tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence


James looked deeply in Vanessa's eyes as she sat across the table from him. She looked up noticing his stare and quickly, shyly ducked her head causing her soft auburn hair to swirl around her face.

"What?" she asked.

"Nothing," James smiled, "except you are so amazingly beautiful."

A soft smile spread across Vanessa's face as she spooned her Alfredo covered pasta into a tight spiral.

James looked down and cut into the prime rib on his plate.

He looked back up as he brought a piece of meat to his mouth. As he chewed, he watched her twirl her red hair around her index and middle fingers without conscience thought. "Thank you for coming out with me tonight Sarah."

She smiled again, "Thank you for asking me. I'm having a great time."

A waiter approached to refill the wine glasses.

James put his hand over his glass, "None for me; I'm driving."

Sarah beamed impishly and held up her glass, "I'm not, pour away!"

James laughed, "Be careful or I might get you drunk and take advantage of you."

Sarah took a deep drink before speaking, "I certainly hope so."

James laughed again as the smirking waitress left, "Well in that case let's finish up quickly. I don't care if this is the city that never sleeps. I would very much love to get you home into my bed."

The two looked down at the plates of lasagna before them then looked back up. James nodded and held up a hand, "Waiter, can we have this wrapped up to go."

Soon the two stood in the doorway of the restaurant staring up at the clouds surrounding the Empire State Building dropping rain in torrents around them.

James handed the bag of food to his companion and grabbed a flyer from a stand by the door holding it just over the woman's dark black hair to keep it dry.

The two ran to the curb and hailed an approaching taxi.

After about twenty minutes of kissing the two dashed from the cab into the entranceway of an apartment building.

More cuddling in the elevator led to a mad dash down a bright hall to the locked door at the first corner of the floor. James quickly unlocked the door and the two entered. He took the bag from the woman as she draped her arms around him again.

"Let me get this into the fridge while you get comfortable," he said right before he kissed her again.

He came back into the living room stopping at the sight of her standing naked in front of the large picture window.

She turned toward him, "Wow, you have a great view of the Space Needle. I still can't believe you took me to the restaurant on it."

James walked into her arms, "Only the best for you."

James slowly pushed her toward the hallway but met resistance. He stopped and stared at her quizzically.

She smiled again, "I want to make love right here in front of the window the first time."

James' grin grew wider as he loosened his tie, "First time eh?"

Sarah helped him by unbuttoning his shirt licking his chest as she exposed it.

James ran his hands through her hair and then down to her shoulders. Gently he applied pressure. She smiled up at him and dropped to her knees before him, unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants releasing his hard flesh.

She leaned forward and ran her tongue over the length, "Mmmmmmm, my favorite dessert."

She swirled her tongue around the head before sliding the glistening length into her mouth. She paused and then suckled gently before beginning a back and forth motion with her head.

James groaned then held her head in both his hands pushing her back and forth along his flesh congruent with her motions.

Vanessa moaned around the flesh as she picked up speed.

James used his hands to increase the speed until Vanessa pulled back causing his cock to slip out of her mouth with a loud pop.

"No. I want to feel you come inside me now," she growled as she dropped down on her hands and knees. She shifted around until she was looking out the window at Manhattan's skyline all the while wiggling her naked ass at him.

James slipped out of his pants, reached down and pulled a small square package out of his wallet.

He was about to slip the rubber over his stiff flesh when Vanessa turned and put a hand on his, "Wait."

She turned and placed the coiled condom over the head of his penis and looked up at him again, "Unlubricated?"

When he nodded, she said "Good" then ran her mouth over his cock sliding the condom down his length.

Once he was completely encased she took her mouth off of him and sat back again smiling up at him, "That's the best way to put one on."

Then she spun back into position staring out at the city.

James put one hand on her smooth back while he held and guided his cock into her already moist channel. She groaned as he slid into her.

"Oh fuck, that feels good," she hung her head down.

James began a steady rhythm pushing in and out of her placing both his hands on her hips.

Vanessa pushed back into him matching his motions, moaning and swinging her head up and down. James reached out and grabbed her long blonde ponytail pulling her head back and up.

"Ohhhh, I can see your gorgeous breasts in the reflection of the window," he growled at her.

Vanessa smiled at her reflection and reached a hand up to squeeze her breast and then pull on the nipple.

The two kept pushing back and forth until James could feel the tremble in her body as she started to orgasm. He pushed faster and suddenly felt himself burst inside of her.

The two fell to the side into each others' arms and kissed softly.

"That's enough. Shift out of the REM stage and commence stage three sleep," the lab coated scientist stared at the sweaty couple on the screen until the image blinked out.

He turned and stared at the young man also attired in a white lab coat seated at the long console they both faced. Above them was a huge bank of monitors displaying too many images to take in at once. Below this visionary nightmare was a huge plate glass window showing an immense room below them.

Behind the two was a small open space before a dozen tiers of red plush chairs forming an amphitheater.

The older scientist shook his head at the seated man watching him, "Sex and food is all they seem to think about anymore and to an unhealthy excess of both."

He pointed at the now blank screen and continued, "So many things kept changing in that scene. I mean how many hair colors did Vanessa, or was that Sarah, have? Run a thorough diagnostic on the frequency of anomalies in that sequence. I want it as confirmation for what we already know. The machinery is failing us much faster now" The man ground his knuckles into the metal surface as the fingers on his other hand rubbed the creases on his brow above his glasses.

After a heavy sigh, he looked at the bank of monitors shaking his head. "Call them all in and shift all subjects to stage three."

The seated man looked up startled, "Sir? Are you sure that is necessary?"

"It's Earth Day son," the bespectacled man waved a hand at a smaller LED reading in the corner of the console running a series of numbers in date form. "We started this over four and a half billion years ago today. I think it is time"

The young man shook his head and flipped a series of switches across his console. Soon a group of forty or so lab coated individuals came into the large room and sat in the amphitheater area in the back facing the bank of monitors above the enormous plated glass window.

The young man checked over the banks of data reviewing the growing list of anomalies printing out before nodding and taking a seat in the front row.

The bespectacled man turned and stood before the assembly and paused collecting his thoughts. Again he waved at the date and began, "Today is Earth Day. We gave birth to the construct of Earth four and a half billion years ago and this is where we are now." This time he waved at the bank of monitors.

The group looked at the thousands of screens all displaying staticy gray fuzz now.

"Oh sure, we've had some creative and bright moments," he continued before clicking a remote control held in his hand making one larger screen play back a series of prerecorded scenes. In one an orange suited man reached across a table shaking a younger man screaming "The money is in the banana stand!" on another a lithe blonde performed a back flip before planting a thick wooden stake into a demon like figure; a change and a moose ambled through a deserted town stopping to chew its cud and stare at building fronts some adorned with antlers, another showing a small bald man robed in maroon and yellow laughing heartily.

A final scene displayed a young black haired man garbed in a black business suit stepping out of a phone booth, putting dark glasses on and flying off into the sky.

The man before the audience smiled at this last scene, "Some even came surprisingly close to the truth albeit with an evil twinge to it. And I know many of you thoroughly enjoyed calling me 'Agent Smith' for months after that. But in the end this is our reality for what it's worth within this construct."

Again, he waved his remote and clicked, a young child with ribs sticking out held up an empty bowl, his lips parched and cracked, another showed piles of dead, glassy eyed fish lying together in a pile on the bottom of a murky sea, another showed a green stained polar bear collapsing on a grassy knoll flecks of ice and snow in the distance, another black and white image of a bright white woman running up on a beach lashing out and kicking a small seal on the shoreline. Screen flash and then the image of a smiling infant dressed in a red T-shirt with the words 'shot in the face' scrolling across the bottom of the photo, and finally a black haired man in a gray suit seated before rows upon rows upon rows of uniformed men standing behind him.

"At best, this simulated construct will overpopulate and/or run out of useable resources such as water within fifty years. Again the collective has failed to come up with a solution."

One of the group watching shook his head, "It seems like we humans are not wired to progress and thrive."

The man standing before them nodded his head. "Sadly after all this time I do believe you are right Dr. Edwards. It was over five billion years ago that we rendered our home planet barren. We took the best minds we could find, hooked them together, eliminated all distractions and let them think collectively without intervention. Repeatedly they have failed and reached extinction level events. Four and a half billion years ago we created this Earth construct as a final effort. We never remotely imagined it would take this long to reach a solution to simply living waste free. Our machinery is failing us now. Dr. Andrews, how many anomalies in this morning's monitored brief test sequence?"

Heads shifted to look at the young man sitting in the front row.

He lowered his head before speaking, "four hair color changes, two name changes, two geolocation identifying changes, about a dozen prop and fixture changes...,"

The man standing before him spoke as a groan swept through the audience, "That's enough; thank you Dr. Andrews."

He looked at the audience before him again carefully, "It is clear; the equipment is failing. It was never meant to work for billions of years. Honestly, when the collective fails this time and the Earth construct is ruined we cannot reboot again. The equipment cannot run normal anymore. The anomalies prove this. The hardware doesn't have enough left to reboot. Back when scientists Washington, Adams and Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Intellectual freedom that established this collective construct..." He paused as all eyes looked out the huge window at the thousands of motionless figures lying prone on beds wired and hooked to banks of monitors with metal automations wheeling around tending to any needs.

All eyes shifted back to the scientist before them, "those forefathers established this effort to save humanity but clearly presented protocols to be followed in the event of failure and I quote, 'becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,'"

He paced a bit again rubbing his brow, "We have a very serious decision to make."

He waved again out the window, "The construct is clearly running to a failure. The machinery is already overtaxed, failing, and completely unable to reboot again. Our mission is clearly at an end. I motion we begin the sequence for us and the collective to enter stage six sleep and termination."

Several gasped and some even sobbed but no one uttered any opposition. Quietly, the audience slowly rose; some hugged, others shook hands but eventually all left the room and entered their dormitory and laid down.

Once they were alone again, Dr. Andrews stood and accepted the proffered hand of the man standing before him. After they shook, Andrews retook his seat at the console and waited looking up at the scientist. "I'm ready, Dr. Wormwood."

Dr. Wormwood put his hand on the young scientist's shoulder, "Begin termination sequence."

Andrews' fingers flew across the console flipping switches and pressing buttons with practiced confidence but with a clear nervous twinge.

After a minute he stopped and lowered his head whispering, "It's done."

The hand on the shoulder squeezed tightly, "Good man. Let's go"

Wormwood looked out below at the figures through the glass and whispered, "Happy Earth Day."

As the two left the room, automatons could be seen through the window stopping and shutting down as the lights for the first time in billions of years slowly dimmed. As the two scientists entered their rooms a faint hissing sound could be heard through the ventilator system.

Noises slowly drifted off throughout the entire massive floating complex, and the sound of deep slumber faded to the sound of silence.

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