tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sorority Sisters: Mika No. 02

The Sorority Sisters: Mika No. 02

bySassy Susan©

THE SORORITY SISTERS. Mika No.2 -- Her tryst with Mark, Part One.


During her first assignment for me Mika met Mark, among others. She had some intimate moments, which she recalls at the beginning of this report. She became quite interested in him and decided to go for more. Although she and her husband, CJ, have a fairly relaxed marriage, including a few threesomes with one other man, she had not had a one-on-one sexual relationship with another man. This adventure with Mark broke new ground.

She has introduced me to CJ and he and I have chatted privately. He has agreed to partner with me in controlling Mika, and we have begun to plan a special event for her with Tracy, another person she met during that first exhibitionist assignment. Both she and CJ have enjoyed Tracy one-on-one. Now I want them to share this nice bisexual woman in a first for them: a threesome with two women.

This report of Mika's tryst with Mark comes in two parts. This is the first part, to be followed shortly by Part Two. I hope you enjoy this lusty, risk taking lady as much as I have been. Here is Mika in her own words in a letter to me.



Mistress Susan,

Oh, the web I feel I'm weaving, Mistress. Can I just tell you that since my visit to Wegmann's – only a week ago mind you -- I have thought about the meeting with Mark, challenging myself to be much bolder while flashing him and others, and the wonderful and lingering pleasure I derived from it and especially with Mark.

I have to be completely honest with you Mistress. I have pleasured myself several times remembering how Mark's hand felt on my breast pinching my nipples, and how his two thick fingers felt brushing lightly over my bush, putting slight pressure against my moist and engorged nubbin and separating my damp lips. Not that he was any better that day than my husband or other men we have played with. It was just the whole ordeal of being challenged by you Mistress, and just so happening to find not one but two men to be so playful. A truly memorable day I would say. But with Mark, I could not put my finger on it (pardon the pun) until yesterday.

It was mid-afternoon and after two wonderful, self induced orgasms I got up and went to my desk and retrieved Mark's number. As I was lying on the bed, dialing his number and waiting for him to answer, I gingerly played with my pussy using my index finger. I rubbed my clit in tight but quick circles. On the fourth ring he answered. I quickly -- and somewhat short of breath -- told Mark that it was me, Mika. He seemed pleasantly surprised and asked if I was at work. I told him no, that I was at home, alone, lying on my bed stark naked, enjoying the pleasures of my toys and thinking of him. (Bold enough Mistress?) There was a slight pause and with a special tone in his voice, he thanked me for being so honest and forth cumming :-). He even asked how he could be of help!

I told Mark that if he did not have any plans for the evening he should meet me at the mall closest to both of us at 6:30 p.m. sharp -- at Victoria's Secret. I told him that I needed to purchase some new lingerie, for both casual wear and for showing off. I also mentioned that my husband was out of town till Friday, so I would like his personal opinion. He said he would be there, but only on one condition: I had to agree to have dinner and drinks with him afterward. He also asked if I had a short wrap-around type dress in my wardrobe. I said I did, that it was baby blue, and had a low cut front which prevented me from wearing a bra. He told me to wear that along with heeled sandals. Panties were optional. I told him that was two conditions. Mark chuckled and hung up the phone.

To say I didn't have a third orgasm would be a lie. I laid there naked and fucked myself with my g-spot vibrator until I came so hard I actually squirted, which is rare for me unless I'm REALLY horny. I showered, got dressed, and headed for the mall.

At six, I spotted Mark walking toward me with a sexy grin from ear to ear. We hugged warmly, offering brief comments of how nice it was to see each other again.

We entered the store and began browsing the tables and racks for our personal choices. It was exciting to have Mark by my side to see his likes and dislikes. So far, we seemed to be on the same page. That is, with the design, material (or lack thereof) and color choices.

I had noticed before Mark arrived that my favorite salesgirl was in the back helping another customer. I say she is my favorite because over the past six months we have become very close and friendly during my shopping trips. We have not been intimate so far but we can sure tease the heck out of each other and leave each other horny. So get this: she knows my husband because she has helped him with ideas for purchases for me and intimate female friends. So she would instantly know that Mark was NOT my husband. But Mark did not know any of this.

After Mark and I picked out several items that might look good on me, I asked him to go with me to the back and give me his opinion. He quickly said he would join me in the back but felt he should not provide opinions because my husband should do that. I looked at him sideways, smiled, and said that was the reason he was here. And I added that there was no need to be a complete gentleman tonight. He smiled that Cheshire grin again and said he'd be delighted to meet my needs.

My favorite salesgirl came over and gave me a hug and asked if I needed any help. I said no and introduced her to Mark. She shook his hand and then looked over at me, giving me the OK wink to have fun.

I decided not to push his buttons too much in the beginning at Victoria Secrets. He did get to see me in each garment or outfit. I could tell that Mark was enjoying this opportunity to see me almost completely naked by the bulge in his pants. When I called him back the sixth time he didn't realize that we had only picked out five outfits.

I left the door unlocked and when he announced that he was just outside, I asked him to come in. Mark opened the door slowly and stepped just inside. He saw me leaning against the mirror, now completely naked. I was fingering myself with one hand and palming my breast with the other. He stood there somewhat shocked, seemingly paralyzed. Then he smiled his magnificent smile.

I took my finger from my pussy and inserted it in my mouth, tasting my juices. I was so horny having him there with me. He watched as I pushed my finger back up into my pussy, up to the second knuckle. This time when I took out my wet digit, I brought it to his lips, holding it just under his nose. As he closed his eyes I pressed the tip of my finger to his lips and waited for them to part, pushing past and gliding along his tongue to almost the back of his mouth. As Mark sucked, obviously relishing the aroma and taste of my arousal, I whispered into his ear that we should stop to buy some wine and takeout and go back to his place. With my finger in his mouth he just looked down at me and nodded in agreement.

We quickly purchased the items we had picked out and headed for his car. I left mine behind at the mall. We stopped at Wegmann's (go figure) and made our way to the wine section. As we stood looking at the various wines, Mark put his arm around my waist, pulled me into him, and kissed me on the lips. God the man can kiss. As he flicked his tongue across my lips I reached up and wrapped my arm around his neck. His free hand palmed my breast which quickly made my nipple even harder.

As we stood there kissing, with me becoming even more highly aroused, several people walked past us, looking back with interest. I loved it.

Between kisses I told Mark to slip his hand inside the front of my dress and feel how wet my pussy was. I had on a sheer thong but that did not prevent him from feeling the heat of my aroused pussy, how swollen my lips were, and the wet spot that I knew was evident to him. Using one finger to slide the material aside, Mark slipped another into my steaming core, causing my knees to buckle. Good thing we were holding each other. He then added a second finger, stroking both deeply in and out of my pussy several times.

We were standing there, right out in the middle of the wine section aisle, and Mark was finger fucking me! God how hot I felt. I held on while nuzzling his neck and told him that I was about to climax. He looked into my eyes, kissed me again, and said to go ahead. With that, I just held on tight and let go. As he stared into my eyes I came. It was a wonderful orgasm, and but for his grip on me, I would have dropped to my knees. He said later that my eyes closed tight, my face scrunched up as though I was in pain, and I just sort of grunted. I'm surprised I didn't yell. And I did not squirt this time, thank God. But what a rush it was for me to experience an absolutely breathtaking orgasm, with a man I barely knew, right out in the middle of a major supermarket.

Mark had removed his hand from under my dress and was licking his fingers as I came down from the mountaintop. We just stood there holding each other as several more customers passed by, glancing at us surreptitiously. I wondered what they had seen and what they were thinking. That gave me goose bumps. We kissed again and grabbed two bottles of red wine.

Back in the car, I untied the sash of my dress and opened it completely, baring my naked breasts. I pulled off my wet thong and hung it on his rear view mirror. He just laughed and shook his head. But he didn't miss the chance to ogle my nakedness, and that made me warm all over.

Mark's car is a Jaguar and sits lower than most cars. It's not a convertible, and I don't know if I am pleased or disappointed. As it was, people walking by only have to look down to see into the interior. As we drove though Wegmann's parking lot and out onto the street, several people walking by got a clear view of my disheveled nakedness. I just smiled and enjoyed their expressions as they realized what they were seeing. Obviously I was feeling very naughty, huh? Are you proud of me, Mistress? I am.

Mark and I agreed we were in the mood for pizza. We stopped at a little Italian sub and pizza joint. Mark got out as I sat there reveling in my partial nudity, caressing my bare breasts, stomach, and thighs. He said he would not be long and that I should behave. Sure. NOT!

While he was in the restaurant I continued to pleasure myself, taking myself to the edge but not allowing myself to cum. I was saving that for Mark back at his place. No one came by to watch, darn it.

As Mark got back in the car, I leaned over and placed my wet fingers against his mouth, letting him know how naughty I had been. I wanted to tease this man desperately and did so by running my tongue along his ear and sucking on his earlobe. Hearing his low moans, I slipped my hand down to his crotch, squeezing his right thigh and slowly gliding my hand along his now hard cock. Mark is average in length, as I mentioned to you, but much thicker than my husband or previous lovers. I was looking forward to feeling this hot hardness inside me, so I teased and tortured him all the way to his place.

Soon we pulled into a gated high-rise community of condominiums. We had to pass through a manned guard station to get in. I decided to just sit tight, my dress open and clearly showing my naked front. I grabbed Mark's hand and placed it on my thigh, and asked him to drive slowly by the black, uniformed guard who was standing outside the enclosure. I was completely thrown off when Mark stopped the car to speak to the guard. He said he wanted to tell him about a planned poker game the following weekend, and wanted to know how he could secure several temporary parking permits for his guests.

I started to pull my dress closed, but Mark told me to drop my hands to the side, which I did. He reopened my dress fully exposing my breasts and pussy to the guard. I looked down to see that my nipples were totally erect and my lips were again fully engorged and protruding noticeably. Both men had a clear view. I must have been scarlet with embarrassment as I sat there naked while two fully dressed men discussed parking permits.

Mark, being the gentleman that he is, introduced me to Anthony before continuing their discussion. After saying hello, I just sat there, mortified and trembling with arousal. I had never been in such a situation before: sitting naked and totally exposed in front of a stranger while two dressed men held a normal conversation. As the conversation came to an end, I looked up to see Anthony staring me and listening to Mark at the same time. Mark offered Anthony a closer view of me and told him to walk to the passenger side of the car. Mark rolled my window down as Anthony walked around the car. I looked over at Mark with a look of, "Are you insane?" He just smiled and leaned over to kiss me on the lips.

Then Anthony was standing next to my door ogling me intently as Mark chatted about how nice I looked. He asked Anthony if he thought I was "tight." Anthony responded with a definite, "Yes," while putting his hands on the top of the door and leaning in to get a true close up view of me. Mark flicked on the overhead light and reached over to pinch my extended nipples. He asked me (actually he told me) to spread my legs farther apart to give Anthony a better look at my very moist pussy. Being eye level with Anthony's crotch, I could clearly see that he was aroused. Mark could see what I saw, but fortunately -- or unfortunately -- Mark had other ideas. He told Anthony that if he could get off (pardon the pun) from work the night of the poker game he was more than welcome to attend. We pulled away with Mark's finger rubbing my cunt, and headed toward the parking garage. The wetness his finger found had to confirm for Mark how exciting this weird encounter had been for me.

When we pulled into Mark's reserved space he leaned over to kiss me again. He spoke softly, telling me how thankful he was that I had chosen him in Wegmann's as a target for my exhibitionism. He was especially pleased that I had called him that afternoon. We kissed some more and realized that the pizza was probably cold by now. We laughed it off as a price paid for being so naughty in public.

He helped me climb out of the low slung car, a pleasant surprise since most men no longer do that for a woman. As he lifted the pizza and wine from the back seat, I started to pull my dress together to tie it closed. Mark stopped me with a look and told me he would prefer me to leave it open as we walked through the underground garage to the elevators. As we stood waiting for the next elevator to descend to our level, I asked Mark what he thought of my naughty behavior and willingness to be so open in public. He said that he had never met anyone so carefree and sexually stimulating as me, but that he had read or heard about women, and men, who enjoyed showing off and teasing in public.

The elevator dinged its arrival and Mark and I readied to enter. But we had to hesitate because a young woman was coming out. I stood there with a bottle of wine in each hand, my dress open enough to show the right half of my body naked from throat to toes: my breast with its hard nipple, and farther down the trimmed hair of my pussy, my hip, and my whole leg. Startled by my semi-nudity, she stopped in the doorway staring at me. Mark grabbed the door before it slammed back into her.

It was quite obvious to me, by the way she looked and behaved, that she had enjoyed some sexual activity herself. She took two steps forward and while looking me in the eye said something about how it looked like I kept myself in shape. Then, while we were still gathering out wits she wished us a great night and walked past us. Mark said thanks and we stepped into the elevator.

I smiled at Mark, and with a slight laugh, set the wine bottles down. Standing back up, I shrugged the dress off my shoulders and let it fall, puddling at my feet. After letting him drink in my total nakedness, I picked it up and laid it over his arm. I knelt to retrieve the bottles and stood there wearing only heels as the elevator continued its ascent to his floor. I was disappointed that we completed the trip without a stop. I think I had gotten to that place where you begin to crave more exposure, more naked displays.

Mark led me down the hallway to his door. Again no one stepped out, darn it. Inside, we placed the food and wine in the kitchen. He opened a bottle and poured us each a glass of wine. Then we each grabbed a slice of pizza and Mark led me out onto the terrace to see the city below.

Susan, I hope you can picture me holding a glass of wine in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other, stark naked, standing on an 11th floor terrace for all to see. Mark, well, he was still dressed and eating his pizza while enjoying the "views." I actually liked the fact he was still dressed and I was naked. It seemed to emphasize my nudity, and it made me feel that at that particular moment it was all about me and my desires. I was his focal point, his property, his sex toy.

We finished our wine and pizza. Mark excused himself, leaving me alone on the terrace to enjoy the quiet moment while he refilled our glasses. From what I could see, most of his neighbors were either out or watching me in the dark, lol. As I leaned against the railing the coldness of the metal caused my nipples to perk up again. With my arms resting on the railing and crisscrossed, I playfully began to pinch, pull, and twist my nipples, closing my eyes and thinking of what had transpired tonight. The thought of you Mistress had crossed my mind.....wondering what you might say if you knew how I had taken your suggestion to be more forward (calling Mark to meet) and knowing that I was with him and naked in his home.

Because I was transfixed in my own little world at the time I did not hear Mark come back with our refills. He had quietly come up behind me, leaned over without touching me, and then he kissed my ear as I had done to him in the car. Somewhat startled, I released my nipples and stood erect. And speaking of erections, I could immediately feel his pressed into my back. Turning to face him, I found him naked, his cock poking my belly, as though searching for my navel.

I took his face in my hands and kissed him. When the kiss ended he handed me my wine, smiling that gorgeous smile at me. I looked into his eyes and lifted my hand again to caress his cheek. I let my fingers lightly stray from his cheek down his neck to his muscular shoulder. My eyes tracked the path of my fingers. I let my index finger trail a path down his smooth chest and around each pec, circling his nipples but not touching them. His beautiful smile told me to keep going so I did. I simply took my four fingers, using the nails, to lightly scratch their way toward his navel, finally catching a glimpse of his very erect cock pointing upward. It was about 6" long, maybe, and unusually thick (3 fingers wide), tipped with a superb mushroom cap. I handed him my glass, knowing I would need both hands to accompany my mouth. I knelt before him, a naked woman with a naked man, out in the open on his terrace. I felt that the heat from my body must be sending ripples of distortion through the air around me. I was ready to worship this lovely man's erection.

I began by kissing the wet tip of his cock as my hands reached around and palmed his firm, round butt cheeks. I then ran my tongue the length of the underside of his cock to his balls and back up again. I wanted Mark to know that every inch of his cock would be receiving the pleasure and wetness of my tongue to start. I could feel the heat in my moist pussy radiate as I continued licking Mark's hardness. I heard him moan each time I sucked his hanging balls, taking them into my mouth while squeezing his tush with my hands. After licking all around his shaft and getting it nice and wet with saliva, I took the head between my lips and sucked as much into my mouth as possible.

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