is the newest member of the Sorority, with me only a few days when I gave her these two assignments. She asked if she could combine them into one day's play and I said yes. She has played with exhibitionism before, often. But these earlier events were limited to brief displays, a flash of nudity and retreat, and nothing else. Here she was assigned to engage in lengthly exhibitions and encouraged to let the play develop naturally within her comfort level. As it turned out, she pushed her own envelop and expanded her comfort level. And as you will see in her closing comments, she found that the activity can become intoxicating and take on a life of its own.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dear Mistress,

What an erotic day Tuesday was. It actually turned into a three-part, sensually-filled day that I will fondly remember for a long time to cum :). All thanks go out to you, Mistress.

Tuesday morning began at six AM. My husband awakened me with some light kisses on my back and bottom. He had to catch a flight to Boston and obviously wanted some sexual relief before he headed out. I spread my legs for him to explore my aroused pussy with his tongue and fingers. Raising my hips slightly, he pressed two of his fingers inside me while tonguing my arse. It did not take me long for my pussy to become wet from his fingers as I playfully palmed both of my breasts, rolling and pinching each nipple in my fingers.

After he added a third finger I raised up on all fours. He instinctively got up behind me and laid his hard cock in the crevice of my butt cheeks. I could feel the head teasing both holes and after several minutes of his back and forth ministrations he plunged his hardness into my pussy. With one hand on my hip and the other on my shoulder he pulled me back hard, pressing his cock fully into me, holding it there to stretch me inside. I could feel his balls against my ass cheeks. When he does this I know that I'm going to receive one heck of a pounding from my husband. His stamina is unbelievable in the morning.

As he began moving back and forth I mentioned between my moaning that he was not to cum inside me this time. With this request it was obvious to him that I would be exposing myself at some point in the day. I had realized early on that exposing one's self and dripping your husband's cum during the day does not always work in one's favor in public. Now he knew that today I would be exposing myself in public, and this increased his desire to pleasure us both to an orgasm. I did not cum although several times I could have. When he was near the edge he had me turn around, grabbed a handful of my hair to hold my head still, and released a large amount of cum on my lips, face, tongue, and down my throat. Then he had me suck him clean. We took a shower together, and then he dressed and left for the airport.

I proceeded to get ready for my assignment :). I put my hair up in a clip, did my makeup, and slipped on a semi-sheer tan blouse and my black jean skirt. The skirt comes to mid-thigh and has little slits at the seams on the side and zips in the back. The blouse buttons in the front, although I did not button it up past my nipple line. Looking in the mirror it was obvious I was not wearing a bra, and in the light you could see the outline of my breasts and perky nipples. Holding on to the vanity, I knelt down with my arse against my calves. In this position my skirt slid up my thighs and exposed my bare pussy (no panties either, Mistress). My lips were still swollen and spread like a butterfly's wings. They still looked somewhat moist. I went into the walk-in closet and picked out a pair of heeled sandals that show off my calves nicely. I was now ready to head out to have some fun.

I drove to Caribou Coffee and purchased a coffee and Danish. I found a perfect table that would allow me to expose myself to various other people in the shop. As I walked to my chosen spot I scanned the room and noticed several men observing me. Some were smiling, maybe with appreciation for my outfit. I wondered if they would be smiling more after I sat down ;)!

After several minutes I moved slightly in my chair, spreading my knees apart and leaning over to my left to retrieve my glasses from my purse. If anyone was looking, they were provided a clear view of my pussy and exposed breast. I could definitely feel the beginnings again of the warmth and moisture in my pussy and my nipples hardening. Thanks to my husband, my pussy was still swollen and my inner lips were quite exposed.

Leaving my legs slightly apart, I scanned the room while I sipped my coffee and took little bites of my Danish. Several men were looking openly and several others were staring over their papers. From time to time, I would adjust my sitting position which allowed me to open and close my knees in succession. I was now keenly aware that each time I did this others would stop reading and look or continually stare my way.

My nipples were hard and poking against my blouse at this point so I decided to turn it up a notch. Sipping my coffee and pretending to read from my book, I slipped my left hand down to gently scratch my inner knee and slowly worked my way up my inner thigh to the hem of my skirt, exposing myself even further. I noticed two men adjusting themselves with their hands so I knew I was having an effect. I even caught the glance of a young woman sitting with two of her female friends. When I made eye contact with her she winked and smiled with a slight nod. I watched as she spoke to her friends and they slowly looked my way to see what I was doing. I smiled at them and went back to my book, pretending to read it.

Once again I bent over to my purse, this time to retrieve my pen. I pretended to slightly lose my balance and spread myself far enough that a blind man could see my very moist pussy. While sitting back up I scanned the room and noticed several men staring my way and smiling. I smiled back at them openly.

For the next 10 minutes I continually flashed my pussy but didn't look up at anyone. I wanted them to enjoy it without me making contact with their eyes.

At this point I could definitely feel my juices flowing, and combined with the effects of my early morning session with my husband, I was now becoming so aroused that I didn't know how much longer I could take it. Not many men had left, although I'm sure some needed to get to work, but they were glued to their seats. As I continued reading I nonchalantly rubbed my chest just above my cleavage, exposing the upper slope of my breast to those close by. Then still reading, I 'absently" slid my hand up to my neck, playfully rubbed my earlobe, and then back down again, slowly rubbing my chest.

I paused while I took a sip of my coffee and a bite of my remaining Danish. I lowered my hand just inside my blouse and slowly reached in touch my nipple. It was as hard as an eraser tip. I playfully rubbed it with my index finger while increasing the pressure. I was beginning to shift ever so gently in my seat, gently squeezing my inner thighs while I continued to pretend read and tease my nipple.

My arousal was increasing and so was the intensity of the moment. I knew I would orgasm soon if I continued. I desperately wanted to, but backed off. I removed my hand, closed the book and ate the remainder of my Danish. As I took a sip of my coffee I casually scanned the room. I could see that several men were no longer reading; they were just watching me. And the three girls had shifted their seats to get a better view.

I did not make eye contact with anyone, just finished my coffee and sat like a proper lady. Then I stretched my arms just at shoulder level to give everyone a clear view of my breasts and aroused nipples. As I slid the chair back to go I turned my left leg out enough for everyone watching to see one last shot of my pussy. I held this position while I put my glasses and pen back in my purse, then stood and walked to the waste disposal with my used plate and cup. Several men said hi and the girls were grinning at me.

I then went back to the table to get my purse and walked back to the ladies room. While I was freshening up and checking my makeup, one of the girls came in. With a warm hello she introduced herself as Tracy -- a very pretty blonde with a pleasant smile. She asked if I was a regular since she was new to the area to attend grad school. I told her I visited once in a while when time permitted.

Tracy then smiled and said how turned on she was from watching me expose myself. She asked if I did this often, and I said when I had free time and an urge I would tempt fate and go out and expose myself. She then asked if I had gotten off, indicating that she saw me rubbing my nipple and squeezing my thighs together. I was caught off guard by her question, but I told her I had not. She moved closer, looked me in the eyes and asked if I would like to. I asked if she meant here and she said yes. Tracy then moved to the door and locked the knob. I was leaning against the sink as she knelt in front of me, raised my skirt to my hips, and brought her lips to my pussy.

She began by kissing my inner thighs and lightly running her tongue up along my sensitive lips. I lowered both of my hands to my pussy, pulling upward on either side to expose my wet slit and aroused clit for her tongue. She made a deliberate point of licking all of my pussy except my clit. She was teasing me unbearably. Finally, I could not stand it any more and grabbed her head and forced her face into my cunt. I was moaning as she flicked her tongue quickly against my clit. I told Tracy to not keep going, released my hold on her head, and began to twist and pull my swollen nipples.

It wasn't long before I was ready to cum. Tracy's hands firmly grabbed the back of my thighs and her sucking mouth took me over the edge. I looked down into her eyes as my orgasm peaked, pinching each nipple, trying to not collapse upon her, as my juices flowed onto her tongue. As I was coming down she smiled up at me with her eyes and lapped my juices, all the while rubbing my butt. There was a knock on the door that startled us, so we separated and fixed ourselves while laughing. As we stood at the sink, I leaned into her and gave her a kiss and an offer to return the favor sometime soon. Tracy offered that she was in the coffee shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning. I guess I will be returning next week on a Tuesday or Thursday.

As I exited, I found that it was an employee who was standing at the door. We smiled and I proceeded to the front door. Several of the men who had been watching me were still there. Some smiled and one mouthed a 'thank you' as I left. I went to my office to make some calls and speak with my boss. He seemed to enjoy my outfit but knows me well enough to know that I dress provocatively from time to time.

Later in the day I drove to a special supermarket to carry out the second part of my assignment. I wore the same outfit; it seemed to work well at the coffee shop and I thought it was perfect for this second exhibition expedition.

It was around three PM when I entered Wegmann's grocery store. If you are not familiar with this store they have just about everything. Coffee shop, lunch and dinner buffets, groceries and all the essentials you could need. Pretty much a one-stop shop. I grabbed a cart to pick up few items. First stop was the produce section. Several male employees were stocking the goodies so I proceeded to the items close to them. Each one was aware of my presence and because I had dark sunglasses on I could watch them watching me without them knowing.

As I was feeling the melons I asked one of the employees how fresh these were. As we picked through several melons I purposely bent forward to reach for each one while exposing my uncovered breast to him. He did not shy away from looking either. As we talked I noticed that another employee had moved to a counter behind me to stock several boxes of lettuce. Again, I purposely bent forward exposing my arse to his benefit. I'm sure he could see the lower portion of my butt and just a little of my pussy.

I then moved to the apples and then on to the bananas. I was playfully checking out each bushel, feeling its firmness and looking for any bruising. There were no green bananas so I asked the employee who was stocking the lettuce how fresh these were. He came right over and proceeded to find me the perfect ones. As he looked I reached into the cart to get something from my purse, again exposing my breasts for his eyes. My nipples were so hard again that you could not miss seeing them pressed against my blouse while I stood. He proceeded to hand me his choice of bananas and I snapped the biggest one from the bunch. I used my fingers to feel the banana and encircled it with my hand around the base, bringing it up to the top as he watched me. As I stroked it I told him that he had made the perfect selection, that this was just the right feel and size. That shocked him but I looked at him as he put the remaining selection in my basket and said that I prefer bigger to smaller bananas. Touching his arm I thanked him for his assistance and wished him a good day.

As I left the produce section, I walked over to the seafood section to pick up some scallops. Leaning over to looked at each product, I gave the male clerk an eyeful. He tried to sell me just about every seafood item he had just to see more of my breasts. I almost laughed out loud he was so cute.

I needed deli meats but this time the person was a black female clerk standing behind the counter. I was looking in the case, kneeling this time, when she bent down and opened up the door awaiting my decision. Her eyes met mine and they trailed down to my chest and then to my separated legs, providing her an ample view of my pussy -- which of course was still aroused and full. She completed my orders, winked and wished me a fabulous day. I returned the sentiments.

As I was cruising the aisles I decided I would make use of your suggestion to be more forward when speaking to another person. I was pushing my cart down the aisle looking at sauces to go with the scallops, for a special meal I make for my husband. As I was standing there looking at the various offerings an attractive male came around the corner with his cart. He stopped next to my cart and excused himself to grab several jars of an Italian sauce that I had not heard of before. I turned to him and asked if he had a minute. He smiled while staring at my tits and asked how he could be of help. I told him I had a "fetish" (when I said that he perked up) for scallops and a red sauce but wanted to "experiment" and try something new. I told him I was "very" adventurous when it came to cooking, especially for a man. He put his jars in his cart while I pulled my shoulders back to provide a better view of my protruding nipples and breasts.

This young man was about 27-28, dark hair with green eyes and stood about 6' 2" -- my husband's height. He had on dress pants and a golf shirt which showed off his athletic build perfectly. Every word he spoke came from a set of lips you could nibble on all day.

What is your name I asked as he turned around. "Mark," he said. I introduced myself at which point he began talking about the various sauces he had tried and the ones he preferred for various types of cooking. I still had on my sunglasses so it was easy for me to watch his eyes glancing all over my body. As I pushed my cart to one side, I knelt down, separating my legs, reaching for a sauce on the bottom shelf. While I stayed in that position, he knelt next to me. As he reached for the jar I was holding, slightly touching my hand, I turned to my left so Mark and I were pretty much facing each other. Mark started to say something, stopped, looked and smiled. Bingo! He was now aware not only that I was braless but panty-less as well. Without holding back I lifted my sunglasses and asked if he liked what he saw. With a lowered voice full of confidence, Mark, said yes, he was indeed enjoying both views and wanted to see more.

He said, "Separate your legs more for me." I did and with a smile from ear to ear he licked his lips while I flexed my hips which caused my pussy lips to move somewhat. I noticed he had a pronounced bulge in his pants and as I stood up, Mark stood up. Standing inches from each other, Mark held the jar in his right hand. I took his left hand and brought it up to my right breast. He held it there while gently rubbing my nipple with his thumb. I swear it caused shivers down my spine to be in a very public place with another man's hand on my breast. I leaned into him, putting my hand down on the front of his pants and feeling the outline of his hard cock. I asked if he was a regular at Wegmann's and he said yes. (I took that question from the girl at the coffee shop, lol.) I asked if he would like to take his left hand and cup my pussy before I left. As Mark continued holding the jar with his right hand, he slipped his left hand up my skirt and palmed my exposed heated lips and mound. He then took his middle finger and pressed against the lips, separating them, and inserting it gently but not all the way. I raised my hands to his shoulders and whispered into his ear to insert two fingers. I held his shoulders while he did this and enjoyed the feeling of being both exposed and penetrated in public. Mark was enjoying the feel of my pussy when I stepped away and said we should leave before management showed up.

We checked out together and Mark walked me to my car. He gave me his number and offered to buy me lunch or a drink sometime. I kissed his cheek and said I would think about it.

Mistress Susan: assignment accepted; assignment completed. You have no idea how good I felt all day Tuesday. I never, never would have expected this to have happened at this level but I really, really enjoy it. Once you get past the nervousness and know you are in control of your destiny, the experience becomes such a high that you have difficulty ending it. Well, maybe you do know, but I learned something new this day.

Thank you Mistress. I look forward to another assignment from you.

Hugs & kisses,


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Please note that this is not fiction. This is a true account of a Mika's activity in carrying out an assignment given to her by the woman to whom she has given some control of her sex life: her cyber mistress, Mistress Susan.

I encourage readers to offer their own suggestions about what assignments might be appropriate for Mika or her sisters in the Sorority. I cannot guarantee that suggestions will be accepted, but if they fit the needs of a sister and are used in her development, you will be offered a chance to be publicly recognized for your contribution. You will also have the satisfaction of seeing a woman carry out your wishes for your enjoyment..


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