tagBDSMThe Sorority Sisters: Tori No. 01

The Sorority Sisters: Tori No. 01

bySassy Susan©

The Sorority Sisters, Fuck-Toy Tori, No.1

Public Sex at Wal-Mart


Tori came to me one week before this event. She had found me through my Literotica site, so she knew what she wanted from me. After a simple exchange, she put it this way: "I'm looking forward, with nervousness, to submitting to you."

After gathering the usual information I collect from a new woman, I gave her a couple of simple assignments, things she could to on her own. Then I gave her this one, to test her metal, so to speak.

She asked what she should call me, and I told her anything she liked as long as it made her feel a little submissive. She chose SexMistress. Here is her report of her attempt to carry out my instructions to have discrete public sex (if that is not an oxymoron) in the parking lot of a large retail store. I limited her sexual contact to touching until she pled with me to make it tougher. Then I added in the requirement to suck the cocks of at least three strangers.

I hope you enjoy Tori, and her delightful sluttiness. If you do, please tell me and I will bring more of her later.



Sweet SexMistress...

I just got your email. I will answer all your questions later. I want to get this out to you while I have the time on the computer. Greg has gone off with his friends, sail boarding. Now:

Yes, I did it!! I'm amazed and excited about it, all at the same time! Amazed that I approached 13 different men before I found someone to do more than just touch my breast, and excited that I got to suck three men that day in the parking lot. Omigod, SexMistress! I even had a woman get me off by fingering my pussy! You'll want the details, I'm sure.

I dressed as you ordered: a short summer dress with a scoop neckline. It was made of very light, thin material, and I made sure you could see my nipples through it. No bra or panties, as instructed. It was breezy, and I could feel wetness between my legs as I stood outside the store. It excited me, thinking that the wind could blow it up over my bare ass, exposing me to everybody.

The first guy I approached almost ran away! I think he thought he was on Candid Camera, or else it was some kind of a sting operation. I pulled my dress top open as he moved away, and all that did was scare him. It would have been funny if I hadn't been so horny.

I began keeping count at four men. The fifth touched my breasts. Nothing more, even though I cupped them in my own hands and asked him to do the same. Three more men, some young, some older. No luck, then another quick fondle. Then three more, and finally I convinced a guy to wrap his hands around my breasts. That seemed to make him bolder. At my urging, he slipped his hands up under my dress, and when he felt my bare body he slid his hands up to my breasts, raising my whole dress to my waist. Omigod! I was, for all intents and purposes, naked in the middle of the Wal-Mart parking lot!

A couple of guys saw this, and I told them to come over. That scared the first guy away, but they were eager to do whatever I would let them do. I let them both fondle me beneath my dress. One guy finger-fucked me pretty well, and I did what you said: sucked all my juices off his fingers. Then I said, "Do you want me to suck your cock?" He got all shy, but his buddy pulled his cock out right there and said, "Do me." He was hard, and I opened the car door to shield me from all but the closest eyes, as you told me to. Then I went to my knees.

SexMistress...I can't tell you how slutty that made me feel! I'm wet right now, typing this. One guy was in my mouth, the other was standing with his hand on my head, and at least three other people were watching, near us! I kept stopping, asking if anyone was watching, and he would say no; but his buddy was laughing, saying "Look at that woman. She's fuckin' freaking out!"

Finally I told him I wanted him to cum on my face, and started sucking him more urgently. I took the first load in my mouth, and the rest all over my face. I drooled the cum out of my mouth, down my chin, and let it run down my throat onto my chest. It was so sexy/slutty!

After they left, I got a couple of other men to fondle my breasts, and then this black guy came up and told me he wanted to fuck me. I told him he couldn't, but I would suck him off. He dropped his shorts right there and presented me his cock. He wouldn't let me open the car door, but he gave me his shirt to kneel on. His cock was average size, but very black and shiny. He's the first black man I ever did. It was quick. I think he was nervous, face-fucking a white girl. He kept telling me how sexy I looked as he held my head, and pumped in and out of my mouth. When he came, he pulled out and shot all over my face, jacking himself off on my forehead and hair. It hung down over my eyes like Christmas decorations! Then he walked away without even bothering to collect his shirt. I got up and looked around, and there were people all around that end of the parking lot.

I got a lot of stares after that, and I was really nervous. My face was crusted with cum, and I was afraid someone would call the police, but people seemed amused by it, mostly...at least the men. The women just looked disgusted, and that was what got me hotter than anything. I felt so depraved! SexMistress, you were right: my adrenaline level was through the roof, and I could have cum with no problem. I thought about just sitting in my car and letting someone watch me bring myself off, but then a man and a woman approached me.

The woman asked me what I was doing, and I told her I was a slut, obeying my mistress's orders to show off my body. She told me they'd been watching me from their truck. I asked her if she liked what she saw, and she said, "Well, my boyfriend sure did!"

He was staring at me, smiling, and I asked him if he wanted to touch me. He never spoke, but he put his hand out, and I took it. I put it on my breast, and he started fondling me. Then I felt her hand on my belly, just touching me softly. I told her, "It's okay," and she slid it down and under my dress. I spread my legs and held onto the cars on either side of us. I really got off, then! Her finger slid up inside me, and with about 10 strokes in and out, I was cumming. I didn't cry out, but I leaned my head back and let my mouth fall open, and she started stroking me faster. He continued to massage my breasts through my dress.

SexMistress, I came all over her hand! I was soaking wet. She held her wet hand up to show me afterward, and I licked her fingers, too. Her boyfriend finally spoke, and told me he wanted me to suck his cock, too, so I sat down in my car and leaned out the door, and just let him use my mouth. I was too weak to stand.

I would have let him fuck me right there, if he had asked! The woman got in the driver's side and held me, running her hands over my breasts and body while I sucked him, and by the time he came, she had her finger inside me again. He held my head, so I had to take all his cum in my mouth, but I spit it down the front of my dress when he pulled out. Then I leaned back against her and let her bring me off again.

I was in a sexual rage right then...the way I get sometimes. Dave calls it 'wilding', and when I get that way, I'm beyond horny! I would have taken a string of men right then, but it was probably for the best that the parking lot seemed quiet. I'd been out there almost two hours, and I was afraid of getting busted.

The best part, SexMistress, was when that couple left me. She told me to clean myself up, and called me a "fucking slut", like she was disgusted, and that made me feel even nastier! I didn't dare go into the Wal-Mart right then, even though I know you told me to. I just sat in my car and thought. I hoped you'd be happy with my performance, and I worried about Dave's reaction to my going alone. Finally, I drove home.

I almost didn't recognize myself in my hall mirror. Thank God Greg wasn't home! I got into the shower and cleaned up, then I called Dave. He said he'd be back in town shortly, and asked how everything went. I gave him the short version, and told him I had to submit a report to you. Of course, Greg came back shortly after that, and wanted to go out to dinner, so I didn't get to type it until now. I hope you don't mind.

SexMistress, I've never felt such a powerful rush of sensations as I did in that parking lot. I can't thank you enough for making me do that. I can't tell about Dave. I think he's okay with it, but he's hard to read sometimes. He did call me a good little slut, and that made me very wet. I'm still in an anxious state, trying to come down off the high I got. I've masturbated twice this morning, but it's not enough. Dave is picking me up soon, and we'll meet Greg up at his friend's place later. That should give Dave and me plenty of time to talk about yesterday, and, hopefully, to let him fuck me silly! (I'll do the foot thing!)

Your submissive slut (am I now to be called Fuck Toy? I like that...)



Post Note

The Dave referred to here is her husband's father. Yes, Fuck-Toy Tori is fucking her father in law who lives close by. And he has agreed to partner with me to control her and help her carry out her assignments. He will serve as her witness, supporter, and protector. It would have been good to have had him in that parking lot, for so many reasons. But Tori was chomping at the bit to get on with it, and Dave was out of town.

The "foot thing" she referred to is a simple assignment I gave her, something to make her show her submissiveness. And to add to her humiliation. (Notice how she got off on that when people shamed her in the parking lot – a typical craving of submissive women, or bathed her in hot fresh cum?)

I asked her, the next time she was alone with Dave, to strip naked, kneel before him as he sits comfortably, take off his shoes and socks, and give his feet a thorough tongue bath, including sucking his toes like she sucks his cock. Then ask him to fuck her with his nice, clean feet. She said this would be a first and sounded like fun. What a sexy slut....

Please vote and leave a comment if you have the urge. Tori is really performing for our pleasure, as well as hers. Why not say thanks?

I hope you enjoyed her.



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