tagErotic CouplingsThe Sorority Sisters: Mika No. 02 Pt. 02

The Sorority Sisters: Mika No. 02 Pt. 02

bySassy Susan©

Mika No.2 Part Two-- Her tryst with Mark, the next morning.


At the end of Part One, Mika left us hanging: what would she do? Stay or go home? She answers that question here and treats us to more of her sensuality and sexuality. She is also struggling with a new dimension to her marriage. This has been her first foray into sex with a man without her husband present. It is my fault, of course. I made her go to Mark and follow through on the teasing relationship that started with her first assignment, her exhibition at Wegmann's supermarket. As a result of that excursion she has had a sexual relationship with a woman, Tracy – who has also slept with her husband CJ while she was out of town – and now with a man.

Mika seems to be opening a door into a new stage of her life. I am anxious to see her find what she wants and needs.


* * * * *

Dear Mistress,

Ok, if you really want to know (because I really want to tell you), I wasn't sure if you might put my evening with Mark on Literotica, so in case you planned to, I wanted to keep the readers hanging.

When I said, "By opening the floodgates," at the end of that account, I meant that all my desires as a woman, the feelings of being a sexually stimulating and desirable woman, and having those feelings pulled deep from within me by a man I had just met, were very erotic and obviously a powerful feeling for me. And they were new, along with everything else you had created for me. And although I loved the new feelings, I needed to be somewhat cautious. And although I was wary of those feelings, I hungered for more.

Like I said, CJ knows me inside and out and has never had a problem with creating an environment that keeps me teetering on the brink of exploring my sexuality. Over the years I have been pleasured several times by my husband with another man at the same time, but I had never taken another man alone. So being with Mark, letting him fuck me and cum in my cunt – this was a first. It wouldn't have happened, I think, without your push. Thank you.

So, having met Mark as I did, getting to know him more intimately, and learning how he could pleasure me to my core, I was happy to give myself to him. And this left me with wanting more. Not necessarily from him (ok, yes) but from the possibilities of further exploration within the surroundings of this fetish of mine.

I ended up spending the night with Mark. Only you know for now. My closest girlfriend, who I spent time with at the cabin does not know yet. Mark's tongue got me hot again and his ability to stimulate me again after what we had just shared was enough to keep me from leaving. This man knows how to eat pussy. I did not think I had it in me, but I shocked myself when I climaxed, squirting another orgasm for Mark to enjoy. Which he did. He had told me right before he got me going again that I was the first woman he had been with that came like I did.

Anyway, we ended up showering together in his expansive shower that could hold 8-10 people. I ended up kneeling in the shower and sucking his cock to another smaller orgasm. This time he directed his load all over my face. He then had me stand, and licked his cum off of my face. He licked me, then kissed me, and then licked some more. He took his time as the warm water cascaded around us, feeding me his own cum on his tongue. It was incredibly erotic. No man has ever done that to me.

When we got out of the shower, we dried off and climbed into his bed. He had me lie on my stomach and then straddled me, beginning to massage my neck, then shoulders, back and butt, finishing with my legs and feet. We kissed each other, spooned and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning with my head on Mark's chest. At first I thought I was home with CJ but realized that this chest was smooth with defined pecs. The sheets were off both of us and seeing his semi erect cock was enough incentive for me to begin kissing his chest and stroking him, seeing how long it would take before he awoke.

I was still moist from the night before, so after eliciting several moans from Mark, I climbed on top of him and pressed the head of this near stranger's cock to the opening of my very ready cunt. In one steady motion I pressed my butt down to his hips and buried his cock deep inside me. Oh God, how good it felt. I held this position as I began to kiss his chest and playfully tease his nipples. Soon he was fully awake, and with both his hands holding my hips, he pressed his hips against me to push his penis deeper into my belly. He suggested I ride him for my pleasure and I did. While Mark intuitively teased each nipple, I came twice that morning while riding and grinding on top of him. It is hard to explain, but the sizably shaped head of his penis stimulated me in a way that caused me to expand and contract the walls of my pussy more than usual.

As I sat there on top of him, enjoying the conclusion of my second orgasm, Mark rolled me over, holding himself deep inside me, and kissed me long and deep with his tongue. I was looking into his smiling eyes and without saying a word he slowly moved his pelvis against my pussy, stroking his fat cock in and out of me. We continued to kiss as I held his ass and he fucked me, his movements giving me constant pleasure. I enjoyed this man's willingness to be gentle yet forceful in each movement. It was when I felt the slight swelling of his cock and the look on his face that I knew he was going to cum, and cum inside me.

When Mark whispered into my ear he was going to cum I did my best to flex my pussy around his cock so his orgasm would be most pleasurable. Based on his moaning I guessed that he was enjoying the feeling I was providing. And then he came. With a loud moan he went rigid, buried deep within me, and flooded my belly with his sperm. I could feel his cock pumping his ejaculate into me -- one, two, three and then a small series of lesser squirts. He slumped onto my damp body, breathing deeply.

We lay there for long minutes, still coupled, just enjoying each other until his shrinking cock slipped out of me. I could feel his cum oozing out behind it, a sexy sensation. And then we got dressed so that Mark could take me back to my car. I didn't clean my pussy; I wanted to enjoy the illicit feel of this sexy man's cum leaking out of me and wetting my thighs.

He said he would call me today, just to touch base. I don't plan on seeing him anytime soon, unless you have something in mind for us, Susan. I think I need some time to digest this wonderful but unique experience. This was a big step for me, my first time with a man alone since my marriage to CJ. I know he would want this for me, that he will enjoy hearing about it when I finally tell him, but I want to savor it by myself for a while.

I hope you don't think of me as some walking slut that gives it up to every man. That is not the case at all. In my mind, it was one of those unique moments that many people don't ever have the pleasure of enjoying. Any other man would have gotten dinner and that would have been it. Mark is maybe the exception of all exceptions. And then again, with you now in my life, maybe not.

I do know that my feelings are no different now than before about CJ. Ours is true love if there ever was one: emotional, physical, unconditional. With Mark it is purely the pleasure of having good sex.

I hope you understand this and that it all makes sense.

Time for me to get some sleep.


* * * * *

Post Note:

Mika is breaking new ground and sharing some very private moments with us. Please take a moment and let her know you appreciate it. Leave a note for her on the Comments section, or send a message to her via the email to authors system. I will pass on to her any message you send to me.

And I would love to get your ideas about what I might push my girls to do in the future. Don't be bashful.

Susan James

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