tagBDSMThe Sorority Sisters: Tori No. 02

The Sorority Sisters: Tori No. 02

bySassy Susan©

The Sorority Sisters – Tori No. 2: Seeking pain with Dan and Sarah


Toy (Fuck Toy Tori as she is now known) came to me in June of this year (2007). She told me she had found my Lit profile after reading one of my stories and liked both. She seduced me quickly into taking her on as a submissive, telling me she needed something new to inject more emotion and energy into her marriage. Although she loved her husband, Gary, the sex was vanilla. She had given in to Gary’s father, Dan, and loved how he fucked her, but again the sex was great but predictable. I told her my rules and asked her to fill me in on her sexual history and fantasies for new adventures.

The results of her first assignment are posted here as The Sorority Sisters: Tori No. 01, Public Sex at Wal-Mart by Fuck Toy. She has been a very active slut-in-training ever since, breaking the candle in two and burning all four exposed ends at the same time. (Sorry for the lame metaphor.) Her exploration with me is almost at its end now. She is close to burnout and needs time off. The experience reported here is what pushed her up to her limits, and a little beyond.

I am planning to recount some of the other sexy behavior this sweet slut has exhibited since her beginning and up until now. Her evolution is fascinating, I think.


* * * * * *

Sarah’s report:

This is Sarah’s account of the sexual abuse of Tori from the point of view of the perpetrators. She and Dan did all the abuse between them, as a team. Later we will read Toy’s account of what it was like to be on the receiving side of this abuse. This was a first for all of them, so probably had more emotional impact than most experienced players would have had.

Hi Susan,

You have such wonderful ideas! However, before I read on, Dan and I need to talk to you a minute and get your input.

Susan, something happened today that has us both disturbed. I wanted to IM you while it was going on, but I didn’t want Dan to see it. Now he’s with me, and he wants me to tell you the same thing, so I’ll email it to you. It’ll take awhile to tell.

First of all, Toy came over ready to be abused. You must have copied her on your email to Dan and me about slapping her, because she hit the door, and the first thing she said to us was, “Hurt me. I want to cum so hard!”

She was breathless, like she’d been preparing herself all the way over. Of course, how do you refuse a girl who looks like her, when she begs you to hit her? She was way past sexy! She had her hands out like she wanted them cuffed, so I took one of her hands and led her into the living room, to her now-familiar hassock. I told her to get herself naked as fast as she could, and I’d decide what to do with her for being such a slut yesterday. I decided to take the lead. Dan likes me to, in case you’re wondering. He followed us in and sat in his chair, watching Toy strip.

She is such an obedient little thing! She couldn’t get her clothes off fast enough, and then she settled over the hassock on her tummy with her butt in the air. A nice ass it is, too. Just made for a lash! Unfortunately, we don’t have a lash (yet) so I took a rolled-up newspaper and started slapping the backs of her legs with it. I did as you instructed: I went slowly and softly, until the skin started turning color. Up onto her ass, and back down over the backs of her thighs with the paper. It took quite a while, and she teased me about taking it too easy on her. Dan told her to take her punishment in silence and she shut up. She seemed to feel it more, then.

Then I used my hand. That hurt her, especially when I wet my palm with her pussy juice. (She was really wet by now.) She rocked up each time my hand smacked against her flesh, and she was breathing hard. So was I, by now. Dan, too! He was leaning forward, studying her face, and then he said to put the open-mouth gag on her. I think it is called a ring gag; it forces her mouth open and keeps it that way. I think it is sexy because she can’t swallow and drools all over herself. So I went and got it while Dan took up slapping her with a fly-swatter. That must have really hurt the tender areas of her flesh, because she started yelling each time he hit her, and I saw tears in her eyes when I put the gag on. Her thighs were as red as a fire truck!

Dan told her to spread them, and he started flicking the fly swatter against the insides of her legs, hitting her pussy from time to time. She was really getting off on this. At his instruction I tied her elbows together behind her back,

He was getting rougher now, and Toy was drooling and starting to sob into the gag. It sounded weird, the way her gasps came out all hoarse and throaty-sounding. Then he reared back and brought the fly-swatter down on the back of one leg, hard. She groaned really loudly and stiffened all over.

I asked her if she wanted us to stop. She shook her head, and sweat flew everywhere. It kind of worried me, and when Dan hit her again I looked into her eyes. They were wide, as though she was in shock or terrified, but she shook her head no again, and I could see her rubbing her pussy against the hassock faster and faster. Then her legs went stiff and she started to cum.

Dan hit her again and again with the fly-swatter, on her ass, and she came again, I think. She was pouring drool by now, and moaning to beat the band, and we were all getting really aroused. Then Dan yanked her to her feet and pushed her backwards onto the sofa. She spread her legs as though she expected him to fuck her. But Dan just stood over her and yelled at her, shaking the fly swatter at her like a threat.

“You slut! You dirty cock-sucking slut,” he yelled. He looked really angry, but I thought he was just really excited, or playing it up.

He yelled, “You like pain? You like pain, you little cunt?”

He yanked her up by her hair and had her stand in front of him with her legs spread. Then he started slapping upward with the fly swatter while he held her still with his other hand.

Her pussy was soaked, and I could hear the fly swatter hitting wet flesh. She was wincing and her breath was hitching as he whipped her wet pussy, over and over. I thought she was going to come again, but she started to cry. I mean, really bawl. It was as though he had broken her, finally. She jerked every time he touched her with the fly swatter, and finally all he did was rub it over her pussy and then across her face, spreading her juices on her. And she cried even harder.

Then he did it: he dropped the fly swatter and he hit her. Right in the gut, with his fist! He held her while he did it, so she couldn’t fall back, but her breath went right out of her and her eyes went wide.

It scared me, and I yelled, "Dan!"

I’ve seen Dan’s temper, and I didn’t know if he was mad, or if he just wanted to show her a different kind of pain. It wasn’t even a full hit, but it scared all of us. Even him. Toy gasped and staggered, and Dan pulled her to him, but she was trying to pull away. I went to her and asked her if she was okay, and she looked at me for almost 15 seconds before she nodded her head yes. Her eyes were still wide open. Dan folded her up in his arms and kissed her face and neck, and I could tell she relaxed. But I was still holding my breath. I had no idea what was going to happen next.

Then Tori pulled away from Dan and went to her knees over the hassock again, and I knew it was her way of communicating that she trusted us and was ready for us to resume beating her. Dan asked me to take up the fly swatter, but I used the rolled-up paper instead.

As I continued to beat her ass and spread thighs, Toy continued to weep quietly and wince at each blow. I’m a little embarrassed to tell you this, but the rolled up newspaper made a lovely sound when it smacked into her tortured flesh, and my pussy was soaked now, too. Toy had a couple more orgasms while I beat her, and my own pussy juices were running down my legs. Toy’s skin was bright red, from her lower back down to her knees. I was exhausted, and drenched with sweat, so I can only imagine how Toy felt!

Susan, the weird thing is, Toy told me afterward that this was the sexiest thing she’d ever experienced, and this is coming from a girl who has been thoroughly gang-banged!

What do you think? Did Dan step over the line today? He wants to know the same thing, I think, so I told him I’d type out this report to you. I don’t know what Toy will say about the whole thing, but when she left she told both Dan and me that she loved us, and thanked us for abusing her. Dan slapped her butt on the way out, and I could tell it was pretty sore! It’s probably a good thing she wore jeans. If Gary saw her legs when she got home, he’d flip his lid!

Dan feels bad, but he says he just took it a little too far, and it won’t happen again. He said he wrote about doing the same thing to you, and he shouldn’t have let that cloud his judgment in real life. I don’t know about that. Anyway, that was our morning and early afternoon. Is it what you wanted, minus the fist? Toy certainly seemed to like it, especially when it was all over. Or at least, needed it. I hope so. She’s such a sexy creature! She'll do virtually anything we ask. You really found a good one when you happened onto her!

I will go. Thanks for your input, Susan.

Yours, Sarah

Susan, I called Toy. She’s fine, she says. Happy, actually! She told me she felt really queasy after she got home, but the feeling passed. It may have been low blood sugar. We really put her through the wringer for a couple of hours, but she feels satisfied, she told me. Gary was still out when she got home, so she got a shower and she’s going to stay in sweatpants until she can get into bed, so he doesn’t see what we did to her.


* * * * *

Toy’s report:

This is Toy’s first indication of what she did. This brief message came in after Sarah’s.

Oh my god, Susan. When I can, I want to tell you what I did today. I think you'll be proud of me, and it was certainly exciting for me. Pain. Your favorite subject! I may have hit my limit today, but I climaxed soooooo many times! More when I can write.

Love, love, love...

~your pain slut Fuck Toy

* * * * *

Toy’s description of the event from her perspective:


I’m sure you’re smiling these days! Tori is finally into pain! LOL Truth is, I just knew what was expected of me, and I decided to obey before the fact, rather than whine about it a lot to you, and to Dan and Sarah. And you know what? As usual, you were right! *big blush*

I think I knew all along that you were right…you always are, it seems! That’s why I’ve put myself totally into your hands. Once I knew you had my best interests at heart… well, who am I kidding? I think I was looking for someone like you for quite a while, and when we got involved (it sounds so “spy-vs-spy”, doesn’t it?) and my pleasure level went through the roof, I pretty much unequivocally gave myself over to you. I haven’t regretted a day of it. If Gary ever does find out all the other stuff, so be it. I hope he can deal with it.

I guess I am a pain-slut, to a point at least. I still recoil in horror when you mention pins and needles being pushed through my breasts, and maybe my willingness for (or my love of!) being bound and abused is my way of skirting this. I don’t know. I do know that I feel… different, when I’m tied up and sprawled over a hassock or a bed, or even a toilet. Safe word? Most of the time my brain is buzzing so hard with pleasure I can’t even remember what it is! That’s why I trust Sarah and Dan so much. Sarah, especially, has been there; she knows my limits better than I do, I think. I should have her with me every time. She’s my safety net, plus I know she loves me.

Damn… on and on, huh? Too much philosophy! I only know that when I read “What a wonderful bitch you are” and “I am immensely proud of you, my sweet Toy,” I get instantly wet! I’m damp now, anticipating reliving yesterday as I tell it to you. I think I can do it without cumming, But why should i?

As I said, I went over there to be abused. I wanted it, and I was actually looking forward to it. Your emails already had me in an agitated state, and I wanted to suffer. Isn’t that weird? Maybe not… anyway: I told Dan and Sarah I’d been bad, and encouraged them to punish me. It didn’t take much. I guess you had both of them charged up, too! Sarah told me to strip and get down over the hassock, and get ready to take my punishment. I was trembling with excitement, SexMistress, and I could feel my pussy leaking already! Is it always like that with us?

Dan talked about letting Brute have at me, and they discussed whether it should be now or later while I was on my knees, but Sarah said, “Let me work her over first, Dan.” God, I was ready to cum as soon as I heard that! Dan took a seat and told her to ‘carry on’. Fuck!

She started out slow, as you’d told her to. I had read the emails, too, but I was anxious, and I kept telling her to get on with it! LOL She knew what she was doing, though, and before long my legs and ass were really starting to BURN! She wet her hand between my legs and started hitting me with her open palm. Damn, that did hurt!

Then I felt it: that subtle rush of endorphins or whatever it is you talked about. It went straight to my pussy, and I let myself cum. OMG! It wasn’t like hard or anything…it just kind of flowed through me, but it built, and when Dan started swatting me between my legs, I just exploded!

Sarah had put the gag on me that keeps my mouth wide open, and I was just pouring saliva and pussy fluid, out of both ends. (I think I even pissed myself a little, too.) Dan told Sarah to tie my arms, and she looped the rope around my elbows, pinning them behind my back, and that’s when I lost it. I was so emotional I started crying, and Dan was hitting me over and over on the ass, harder and harder. Sarah kept asking me if I wanted to use my safe word, but I couldn’t answer with the gag in, so I just kept shaking my head no! The sensation was unbelievable! The pain itself wasn’t unbearable, but it built and built, and knowing I couldn’t stop it aroused me until I was a basket case!

That’s when Dan pulled me up and threw me on the couch and started yelling at me… I was a slut. I was a cocksucker… things like that. He made me stand up after that, and he started hitting me right on my pussy with the flyswatter. Kind of hard, but just enough. It drove me crazy, SexMistress! He was rubbing it over my pussy, around in circles, and flicking it at me, and then he brought it to my face and rubbed my juices all over my cheeks. I felt my bladder loosen more and I started crying, and that’s when he hit me.

Damn, that took my breath right out of me! I thought he was going to do it again, but he didn’t… just held me with one big iron hand, and I fought to catch my breath with the gag on, sucking in air through my mouth. It was actually … arousing, in a weird way! Sarah came to me. I wanted to cum, so badly, but I was afraid I’d piss myself, so I just turned around and fell forward onto the hassock again, where I could rub my clit against the vinyl. Sarah started hitting me with the rolled up newspaper again, and I came almost immediately, and she kept beating my ass and it felt almost numb yet incredibly sore. And I came again later, too. SexMistress, it was (and I know I keep saying this) the most intense thing I’ve felt yet! I was groaning and thrashing around over the hassock, and when my orgasms hit, I thought I was going to explode!

After I was released, I had to pee so badly, I practically ran to the bathroom, and Sarah followed me to make sure I was all right. It hurt to sit on the toilet! But I would have taken more, if they’d ordered me to. Susan, would you have ordered me to take more punishment, do you think? I think you would have. For one thing, no one touched the front of my body at all, except for Dan’s punch. I bet you would have liked to have them beat the fronts of my thighs, wouldn’t you. And my breasts and belly, too. Now that it is over, I kind of wish they had turned me over and beaten my breasts. I know how fixated you can get about hurting a girl’s breasts. I think I want to know what that feels like.

Going home in my car was the pits! My legs burned so badly, and my ass just ached. As I check it today, it’s still kind of red. How long should the redness last? I don’t think Gary will notice. Maybe I’ll take a quick dip (should I wear the blue suit? I know your answer already…)

You asked about the best and worst things. The best, I guess, was discovering that I do enjoy some pain, and that my orgasms were even stronger than I would have thought imaginable. The worst? I cry a lot. God, that's annoying! I get so emotional, and I don’t know why. The pain wasn’t THAT bad. I just react that way. Dan gets off on it. Maybe that’s why he hit me in the stomach… he saw my weakness, and exploited it. What do you think?

Okay. I told you I’d send you this report. Enjoy it (as I know you will!) This is your peek into my “wonderful mind!” as you call it. LOL

~YOUR pain-slut, Fuck Toy Tori *kiss*


Post Note

When a new girl comes to me I ask her to answer a Sexual Category survey for me. It covers the general types of sexual activities from Anal Sex and Bestiality to Water Sports and Voyeurism. I ask for two things. First, a narrative description of her experiences in each category and how she liked them, plus what she might like to explore in that area with me. And second, to score her interest as a priority in going with each category, using a scale of zero to ten. A zero means this area is Off Limits. I am forbidden to take her there. A ten means Do Me, Do Me, for god’s sake, Do Me. NOW!

One of the categories is Masochism. Toy said she had no experience, other than a throat rape that happened recently when she foolishly took a ride with a bad boy biker. She said the experience was awful and she choked so badly that it took her ten minutes to recover enough to get back on the bike. At which point she discovered that her jeans were soaked through at the crotch. She thought at first she had pissed herself, but she had not. She was aroused. And it took days of constant masturbation and countless orgasms to reduce the maddening feelings in her loins. As she put it:

That was the most reckless thing I’d ever done, and I was in sexual heat for days afterward...unable to satisfy myself fully for quite a while. It still gets me wet...I’m wet right now, just thinking about it! Is this considered masochism, or just sluttiness?

She scored this category a Six on the priority scale. We must revisit that score in light of this latest experience

I think we have learned a lot now about Toy’s reaction to pain and physical abuse (rough sex?), both during and after a spanking. I also think she learned a lot about herself and her body.

Her reference to pins in her breasts is about my teasing of her. I have told her that I plan to move her slowly down the pain continuum so we can learn how her body works under different conditions and stimuli. One stimulus I have mentioned often is pushing pins and needles into and perhaps through her breasts and nipples. I like to plant a thought like that in a girl’s mind, like a seed in fertile soil. But I always tell her up front what I am doing. And every once in a while as I pass by, I pour a little water on the seed, to keep it alive and see how it is doing.

Toy is normal in how girls react. I haven’t mentioned the subject in quite some time, but she is now raising the issue more and more often. I think the seed is germinating.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Toy’s venture into sexual torture. If you did, please let her know, either by leaving a comment on the story, or by dropping a note to her through me. And so that you know, any feedback you send to me, I automatically send on to her as well. That is standard for me and my girls.

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