tagBDSMThe Sorority Sisters: Tori No. 03

The Sorority Sisters: Tori No. 03

bySassy Susan©


Tori continues to surprise. Less than a couple of weeks ago she went to Dan and Sarah and asked -- demanded -- that they hurt her. And they did. They beat her from the small of her back down to the lower parts of her thighs. Her skin was turned crimson with blows from a rolled up newspaper and a fly swatter, wielded by both of her lovers.

Afterward she was almost ready for a breakdown, and she and I talked at length about her evolution from a nearly faithful young wife to an adulterous slut-in-training. She was concerned, though, by her new cravings and seemingly inability to curtail her lust and need for more and more cock.

I thought she was taking a hiatus, and going to slow down and smell the roses. It turns out it wasn't roses; it was wet pussy and splashing semen. And more exploration of her newest craving: sexual pain and humiliation.

In my conversations with her father-in-law, Dan, and their joint lover, Sarah, I chided them that although they had reduced her to an exhausted, bruised and weeping girl the last time, they had done only half the job. The front of her body was unmarked, unscathed. Also, I recommended that they spread her beating all over her body,

So they set up a follow-up session for her, without her knowledge. And this time they left no part of her body untouched. They used their simple tools to work her over from her collar bones to her knees, front and back, with special attention to any part of her that protrudes of tries to hide in crevices, leaving no part unscathed. Since she lives right on the beach outside LA, and wears skimpy bikinis, all the marks, welts, and bruises from such a beating are on full display. Being made to stroll the beach decorated like that can be quite embarrassing, something she gets off on.

I hope you like this follow-up to Toy's earlier report of her last (first) pain party, including this time the small gang bang they set up for her. A few good men to test the metal of one sexy girl. I have always felt that a successful gang bang leaves the girl(s) in a nice puddle of wet girl flesh -- worn out and smiling.


* * * * *

Hi, SexMistress...

Okay, I told you I'd do this while it was fresh in my mind. This will be a 'combination' report of this last week. I know, I'm cheating, but it's all so jumbled together in my mind; so filled with such nice sexy moments and such unbelievably nasty ones, that I thought I'd better get it all out. With another Full Throttle I might just be able to get through it, and give you the whole thing at once. Bear with me. This will be a long one. Here goes:

This last Monday was a wonderful day, but it was only the start. You know that I wrote you, telling you that after a long weekend with my husband in the National Park, I was already getting horny again, and eager to get back into the things that had left me so confused and excited from the week before. I knew I wouldn't be out of it for long, but as I told you, I needed to take things a little slower. I still feel that way, but it seems like I'm already getting right back into full-slut mode!

First, I got your email response, telling me that I should set up something involving me and Sarah, since she knows my limits better than anyone else. I liked that. You copied Dan and Sarah, I saw, and I liked that even more. Then, within two hours, he was on the phone with Gary, and he asked to speak to me. He was careful, and I let him know that Gary was still right there beside me, but he asked me if I wanted him to get Gary out of the picture sometime this week. He said he could take him along with some other guys to do some fly-fishing up in Muir Woods, something he and Gary used to do a long time ago. Then he said he might be able to come up with an excuse to get away, and basically strand Gary up there with the other guys, who could bring him back later. If not, Sarah and I could have our 'fun' together. I told him I was all for that!

Susan, I was already wet when I hung up! Is it endorphins that kick in at times like those, or was I just behaving like a slut? Whatever it was, I was really horny, and I ended up giving Gary the wettest, most saliva-filled blowjob ever, right there on the sofa that evening! All I could think about was Sarah and her rolled-up newspaper, making me burn all over, and finally letting me cum ... and when Gary filled my mouth, and I opened it afterward and drooled it all over his belly before licking it up again, I really felt like a slut again. (He may not have understood, but he loved it!) That night in bed, the 4th great thing happened: he started asking when we might have Janna back over! She had called while we were away, and left two messages, telling us she missed us, and was lonely, in her sexiest little Czech voice! I could tell Gary wanted it. He was hard while we talked about her, and I played with his beautiful cock, stroking it with my hand while I asked if he wanted to see us play together again. Susan, he throbbed whenever I mentioned it, and when he rolled over and slid into me, we both came in, like, 30 seconds!

So there we were. Janna came over on Wednesday, as I told you, and stayed over. Nobody got tied up this time, and we didn't get to use strap-ons or any toys, but we made love in every possible way: the three of us, of course; she and I with him watching; the two of them (as I fingered his asshole and played with his balls); and then the next morning, Gary and I, with Janna taking his cock in her gorgeous mouth when he would pull out of me. Omigod, that was so hot!

I loved having my mouth on her beautiful pussy at the same time he was fucking me from behind. And she cums just as hard as I do! When I slid two fingers up inside her with my lips around her clit, it made me cum just hearing her voice, when she got off like that! Poor Gary may never be the same! At least, I'm sure our sex life will never be the same. He told me what a wonderful wife I was, to allow him to have another woman in our bed, and he even sent me flowers at work on Thursday! Hmmmmm... if he only knew, right?

Yesterday, of course, was the big day. OMG, I was so ready! Dan got Gary out of the house at the crack of dawn, and they headed north. Sarah called me from his place and told me not to bother making myself pretty, because she was going to have me sweating and crying like a baby before lunch. (That was about 8:30). I showered anyway, shaved my legs and pubic area, masturbated once, then threw on a pair of sweatpants and a tank and headed over. I figured Sarah would have me undress at the door again, so I didn't wear any underwear at all (besides, I knew I wouldn't want to put them back on, if I ended up with my ass all red!)

She surprised me. When I got there, she was as nice as she could be! She had me come in and we sat and made small-talk while she put on makeup. She teased me about what I was there for, and then she came over and kissed me ... deep-kissed me, all at once. I responded, we ended up in Dan's bed, and we each had a couple of nice orgasms over the next hour. She said it was to take the edge off, and it did. I love the way she can read me. I didn't realize how 'on edge' I was, but after that I felt much more relaxed.

Susan, maybe she just likes seeing my emotions roller-coaster; I don't know. Anyway, we showered and she said she wanted to go out to eat, so we headed down to this pasta/salad-bowl place and had a nice lunch. Then we walked around downtown for a while. She stopped to make a call, and when she returned, she said that Dan was coming back home! Everything was set.

I said, "Already? He and Gary just left, like, 5 ½ hours ago!" She just smiled, and said Dan had been waiting for her call, and that he had arranged for a 'party' for me ... a birthday party. When I told her my birthday is in June, she said it was an early one, and that "everyone" wanted to make sure they got to spank me! Now I was really puzzled ... and starting to get nervous and excited again. Sarah said we only had to run a few errands, but we ended up cruising around Ventura and into L.A., for another hour. Killing time, as I found out.

By the time we got back to Dan's, it was after 3:00. Sarah kept teasing me, telling me how much I was going to suffer tonight, and laughing at my questions.

Susan, I was almost too nervous to get out of the car! My legs were literally shaking, and my crotch was wet. My mellow mood had long since passed. I was starting to get that shivery/excited/scared feeling, and I didn't know what was waiting for me. Still, when we got inside, only Dan was there. He kissed me and teased with me for a while, and I kind of calmed down again. He pulled my tank top up and kissed and nuzzled my breasts until I started breathing hard. Then he told me he was going to watch while Sarah played with me, and that I should undress no. So I did.

When I was naked, Sarah led me into the living room, and Dan followed us with a length of rope. I always feel a little weird when I am naked and everyone else is dressed. Standing there nude I could feel a tingle in my pussy, and my nipples swelled and darkened to show my arousal . I knew something wild was going to happen, but I didn't know what. And the idea of having Sarah "play with me" while he watched us got me wet in no time at all.

Dan tied me, standing up, looping the rope around my waist twice, then tying my elbows with the ends, so my arms were back and my chest was thrust out. It felt like I was offering them to Dan and Sarah. There was more rope, and he told me he might tie me down later, once I was unable to stand. I was leaking fluid by now, and my heart rate was soaring! I couldn't take a normal breath, and when Sarah came back with a magazine in her hand, I almost passed out!

Surprise ... it was a magazine full of girls, tied up like me, with their breasts bound and their bottoms all red. She showed me every page, commenting now and then about how a particular girl looked or how swollen and dark her breasts seemed. Then she started slapping the magazine against my breasts and smiling at me. Back and forth, watching them bounce and shake. My nipples felt hot and hard, and I was getting really excited.

Then she said, "Spread your legs, Tori." I did, and she started hitting me lightly, right on my pussy, with the rolled up magazine. Damn! It had me almost in tears within a few minutes. I wanted to cum, but I couldn't, because she would just slap me there, and then stop . And then begin again, and when she could see that I was getting close she would stop again and wait another short while. Pretty soon my pussy lips were getting red and tender, and the magazine was wet. She kissed me and said, "Good girl. That's enough for now. You're getting my magazine all wet."

Standing there with my pussy dripping and my tits and pussy hurting, I didn't miss the comment, ". . . for now."

Then she started in on my breasts again, and soon they were showing a lot of red, too, and my nipples were burning. She ordered me to stand there against the wall, then, and I leaned back, watching her and Dan kiss. I felt faint, and flushed ... and I needed to cum so bad I couldn't stand it! Watching his hand go around to her ass was driving me crazy.

Dan had been watching me, and he told me how sexy I looked, while he and Sarah kissed. He asked if I was thirsty, and I told him my mouth was really dry. He fed me a few gulps of his really cold iced tea, and I broke out in a sweat.

Sarah laughed at me and said, "See? I told you I'd have you sweating!"

Then she had me turn to the wall so she could swat my ass and the backs of my legs with the magazine. This was much harder than what she did to my breasts. She also started in again on my pussy, from the back, and this time I almost came, but she kept going back to my legs and ass. It was maddening, and I was really starting to burn, but she knew what she was doing, because as soon as I got to the point of losing it, she would have me turn around so she could torture other areas. Even my tummy was getting punished, and I could see that it was all red. I could have kissed her and killed her, all at the same time! LOL. I begged her to let me cum, and she laughed.

We were both getting tired. She was, I could tell, and I thought I was going to get off easy, but I should have known better. She got the nipple clamps out, then, and put them on my erect nipples. GOD, DID IT BURN!! That's when I cried (you knew that was coming, didn't you?).

Susan, I tried to be brave and take it, but it hurt so MUCH! I actually used my safe word after about a minute, because it was hurting so bad. First time ever! (Thank you for not being mad at me.) She took them off then, but that might have been worse. I know I was still crying, with tears flowing down both cheeks, and I may have let out a scream when the agony in my breasts peaked from the blood flowing back into my nipples.

Both she and Dan held me until the worst of the pain went away, and they got me calmed down again. I drank half a bottle of Full Throttle, but all it did was make me sweat. Then Dan led me to the coffee table. I was getting really weak in my knees, and he helped me to straddle it so I was sitting upright over it. Sarah then started in on my back and ass again. This time she used the fly-swatter. She must have been studying your videos, because she was getting really good at just flicking it against my skin for a while, and then suddenly swatting me HARD. Susan, it takes your breath away when she does that! The pain is incredible and shocking, but it passes quickly and dies down to a slow, steady burn. She did that, like, 20 times, all across my sore ass and the backs of my thighs. I soon was near to crying again. I am so embarrassed when I cry like that, but Dan says I look really sexy when I wail and cry. It arouses him, he says, and makes him want to hurt me even more.

That's when the doorbell rang. Sarah stopped whipping me and they both left the room to attend to the doorbell. There I was, sitting alone on the table, naked, wet, and marked up. I was worried that they might bring the visitor in to look at me. One part of me hoped they would and embarrass me. Another part didn't much care. I was so wobbly that I just laid down on my belly on the table and tried to get my breath and wits back. Let them bring in anyone they wanted, to stare at the sweaty, welted slut.

It must have been early evening by then, and I still hadn't cum yet, even though they had abused my pussy nearly continuously, and it was being teased now by rubbing against the table top. I was exhausted, and my whole body burned, front and back, but the pain had me so aroused I craved relief. Then I heard male voices in the foyer, and I knew something new was going to happen. Something with me as the focal point. They had the use of me for the whole day and night, if not longer, and I realized Dan had something serious planned.

Sure enough, in walked three men. One of them, I think, was from the other time -- when I was bent over the hassock in this same room and Brute and those men all fucked me. I had no mask or gag on this time, though. I didn't recognize the other two, but my hair was all in my face and I was sweating and about half-blind. I couldn't be sure of anything at that point. I only knew I wanted to cum... really, really badly.

Dan told me I had some company, and not to get up, and everybody laughed. Then he untied my arms from my sides, but as soon as I tried to sit upright he took my wrists and pulled me back down, tying them and my ankles to the legs of the table. Sarah put a pillow under my hips and one under my chest and neck. They helped take the pressure off my hip bones and my now very sore breasts.

I still had the rope doubled around my waist, and I heard someone say, "She looks like a rodeo bull. When do we get to ride?" He wrapped his hand around the rope and acted like he was a cowboy, yanking me up and saying "Yee-haw!" and everybody was laughing. They really made me feel like a Fuck Toy, Susan, and it felt... good. Shameful, humiliating, but good, No, change that 'but' to an 'and'. The shame and humiliation felt good. I knew I was going to get fucked soon, and I wanted that more than anything right then.

It didn't happen for a while. They all took turns with the fly-swatter and the magazine, sometimes both at once. My back was burning. Some of them were rougher than others, but Sarah kept them from hitting me too hard. Still, she leaned over once and told me, "Toy, your ass looks like a baboon's!" Then they all made monkey sounds. I couldn't help it: I started to sob, and that's what they wanted. They made fun of me, hitting me for crying and telling me to stop it. (That only made it worse, of course.) I heard Dan say, "Let's give her something to cry about," and someone hit my ass really hard with the fly-swatter, about 6 or 7 times in a row. God dam, that burned!

Then they stopped, and they all stood around, watching me. I was rubbing myself against the table, trying to cum. The table top was slick with my juices, and that did it, finally. I managed to climax after a few minutes, and I went fucking hysterical! It felt so good, and especially knowing they were all watching! They were all jerking off by then, and Sarah began passing out condoms. Within minutes, I had taken one of them in my pussy and then one in the ass (not together). Nobody seemed to want my mouth this time, and that was okay. I could keep my face buried in the pillow, to hide my tears.

Susan, I'm glad we talked about this today. I don't know why I cry so easily. It does get to me. I know that's my way of releasing my sexual tension, but it's humiliating, and it bothers me. It sure seemed to excite them, though.

One of the men got down next to me while I was being fucked the second time in my pussy and just watched my face, laughing and commenting to his buddies about how "She's really crying, now. You must be tearing her up!" Things like that. That just made all of them want to fuck me harder, and when the next man took me, it was in my ass again. He was brutal. I think it was the cowboy wanna-be, because they were all shouting "Yeeeeeee-haw!", and he was fucking me so hard he was bumping my head against the top of the table (until Dan noticed, and pulled the pillow under my face again.) This man started going from my pussy to my ass and back again. Thank God he had a condom on. After a while I was getting pretty sore, but then I managed to climax again, and suddenly it was better. By the time he got off in my pussy, I was moaning, and begging him to "Fuck me! Fuck me harder!"

We had a little break in the action, then. Dan untied me and helped me to the bathroom to freshen up. By now it was late into the evening, and everybody was getting hungry (me included!) so we ate the sandwiches that Sarah made, and I drank another energy drink. The men amused themselves by checking out the red marks on my body. (I was left naked, like a piece of meat for them to inspect.)

Dan told them I was a Fuck Toy and they could play with me, and two of them jammed their fingers up my pussy and into my asshole, even while I was trying to eat, and then made fun of my discomfort. I didn't cry, though, until one guy grabbed my nipple and started twisting it. Then I cried out, and begged him to let go of me. That brought another round of laughter, but I have to admit that it excited me to be humiliated so, and the pleasure made the pain more bearable to me. He twisted the other one, but I didn't cry out; just scrunched my face up and bit my lip and took it.

Now it was well after midnight. The last round of the night consisted of them sitting on the sofa. I had to sit on each of their cocks, one at a time, taking them up my ass; then bring them off just by moving my hips back and forth, while I sucked one of the others off. This was done bareback. (No getting into my pussy, Dan said.)

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