tagLoving WivesThe Sounds of Her Passion

The Sounds of Her Passion


I'm lying in the dark on the bed in our guest room watching a baseball game, but I couldn't even tell you who is playing. I am naked and slowly stroking my cock and remembering how hot my wife Valerie looked when she left a few hours ago. She was wearing a see-through red blouse with a sheer red bra showing underneath. You didn't have to look hard to see her dark nipples showing through. A black tight mini-skirt made her round ass beg for attention and her red come-fuck-me, 4-inch heels turned the begging into a scream.

She had been wearing a pair of silky red panties, but just as she left, she slipped them off and tossed them to me. They were already damp from her expectations for the evening. I am sniffing them as I slowly masturbate, drunk with the smell of her pussy mixed with her perfume.

My imagination doesn't have to work hard to know where Val is and what she's doing. The routine has been well honed over the past 5 or so years. She is trolling the bars of the local hotels frequented by business travelers, looking for the lucky guy who she'll bring home tonight and give the fuck of his life. She can afford to be particular so it may take a couple of hours, but she never fails in her hunt. I know what she is looking for.

The guy will be above average height and in shape, dark hair and no facial hair, typical corporate, road-warrior type. He will have to be well dressed and able to carry on a reasonably intelligent conversation. And, he has to be married and from out-of-town; a guy looking for a one night stand with no problems, no drama and no future. During the flirtation, she will have dropped her hand into his lap and given his package a squeeze just to make sure he meets her standards down there too.

She will lie and tell him I am out of town on business and that she has the house to herself tonight. She will tell him she's never done anything like this before, but that sex with me has just become too boring. She wants some excitement before she is too old to enjoy it. All of it is a lie. She fucks a different stranger every week, sometimes two.

I hear the garage door open below me and quickly turn off the television. The huntress has returned with her prey. The guest room where I am is dark, but the door is opened a few inches facing away from me. Our bedroom is right across the hall and Val will leave that door open. I am only 10 or 12 feet away from our bed and will hear every word. Val will make sure I enjoy it.

I hear the door open from the garage and their voices fill the empty house. They always ask the same thing. "You're sure no one else will be here? I don't want to create any problems."

And always the same answer, "No, the kids are grown and moved out and my husband flew out this morning. We have the house all to ourselves. No chance anyone will bother us."

The next part tells me what role Val is playing tonight. Is she the nervous wife cheating for the first time? "I can't believe I'm doing this. I've thought about it so long, bought these sexy clothes just for the occasion, and now here we are."

Or the confident cougar, ready to pounce or to be pounced on, "Would you like to have another scotch or skip it and just have me?" Tonight she's the cougar with a new line. "I'd give you a tour of the house, but wouldn't you rather take a tour of me?"

He's smooth with the answer, "I've seen a lot of houses before, but never seen anything like you. Be my guide."

"Ok, right this way sir, and watch your step"

My cock is rock hard as I hear them climb the stairs.

The guest room I am in is pitch dark, drapes drawn to keep out the light from the street lamps. The door is open about a foot but facing away from me. The light is on in the hallway outside the room and I can see through the gap on the hinged side of the door. Val reaches the spot she knows will give me the best view, stops, turns and wraps her arms around the guy's neck and gives him a long passionate kiss. From this point on I will only be able to hear them, so Val gives me a good look at the guy that I'll hear moaning from the pleasures she'll soon be providing.

My heart is pounding as I watch her hand drop from the back of his neck, slide down along his chest, over his stomach and stop at his crotch. I watch as she gently squeezes and rubs his cock and balls. I see the tent his hard member is making out of his pleated slacks. His hand has dropped to Val's chest and is giving her tits a good work over. Val lays her head against his chest and looks straight at where she knows my eyes are peering at them. "I'm going to give you everything you love tonight baby." she purrs.

"Oh yes," he responds. Val winks at me, takes his hand and leads him into our bedroom.

I sit back and close my eyes, slowly stroking my throbbing cock. The three of us are going to spend the next hour or more in pure ecstasy and I will have to use all my willpower to last. The feeling of lying naked on this bed, motionless except for my oiled hand, listening while Val and her cock-du-jour are fucking just a few feet away is a high like no drug I could ever take. God, I love that woman!

"Have a seat in the chair and we'll start your tour." If this guy is used to a quiet lover, he is in for a shock tonight. Val will make sure I know everything they are doing every minute and she'll be pumping him (excuse the pun) for his responses. "Let's start at the top and work our way down. Do you like my blouse? What did you think when you saw me in it at the bar?"

Now his voice is getting a little shaky as the excitement's building. "I thought it was beautiful and it made you beautiful."

Time to start setting the tone for the evening. "Oh, that's very nice, but it sounds like an answer you would give your wife. Do you want to fuck me the same way you fuck your wife? I'll just lie on my back, spread my legs and you let me know when you're done."

"No, no, sorry I don't want to offend you. What do you want me to say?" he stammered.

"Tell me the truth baby; I want to hear every nasty, lustful thought you have. And speak up like you mean it. Did this blouse make you want to fuck me?"

"Oh god yes, from the moment I saw you walk into the bar that's all I could think about!"

"That's better", her voice grows soft and seductive again, "now, you just keep talking from that dirty little mind of yours and I'll continue your tour. I know this blouse doesn't hide much but wouldn't you like an even better view?'

"Oh please yes."

He's not quite getting it yet.

"What do you want to see?" she asks coyly

"You're breasts!"

"You mean my tits don't you? Your wife has breasts, I have tits." She tries not to let him hear her impatience. "You want to see my tits. You want to bury your face in my tits. You want to see my nipples. You want to suck my nipples. You want me to oil my tits up and squeeze them together so you can run your hard cock between them. You want to look in the mirror and see them swinging while you fuck me doggy style. You want to spray your cum all over them and watch me gather it up with my finger and lick it clean. You may even want to piss on my tits and watch it run off my nipples and dribble on my pussy. That's what you meant to say, isn't it? This may be the one night in your life with a woman who'll give you anything you want, but you have to tell me what it is baby, and I want to hear it nasty. Don't let the night go to waste." I have to give my cock a rest to keep from cumming.

"Got it" he stammers "Yes, I want to see your tits, I want to see all of you. I want to do everything you said; I want to fuck you so bad!"

"In the ass?"

"Oh yes, in the ass!"

"We'll see if you earn it. Now count the buttons as I undo them."

His brain is past able to consider the oddness of this command. "One, two, three..." There are long pauses between the counts. She is teasing him. In my mind's eye I can see the curtains being drawn open as her magnificent cleavage is slowly revealed to him. "...four, five, six"

"Oops! No more blouse! How do you like it so far?"

"Your tits are incredible. I want to bury my face in them, I want to lick them and suck them."

"Show me how much you like them. I want to see your hard cock. Get out of those pants!"

I hear his shoe hit the floor and only have to wait a second to hear the second one drop. I hear the tinkle of his belt buckle as his slacks drop to the floor and again as he tosses them aside.

"Oh baby, you have a beautiful cock!" and I can tell by her voice she means it. "About 8 inches and cut," the description for my benefit. "I love to watch naked men stroke their cock while they look at me. Take off your shirt sit down and show your appreciation"

A few seconds of silence and then her voice again, "Very nice baby. Have you ever jacked that beautiful cock for an audience before?"

"No, no I never have"

"Well watch me while I watch you. Let me just slip this bra off so you can see the tits and nipples you've been dreaming about."

"There, are they what you hoping for? Oh! Your cock says yes. That just leaves this skirt. You already know I'm not wearing panties from when you were fingering my pussy at the bar. So, I'm just going to turn around, bend over and slide it down slowly so you can see my ass and wet pussy."

"Oh God!" I hear him moan "You are so fucking hot! What a beautiful ass you have and I love your shaved pussy."

"Does it look good enough to eat?" she asks.

"Oh yes!" he moans

"Then get over here and put that tongue to work."

In a moment I hear the harmony of his mouth working over her pussy and ass and her deep moans of pleasure. In my mind's eye I see her bent over, still wearing her red heels, with her hands on her knees, her legs spread apart and his eager face buried in her behind. I know her tits are swinging as she pushes her ass into his face.

"You want to fuck me in the ass baby?"

"Oh yes," his muffled reply.

"Then get it ready for your cock baby, make it nice and wet and slippery. That's it baby; I love a hot tongue working my asshole and finger my clit at the same time. Yea baby, that's it. Oh shit!"

Their moans go on for several minutes and it's all I can do to keep from cumming myself, then her voice, "My turn baby, have a seat in the chair and let me go to work on that beautiful cock."

In a few seconds I hear him moaning "Oooooooh fuck baby, you are the best ever." I hear her rhythmic moans as she pumps his hard cock in and out of her mouth. She loves sucking cock and sometimes even cums while she does it. Her fantasy is to suck a different cock every hour for an entire day. Someday I'm going to make it happen for her. I know this guy is getting the blowjob of his life and she's only getting started.

"Slide forward baby so your balls hang where I can get to them."

I know this trick she's going to start licking and sucking on his balls while she rubs his cock over her face. Her eyes will be smiling and starring right into his. "Oh God! Oh God!" he moans.

"Don't close your eyes baby; I want you to remember my face every time you look down at your cock from now on."

Her next move is to slide her tongue under his balls towards his asshole.

"Oh SHIT!" Yep right on cue. This guy is experiencing things he never has before and may never again. Once he is lubed up with her saliva, she'll go back to his cock and slide a finger into his ass while she deep throats.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit...I'm gonna cum and I wanna fuck you!" "It's ok baby go ahead and cum, you can still fuck me." I hear him breathing like he just finished a marathon and then a long animal like sound coming from deep in his throat.

"AAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!, Yes, yes, yes, oh god don't stop" I hear Val slurping as the cum oozes out of her mouth and down the shaft of his cock. After a couple minutes she stops

"Did you like that baby?"

"Oh yea, I really liked that. And look, I'm still hard, I can't believe it. Normally I go soft after I cum. You really turn me on!"

"I'd like to take all the credit, but when you were in the restroom at the bar I slipped a boner pill into your drink. Now you can use that hard cock to fuck me and since you've already cum once, I suspect you're going to last a long time. Now, give it to me hard, doggy style. You can look in the mirror and see my tits swing while you pound my pussy, I want you slap my ass and talk dirty to me. When you get ready to cum again, slide it in my ass."

We put a new mattress on our bed, but kept the old box spring just for the squeak it makes when you move on it. In a few seconds "old squeaky" starts to sing his song as Val positions herself to take his cock. "That's it baby, slide it right inside me and take what you want. Use my pussy and fuck me like an animal." The squeaks start to come in a rhythm, slowly at first and then faster and faster.

"Fuck me like you'll never fuck again baby. Use me hard, grab my hips and make me fuck you."

The squeaking increases

"Yea baby, slap my ass now, let me know I'm your bitch tonight and you're going to take everything you want."

I hear his hand land on her ass check but not hard enough for her.

"Harder baby, spank me hard, make me scream!"

I hear another slap.

"Harder, slap my ass like you own it!"

I hear a hard slap and her sharp scream.

"Yes, baby, hard like that, make my ass burn and pound my pussy with your big cock!"

I check the clock, 11:25. The talking ends as the chorus of squeaks, slaps, screams and breathless guttural moans will build to a crescendo. At 11:30 he is still fucking her, 11:35, 11:40. She has cum 3 times and he is still pumping her. This guy has a lot of stamina.

Then I hear her exhausted voice. "Now baby, put it in my ass, fuck my ass, take my ass!"

"Oh yea" he is breathless

Val's and his voice moan at the same time as his cock slides into her ass. She loves anal and my guess is this may be a first for him.

"Start slow and then fuck my ass till you cum"

The squeaks tell the story again. Soon he is pumping her ass as hard as he was her pussy and remembering to slap her cheeks. I hear Val start to cum again and just as she does, he bellows with his second cum. It is so loud and so animalistic, I'm afraid the neighbors may hear and call the police.

Then, only the sound of their panting for air.

"Did you enjoy yourself baby?" Val asks.

"Oh yea, you were right, I've never had sex like that, never been with a woman like you."

"Glad you liked it; I hope you'll remember it for a long time. Now it's time for you go so I can get some sleep. You can clean up in the bathroom."

I hear him go into the bathroom and come back out and put his clothes back on. As a final treat, Val will walk him out to his car nude. At the hour on a weeknight the neighbors are all asleep, but she'll leave the porch light off just in case.

I hear her close the front door and walk up the stairs. She pushes the door to the guest room and strikes a pose with her hands behind her head and her hips turning seductively back and forth.

"Get over here and suck my cock you slut, what a fucking whore you are"

A big grin comes over her face. "Oh baby, you really know how to talk to a girl."

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